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Trump: What do you mean our supporters are dying?


He wants to take credit for the vaccines, but it's hard to do when all his people think vaccines are the devil.


And honestly he does deserve some credit for the vaccine. He approved and pushed Operation Warp Speed. I disagree with the other 99.9% of his presidential decisions


It looks like Biden praising Trump's warp speed program swayed Trump to be more on board with the vaccines publicly.


Which, if we stop and think about it, is just fucking bonkers.


...but also completely believable, given his narcissism.


Not really. Biden wasn't actually praising him. He was throwing a wrench into the machine. The GOP is inside the belly of Trump being digested by his maniacal acid. It's a good place for them to be, at war w/ Trump.


I played bass for Maniacal Acid back in '04.


Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.


The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost.


side note, the first two albums i ever purchased for myself were Sports and Stay Hungry. Must have been in the middle of 84 or so for both albums to be out. I was 9


I literally use this same tactic with my 6 year old children.


Now it’s Biden playing that 4D chess they keep talking about.


Not the biggest fan of Biden, but the guy is not an idiot.


If we are comparing him to some other modern presidents Biden seems like a genius


He's not and if ANYBODY in DC knows politics, he does.


To be fair I think a lot of people in DC know politics


But we all know Il Douche was playing 4D chess, so is Biden now playing 5D chess?


Who knew the key to Trump’s opinions was stroking his ego? Except you know, every foreign politician from Duterte to Putin, every shady businessman down to the fucking my pillow guy, and Kim Kardashian


So much grift though. They had a catchy name and absolutely zero plan to distribute syringes and vaccines.


Facts, I miss when those mattered. Simpler days.


But on the other hand, he cultivated this culture of distrust about the pandemic / vaccine, splitting the population and now we’re all dealing with the fallout.


He is responsible for hundreds of thousands more dying because of his inaction and misleading the public- he didn't care when he thought it was city liberals and people of color dying initially. It's all on record-- he knew how bad it was and did nothing anyway. It is only that he saw his voters die that he decided to do any advocating for vaccines so late in the day.


> because of his inaction The Biden administration said from the outset that there was no plan for a vaccine rollout. So yeah, Trump may have ultimately given the go ahead for the vaccine's creation (I'm sure that was motivated by ego rather than altruism. He probably thought he'd get the Nobel Prize for making the decision), but that's where it stopped. Sometimes I wonder about narcissists. If you want it to be all about you, why not do something (or a bunch of things) nice for people so that they will all adore you?


Sure, Trump launced Operation Warp Speed, but they were also doing really dumb shit like trying to secure exclusive rights from a German company [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/not-for-sale-anger-in-germany-at-report-trump-seeking-exclusive-coronavirus-vaccine-deal](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/not-for-sale-anger-in-germany-at-report-trump-seeking-exclusive-coronavirus-vaccine-deal)


The Drumpf family was only warp speed for grifting PPE and ventilators. Remember all the orders states put in that were cancelled/stolen by Jared and associates?


Vaccines were already long in development before warp speed was initialized. It was just a propaganda campaign that nobody took seriously. Warp Speed launched in May, but Biontech had already started development in January and did not take any funding from it, for example.


The woman who created the Moderna vaccine had made major progress the end of January 2020 or early February. Scientists are awesome, demagogues are poo-heads.


Even if everyone hates them *it's still about them*. Also, it's not just having everything about them, it's that they build their identity by destroying other's. The only way they know how to feel good about themselves is making others miserable. Relationships are zero sum and if they aren't winning then they're losing. When a narssicist is rejected and not given the attention they crave, they will get depressed. People seem to think they don't, but it's a myth. They can become miserable and suicidal. They just lack the introspection to critically evaluate their own behavior, so they blame everyone else for "fucking them over." This is why when someone leaves and goes no contact they will try to get them back with love bombing, feigned concern and saying they've changed. Then they slowly return to the gaslighting, lying and manipulation so they can "get back on top." Deep down, they are emotionally broken people who developed a highly destructive coping method, which most everyone has. There is a large difference between tendencies and a full pathology though. I avoid them like the plague, but also still pity them. I think Trump is an awful human being who has done damage we'll be dealing with for decades. I would also give him a hug. I doubt that man has ever truly been loved his whole life, and he's so far gone he just can't help it. This has been my Ted Talk, thanks.


And just a reminder, operation warp speed had nothing, zero, to do with the development of the bioN Tech Pfizer vaccine.


The trick is - how to manipulate that asshole. If Biden could get Trump to *not* fuck up everything for a full 10 minutes, that's progress.


Putin knows how to manipulate him. So does any world leader with a brain...especially the shitty ones. He's so fucking predictable. Between his ego and his penis, he is one giant mark...


Turns out it is surprisingly easy to play Trump if you press the right buttons.


>But on the other hand, he cultivated this culture of distrust about the pandemic / vaccine, splitting the population and now we’re all dealing with the fallout. There are some people that don’t think these are problems... The psychopaths. I think they are considered a small percentage of the population though, I’m sure we will be united as a country again in time for the next election




His “Operation warp speed” had zero affiliation with the scientists who created the mRNA vaccine, yet he feels entitled to be credited for it. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/10/europe/biontech-pfizer-vaccine-team-couple-intl/index.html


I believe Moderna did benefit from operation warp speed though. Edit: Jnj also benefited from operation warp speed. Pfizer/BioNTech didn’t benefit monetarily, but the relaxing of government red tape did massively help their vaccine get approved. Overall, I don’t like the guy, but removing government restrictions to get these vaccines approved for emergency use in less than a year is massive. Now if only he could have pushed his people to actually get vaccinated so we wouldn’t be in this mess now.


Emergency Use Authorizations are not common, but it’s an established procedure. When you think about it, it makes sense - you want a procedure for an EAU rather than to just start cutting regulatory oversight in a panic during a time of need. It’s also not something that’s under presidential authority - EAUs are decided by the FDA. Other than the EAU there were no “government restrictions” that were removed.


Those vaccines got approved all over the world without Cheeto Benitos help


Look man, we don't need to be like the right and base whether we think something is good or bad based on who is in office. Project Warp Speed was a success. It was a wasted success because he downplayed the virus so long his supporters won't get the vaccine.


Project warpspeed can be a success without pretending Trump played any meaningful part of it.


That’s irrelevant because moderna and Jnj are beholden to American regulations during all development and clinical trial phases.


Operation Warp Speed is every bit a facade as everything else Trump does. Pfizer refused the money; they were still ahead of Moderna and J&J.


i like to think of it as agreeing with his good decisions. like... both of them.


He approved it. Someone suggested it to him and he said "okay". What a fucking super hero. No-one else could have said okay.


What was he going to do? Say no to vaccines in the face of a horrible pandemic? This should get as much credit as I should get for following speed limits in a school zone. PEASANTS- YOU ARE WELCOME FOR ME NOT HITTING YOUR KID WITH MY CAR


Lmao I’m not giving this fuckwad any credit for doing the absolute bare minimum


He actively killed people!! He misled the public/refused to wear masks/follow scientific guidelines- especially when he thought people of color and liberal cities were the main victims. He should be held criminally responsible. Many people here don't seem to have ever paid attention or have short memories.... he had 0 to do with OWS--that was an automatic response from our Fed institutions well in place before he took office. HE made things far worse-- even his intentional killing the post office speed through DeJoy helped prevent medication get to the most vulnerable.


This is the correct answer. Its like the ONLY time he didnt do the opposite of what is EASILY the obviously correct action. Its like saying that Hitler did a good thing in building highways (the Autobahn).


Warp speed wasn't his doing, and kushner mismanaged testing and vaccine roll out by trying to play petty politics while the whole thing was going on. You might go ahead and bump to 100.


no, he doesn't. operation warp speed was a campaign strategy. he wanted a vaccine - ANY VACCINE, REGARDLESS OF EFFICACY - before the election. all while fighting everyone else's attempt to prevent/care for spread of disease. post election, he went back to not giving a shit.


Question: The house is on fire. Who gets credit for putting it out: the hundreds of people who worked very hard to get the water, or the one showboating politician who gave them permission to go get it, entirely with the intention of leveraging the many buckets everyone else filled and carried so he could get re-elected?


He “contributed” to the solution by throwing paper towels on the fire


Pfizer was the first one out the gate and was NOT funded by Warp speed so...


You realize he had .0000001% to do with that operation, right? He killed people through his inaction when he thought only city people were dying. He misled and lied and is responsible for setting up the GOPs fatalistic mentality and selfishness in the face of this pandemic. He gets no credit and in fact should be criminally charged.


Some credit, but... I think that's obviously the solution any president would have taken. Throw huge sums of money into working for a cure and preparing the groundwork for distributing it.


Same thing with the travel restrictions when COVID first started to really spread. Just because he did 1 thing that was the bare minimum everybody was doing doesn't mean he deserves credit, especially when that thing didn't work and he actively pretended that it wasn't an issue.


Yeah but this that guy there was no guarantee he’d do it haha


Operation warp speed was just "do it the fastest " that was the whole plan. No credit here.


"Do it the fastest and re-elect me because we did it the fastest." The real motivation beyond his vaccine.


Yes because we all question ourselves if any other person in the exact same position would’ve decided to fast track a COVID vaccine or not. Actually, I would argue that ANY OTHER SENSIBLE PERSON would do the exact same thing, but Trump, I would have reason to question. So, you’re basically saying you agree with him taking what everyone else considers the no-brainer easy slam-dunk decision. We are glad he is doing the absolute bare minimum. That’s how far the bar has dropped.


Yeah, there’s no reversing that train of ignorance.


Trump to Supporters: I invented electricity! Ben Franklin is the Devil!


That dynamic's been confusing me for a while. Trump "invented" three vaccines, and he gets the credit for Operation Warp Speed, but by-and-large it's his supporters that won't get vaccinated?


Trump reminds me of it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia. And the I am playing both sides, so I always come out on top meme.


It says so much that this is the thing he has said that has him losing his cultish following.


This is what happens when you burn the candle at both ends. He wanted to take credit for the vaccines, but also wanted to hamstring Biden because he didn't want him to be able to take any credit for getting the vaccine distribution ramped up. It's hard to undo a year's worth of disinformation and outright lies with one proclamation...


To be completely honest I am fully convinced he hates his supporters more than most people here. If he could somehow still get their votes he'd be fine with this. Source: literally anything Trump has done since announcing his bid.


Who *doesn't* he hate other than himself? I mean, sure, he might suck up to some people more powerful than him, but he probably hates them, too, for being more powerful than him. He has no equals. There's those below him that he hates for being his inferiors, and those above him that he hates because he wants to be them and because they're above him.


Hannity, lolis and the Diet Coke button


Ironically, Trump acts like a guy with a lot of self loathing.


He's just a loathsome ball of loathing.


I actually agree. I think he probably despises them for being so gullible.


…and poor


It’s a symptom we all share to some degree, I’m afraid. We hate most in others what we see in ourselves


I think so too.


Yeah no shit. Bill Burr said it pretty perfect on Conan. Something like if they were gonna kill people for crowd control or some other stupid covid conspiracy they wouldnt kill all people that listen to them, they're gonna kill all the Fonzie's in their leather jackets hitting jukeboxes to make them work and refusing to get vaccinated


Hey, The Fonz woulda got jabbed! He weren't no dummy. Further, when he applied percussive maintenance to the music machine, it did what he wanted.


And he was never wrr....




It's easier to start a conspiracy than stop one.


The GOP is like a Renaissance Fair, where no one can tell the difference between the guests and the paid actors.


That's a really good analogy


"But China!!" - as if it even matters where it started now.


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!!


He's a germaphobe. He has already had it and only survived through medical intervention most people could never get. If you have ever met a germaphobe you would know that they are paranoid that everyone around them has germs. Trump is not rational, really, but pragmatic in a way. He has a persona to uphold, but at the same time had to maintain his bubble. If you remember, he put a lot of stock in a vaccine far earlier than it was available out of desperation.


This is correct. Trump was less anti-vax than his supporters because he himself was probably asking daily when one would be available so he could be first in line. Also, I feel like the anti-vax aspect of right wing lunacy is losing some of its shine among supporters simply because of the incredibly public persistence of the vaccine conversation, and all the early claims about people dying from it are hard to keep pushing at this point. That, and the fact that businesses want people vaccinated so they can stay open.


Right? I am sure Trump was getting his vaccine first. And I'm sure when he had covid, he demanded every good treatment available. That man I'm sure is terrified of dying.


Haha, yeah. He probably simply wants (1) no icky infected people around him at his rallies; and (2) an end to the pandemic that he blames for the sparse attendance at his events.


I think it's more about his reflex to exaggerate/boast about everything good and deny everything bad to come from him or to happen during his term. The only time Trump did anti-vaxx statements was before he was president (tweeted about links with autism). During his presidency he desperately wanted to take credit for the vaccines which were going to save everyone while at the same time playing down covid as he admitted later. The latter was the reason that he resonated with and in a way bred an anti-vaxx audience. He is a germophobe privately but that doesn't explain his past anti-vaxx statements and downplaying of covid. Above all he is an opportunist and narcissist, which explains his public statements contrasting with his private feelings. I find it funny how some people find Trump to be authentic when he is the most fake person I could imagine.


Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #76. Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.


I have a feeling he is doing this so people will have mercy on him for Jan 6


Nah this is separate it is more like he ignored the pandemic and covered it up and used anti mask as a badge of loyalty... but at some point he had to privatly endorse science (you think he has any faith?) while publicly demanding pandemic denial loyalty. He got both the vaccine and to command an anti science lunatic squad. He is a grifter not a believer.


I think you're both right.


Probably. Not exactly 4th dimensional chess but for sure throwing spaghetti at the wall in hopes of a legacy / clemency / chance to die on a gold toilet and not in prison or exile.


Now he's realized Covid is killing his voting base and not just the Black and Brown people in liberal cities he hates. That is all he cares about.


Honestly I thought they’d run out of ideas after the first two seasons of Trump. This is a pretty good twist though, did not see this coming.


Conservative media have built their empires by proving to their audience that everything the “mainstream media” is saying is a lie by saying the opposite of what they say is true… wether it’s true or not. So when “liberal” media was advocating for the vaccine, the conservative audience was already trained to believe the opposite is true. It was so ingrained in the audience to believe the opposite is true that if there was ANY consensus on both sides, the audience would revolt. Now the loonies are running the asylum.


dying to own the libs. which is awesome that they get what they want, but unfortunately, they are dying in hospital beds that real people need and hurting and killing others in the process, which is really the thing most people have a problem with.


Many of his supporters hate the vaccine more than they love him. I unfortunately room with people who have had their lips firmly planted on Trump's asshole since he ran for office. But now that he's supporting the vaccine, they're speaking negatively about him for the first time ever. I'm just going to sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the identity crisis


Part of Trump's appeal all along has been how easy he'll be to push down the memory hole when the Republican base tires of him.


Wants us to forget that he played it down instead of fighting it. Incompetent bastard.




Tucson, you?


Scottsdale. Surrounded by people who should be way smarter than the stupidity they exhibit.


It’s his legacy. He’ll never shake it off.


No matter how much you shake and dance, the last few drops go in your pants.


He didn’t just downplay it, he literally called it a hoax.


Just checked, yep, he is still a piece of shit traitor.


Why didn’t you link his Twitter so the rest of us could confirm? So selfish.


I got you:


Trump: I got a hamberder treat last time I said the good words like I was supposed to, I’m a big boy and can do this own my own for a treat you’ll see!


I really wish he endorsed the drinking of urine.


JFK Jr would have


I'm waiting for RFK Jr. to do it. I'll send him some of mine, if it helps.


How do you think his hair got that color?


Lol imagine being so stupid you think you can undo the damage you did. Seriously trump, go fuck yourself.


I couldn't hate him less, but if he's promoting vax to his cult, get out of the way. edit: more


Couldn't hate him less?


Ever had one of those days when your fingers type faster than your brain?


My brain can’t type AT ALL, so kudos to you!


Caving to your stalker again


I don't understand his angle here. Clearly he is doing this because it benefits him, he doesn't give a shit about people being protected from illness. I just don't understand what he has to gain by forcing the issue with his base. Usually he just folds to whatever they want.


Simple. The statistics show omicron is less deathly and 73 percent of the elegible us population has at least one jab. His core supporters are the ones doing the dying, right now. He will simply rebrand himself. He started doing so already. He said that the vaccines came out because of him and he was always pro-vax. He also said he’s used to mask and shit like that. His strategy is clear if you follow him. - i heard that man was not born in us. ( people start paying attention) - a lot of people believe he isn’t even American, I don’t know folks( more people start believing it). - why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?( people get curious and now have something to rally against) - he wouldn’t even show us his birth certificate, doesn’t that concern you?( critical mass of non believers). - i never said he isn’t American, but where is the proof? - i mean he is president so I suppose he is American Dude shows his certificate. - He showed the certificate, I haven’t seen it, but they say he showed it. - I saw it. That isn’t a real one, it’s little. Release the real one, the big one. ( people’s attention shifts now to long form certificates and this goes on for weeks). Former president Dude releases long form certificate. - tomorrow, I will make a big announcement: Huge press release - I saw his certificate and he is American, like I always believed. A lot of people had questions, some had doubts but I was on the fences on that one. But he’s American folks. Then he takes another topic or issue, and repeat the strategy. This keeps him on the headlines. Free press, free promotion. This is where Trump is great, promoting bullshit people will be curious about and getting free attention from it. Edit: I think I figured it out. If he somehow convinces his core supporters to start vaccinating, Trump will claim he ended the virus threat himself. “People were dying before I spoke up, I spoke up and now people aren’t dying anymore. I ended the pandemic! Vote for me!”


If he hadn't been born rich, he could have written stories for the National Enquirer.


LMAO!! I can see that. You know what gets me though. If he somehow convinces his cult to vaccinate, he will start saying shit like: “Almost a million Americans died under the democrat regime, I stopped the pandemic. What was going on was a disgraced, but I stop the vicious virus China imposed on us. I stopped it. No one was getting vaccinated. Millions weee dying until I started promoting my vaccines. You saw me promoting the vaccine and i call them my vaccines because it was my mandate which started it all. I did it folks and I’m going to make china pay. The democrats are weak, we stopped the pandemic, I and the millions of patriotic Americans who truly love this country..folks truly love their country, and they took the vaccines. I admit I was on the fences but I took it too, and I as able to defeat that vicious virus, that vicious attack I called the china virus. And I will make them pay, you best believe it. I beat the virus, the democrats are weak, and I will make them pay. Believe me…” And just like that, his followers will automatically forget everything they went through and follow his bullshit again.


its simpler than that. its DeSantis. he doesnt like DeSantis stealing some spotlight, so he attacks him on this. American lives, even his supporters lives, do not matter. Its only about taking down DeSantis and this is a tool to do that with.


Yeah I saw it this morning. Desantis is gearing up to run, and trump is getting ahead and in front of that.


I think the quacks he endorsed took things further than he wanted then to and now he is trying to roll shit back. Trump: Pandemic is small, no big deal, but get vaccinated like me, it is great, I backed warp speed I am te best president ever. Quacks: no sign on to my telemedicine site and pay me $100 for a horse medicine consult vaccines are alien dna and illuminati microchips.


I think you're giving him too much credit. Trump is a narcissist. He does things for emotional validation. The way he sees it, everyone should be praising him for Operation Warpspeed and getting the vaccine created. It must drive him crazy that something he gives himself credit for is being called the devil by his supporters. Trump also hates his supporters for [being low class](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/trump-mob-capitol-riots-poor-low-class-b1785099.html). He might cater to them for votes, but ultimately prefers the endorsement of elites if he can get it.


Somehow making the transition from Typhoid Mary to Florence Nightingale has proved awkward for Donald.


Did someone tell him the math on how many voters he can afford to die before 2024 and have a shot at re-election? Side note: to me this suggests he still wants to run again


I love that insane idiot in florida who has killed far more of his voters than he won by in the last election. we'll see if it matters, but it's something to watch.


That the first stem ahead of his presidential campaign. Rebranding. Next he will say he was always for vaccinations, and masking, he never supported hydrocloroquine. That’d just liberals spewing fake news. Then he said never locked children in cages away from their families, and on and on. Worst of all, his followers will believe every word he shits through his mouth.


I would be happy if his followers would get vaccinated and wear masks at this point.


Yeah I feel like he’s only doing this to win back centrists and moderate republicans for the next election. You know, the ones who are willing to get vaccinated, but will still support his fascist policies. Man always has an angle. Depravity doesn’t cease, even when it appears he’s making the right decision.


I was the very first one, actually, to talk about vaccines and I was always very pro-mask and everybody knows it! even if I didn't have one on all of the time, because it's very important for people to be able to hear the President speak, I always had it in my pocket. and I wore it probably 99 percent of the time. but the fake news likes to say I didn't even own a mask. but I had more masks than probably anybody. and all through the horrible plague that was sent to us by China, even though President Xi did do a very good job over there, and he likes me very much. but they gave us The Plague and I had to do some very strong things to keep our country great and to keep our country safe. and we almost had it beat but then the Democrats stole the election and now the plague is everywhere. even the fake news said so.


This is the gist of what hell say, yes. But I can't read it and hear his voice.... What you wrote is still too.... Coherent for me to hear Trump's voice.


Oh my fucking god “The Democrats stole the election and now the plague is everywhere” This is evil genius level bullshitting


Trump's now trying to escape personal and/or criminal liability for the 100s of thousands of Americans who needlessly died, following his schemes and reckless advice, to please their cult leader and his Republican minions.


I think this one's it. He knows he's going to eventually end up having to face \~*some*\~ sort of music, and will want to be able to obfuscate the issue by demonstrating how he was *always* pro vax.


I've been hearing he's gonna face punishment for years now. It'll never happen.


who's going to hold him liable? sure as hell won't be the impotent democrats. they'll *maybe* put on some mock trial and then claim to be blocked by republicans after doing jack shit. same as always. democrats are useless and don't even try to stop the insane shit republicans do. it's how we got here.




'and you look at it, all of the very low-level politicians, including some of the governors, who are, and I'm being very nice when I say this you understand, but they're being gutless and, quite frankly, just like a Democrat. they want to say the things that give them the votes, but they're lying about the booster, because they think it will help them. and it won't. it won't. and the booster wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for me. we did the vaccines and the booster and we did them in Warp Speed. Sleepy Joe couldn't do it. Crooked Hillary couldn't have done it. Obama doesn't even know what a vaccine is. and people need to be giving me probably more credit than they already do. because if it wasn't for me telling my people, and others, to make a beautiful vaccine and make it perfectly, which they did, then we would be having even bigger problems in this country, believe me.'


Is this really what he said?


It sounds dumb enough, so I wouldn’t be surprised.


Spot on


this was far too coherent to be real. excellent try, though!




Yeah I fucking hate him and he should have been pro vax from the start but him encouraging people to get vaccinated will actually have an impact on the spread of the virus which is a good thing regardless of his motives.


I mean “operation warp speed” was pretty provax. He’s terrible but he didn’t do every single thing wrong


He was anti vax up until the covid pandemic, he talked about how vaccines cause autism during one of the Republican primary debates.


100% Much harm has been done, and he will have to fight the medical scammers he endorsed, but he can spin this in a way that will have anti vaxxers lining up tomorrow. For once he has to use his sway over his base for good.


Have we shifted into a different timeline again? I’m so confused.


What a wonderful fucking mess the Republican Party has made for itself.


Too little, too late. trump could personally mail me and every American a check for $5000 and come time to vote, I will still vote for almost anyone else. I have to say almost cause there's a few out there who have tried, and damned near successfully so, to be worse than even him.


Covid is killing his future voters. That's all the reason he's been vocal.


This is very interesting and it shows that his supporters have grown more powerful than him.


It's so obvious he's running on a "re election/ damage control" play book someone made for him and he's not doing a great job at it lol


He’s the reason people aren’t vaccinated now he’s saying gutless


This man will do anything. You paired up with the anti vaccine crazies, and now you will make people seem dumb for pairing up with them.


What a guy he is the reason America is geting so screwed by covid ...he znd his cronies


Well, it’s a distinct improvement from the previous advice of drinking bleach while sticking a lightbulb up your ass.


Who is he to call *anyone* gutless. Dude couldn’t even take a loss


What's with the sudden moderation from Trump? There has to be a catch here.. I don't think his voters will like it though


He even tried to have an interview with NPR. tried


He wants to run again for presidency and the voters he needs are the ones dropping dead in droves from covid.


It’s rebranding Because American voters have the memory of a goldfish.


Trump has no loyalties except himself and Putin. As wild and hilarious as it would be, I can imagine him dropping the right all together and rat-f*cling them.


Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


The fucking liberal redemption arc are we kidding, we're gonna praise this guy and pretend he didn't just try to overthrow democracy?


They’re losing the plot


they never really had one in the first place but who is surprised.


But why aren’t his supporters eating that up like they do his other shit that he’s flip flopped on before?


Too bad he didn’t do this over a year ago. Fuck him, fuck ALL of them.


He's likely getting in front of Walter Reed vaccine news.


I still cannot give him credit and I still won’t support him. You know why? Because this is the status quo, and he is only just now catching up; not even out of modesty, but out of desperation and distraction. This is what should’ve been the default, yet he still went too low to hit it.


Don’t be fooled. He knows his lack of attention and playbook for COVID lost him the election and is now trying to right the ship. He’s still a pig in wolfs clothing


I absolutely love whichever puppet master convinced cheeto charlie that he is missing out on praise and glory by not taking credit for the vaccine. It's amazing.


I think this is more about attacking DeSantis than anything else. Trump admitted to getting boosted and it didn’t go over well with a lot of his supporters. Now he is using the opportunity to attack DeSantis who I’m sure is boosted as well but won’t admit it.


We have entered an alternative universe.


He is a con man that will jump on any train he thinks will get him money. Always has been always will be.


I wish he would learn the English language


Who gives a shit - get this man out of the news immediately. Stop reporting on him, stop talking about him, stop feeding him your attention. Next thing.


Why isn't he in prison for his crimes?


who would do it? republicans? of course not. they are corrupt and horrible. democrats? of course not. they are impotent and incompetent. anyone else? nope, those are the options.


Hell has frozen over


It's too late to save face now, bozo.


My guess is he's too closely tied to the vaccine because of Operation Warp Speed, so he has to support it. I'm 100 percent sure his support of it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with wanting to help people. Like others have said, he probably hates his supporters more than we do.


Trump goes off message just so he can brag the vaccine was developed under his term.


Lol this guy.


One of the rare instances I agree with this bastard.


I'm so confused today.


Someone post this on r/conservative


Ask Tucker Carlson next!!


So Fox News says vaccine bad, Facebook says vaccine bad, Trump says it’s good. Those are going to be some confused people in the Red States tonight.


Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a *mistake*.