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> Twitter's TOS requires the lawsuit be moved to California, but Trump's attorneys say he's exempt. I suspect he'll drop the suit before moving it to California. But I'd also welcome it going to California


> Twitter's TOS requires the lawsuit be moved to California, but Trump's attorneys say he's exempt because of a writ of "no u". Sounds about right.


If only to make trump jump through a few more hoops. California will drop it too. I dont understand why so many people think they have rights on social media. They are businesses. Your free speech is still intact, if you want to get a soap box and go stand somewhere shouting nonsense. That's what free speech is. Not a for-profit company ALLOWING you to use their service to reach millions of people. And if you spread lies or incite violence, they come under fire for allowing it which hurts their image and profits. So they deny you service. Its pretty basic business.


Haven’t you heard? If you deplatform people with opposing views, all you do is make their views forbidden fruit. Also private companies don’t have a right to deplatform people they disagree with. Also conservatives have a right to create a space only they can participate in. Also if you criticize these arguments, then all it means is you’re mad and they’re right. Conservative logic is wild.


Conservative "logic" here also seems to be "We don't believe the government should regulate businesses, but also, please regulate these businesses". I mean, we all know the right-wing fever dream has no guiding beliefs other than retaining power, but seriously.


So wild I didn't realize you weren't nokeing st first


He had us in the first half, not gonna lie.


Conservative what??


lol you can get on a soapbox, but only if you're white and conservative, and only in certain areas. if you're not, you're getting tear gassed and forcibly removed. maybe even kidnapped in an unmarked minivan.


Stop making sense and using factd.you know that upsets Trump and his brain dead sheep


Go watch inside job. The guy with the placard he wears exposing short selling. He got fined almost every time he wore it in public. RIP BRO FREE SPEECH ≠ FREE IF YOU PAY FINES ON IT


Sounds like Trump’s going to need to fleece the rubes for more lawsuit cash


I'm all for these rubes giving him all the money he wants, it's less in their pockets, let them suffer.


Only if he was planning on paying his attorneys.


No - he'll move it to california and then fund raise on "fighting the commies in cali"


I was president so laws and rules don't apply?


Yes. This is precisely what Donald J Toadstool thinks


Trump will probably ask for ‘executive privilege’ over that terms of service agreement. Trump and Republicans seem to keep confusing the Freedom of Speech with their terms of services agreement. Social media companies are providing a service to a customer and that customer is bound by the terms of service agreement. Trump broke it and he got banned.


He doesn't have executive privilege anymore lol. Biden has rejected all of his assertions.


After that fails he’s going to claim suspending him is a HIPAA violation.


Thank you for spelling it correctly.


To be fair... Trump would *probably* spell it HIPPA


It was a joke.


Donnie Jon paid lawyers to make that argument? Fuck he really is bad with money....




Yep, and this legal theatre is designed to keep the grift going. After his garbage lawsuits get thrown in the trashcan, he'll whine about how he's being persecuted and all the suckers will shell out more cash.


I mean, after years of being a terrible client that stiffs everyone he can, what kind of lawyers are left that would still work for him?


> what kind of lawyers are left that would still work for him? The out-of-work shady ones. I used to think like you did - what kind of lawyer would do X. Then, during the "housing crisis" of a few years ago, my ex-brother-in-law (a real estate agent) got involved with a shady lawyer. The ex-brother-in-law would direct people who couldn't pay their mortgage to the lawyer who, for $499 dollars, was supposed to file legal forms for them to contest their mortgage or get relief. Instead the lawyer just pocketed the money and did nothing for his clients. He was just running a scam. Eventually the police caught up with them and my ex-brother-in-law became a witness against the shady lawyer. But I asked my sister, when she told me this story, "why would a lawyer get involved in a scam like this?" "He has multiple ex-wifes and needed money" she told me...


Lol if you think they are getting paid. Trump doesn’t pay anyone


I think I can state with a very high level of confidence that Donald Trump has never read the Twitter Terms of Service.


I think I can state with a very high level of confidence that 99.9% of Twitter users have never read the Twitter Terms of Service


Completely agree, but 100% of Twitter users have agreed to the TOS.


>I think I can state with a very high level of confidence that Donald Trump has never read. FTFY.


I doubt a single non-lawyer or journalist has read the TOS.


So he's not enjoying Parler?


He actual made is his own, and within hours his account has hacked to post a picture of a pig pooping on its testicles.


It wasn't even hacked. They just didn't reserve his name and someone registered it.


Haha jeez. I wonder if it was sabotage or ineptitude.


I really hope you’re not BS’ing us, that’s hilarious!


https://mashable.com/article/trump-truth-social-hacked-trolls Amazingly fast.


The internet is simultaneously the greatest and worst thing ever.


*Everyone knows that Donald Trump will never be back on Twitter or Facebook. He is playing the victim & asking people for money. I guess he rather spend others people money than his. What a Grifter !*


File this one under "no shit".


One could argue that this could also be filed under "shit". That means trump's argument is simultaneously "Shit" and "No Shit". I knew of a cat with similar properties once.


In my best Red Foreman voice: “DUMBASS!”


Imagine going through all this trouble just to get back on twitter. What a loser.


Why didn't he do like anyone else would and make a "dtrump\_2" user name. I see you have done this 702 times now. What are you hiding moose?




Beaten bigly. Everyone is calling it the biggest beating, maybe ever.




Sleepy Joe beat him half asleep


Yeah no shit. It’s a private company and being a douche bag isn’t a protected class. The fact that the argument is “rules just shouldn’t apply to me” is already insane.


It's hilarious to watch all of these right-wingers expose yet another bad faith argument from Republicans. They don't support the first amendment on principle. They don't support private property rights on principle. They just act like they support them when they think it helps justify the things they want.


They want to violate the free speech of citizens working in social media by forcing them to use their labor host specific content.


Heh. "Former status." Bet that stung ol' dumpy Trump a bit, too.


Never thought i would see a good headline out of florida… i assumed this was the onion at first


What a colossal waste of a Judge’s time


I find this equally hilarious and beyond insane that this ruling had to be made in the first place. Our government wasn't designed to be run by adult toddlers.


This is America fuckwad. The president is just a guy.


"But you see, your honor, my client was trying to become a kleptocratic dictator for life, so no terms should apply to him."


So, the Golden God is bound by Twitter’s boring, long terms of agreement. The entitlement these elitist conservatives feel is astounding.


Trump uses NDAs to shut people up, but hates TOS that shut him up. “So unfair.” (/s).


But I don't think the Florida federal judge understands. He was a *US president..* /s


what the judge did was unpresidented


Twitter doesn't want his vitriol and lies. They made their money by being a sounding board for this fool for four years. Now, Trump's own social media platform is going as well as anything he's ever managed.


So now the traitor to the flag just flat out declares that America law doesn't apply to him? The GOP are truly traitors to the Constitution and terrorist traitors to the flag.


I guess Donald Trump is finding out, that he's mortal after all and the real world doesn't recognize his godlike status like his cult of idiots.


Take away his rainbow cake while you’re at it.


Man that cake case is really coming back to haunt a lot of people. Almost like Leopards eating a face cake.


I love to throw that cake in their faces. Heroes wear crêpes.


Looks like Florida isn’t fully corrupt just yet.


The irony is conservatives would defend companies or bakeries declining to provide services or make a wedding cake for a gay couple because it would violate free speech and religious freedom of the owners. They conveniently forget that when it's a left-leaning tech company curating their own platform.


Ahhh, yes the twice lowest-popular vote, con-man


I wonder if Trump ever regrets becoming president. Back when he was just a D-list celebrity schlub he could act like the king he thinks he is because he had money to do it. Now he's constantly getting reminders that the world doesn't always bend to his will and I just imagine it kills him every time something like this happens. Since he's an unrepentant asshole that makes me happy.


He definitely never intended to win the presidency the first time around. Look up the videos of him and his campaign watching the election on TV in 2016. There is a very clear look of **well fuck** on Trumps face when it is announced that he won.


Totally. He seemed genuinely surprised. A rare true emotion for him other than anger, rage, or smugness.






No brainer


Tired of losing yet?


As an IT professional it's not hard to know that many people including Trump don't read the terms of service before signing up. If I had $100 everytime I seen somone just skip the TOS and blindly hit agree I'd be rich enough to retire before I'm 30!




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But terrorist organizations using the platforms are operating well within the terms of service. Rgr that. Dumb assess


Whataboutwhatabaoutwhatabout Besides Trump is basically a terrorist leader. Glad you agree with him being banned!




He's mad that groups like the Taliban still have a twitter account without realizing how sad it is that a literal terrorist group can follow rules better than Trump.


That’s what we need is MORE rules, GREATER restrictions on “free speech” Twattter is nothing but a sounding board for self-righteous blow hards.


I’m completely immune from Twitter rules and I have total freedom of speech. Because i don’t use Twitter. Can you quote the part of the first amendment where they talk about your right to tweet?


*pulls out sharpie* Glad you asked!


How is it people get the first amendment wrong all the time? Social media has zero responsibility to guarantee any free speech. They're not the government. And Trump's free speech is in no way being affected. He can and does say whatever the hell he wants. Twitter, FB etc. can restrict anybody they want based on the TOS (or for whatever reason they want). They're corporations providing a service and can choose they allow or disallow to use their platform.


Because conservatives don’t think, they just repeat what they heard, I.e. bleat


Cry much?


He'd probably even be kicked from the TacoCorp™ Facebook.


Free speech is not a thing on a private service. So...yeah...


On the other hand, free speech gives us gems like your comment. It's a tough choice.


Everything that’s happening here, everything! Is against everything our founding fathers believed in..


You want to violate people's rights by forcing them to use their labor to host speech they don't want to host. You're such a good little fascist


No I don’t


"Twitter's ToS should not apply to grifting ex-presidents" -Thomas Jefferson