Picked up my first RC car today, couple batteries, and a charger. Can’t wait to try it out




Those buggy type wheel nuts are a real pain sometimes. I'm actually having a big issue with my ECX Revenge 1/8th buggy because I lost one of the wheel nuts while running and I simply can't find anything that will fit. It's the dumbest thing ever and they haven't made them in a long time. I used the tiniest bit of traxxas blue lock tight but forgot to reapply it to that nut after I pulled it off to get a rock out that wedged in against the wheel.




Same, I had to order an axle pin and couldn’t drive for a few of days because of a not using loctite.


Zeee power!


Good choice on car and batteries. That charger is going to limit you though, unless you hook it up to a DC power supply. It’s just not very powerful at 50W per channel and those big batteries will take forever to charge. I know from experience, unfortunately. Here are some better options: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IDNJ5PG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_2QZ1YEXYGNZQYH4C643T https://www.michaelsrchobbies.com/smcd6plus-hota-d6-plus-acdc-dual-channel-charger-2.html


Ah well that’s disappointing, I’ll check those other ones out. Thought it was 100w per side, thanks for the heads up!


It will still charge your 6S batteries fine, just takes longer.


PS the two I linked are 80w per channel and 150w per channel. The Hota D6 Plus packs a big punch for its price, and is the one I personally use.


It is only 100w per side if you plug it into a dedicated DC power supply.


It will get the job done just fine as long as you don't need to charge crazy fast. You'll get serious run times from those batteries so I don't think you'll really have to worry about it unless you plan on running for 2 hours straight or something. Personally I have had some batteries last a good bit longer without degrading too much when I charged them at lower speeds.


Slower charge is better for the batteries if your not in a rush.


You should probably upgrade to the spektrum line since it’s ARRMA.


No reason to, unless you want the convenience features at a steep price.


Nice, I just got the Venom Duo. Awesome to see someone else recommending it, I love this darn thing.


I ran that same charger when I first started out and it was fine. When you get your first hobby grade car, you'll want to run pack after pack nonstop. Letting your batteries cool down and charge slowly will: * prolong their life and keep them from puffing up. * prolong the life of your motor and ESC, by keeping you from running constant laps or bash sessions. I now have enough batteries to use the charger OP bought and [HiTech X4 AC Pro AC/DC 4 Port Multicharger](https://www.amazon.com/X4-AC-Pro-Port-Multicharger/dp/B01M23WBJ2/ref=sr_1_2?crid=32Y0UTE7IL8MM&keywords=X4+AC+Pro+AC%2FDC+4+Port+Multicharger&qid=1642049719&sprefix=x4+ac+pro+ac%2Fdc+4+port+multicharger%2Caps%2C364&sr=8-2) I run Zee Lipo's and absolutely love them! Everything I have has been converted to XT90s. You'll find the balance. Have fun!


He’s going to be charging his 6S 6ah batteries at 2amps with that charger. Not ideal. If he still can still exchange it, there are better options for a similar price. So why not?


Learn throttle control now, or be prepared to replace a LOT of tires =P


That's one helluva first RC. I've got a similar setup and it absolutely rips! Older nitro chassis with 6s power and it'll pull wheelies at 50MPH. Get out there and start blastin'


Great choice!


Looking at some Zeepower batts for my Typhon TLR. Do you have a link for the ones you got?


I just did this 2-pack that was on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B088RFVCDF?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title


Great, thanks man! And they fit in the stock battery tray?


That's a lot of power for your first. Have fun!


This is my favorite of my fleet


Well that’s good to hear! Probably not the best beginners choice but it was on sale so what the hell 😂


I started with a Traxxas Maxx, very similar. Starting slow will just cost you more when you want to upgrade that was my theory. You made a good choice!


Planning on getting one of those.. Enjoy!


I have the same car it’s awesome


Nice one man! I hear you like burning through tyres!


keep in mind drinking and driving is a crime!!


Crimes are fun then


I thought you were supposed to drink and RC?


Great choice. Good batteries too but if u plan to bash I'd look for sum hardcases


Nice! That was my first too!


Much wine.


Looks like it’s doing 200 mph just sitting there.


200 mph is 321.87 km/h


Wow, considering the 1/8 scale, that would be 2575 km/h lol


2575 km/h is 1600.03 mph


Lol xD




Having such a hard time deciding between 6S kraton or 6S typhon as my next stop to replace my 6s e revo brushless. E revo brushless (V1) is literally falling apart at the seams at this point but I love the car. Any input appreciated. This typhon looks great though! Excellent first ride


A buddy of mine just bought a 6S Kraton & I bought an X-Maxx after running an E-Revo 2.0 for a few years. We've been comparing them. The Kraton is far more durable as a basher and is crazy fast and easier to upgrade. Inboard suspension on the E-Revo breaks easily as you know when the car cartwheels. Both cars can take very sharp turns and hard braking at speed without flipping over.


Xmaxx also a great choice. Have watched piles of reviews and the one thing I am stuck on too are the arrma metal chassis, vs traxxxas plastic which generally seem to take more abuse rather than flat out bend, like the metal. How have your chassis fared?? Done my share of bashing and replacing 7-15$ parts seems much simpler than a bent chassis .. on my e revo I’ve blown through a mountain of drive shafts, plastic and now hot racing metal ones. My brother has the maxx wide and he’s pretty happy with that. Thinking I’ll have to go arrma karaton to get some diversity into my garage.


There's nothing better all around for an RC car than a 1/8th buggy IMO. They're just so stable compared to something like a Stampede and usually take a serious beating. [Here's my ancient beater](https://i.imgur.com/BhvBZh5.jpg) that I let any of my friends run since it can take such a beating and doesn't roll over too much. Keep those wheel nuts nice and snug! Check them before every single run. If anyone knows where to get wheel nuts for the Revenge please let me know. I can't find anything that fits and I can't run it since one get missing.


Don’t drink and drive


be careful, it's fast


Should age well..