in addition to the other comments the tiny window tends to not set off the car alarm


I think this is the main reason


My theory is it’s the window replacement guys.


This already sounds like an Always Sunny episode. Edit: Thank you for the Gold! Now to be clear this will be a Mac and Dennis scheme, with a Frank tie-in and Charlie/Dee subplot. It’s 10:30am on a Thursday and Dennis comes into Paddy’s exceptionally pissed off that someone smashed the window to his Range Rover, bemoaning how a debonair bachelor like himself is unable to enjoy simple pleasantries in life with jealously and destruction from the plebes. The Gang nods and murmurs in agreement, also citing other quality of life incidents in the neighborhood, save for Dee, who starts talking about the socioeconomic disadvantages that lead to a life of crime and resorting to petty theft. Frank interrupts and calls it all a bunch of crap, talking about his life of pulling himself up by his own bootstraps. Dee asks about his enormous inheritance and life of defrauding investors but Dennis gets back on track and vows to make money off of the latest downturn in Philly. Charlie notes he’s never been the victim of a crime and maybe this is overblown but Dennis correctly notes that Charlie lives like a degenerate and thus is not a target, then concludes that someone such as himself shouldn’t be inconvenienced by such life events. Mac quickly points out their previous gun ownership did not turn out well but Dennis counters that he’s missing the point and that they’re going to start breaking the windows themselves. *The Gang Plants a False Flag* Cliff Notes: Dennis and Mac flip the D.E.N.N.I.S. system into a bait and switch for glass repair, with Mac scouting and smashing well-to-do automobiles and Dennis ambulance-chasing as a body shop work (a super sexy, sweaty body shop worker) to offer discounted repairs. Frank sets up a makeshift garage behind Paddy’s to replace the glass while also stealing their catalytic converters as a side hustle, using a previous contact from one of his gambling lounges as a fence. Not knowing the first thing about glass installation or repairs, the work quickly goes sideways and finger-pointing ensues. This culminates with a crime-scene argument where Dennis criticizes Mac’s technique in smashing windows and chastising him for not targeting the cars of young women, Mac’s insecurities boiling over to smashing all the windows, and Frank losing his shit because he’s promised dozens of catalytic converters to a gang at week’s end and he’s clearly not going to meet his deadline. The luxury car they just smashed turns out to belong to Harvard Lawyer (HL), who comes outside in his robe and holds them all at gun point. The three confess to all different crimes and schemes simultaneously, after which HL begs them to shut up, tells them he’s extremely high on ketamine, and fires a shot through the windshield of Dennis’ Range Rover across the street. He then starts to count down from 10 without saying anything else, the implication being that once he reaches zero he will start shooting again. The three flee in the Range Rover, taking a few potshots from HL on their way out, shattering several windows and thus leaving Dennis worse than when he started. I haven’t hashed out the subplots yet but I think Charlie keeps intentionally smashing The Waitress’ car windows hoping she comes to him for help, but she never does, so she ends up selling her car and changing her entire life routine before he comes clean and tell hers, after which she vows to never speak to him again. Dee volunteers at an At-Risk Youth after school special with the local YMCA and starts teaching about Robin DiAngelo before getting run off. I would finish but I’m high and dinner is ready.


Window Replacement Shops: Making a Mess All Over the City


The Gang commits vandalism


Perhaps Sweet Dee is made to look like a giant bird?


Those windows are stupid expensive...


Someone is a Charlie Chaplin fan!


We don't talk enough about Big Windows, now that's for sure.


Fucking Gates is getting everywhere these days.


With all the other organized crime rings in the city right now you aren't crazy.


Just like the SNL Safelite skit


Thank you for the gold!


I’ve heard that when they break the small windows, it’s because they’re trying to steal the car; the small window being broken is less conspicuous when they’re driving around. Could also just be someone being a dick.


I’m going with the “dick” theory.


Why not both!


> it’s because they’re trying to steal the car Breaking the quarter panel window doesn't allow you to steal a car. Also modern cars have immobilizers so its next to impossible to steal unless you have the key. Quarter panel windows typically don't trigger alarms, which is why they're broken, but more commonly it's rear quarter panels being broken because there's a release lever to pull down the rear seats and take a look into the trunk of the car.


They’re also smaller and easier to break I would imagine (compared to the big windows). My prius has been hit twice this way and it just is what it is. I hate those little cosmetic windows lol because they’re just easy targets…


A larger piece of glass is far easier to break than a smaller piece of glass (with the same thickness.)


Maybe they didn’t take the car cause it’s 100% Еv


I had my driver’s side window smashed when I lived in Mission Bay. Although the window was completely shattered, the glass held together due to the self applied window tinting. No one tried to push in through this compromised glass that was barely holding on. There was no other vandalism or damage to the car. My theories are that it was a theft interrupted, that it was a local that didn’t like my car parked in their favorite spot, or that it was vandalism. I’ll never know. It’s part of living in big cities though.


No just living in SF. Never lived anywhere that tolerated so much property damage in the streets. Note: I'm not out of state, I live in SJ and I'm an immigrant from Europe, I'm as socialist as they come but policing in the Bay is bullshit.


SF is not the only city with property crime. I live in Seattle now and have had my windows smashed twice so far. Seattle Police and politics are so bad.


NYC had rampant car break ins in the 1980s too


What changed? Did they defund the police or something?


Giuliani inspired by the Guardian Angels, grew the NYPD by 12,000 police.


From following news on the upward trending property crime, i believe what's happening isn't totally about policing but due to criminals increasing their focus and organization around certain property crimes. As in, policing has been set up for one thing and what's happening now is another. It's an arms race. Also, economic inequality is huge in the bay area, and I believe this contributes by producing a lot of incentive AND opportunity for these crimes. There is supply in stealing from "haves" to sell to "have-nots", and the crime-entrepreneur exploits the opportunity. The epidemic has exacerbated this. I'm guessing the market for stolen goods has expanded dramatically and criminals have in turn expanded their operations.


Want to offer insights in how crime of this sort is handled in your country? Criminal justice reformers in the U.S. always tell us how enlightened Europe is in dealing with crime -- few prisons and light punishment, they tell us. Much more counseling and asking offenders to be nice.


first of all, cops walk around in Europe. There's much more visible police presence, but they tend not to use weapons. I was always surprised how little police I saw walking around in SF. That's for starters, there's quite a few things that could be said but you know, Google it no?


>cops walk around in Europe Yes, this makes a big impact. In the US we go back and forth on this. People call it "community policing" i think? One problem with that: requires more officers. Easier to send a few officers around on vehicles, though research shows this affects how officers interact with the public on a negative way compared to walking a beat. >they tend not to use weapons This is a big deal. Police in European countries are not equivalent to police here. There are different policing philosophies in play. More cops here tends to mean more guns, and the differences in the legal system also have influence >I was always surprised how little police I saw walking around in SF. Actually i would see cops all the time in San Francisco. Not a single day would go by where i didn't see cops. They crowd around tourist attractions like union square, and crowd around the Tenderloin, Mission and Bayview.


That's strange, I lived in SF for a while before I moved to south bay and the absence of police especially in tourist areas always struck me as odd. Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I can tell you in a tourist area in europe you won't be able to avoid seeing some kind of police, they make a point to be extremely visible. In England they wear Hi-viz vests, here cops are so paranoid they probably think it would make them targets. ​ A simple image search on google is pretty self explanatory: https://www.google.com/search?q=police+england&sxsrf=AOaemvIiTltqSpo6Abyb95-shG7Hde--bw:1641845207667&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjIzYOD\_qf1AhXhPn0KHR8tAHkQ\_AUoA3oECAEQBQ&biw=1476&bih=999&dpr=1#imgrc=4UBvknzN8AoDFM


Just checking if you had any inputs... >Google it no? I've read about it exhaustively. Important, because the Left in America loves to condemn law enforcement in America, and touts European policies as superior, sometimes misleadingly. Like claiming for years that Portugal is lenient on drugs. [July 2021 drug policy journal article:](https://substanceabusepolicy.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13011-021-00394-7) >(we see the) the apparent paradox of Portugal having decriminalized the use of drugs and yet registering a sharp increase of punitiveness targeted at drug users over the past decade...including criminal sentences of jail terms....The debate about the right to use drugs is nearly absent in the Portuguese political, social and academic panorama.... (leftists:) "But...but...but this is wrong; we're sure Portugal is on the verge of legalizing all drugs." Another thing: European nations use [electronic monitoring](https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10611-014-9540-8) more than America. EM, to be blunt, usually functions by banning offenders from accessing most public spaces most of the time. Most criminal justice reformers in the U.S. dislike EM, [(The Dangers of America’s Expanding ‘Digital Prison’)](https://thecrimereport.org/2020/03/02/the-dangers-of-americas-expanding-digital-prison/), except for EM's narrow use in pre-trial release. European use of EM -- something for the reformers to gloss over, when discussing how superior Europe is in policing. "Europe has much lower prison populations." *Well, no shit, that is what you can do when you ban offenders from public spaces with EM.*


> Few countries use it on a very large scale, oh ok


Europe doesn't have as much crime as America. We have much more violence, much higher drug abuse and numerous low income communities with high crime rates. And in one of America's most famous cities: NY Times, 3 weeks ago: [San Francisco Mayor Declares State of Emergency to Fight City’s ‘Nasty Streets’ -- It’s a highly unusual move by a liberal mayor in one of the country’s most liberal cities.](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/17/us/san-francisco-state-of-emergency-crime.html)


i cant even imagine how smoothbrained you gotta be to say “having the highest incarceration rate in the world isn’t reducing crime… we gotta arrest *more* people!”


Arresting people is different than incarcerating them. The point of arrest: Identify *chronic offenders* and deal with them. (Some people get prosecuted; some get a break.) >having the highest incarceration rate in the world isn’t reducing crime Of course incarcerating offenders reduces crime. Are you a believer in this social science disinformation?: [Why Punishment Doesn't Reduce Crime](https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/crime-and-punishment/201804/why-punishment-doesnt-reduce-crime). Wouldn't be surprised. All this said, we know that incarceration is **not** a good way to deal with non-violent offenders. We need to transition to [electronic monitoring (EM)](https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2018/03/19/criminal-justice-reform-electronic-monitoring-future/) with *Home Arrest.* This is just a nice way of saying offenders will be banned from accessing most public spaces most of the time. Effective way to reduce offending. And reduce use of prisons. But the Left is working hard to block this transition: [The Dangers of America’s Expanding ‘Digital Prison.’](https://thecrimereport.org/2020/03/02/the-dangers-of-americas-expanding-digital-prison/). >We don't like prisons, no EM....we want minimal sanctions or controls imposed on non-violent offenders. Just counsel them." The Left's contribution to S.F.: [Failure to enforce basic standards of public behavior has made one of America’s great cities increasingly unlivable.](https://www.city-journal.org/san-francisco-homelessness)


Tolerating criminals is not socialism. That’s just what the dems gas light the brain dead to get votes


Lol you have not lived in different big cities if you think this is just a SF issue.


Come on, I’ve had my car windows broken in SF three times already, including in “safer” areas like Pac Heights, and almost everyone I know in SF has been a victim. This is not a nationwide issue- I spent 3 years in LA without ever having my car vandalized


I’ve lived in NYC and KC for ~3 years and have had my car broken into once in each city. I’ve spent 26 years in SF and have only had it happen once. What are you leaving visible in your car is a better question.


I was born and raised raised here and know to never leave anything in my car… people break into random parked cars anyways.


Exactly. You don’t think people do that in other cities?


Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s much more rampant in SF and I’m sort of surprised you’re trying to pull wool over your own eyes and deny reality




Data says no. Educate yourself


Milan, Berlin and Madrid. All of them larger than SF by a wide margin. Get your head out of your ass, the situation here is not normal nor acceptable.


I can tell you’ve never lived in LA or New Orleans. Not to defend the cops in either


When my house got broken into a few years back a friend told me it was just part of the tax for living in a big city, which honestly feels about right. Cities can be expensive in a number of ways - crime is one. Edit: goodness. Bring on the downvotes. I’m not telling y’all how to live your lives - just offering some thoughts. Jeez.


I lived in DC for six years and street parked my car and no other than parking tickets. two years in new york city and nothing. come to S.F….


I lived in LA and SF and never had a problem, but my house got robbed in Portsmouth VA and again in Astoria OR. Neither time did cops do shit. Never had a problem in CA though


Lol, I had a house break-in in suburban NJ and while visiting Orlando, FL. I’ve been living in SF for 30 years and never had my home broken in to (though I had two garage break ins )


It’s annoying this constant barrage of “oh the crime.” Like I don’t know where these people think crime just doesn’t happen? Literally Astoria has 10,000 people in it and I still had junkies crawling through my windows, and I didn’t live in a bad area. This shit happens literally everywhere, even in the most rural places of the most rural states, people still steal shit to fuel drug addiction. This is a National problem.


Yeah I got mugged when I lived in DC so maybe I’m the problem. Of course I lived at 14th and U so…


You had a car in NYC? That must be difficult


Doubt it. Likely what happened is they just go car to car breaking the smallest window possible. Could’ve broke this reached in and couldn’t open the door—then got spooked and moved on. There’s not a whole lot of thought that goes into these acts. It’s just bam bam bam. There’s not really any time nor incentive for them to break stuff out of spite and not steal anything I look into shit like this for my day job.


You can just put the other windows down?


This. The smaller windows are also typically cheaper to replace.


They are typically much more expensive, since they are not standardized


I don't think any car window is standardized across models


Agreed. 1.) Sounds like they are talking about just parts, not labor. Surely, they don't think a moving window or a large window that takes 2 people is less labor. And, 2.) I would love to hear what car window is standardized.


Some quick Googling for "car window standard" pulls up: ["What is the size of a standard front car window?" -- "There is no standard size. Every model of car has unique glass size. There’s hardly any overlap at all."](https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-size-of-a-standard-front-car-window) ["What is the standard car window height?" -- "If you are referencing door windows, there is no standard window height."](https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-standard-car-window-height)


I don't understand how some posts are so wrong but get upvoted so much. Car components are specific to a model and year or at least generation. So whether you're replacing a quarter panel window or a driver side window, it's all specific to your car.


Definitely a mystery. Yes there are some mechanical parts sharing within platforms, but bodywork? No.


Windshield Some are different still but a lot are standardized


There's less glass. Larger side windows aren't "standardized" either. You need replacement glass specifically for your car model/make. Also the labor is more for typical windows because you actually have to make sure they can be rolled up/down. Quarter panel glass is incredibly easy to install and replace. For popular models of cars, glass is readily stocked and available. Tesla rear quarter panel smashings happen everyday. Basically every glass repair shop can get access to OEM parts same day.


That's too bad. Some assholes couldn't get into my gas tank, so they drilled a hole on the bottom of my gas tank. It's a damn Prius for the love of God, the gas tank is fucking tiny. I bet that they only got a quarter tank and I had to pay damn near $400.


Happened to me to on my Subaru. They got maybe $3 of gas. Cost me $800+ to fix. Shit sucks.


But they got enough for their meth. Just like the degenerates that steal a plaque from a park to get $50 in scrap metal.


Stop insinuating bad things about meth -- drug policy reformers are working to legalize all drugs. (ETA: I'm being derisive of the thinking of some on the far-Left, who want to halt all drug enforcement.)


Well of course. If things aren't illegal then there is no crime and there are no criminals. That is just big brain policy. /s ​ It doesn't matter that meth, and especially the new form of meth, literally destroys people's lives and minds.


There is no new form of meth and the Atlantic article you’re thinking of does not say there is.


"Different chemically than it was a decade ago, the drug is creating a wave of severe mental illness and worsening America’s homelessness problem." That is literally in the title of the article. ​ [https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/the-new-meth/620174/](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/the-new-meth/620174/) ​ Here is the be Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation: " What makes P2P meth different from other forms of methamphetamine?" "Beyond just the ingredients, P2P meth also has a higher concentration of the isomer called d-methamphetamine." https://www.hazeldenbettyford.org/articles/p2p-meth ​ I have no idea what agenda you have to just flat out lie. But even if you were right meth destroys people's lives.


Racemic meth has been around since forever. It’s what bikers were making in the 60s and up until the pseudoephedrine methods really caught on from the early 90s through 2005 when Congress made it much harder to obtain and meth production really moved down south. Then it went back to p2p synthesis when (pseudo)ephedrine became harder to obtain (the Atlantic article on explains this, the point being is that it’s not new. ) Your second link is literally flat out wrong. Racemic meth, which is what the p2p method makes by default, is 50:50 d-and l-meth. By definition. That’s how the chemistry/reductive amination works. Meth derived from (pseudo)ephedrine would be 100% d-meth. That’s how the stereochemistry works. All that 90s and 00 meth was pure d-methamphetamine. l-meth is non-psychoactive and you can actually buy it in some pharmacies as a nasal decongestant, feel free to do a google shopping search for levmetamfetamine. I have a PhD in biochemistry and a lot of knowledge in the licit and illicit drug spaces and in fact know what I’m taking about here. The Atlantic article is a bit of yellow journalism but with a lot of other truths and the Betty ford link is flat out wrong. I should have said the article does not draw the correct conclusions, despite what is says. The interesting part from a chemists view is that the cartels seemed to have found a way to remove l-meth from the p2p synth and enrich the d-meth to the low 90% enantiomeric excess (ee) which is quite remarkable from a process perspective. But they still are not making a product with meth that has as much d-meth as the late 90/00s stuff. It really comes down to the meth is just that cheap and potent that it is indeed wrecking peoples brains because they are doing so much and living in such squalid conditions. And I agree, meth is bad. This link has a nice discussion along with some links that put the Atlantic article in its place. https://www.reddit.com/r/bayarea/comments/rancmj/comment/hnkdz3s/


Ok I am not a chemist so I just go with what I read. I believe you because the articles related to the subject I have my degrees in are usually garbage. I guess it is "new" in the sense that it has replaced what was the most common meth in the recent past. I do agree with you that the fact that meth is easy to get and cheap is the biggest problem. Also, we have stopped giving drug addicts any real consistencies to their actions. I don't remember the source but I read a long article from a doctor that specialized in addiction treatment who was making the case that many addicts need the rock bottom of jail to start recovery. Without any type of punishment we allow them to live an inhumane life until they od. I don't disagree with this viewpoint.


What do you even do with a bucket full of gas? It's not like stations do refunds!


Fill up the generator for your rv.


Because it amuses them and there are no consequences for doing so.


Usually the vent window is broken first to not trigger alarms. They can usually open the door from the inside if it turns out there are valuables found in the car and it’s worth setting the alarms off. This happened to me but it was the back vent window and they took down the seat to see what was in the trunk. There was nothing back there so I think that’s why other windows survived.


Your explanation makes sense for the rear quarter panel glass, but the front makes a lot less sense. Rear quarter panel glass typically allows easy access to seat release levers which allow someone to peer into a trunk.


I have a weird theory. I’ve had my quarter window broken many times in San Francisco. With no attempt to enter my vehicle or steal anything. Subsequently, there’s only one glass repair place that always had my particular window in stock. This might sound like a conspiracy theory but I am absolutely convinced that some of these glass places pay people to go out and smash particular windows so that when you call around and ask who can replace it in a short timely manner they’re always going to go to the same spot. I got my window busted on a weekend, call the insurance company and they couldn’t do anything for me until Monday. Called around and a particular glass place had mine in stock and said they do it for 50 bucks in less than an hour. When I showed up to the place there were three other vehicles my same make and model also waiting for the same window. Sure, it could be coincidence. But I think that’s the racket they have going on.


With all the other organized crime rings in the city right now you aren't crazy.


Man I can definitely see that happening. Holy shit. I mean because what are the odds they always have that in stock. Usually when we all need a part they’re never in stock or sometimes they are. But man that’s totally believable


Reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgKtfp165v4


They always break the small windows because someone passing by is less likely to notice. It might sound stupid but one time I was in SF we had the small window broken and didn’t notice until we opened the door and saw bits of glass.


That sucks! I had [mine's smashed last week](https://www.reddit.com/r/sanfrancisco/comments/rw4nae/my_car_got_bullied/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) If you’re looking for a valid reason, there is none. I’m about to order a glass and fix it myself. If you have the time, it might be worth considering doing it yourself to save some money. Hope this is the last time you’ll ever have to deal with this.


Check https://www.car-part.com/ for salvage yards with them. Like new is "insurance quality". There's a lot of yards on the east coast so be mindful of the time zones. If your only option is LKQ (they advertise on car part), just call them directly and have a sales person figure it out. Try to do a will call pickup and inspect the part to make sure it's the right one. Lkq is the worst. https://www.lkqcorp.com/contact-us/


cool site. many thanks!


I have also learned to replace glass on my truck from parking around Jack London.


They broke my glass 5 times last year lol. I’m not really going to get mad about it again since it was my fault all the times for leaving my car at the tenderloin :/ One of the times was for an empty Red Bull someone drank in my car and left it there


Welcome to San Francisco


Your greeting basket has been delivered


Your greeting breakage has been delivered…


People are jerks


He hates these cans!


Steve Martin?


​ I think it's to reach into the glove compartment without opening the door. Most expensive to fix. I hope you have glass protection from your insurance. it may be more than 500 deductable.


they're on crack.


This. I have seen cracked out individuals that just smash windows while walking by. I call the cops but by the time they come they are gone. And no before anyone says anything, I would not stop them myself, you don't stop crazy people


I'm no fan of cops, but I do feel that even if SFPD did their jobs, there isn't much you can do in a city if a cracked out person decided to smash a window. Unless we give them the entire city budget, there are never going to be enough free officers to get to a window smashing before the perpetrator is long gone. Short of drying up the coke supply (never going to happen, thanks Reagan, but even if it did they'd likely move to meth/fentanyl), the only way to stop this is to stop people getting addicted to crack, and that requires significant investment and time.




A yes, we should just straight up shoot people for smashing a window, fucking hell I thought this was r/sanfrancisco not r/smalldicks




Look dude, this ain't the place to talk about suicide.




Probably, but we're talking about a car window FFS.


Fentynl tainted Meth. Tweakers gon tweak.


They were on meth, they hate society, or they were trying to steal something but got interrupted.


For the same reason people climb Mt Everest. Because it's there. I used to leave my old sedan unlocked at the BART parking lot and they still broke into it. lol


but this is not even the REAR small triangle...


Some people just want to watch the world burn. SF is Gotham now.


Very simple. Breaking that window doesn’t set off the car alarm. However, the their was unsuccessful because either his forearm was too wide to fit all the way to the elbow or he could not reach the door handle from there. So he moved on.


Hey, I had that happen to me in a rental in Oakland once. There wasn’t anything to steal in the car but we were told they used that window to gain access to the rest of the car without causing too much attention to themselves. It might have been because of the location you were at being very busy, or like others have mentioned, stealing the car without drawing too much attention to themselves while driving. Curious, were your doors unlocked when you got to it?


The doors automatically lock. It’s also 100% ev


What fuckery!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


The small window can often give access to the trunk in a hatch back


except this is the front of the car, honestly ppl just do it because they can. same reason why the bus stops gets smashed up all the time too.




...on the passenger side?


On the passenger side?


Because they can?


Are you asking? Id say its because they can for sure.


This is purely a dick move. There is nothing they could reach from this small window unless you had a $20 bill or mobile phone sitting on the dash.


Small window is most expensive, so most asshole move possible


Cuz they’re scum of Earth low lives.


I have seen a similar incident a couple of years ago near pier 9.


Such a dick move. They are usually harder to replace and more expensive. This happened to my trunk small window before on my suv, $300(aud) more than any other window on the car


Same thing happened to me before. The police told me that they break the small window first to flip open the backseat to check if there’s anything in the trunk. If there is something, then they break the larger window to actually steal.


If I don’t have anything nice then neither can you. And nobody is going to stop my bad behavior because I’m a victim- poor me- now I’m going to act up more and somehow my life and future will be better


Can't you just get a check from the city now when you get your car broken into ? Hopefully the smaller window won't be as expensive to replace, but I'm guessing the smaller access and weird shape won't yield the amount of savings you'd expect.


Because they’re human garbage.


It's ridiculously expensive to replace that window too!


Because the city is filled with scumbags.


because fuck you, that's why


Because assholes


Because that’s the most expensive window on the car I reckon.


I think homeless people sometimes break a window so they can get in the car when it’s raining and have a dry place to sleep


I recall in college my roommates car back window was smashed in as were three other vehicles down the street we lived on. It was just incidental aholes breaking random cars did fun.


Junkies gonna junkie




Most likely because it’s a bolt and they are having a recall and they’re mad they can’t buy it at the moment lol. Ok sorry for trolling. Have u had ur battery replaced tho? Or the software update?


We had the battery updated in December and the dealer also did the software update.. Our lease was up so we decided to buy the car cause we felt it was like a new car with the replaced batteries.


That’s nice! I’m considering getting the 2022 EUV once they actually decide to fix them. They aren’t replacing the battery fully. They will only replace a few cells *I think*.


Dealer replaced all the EV batteries


Yeah they did because it’s an older one. But for the new ones they don’t want to do that


Just the mentally unstable. Had one throw a fit and heavily damage a Tesla for no reason then walk away.


I live on this block. This is my surprised face. Sorry it happened to you.


On the way home I often see vehicles with every single window smashed


Maybe on a dare?


That’s weak, that’s the most expensive window to fix.


Years ago I locked my keys in my car, I needed to get somewhere soon, and didn't immediately have the money for a locksmith. I reasoned that I should break the small window because smaller = cheaper right? The guy who repaired it set me straight on that point but it was an expensive lesson.


That’s just good ole San Francisco culture


Because they can with impunity and immunity under progressive-liberal SF government.


Was your glove box left open? They might have been looking for the registration just to see where you live. Your home address is on it.


Me, a criminal: This person doesn't live in this neighborhood. I need to check their papers.


Real criminal thinking: "I saw that guy buying a new Macbook Pro at the Apple Store and followed him home. I parked around the corner, but didn't see which house he went in to. Now I have his home address so I know where the Macbook is." OR "With the registration address, I'll know which house is empty after this car leaves in the morning to go to work." OR "I saw a guy get out of this car wearing an expensive watch on Friday night. He probably doesn't wear that watch to work, so I'll get his address and wait until the car is gone on Monday morning and go steal the watch, and whatever else I can grab from the house in the 15 minutes it'll take SFPD to show up - if he even has an alarm and cameras." OR "I'm gonna steal this car, I just need to find out where the owner keeps the keys so I can break into that house at 3am, steal the keys, and be in Oakland stripping the car before SFPD even answers the victim's phone call." If you keep thinking you're smarter than criminals because criminals are all dumb drug users, you're going to keep being a victim to criminals that are a lot smarter than you. The concept that criminals are dumb is naive. Edit: Forgot to add one other scenario. But sure - downvote my information as if I don't know what I'm talking about. I know how this works because I used to know shitty people who did this for a living. Thankfully, most of them are now dead or have moved on in life.


Most people who break into cars aren’t looking to upgrade to something that might actually get them in trouble.


You have no idea what you're talking about. Most people who break into cars *actually break into the fucking car*, not just break a small access hole. Registration theft happens all the time. It's one of the easiest ways to steal a car - get the reg address, break into the house at 3am, steal the keys, and be gone before anyone even has a chance to call the police. The car is stripped of parts before SFPD even finalizes the report.


Nothing was open . We actually lost our registration and we’re waiting for a new one. We had a flex spending card for parking in the center compartment and a few ev charge credit cards in the car. We also had our fast track in the car. Absolutely nothing was taken.


Then the answer, as it often is, is drugs and assholes. Welcome to the new San Francisco.


probably testing their spring loaded awl


Because *San Francisco*


Because if you have a car, then you have money. And if you have money, you’re part of the problem.


We used to call these polite burglars in the 90s because they only break the little windows. Costs much less to replace so… thanks?


Cuz fuck you, that’s why


san franshithole


Are car alarms constantly going off in SF?


Someone broke my passenger side window and didn’t take anything either. Didn’t even unlock the door. Maybe just people breaking windows for fun


Because people just don't care anymore just walk instead


They need to start handing out heavy sentences for crimes.


Well, because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.


If you own a car you are part of the *Oppressor Class.* Breaking windows is a sign of anger and frustration by the poor and marginalized, who are in their condition because of Oppressors hoarding most wealth in society. (ETA: the thinking from some on the far-Left.)


Why would anyone go to San Francisco? Beats me


You can't understand why people would go to San Francisco, so I can't understand why you are in the San Francisco subreddit. By your own logic, you are two layers of stupid.


I moved out of the Bay Area in 95. Even back then stupid me could see the area was going downhill fast, and this forum is just a good reminder to trust my gut.


You need a better hobby.


Cause you spell night, nite


\[UPDATE\] Thanks everyone for all the responses. We do have insurance for this so we only have to pay $100 bucks, but no one has the part due to supply chain issues. So now it's just a waiting game. and to answer some other questions: We actually lost the registration so that was not even in the car. Nothing was on the dash. The doors were locked and they actually lock automatically.


We are finally getting our replacement window today, 41 days later!


Because you parked a highly explosive bolt near them. Get rid of that bomb.


Learn before you downvote, go buy a leaf and continue to care about the environment, if only you had public transit available too.


Yes, learn. We don't live IN SF.


I'm guessing this is what happens when you do street parking, why not park in a garage for peace mind and less headache?


It’s not really “broken into” though is it? More like vandalized I’d say


Yes it’s definitely the vocabulary they are asking about


I’m just saying nobody appears to have broken in




So youre saying we shoudl re-elect Chesa? lol


No. Lol


No not asking. Just did not want to....