Do you know any Atheists who are smug and entitled jerks?

Do you know any Atheists who are smug and entitled jerks?


I’m assuming this means irl and if so then no, but if online of course.


To be fair, a decent chunk of the people on the internet as a whole are smug and entitled jerks


Oh boy, do I ever.


Oh boy, this sounds juicy!


😂😂 I suppose it is, lol. I dunno if I should get into it; this is Reddit after all 😂


Do it. As long as you make sure to point out that not every atheist is like that, you'll avoid at least 75% of the ridicule.


that's not true


No it's definitely not true 😂 I'm like, hmmm, what's the balance between wanting to indulge people's curiosity and being willing to open myself up to discussions I don't really want.... I might change my mind later lol


I actually did end up doing it. You can go read it if you want, it's in another part of the thread.


Ahhhh okay I guess I'll tell my little stories lol, just for the record I'm not too keen on debating my own beliefs too much at the moment, lol. K so for context, I'm a die-hard Christian and a young-earth creationist. I also have an honours degree in archaeology and worked for a while as an archaeologist and as a museum assistant. I also have had a ton of atheist and agnostic friends over the years. So my first story is about my former employer. I was the only Christian in the office - the only religious person in general, lol. And it was in the leadup to Christmas. My boss had this display he loved to put up every year, but my co-workers knew how serious I was about my beliefs and knew this display would get under my skin (they wouldn't tell me what it was, just that I'd hate it, lol). So they were very cool about it and just sort of procrastinated on putting it up with the other office decorations, I think iirc one of them even kind of hid the box so it would be out of sight, out of mind for him. But right before Christmas, my boss realized it wasn't up yet an insisted on putting it up. It was this rather large display that was like, a mock nativity, but full of all sorts of crap in it to make fun of it. And my co-workers were right, I was not a fan. So I worked up my nerve and went to tell him that I'd like it packed away again - that the nativity scene represents something really important and special in my religion, and I don't like seeing it mocked, and I think I should be able to show up at work without having to see it all day (it was fairly big, out in the open in view of my desk). He got like, right mad at me, got all red, started yelling at me and telling me to stop shoving my faith down his throat (I *still* can't understand how *I* was the one shoving things down *his* throat). I reiterated that if this was in his house I wouldn't say a thing, that I could put up with all his tacky pooping Santas around the office, but I shouldn't have to put up with my faith being mocked at work - and just got more yelling. Nobody took it down. I almost quit right there. Another time, a former friend casually asked what I thought about gay marriage, back when my country was looking at legalizing it (it was among the first to do so). I answered back just as casually that I can't support it because it's against my morals - and before I could finish my sentence, the guy was leaning over the table, red, shouting right in my face, pounding on the table - I actually felt worried he'd like, assault me or something. Needless to say I never talked to him again. And then another time, a friend of mine started poking my brain about my beliefs about evolution. Long story short, he kept saying that if only I understood it, maybe if I read a book about it like he had, then I'd get it and believe it. Again, I have an *honours degree* in *archaeology*, and a lot of my studies actually focused on stone age archaeology and human evolution. I reminded him of this and he still kept insisting I was just not educated like he was (he has an English degree, and read a book about it, and I guess that's just better cos he says so, lol). Another former friend was someone I ran into after not seeing him for years. He found out my little background there and asked if he could call me sometime to talk about it cos he was curious about my views. I said sure. When he called, he spent half the time explaining evolution to me the way you would to a 5 year old, and I reminded him that I have a ton of relevant education, and he kept doing it anyway. And then I told him outright that he was coming across as condescending and I didn't appreciate it, and he actually *doubled down* on it. Then when I asked him some pointed questions about his own views, he bailed and never spoke to me again. And of course there was the time my university text had a whole one-sided segment trashing Christians as science-denying nutso fundamentalists with an agenda. I thought it was horrid, had no place in the class, and was totally biased - if something like that had been written about any other group, it never would've been printed. So I took it up with the student ombudsman, who told me there was no point in complaining because the author was right! I did it anyway. Lucky for me, that year the head of the department was a linguistic anthropologist, and when I gave her my writeup (which coincidentally focused a lot on the misleading language used) she agreed right away, promised to remove the section from the next edition, and made the prof apologize in class (the prof turned out to be the author of that section). The look on the student ombudsman's face was pretty priceless, though :P


You're a young earth Creationist?


Yep 🙂


Wow... I've never met one in the wild. You're also a semi-hypocritical homophobe. If that comes off as insulting, then I don't apologize, but I don't intend for it to seem that way. That is what you seem to be based on your own word, and your brashness indicates you have no qualms with any of that. Do you mind if I ask some questions?


Actually, I kind of do mind. I didn't quite feel like getting into an argument about whether anyone thinks my beliefs are valid, as that's not the point to begin with and it gets tiring (most people who say they're curious actually just want to "educate" or correct me, like in the one story, and it's annoying and insulting). And to that end, insulting me by right off calling me a hypocrite isn't a good way to start either. I've had more than my share of condescending talks with people, not too keen on the possibility of another one 😅 just wanted to put the story out there is all.


Fair enough. I've talked to enough people to know that I'm not gonna change their mind, at least not in a few quick words. The only thing listed that genuinely irked me was when you said the being gay was against your morals, so I was gonna pester you about that. As for being a hypocrite, you complained about a scene mocking the nativity, an act of sacrilege to many die hard christians. I'm not gonna say that you were wrong there, you are perfectly within your rights to request that that not be displayed, and that guy was frankly a twat when he started becoming irate. What made you a hypocrite was that you didn't apply that same level of care to others that you wish was applied to you. You personally believe that you should not have to deal with legitimate workplace harassment in the form of your beliefs being mocked. I'll stand behind you there, at least somewhat. And yet, when asked about homosexuality, you disregard the other person's feelings. I'm also sure that with a deep enough interrogation into your beliefs that I could find other contradictions, as I would find in almost everyone. I know that I am also a hypocrite, I just don't go around shouting about it. Despite all that I disagree with on so many levels, I do hope that your life faces a touch less persecution in the future. No one deserves to be mocked to their core, not a young-earth creationist, not a a scientist who knows a lil' something about archaeology, and not a gay person who just wants to live. Have a fantastic day :D


Actually, I'm perfectly consistent in my beliefs in this way :P I don't think gay marriages are real marriages and don't think homosexuality is morally acceptable. But I also don't think gay people should be treated poorly - I don't give them a hard time about it and usually don't even address it unless it's relevant somehow (for example, when my ex-friend directly asked me about it). If a gay person were facing a similar situation at work, I would stand up for them, because even if I think they're wrong, I think they still deserve to be treated with the same common decency and professionalism that a workplace should have. If I were an employer and they were the right person for the job and their sexuality wasn't relevant to the position, I'd hire them. A naturopath I saw was gay, and I thought he was a kind person who did his best job to help me. I definitely wouldn't find it acceptable for them to be treated the way I was, even if I think they're very wrong in at least this one regard. Marriage means something specific to me, and I see appropriate sexuality as something much less free-wheeling than many others do. The issue also has a lot of social dimensions nobody ever talked much about until they started to cause issues (the same issues that were called fear-mongering before it was legalized). But I'm going off topic. Sure, we'd probably butt heads over things like gay marriage, but in most respects I don't think any given gay person is worse than any other given person - everyone is a sinner, after all. If I actually hated people because they're doing something I believe is wrong, then I'd hate everyone, including myself. I don't work that way. And to me that's absolutely consistent. Probably more consistent than a lot of people who consider themselves tolerant, but treat people like me horribly when it comes up (and rarely if ever get called on that). I'm not perfect, but I do my best to start from a place of common human decency and respect, regardless of whether I agree with them on things. Thanks for saying I didn't deserve that treatment, though. Not everyone thinks so these days, which is why I was hesitant to bring it up.


The 2 first stories I'm 100 percent on the other person's side on. There are things in my workplace I don't like but unless they physically stop me from doing my work I just put up with it as it's none of my business. The second one... let's say I think allowing Christians to enter into relationships was immoral, would you be OK with me actively working for Christians not to have the right to marry by law? The last 3 seems pretty unreasonable tho


Nah man, it's not cool. I think workplaces should be generally ideologically neutral, and people should act with respect and professionalism. I don't particularly care that he hates my faith, and if it were his house or something I wouldn't have said a word. But at work, I shouldn't have something important to me openly mocked for no good reason. It's disrespectful. Interesting side story, you're not the first person who's said that - a couple others have said there's nothing wrong with it. But, when I asked them if they thought it was fine for a boss to be openly insulting toward a Muslim's faith for no good reason, they automatically said no, then got uncomfortable and ended the conversation. And the second one has nothing to do with whether or not you think I'm right. The point is that this was a friend, who casually asked me for my opinion on the matter. I was just as relaxed in my answer, but he didn't even let me finish my thought before he got physically and verbally aggressive toward me. There's *no way* that is *ever* okay, and frankly I think it's pretty nuts that you'd be on his side despite his behaviour. That's the very frustrating thing for me. I used to be able to be friends with people from all walks of life. Now I can't because they think they're totally justified in being complete jerks about our differences. I don't care if you don't agree with me on the topics themselves, but nobody deserves to be treated like that. And that is what the initial question was talking about.


I would be 100% fine with art a Muslim would find provoking, in fact I prefer art that is provoking and I think taking down provoking art is bad and harmful regardless who finds it provoking, and that includes me. In regard to the second story. I don't think it's ever okay to be opposed to a right being limited to a specific group. If you have a personal opinion that gay marriage is bad you're allowed to think that (tho gay people will be less inclined to be your friend as is their right) but the second you support gay people not having the same legal rights as straight people I really lose all sympathy. Supporting the power of the state limiting the rights of a group is in my and many other's opinion a form of indirect violence.


In the *workplace*, though? I really don't think it's a good thing. There should be a good level of professionalism and ideological neutrality at work as much as possible (unless you're working in some explicitly ideological workplace, like an abortion clinic or a religious charity something, lol). So then re: the second one, what you're saying is that because I don't think gay marriage is real marriage, I deserve to be physically threatened and treated aggressively by someone I once considered a friend? I doubt you'd feel the same if it were gay activists wanting religious opposition to their sexuality suppressed and *they* were being harassed for it. And I'm sorry, but there's no such thing as "indirect violence". That kind of language is crazy manipulative and just not okay. I don't support gay marriage, and that's not *violence*. Aside from that, I also would not support someone treating a gay person the way I was treated, because *it's not okay to treat people like that.* In fact, the thing my "friend" cut me off from saying was that it's a democratic country so their desires have a right to be heard and fairly considered, even if I disagree with them and hoped it wouldn't pass. But that doesn't matter - I never got to say it because he got aggressive with me before I could finish. But I guess that's fine by you. People like me don't deserve to be treated with kindness or respect, much less without a threat of *actual* violence, right? My casual statement of opposition is the same in your eyes as a guy leaning across the table so he can shout right in my face while he pounded it violently. Of course. I guess at this point I really shouldn't be surprised that people think it's okay to be aggressive and harass people who have more traditional values. Guess I just naively keep reverting back to when people were still largely decent to each other even if they didn't see eye to eye. My bad.


I literally have 0% sympathy for you and honestly find it pathetic that you think you're a victim. Yeah people of that group I gonna justifiably hate you if you think their group should have fewer rights than other groups.


Well then, I guess I can add you to the giant steaming pile of a--hole atheists I've met. And yeah, I'll say it. I'm better than you. I can look at a gay person and disagree with their actions in that regard, but still see them as a human being worthy of safety and general decent treatment. If you look at someone you disagree with and see someone who deserves to be treated with aggression and abuse, then you're straight-up a bad person, and you can just go screw off.


Yes, but I also know Christians/Muslims/New Agers, etc. who are the same. Smug and entitled jerk isn’t really comparable to a religion or a of way of life. It’s just, some humans are dicks lol


I dunno, I mean you're right that there are jerks in every crowd, but I feel like they come in different flavours depending on their beliefs. I've known some jerk Christians, but I'd say they're emotionally manipulative rather than smug. Jerk Muslims I've met have been arrogant and abrasive. Jerk atheists are smug and high on their sense of their own intelligence. The only real overlap is that they're all jerks, and all tend to be kind of self-righteous.


Might want to edit that last sentence because that’s basically saying everyone is a jerk lol.


Nah lol, I just meant the overlap between jerks of those groups. I definitely don't think all people of those groups are jerks 😛


Meh, I agree with ya


Haha, good stuff. It's nice to agree with strangers online , lol.


Right on :)


This is so true wtf


Lol! I've known a lot of different people over the years, what can I say


Jerk muslims? Where? They usually are supportive and just want to treat you right if you come to them the right way, from what I seen they just treat you like you treat them.


You're not seriously suggesting that there are *no* jerks in a group of people numbering in the billions, are you? (Or in my country, around a million, though I used to live in an area with a lot of Muslim immigrants so I had a lot of interactions with them over the years.)


I mean some are that is right but not all


Which is what we are saying. We aren’t saying oh every Muslim is a jerk


Yeah that's what we were already saying, bud 😛 I mean, I'm a devout Christian myself, and so are many people I care about, but I won't pretend none of us are jerks 😅 That's just humanity after all


Dude, I’m Kuwaiti and there are millions of jerk Muslims In fact, the majority of people here are just absolute jerks who shit on every other religion and just recently someone fuckin beat up a LGBTQ person so hard and then THE GOVERNMENT SENT THE LGBTQ PERSON TO PRISON AND DID NOTHING TO THE BEATER Like, seriously I don’t know what’s up with the Middle East


Oh I thought online, but yeah sometimes people are jerks irl, also my saudi government you know does \*stuff\*


Oh you’re Saudi? Shlonik?


حمدلله Why would I get downvoted? I just said "حمدلله" which is what you say when someone greets you, Oh BoY a TeRroRiSt WoRd ThAt SuReLy Is WhAt ThIs People speak their languages and that's normal


Zayn! Ihnak il nas ahsan? Ihni bil kuwait ilkil izbala lmao


I upvoted you 🙂. People are stupid lol


Yeah there is no relation between religion and jerks. Some people are just assholes.


I know some but it's not as a by-product as their atheism. In my eyes they aren't "Atheist Jerks" - they're "Jerks who happen to be Atheists". I personally know many more theist jerks. The pinnacle of jerk atheism is "ha stupid religious people" or Jordan Peterson stans. When it comes to jerk theists, they don't stop there. It more often than not turns into blatant bigotry - be it misogyny, racism, sexism, homophobia or incessant general hate speech.


It can be like that with atheists too, leading to antisemitism and Islamiphobia.


Oh yeah, that's 100% true. I forgot about those sorts of scum. Just a glimpse at Sargon of Akkad or Stefan Molyneux really shows how fucked up some atheists are.


True. And a lot of religious people can be very intolerant. I guess every group has their extremes.


On the Internet? A lot. In real life? Not a single one.


Do you know any of X group who are jerks? For anyone who knows a decent amount of people from X group will say yes. This is true for any group of people.


I know just as many smug entitled religious people, it's not about your beliefs it's about your personality


I’m gonna need you to back this up with specific numbers.


Not OP but I'd guess it's closer to 42 than not


42 in what way? I mean, it is such a vague statement “ it's not about your beliefs it's about your personality” it’s like a karma dog whistle that may be better answered by specifically how many people are atheist vs religious because maybe while counting and actually thinking about it you find the difference and give us a better answer. Idk the op gave us nothing to work with and people ate it up I ask for some reality and I get downvotes. Thanks for answering 42 in which way?


Oh stop having aneurysm, not everybody who disagrees with you is immoral.


Lol I’m cool. I mean I’m here for figuring out shit. Finding nuances and actually thinking maybe some real results or something to work with. It’s all research to me. The obvious narratives I see around here are exhausting to me. People who disagree with me and are satisfied with boring inconclusive and unspecified results are the norm. But we are in r/polls not r/whatsyourobviousthoughtsaboutpeople lol. Ok but your right I’m going home and I’ll shut up soon.


I don’t think they are immoral I see their point. They think they are defending something but missing the point of me just wanting something else idk my delivery sucks I guess. And wants=suffering anyway. Fuck why am I still here


I know so many people who are smug about their beliefs, atheists, christians, muslims, etc. It’s fucking tiring. I used to be one. Realised I was being fucking rude.


Not personally no, but over the internet Ive definitely come across some


Yep see them every day on reddit


I think OP meant irl


In most cases, you won’t know someone’s an atheist


This is actually very true. Most really keep it to themselves. As we should most personal beliefs imho


You will if they're the smug and entitled kind 😉 though even if they're not, if you talk with them often enough you eventually learn about each other's views on things.


All the atheists on reddit are screaming "Not all atheists!" and "Christians are like that too!"


I mean, that is demonstrably true though.


Found one!


No, like - literally. I can go out there and find an atheist that is not a smug and entitled jerk and I can go out there and find a smug and entitled Christian.


And you can do the opposite. Pointing out this flaw with generalizations is logical and honestly needed sometimes.




Yeah, it’s true




And you could easily find the opposite What’s *your* point?


it's almost like there are assholes everywhere but this poll is biased to say 'look atheists are bad right guys'


Is that wrong ?


"well of course I know him, he's me"


In every group, there’s a few entitled pricks. But, in every group, there’s good people. Is there atheists who are smug and entitled? Yeah, hell yeah, but the same could be said for any group of people. And, all this is coming from an atheist.


Of course there are some like that, even an atheist like me can see that. I personally don't know any cuz I know like one other atheist lol




I know A LOT of religious people who are smug and entitled jerks.. Haven't met such an atheist _yet_ ..


...i mean


People will be people despite their belief


Oh yeah I'm not big on religion but I've noticed that atheists do judge equally as much as religious folks


Yes . I've met smug hardcore atheists who think they're too smart/science-y for not only religious people , but for other non-vocal atheists/agnostics as well I've also met religious people who are jerks and think their standard of idol worship/rituals and 'purity' makes them God's favorite children and better than your avg sinners


No, but that's probably because I don't go on r/atheism


Confession: i used to be this person


*sorts by controversial*


"Look at me! I don't believe in God. I am so smart to know He is an outdated concept" Bitch please. You don't even know how string theory describes the fundamental forces. Then you think that you are smart because you saw some birds and monkeys getting different over time hahaha


Yes, myself. I’m an asshole and really trying to change. I don’t feel like any of it has to do with my (lack of) religion, though.


I think they meant people who act like they’re smarter than you because they don’t believe in anything.


Oh, then my bad


Both sides have reasonable people, and both sides have smug and entitled jerks. People are people.


A conversation I had with a good friend of mine: Me: [something bad but humorous happened], pray for me! Haha Her: I am an atheist!!! I do not believe in God!! Okay... ^way ^to ^ruin ^the ^mood That is the only time she acted that way about this topic, she isn't smug or entitled, I just wished to share this story because it's funny to me haha


Not irl, I’ve only ever met one atheist who was out there as an atheist and he wasn’t particularly smug or entitled. On Reddit I’ve seen plenty of smug atheists but most aren’t like that.


people who voted 'no' i have a bad message for you ...


...and that is?


That they don't know themselves


what if they aren't atheists themselves? and who's to say that just because they're atheists they're jerks?


That makes no sense


I was baptized by the Romanian Orthodox church. I'm an Orthodox. Never met an atheist.


I live in a city where there aren't many religious people, and as one atheist kids were bullying me all my childhood


Of course I know him, it's (a few years ago) me.


What made you change? I'm curious


I'm still an atheist, I just got less annoying I think


Underrated post


I've met only smug atheists and both smug and humble religious people so....


Most that I’ve met behave this way.


Yes, myself. I can't take religious people serious. I will always think they are somewhat stupid. And I feel sad when I learn a person I respected belives in some greater being that simply does not exist. ​ I tried to get their perspective, and tried to justify their believe, but I can't. I would like to understand why people chose to believe in things that are made up though. Because if god was real, that would make everything on this planet so much worse, because it would mean that all the suffering and all the pain was his will and he just wants to see us suffer. He would be an absolute maniac all evil being. How can you actually want to belive that?


Honestly I wouldn't consider that smug or entitled. You're being honest and truthful. Whether it's they truly belive it or not religion has been shown to be harmful for humanity over and over. And is always used to justify bad behavior. Even if you believe in God just looking at history shows how many bad things have been done in the name of god. Then they always say "those weren't real (insert religion)" as if it matters.


>Then they always say "those weren't real (insert religion)" as if it matters. That what always gets me. This is just disrespectfull to all the victims. ​ The moment you say you are religious or part of a religion, that's when you are. This is their hypocrisy, they simply won't except how bad their (or any) religion really is.


You're kinda overgeneralizing. Your last pont only works if the religion believes in a higher power that is both conscious and omnipotent. That is true to some religions but definietly not all of them...


That was me being very brief with the whole thing... lol :D No not all of them, but the biggest one of them and as far as I understand also for Islam. So it is true not for all people but for most of them.


Come on, man, I mean… haven’t you been to r/Atheism ?


ppl keep on saying it's terrible but never give actual examples it seems just the same as religious subs but focusing on factchecking various religions and being a support network


Check out r/Atheism to find those kind of people.


I know devote people who are smug and entitled too….wait maybe I’m the problem….


No you're not.


Met a few. The worst bunch were the one college that were forced to write and defend positions on philosopical and/or theological points (Went to a top tier Catholic U that required one class of each). Their were some really intelligent ones then there were the ones that were just arrogant asses. Arguments would be incredibly narrow and also lacked anything beyond first order thinking. Professors and others would see this and jump on it in discussions. It was r/watchpeopledieinside irl. Note: I must say, I loved this aspect of my education. No textbools just the original material and your critical assessments. Having heard from peers at other schools talk about thier philosophy classes, textbooks, and large class sizes... no thanks.


Ofc, that's me /s


My cousin was one of those smug “I’m smarter than you because I’m atheist” types of people. Now he’s an Orthodox Jew with a beard and curls.


535-535 wow


In general, yes, about Atheism specifically, not sure.


Not right now, but I knew a ton in high school




Yes, the majority of them. Especially here on reddit


Well since where I live there's pretty much no theists around: Yes, I've come to know some smug and entitled jerks, who naturally also happen to be atheists.


Personally, no, but I see a few every now and again online


Not personally


Why is every Reddit Post on here making me question my life choices here today?


Yes there’s bad apples in every crowd.


Alot (online)


Yes, but I've met way more smug entitled christians to be honest


Ive met more smug atheists than annoying theists.


i know entitled jerks but i usually don't talk long enough to them to find out if they're atheists


Smug and entitled because they are atheists no but smug and entitled whilst also an atheist I do.


met a few, wouldn’t say i ”know” any though since i dont make friends with those kinda of people


I know atheists who are that, but i also know christians who are that. And others who are that


I mean. Being atheist isn't something about your personality. If you're a dickhead, you're a dickhead. No matter if you're christian, Muslim, gay, straight, bi, atheist, attack helicopter and stuff.


Jerks are jerks regardless of their beliefs or disbeliefs. I'm not an atheist but I've met both kinds, the ones who like to insult religion every chance they get and the ones who want to learn about a specific religion, even if they don't believe in it. On the other hand, I've also met religious people who are jerks, not only to atheist but to other religions too.


Moved to a new city and tried the local atheist meetup group when I was younger. A lot of them were very antitheist and condescending. It made me really sad because I wanted to be able to find people to relate to since I am an atheist and I live in the Bible belt :-(




Very strongly opposed and confrontational to any religion.


And you’re not?


I don't consider myself antitheist, I just don't believe in any gods and therefore really can't relate to a lot of very very Christian people that I live around. I don't hate religion I just can't make myself magically believe.


That's fine. It's better to be around people who DO believe (like me) than people who condemn other people just for their beliefs. Try hanging around the Christian people but just don't do Christian activities with them or even mention Christianity.


I actually get discriminated against for being an atheist so hanging around Christians isn't a good idea. I've dealt with that at work and with other meetup groups that weren't even religious! I appreciate the sentiment you are trying to get across, but religion eventually comes up as a topic, whether I try to avoid it or not.


Well, I'm Christian and I would never discrminate you. I think you're wrong but we're taught that God doesn't want us to discriminate against others for their differences. Obviously, those people you're around don't understand moderation and that God wants us to live life FOR him not AROUND him.


Your religious book allows for numerous interpretations, not only in the different kinds of Christianity, but in the individuals themselves. That is nice that you are an individual wouldn't discriminate against a person who doesn't believe, but as a whole my experience has been completely negative with numerous people in numerous situations. That is why I will continue to try to reach out to other atheists, but I choose what I will tolerate in a group or individual, with antitheism not being one of them. I went to add that I appreciate how civil you've been in this conversation.


Maybe you can at least look up someone online whose religious but has no problem with being around atheists. You shouldn't have such a negative view of religion just because of some crazies out there.


Yes absolutely and I am an atheist


Correlation is not causation. When will y'all learn that.


I know a lot of theists who are smug and entitled jerks.


Not because of atheism but because they are smug and entitled jerks.


the atheists ive met who i know are atheists have been chill im guessing ive met some dicks but mostly i dont care and dont find out someones religious status i only know one friend is muslim cause he has hours of religious school so we cant hang out much - that's my extent of knowledge on which religion my friends are there's assholes in every group- if there's a smug entitled atheist either theyre right at the start and their life is a lie and they're understandably upset or theyd probably be just as bad as a christian or hindu


Many atheists are militant little assholes who are no better than Xian zealots


You can feel smug and entitled about anything regardless of how arbitrary.


OP is cringe


As an atheist... I hate other atheists


Sure, I've also met theists who were the same way. Every group has their assholes.


Yes I do, but in my experience those traits are less common in the atheists than Catholics. For context, raised catholic, spent a couple years in catholic school, "believe" in religion, but not in God


brian griffin


Sadly I know 2


Know them? I am them! Or atleast i used to be. Now im…pagan i think? Or the “i believe gods could exist but dont know yet” thing


Oops that's me 5 years ago.


Are you smug and an entitled jerk?


No but I know lots of people who are religious who are


Just smug. I used to be that guy. Being smug about having atheistic opinions about everything. It’s the least of my worries now.!The topic bores me to tears! I sort of roll of eyes when atheism get brought up. It’s just a lot of: yep, I get it! Yes, I know. There’s nothing left to explore! I think it’s a boring topic now. I guess I can see where some people are coming from when they call certain atheists preachers. uttering the same thing over and over!


I know some, and even used to be one Now I'm more of an agnostic, and I find religions really interesting. I love asking questions about one's beliefs


yea, my brother


It's some defensive atheists in here


i don’t think your religious/non religious beliefs have anything to do with you being smug or entitled




I know a friend who identifies as "anti-theist" but he is mainly hard on religious institutions and respectful toward religious people.


Personally? No. But holy shit atheists on the internet are a completely different breed of human


Everyone in r/atheism


“Haha atheism bad giv upvotes”


“Haha religion bad gimme upvotes”