Help me to settle a (ridiculous) argument. Please.

Help me to settle a (ridiculous) argument. Please.


OP was the monster all along


Always has been


[Always has been](https://i.imgur.com/wuLMXCQ.png) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot




Both "inside" sides get buttered. It helps to prevent the bread from getting all soggy, especially when adding cucumber or tomato slices....


Agreed. I thought this was the reason butter was used in the first place?


Imagine buttering only one side with peanutbutter and syrup. Some people just want to see the world burn


Sometimes I get wild and add butter to stuff that does not make the bread soggy, just for taste.


Did I just learn why we butter bread?


i definitely did tf


It's like algebra; what you do to one side you have to do to the other.


If people take this to heart then they’re gonna have to dildo their bums when they wank.


If that's the way you butter your roll then go for it my man.


I think you had other stuff going on before you came to this conclusion😂 but no shame you do you man😂✨


Do you know a better way?


I do not.


Well I see someone’s never had a pokey bum wank


You mean some people aren't? TF is wrong with them???


Mathemagics makes a wild appearance!


As far as I’m concerned…If you don’t butter both sides, it’s lopsided.


You must butter all 4 sides - both sides of both slices. But if you truly want to advance and achieve a state of enlightenment, each slice of bread is technically a flattened cube with 6 sides. 2 slices makes 12 sides. You must butter all 12. Since the laws of physics state that bread always falls butter side down, the sandwich will defy gravity and spin around wildly like a drunken pedo in a preschool.


This man's one trick solves South African energy crisis! Eskom hates him!


You must have heard the one about the Jewish dude who buttered a slice of bread and then accidentally dropped it on the floor ... But lo! It landed buttered-side up! Naturally, as 'One who wrestles with G-d', our hypothetical Hebrew was *most* perplexed. So he calls up Rabbi Nussbaum and says, "Rabbi, I do not understand. Is it not our lot in life to suffer and be persecuted by ill fortune? How can it be that the toast has landed buttered-side up?" The Rabbi took a moment to consider and then replied sagely, "*Chaim!* You simple semite. *Clearly* you haff buttered ze *wrrrrong* *side!*" B'dum - *tsss*!


No butter over here thanks, nice and even.


For These kind of situations we need a emergency family meeting my fellow South Africans.


Honestly Mandela did not die for a country that butters their bread like this 😭


If the filling, or one of the fillings has a buttery quality, I only butter the other half. Like peanut butter, cream cheese, hummus etc.


Completely unrelated, but I like dipping German sausage into Israeli style Hummus.


I am strangely hor.. er hungry right now


Woah, bro. Am I gonna have to bonk you?


I think you have to bonk him


sure thing sir...u/ObstinateOrca bonk! go to horny jail.


German sausage is the würst.


Take my angry upvote.


And thus began a new world war


Google isn't helping, what makes hummus Israeli? My go to is chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. With a bit of paprika and cumin.


Hummus isn’t only Israeli. You get different recipes from different countries. The type I buy just happens to be Israeli (or so the label says). Your recipe sounds like it’s inspired by Greek hummus.


I worded that badly. 😃 I meant how do you define Israeli hummus, vs Greek, vs Moroccan etc. From what I saw Israeli hummus is especially creamy due to the addition of baking soda during cooking. The spicing seems pretty standard. I often add onion powder to mine instead of garlic. But I cheat and use tins.


I’m not smart enough to known the differences between the different regional recipes. But now I’m curious too.


This is the way


Either butter both sides or no butter at all, depends what else goes on. If one side needs butter so does the other!


Do you put peanut butter on both sides then


Normally a peanut butter sandwich has no filling, it’s just straight peanut butter or peanut butter and jam. Also peanut butter is thicker. Often times a sandwich will have some kind of filling, so it’s not just butter on top of butter, it’s bread-butter-filling-butter-bread. So different things being compared I believe. Especially if you consider buttered toast, where the butter melts.


Good explanation. I see what I said is shit


I put peanut butter on both sides! It sticks better!


Peanut butter does not need butter. Butter is needed to prevent the topping from making the bread soggy or soaking into the bread. I guess if you put jam or syrup on also you should either put peanut butter on both sides or butter on the jam side.


I've never heard of anyone only buttering one side. How bizarre.


Who only butters one side Wtf... Jokes aside I butter both sides as the butter acts as a pseudo glue and holds what I put on the sandwich in place for example lettuce is less likely to fall off


Butter both sides if it's going to be a toasted sandwich


no, you butter all 4 sides if you're making a toasted sandwich.


My man!


Nooooo! Just the outsides!




Oh it’s just being cholesterol conscious!


Lol but why only outsides then? Unless you’re toasting in a pan.




Aah, thinking ahead.


Butter's too hard to spread so I put thin slices on the bottom. Right now the butter goes hard outside the fridge in winter and in the summer it becomes golden water outside so you have to keep it in the fridge. I've tried mashing the butter with my knife against the plate to soften it but it takes so long. Microwaving for about 5-6 seconds works but the margin for error is too risky when it's R70 now for a brick. I got my hands on a thin metal like flat plate where I would put the butter on top of the toaster for some heat, doesn't work. Sometimes I think about people who can enjoy bread without butter like coffee without milk and sugar, what an easy life that must be. Some people can go a braai and just have whiskey with tap water, no ice and their a for away.


>Microwaving for about 5-6 seconds works but the margin for error is too risky when it's R70 now for a brick. Ok, so listen carefully. Pull out a reasonable chunk of butter - the width of the knife - and lop it on the bread, in the middle somewhere. Microwave the bread with the knob of hard butter for 5-8s. Open the microwave, and like 5 seconds later the butter should be spreadable.


I haven't thought of that. Thanks.


When your housemate keeps bread in the fridge and the butter is cold, you either have no butter or shredded bread when you try to cold-butter. This is about survival, my dude/tte.


This didn't go the way OP thought it would.


You’re a monster if you don’t butter both sides


If you butter both sides you're a fatass and you can't tell me otherwise.


The real monsters are the people using margarine.


Damn bro! Have you seen how expensive butter is lately??


if you can't afford it then do without. sorry. margarine is just garbage that shouldn't be consumed.


Hehe, this comment feels like the equivalent to, just don't be poor, or let them eat cake.


No that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying don't put garbage in your body just because you think you need spread on your bread. Whether you can afford butter or not there's just no good reason to eat margarine.


Well it depends what you classify margarine as, but I generally use blossom 40% fat spread, and going over the ingredients, it's basically just like vegetable oils and such, doesn't really seem that harmful. Obviously a lot of it at a time could be harmful, but so can a lot of butter, and spreading either one on a slice or two of bread every now and then shouldn't really be too bad. I'm gonna be honest, I don't want to eat a dry cheese sandwich.


Vegetable oils (industrial seed oils) are exactly the problem. High in polyunsaturated omega 6, an unstable molecule that finds its way into the cell membrane of every cell where it releases free oxygen radicals that cause inflammation, cancer etc. Non-animal fats that are OK - for cooking, coconut or olive oil (latter if quick, low heat). For cold use, olive, macadamia, olive - cold pressed oils. Also pricy, yes. So butter or niks on rolls gets my 100% support, as per u/mostmisanthropist and u/theGainswichJnr


But that's also just the thing, everything that's very healthy such as olive oil is expensive, you have to sacrifice more money to be slightly healthier and not everyone can do that. Spreading a bit of margarine on my bread now and then isn't gonna make me a whole lot unhealthier than someone who spreads a bit of butter on his bread every now and then.


What I'm saying is that it does make you unhealthier - margarine is really not good for you, whereas butter is. If the price of butter, olive oil etc is too high (which it is for most of us), health-wise, you're better off, using nothing rather than margarine. If course we all eat some stuff that isn't good for us, just don't be fooled by all the years of margarine having been promoted as a healthy alternative to butter. It's not.


Eh, I wouldn't really go out saying butter is good for you, as it is high in cholesterol and saturated fats, which isn't good for you, yes, butter does have things in it that are good for you but also has stuff that aren't good for you, whereas with margarine, there are healthier alternatives which are also trans fat free, the margarine also depends on the type of vegetable oil its produced from, but yes, margine also contains bad stuff. Both have positives and negatives. The negatives that both have can also be negated in most circumstances, for instance, exercise is good for heart health, and a glass of red wine no and then has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.


my good sir I'm not going to type out an essay (or what may be perceived as a lecture) for no reason but if you're genuinely interested to know why margarine should not be considered food I will continue


That shouldn't be necessary, you can look at my recent reply to someone else on this comment thread or just simply google, "margarine vs Butter" you'll find a good healthline.com article that should give you all the info you need. A tip of the hat and a good day to you my good fellow.


Dry bread is 100x better than anything with margerine on it.


I grew up thinking margarine was butter, it’s all we had in the house. I used to wonder why the tiny butter in restaurants was so much better lol. When I had real butter I never turned back.




Lol we were robbed!


It's true, and I thought we were so posh with our plastic tub of Stork while the others used Rama.


Hahaha yeah! Also had Stork the whole time. When I finally tasted some Lurpak my world changed.




You know that butter weighs a certain amount right? Even if it's a miniscule amount, it still weighs. If you butter only one side, your slice of bread is ever so slightly disbalanced. You have to butter both sides, make sure the scale is balanced. And that's facts.


/r/UnexpectedThanos In a butter debate, nogal.


Why would you butter one side? There are two pieces of bread. Treat them equally.You have a gap in your understanding of how to make sandwiches.


I personally don't feel the need to butter bread at all. So in my house, if you want butter on your bread you can butter your own bread. That way people can do it according to their own personal preference


Disqualified from sandwiches forever. What, must I deconstruct my sandwich at the table now? You don't get to make sandwiches any more, and thus you get no sandwiches made for you. Youre like a sugar fascist, "I do t use sugar so nobody gets." Hell no.


Haha that's fine by me. At least I don't have to make the sandwiches. There's the bread, there's the butter. Here is a knife. Make your own sandwich


Internet High Five


Don't encourage this idiocy.


Make your own damn sandwich then


No butter gang right here.


I only add butter to toast, no matter how lightly toasted, and to hot dogs (but I normally lightly toast the inner bun). Always butter, not margarine, unless I’ve run out and there’s no time to buy butter. It’s life-changing. Why are you butter-free, if I may ask?


Just don't like it I guess, dunno what to tell ya. Best guess is that the people who prepared my hot dogs when I was younger applied too much butter because it would mix with the tomato sauce and not taste kiff, so maybe I've been tainted from those experiences.


Oh yeah, I hear you. That’s why I prefer it on toast or otherwise warmed bread. Melted butter is the best. Just putting it on cold bread isn’t for me.


I dont usually butter bread, cos lazy ass, but when I do.. I am not a monster... I butter both sides. Its standard physics


Depends. PB and jam doesn’t need. Fully loaded sandwich like a club only needs Mayo. Hot dogs and burger bun just need sauce. But a good veneer of butter, marmite and cheese on Matzos is the BOMB! And then there are TOASTIEEES!!, buttered both sides on the outside. Speaking of which, try a copenhagen, sliced in half, invert the slices, put a slice of cheese in the centre, butter the outside and toast and press down in the pan until nicely browned. Pure golden goodness!!


I butter both sides if I am adding wet shit like tomato or lettuce - The butter stops it from going soggy. Rest of the time just one side because I’m lazy as AF.


Mo butter mo nice!


Why do a half job? Gotstoseeitthroughmahboi


I posted a poll related to butter and peanut butter sandwiches a few months back. Having more butter won just slightly on that too. I guess people like butter - not an insane thought at all. Butter is delicious [https://www.reddit.com/r/southafrica/comments/npumsu/peanut\_butter\_sandwich\_with\_or\_without\_extra/](https://www.reddit.com/r/southafrica/comments/npumsu/peanut_butter_sandwich_with_or_without_extra/)


Why would you butter both sides? Ugh


I’ve been doing it wrong all my life. Had no idea most people buttered both sides.


"Hanz, are we the baddies?"


I butter all three sides


Both sides. The whole purpose butter is added to sandwiches is not for fashion or even taste, but instead it's to prevent the water of the contents of the sandwich from seeping into the bread because the oil from the butter acts as a shield against the moisture :)


Seriously misunderstood reason for buttering both sides. Butter both sides!


My reply was in support of buttering both sides... thought it was obvious so I'll edit it


Sorry! I was unclear here. I support your argument 110%. People don’t generally understand that this is the primary reason for buttering both sides.


I thought the point of buttering it was so that if for some reason you got a bit with no filling/spread there would still be butter and it wouldn't be a dry slice of bread.


It depends what you put on the bread. If it's a hamburger i put no butter. If i am eating a bun/toast with butter, then i want butter on both sides. I guess it's personal preference.


Definitely a personal preference thing - with a burger I will butter both sides and then toast it in a frying pan


Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well


Oh yeah for sure. I do that too. But sometimes i am lazy


What kind of savage animal only butters one side?


I only use butter in baking


Food is for personal enjoyment. There is no right way to eat anything. Yes, that includes sushi you food popo!


Okay but then you gonna have butter on your fingers wtf


You guys are boujee as fuck. "brood aan albei kante gebotter hê." – Om dit gelukkig te tref, meer as wat jy verdien. "have (one's) bread buttered on both sides" -To receive two separate benefits or advantages from a particular situation (which is often deemed to be unfair or unreasonable). No wonder we have a corruption problem in this country ;)


That's just for braaibroodjies though, where you butter the inside and outside. The saying is just for 1 slice.


The saying probably goes to times of hardship. In todays world you can simply not survive taking every advantage you have. In which case I be buttering my bread on every side going forward.


My brain melted when i saw that most of you butter both sides. This is whats really wrong with this country.


Goes some way to explaining part of the obesity problem...


My brain melted when seeing you people who butter only one side! Ew dude!


We outnumber them but they'll outlive us. It's like one of those duck sized horses questions.


They'll outlive us, but we'll still teach our children the good ways!


If you don’t butter both sides then you not living


Why the fuck would anyone butter the outside of a roll???


I do one side with thin pieces of bread but if it's a thicker cut I'll do both.


Both if you gonna roast them. Otherwise no butter on the outside for normal sandwiches. Instead od butter, use garlic with butter. Or mayonnaise for the outside.


wait wtf.


I misread the post at first and thought it meant both sides of the bread, but after a re-read, yeah. Both sides are supposed to be buttered


Wait, I misunderstood. I thought OP meant buttering both sides, like in and out. I was skimming. Both inside sides DEFINITELY have to be buttered. OP you are the monster lol, this should be an r/unpopularopinion post.


Both INSIDE sides need to be buttered unless there is mayonnaise. The butter/mayo acts as the glue to keep the filling in and the bread in place.


You know what they say OP. If everyone else is crazy, then maybe you should look in the mirror 👀


Butter is expensive, margerine is gross, so no sides get buttered


"Butter" is a relative term. Take for example a sandwich of thinly sliced, braised pork neck, sliced tomato and gherkins; this demands a sweet German mustard to compliment the pork, but also something to soften the bread. Here I smear the top bun half with mustard and the bottom with mayonnaise. Sometimes buttering both sides is required.


Oof, pol didn't go as planned huh?


No butter should be used


Both sides, man. Look, I understand that with sufficient butter (or margarine) on one side only, you'll achieve the same basic outcome. But for the sake of uniformity and knowing that you've covered both sides, do both halves. It's the only way to be sure


I generally don't have the patience for even one side...


Well this isn’t going the way you intended it to 😂


I tend to avoid buttering at all if I'm using other sauces but if I do, I do both


If its a single toast, I only butter one side (the side I am putting whatever else on). If its a roll or bun, I butter both insides. If its a toasted sandwich (two slices), I butter both insides but not the outsides.


I butter no sides. Bread and filling only. Spread and garnish are just extras


No butter anywhere lol, but if I had to choose, one side only lol


You're one of the fortunate people who married the right person


I use mayonnaise instead of butter


How bout butter on the inside and mayonnaise on the outside?


No butter at all over here.


All food is just a vehicle for butter.


Gotta love democracy


I don’t...I don’t butter


Butter is for the weak


Lets see...how to make a sandwich... [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDA3\_5982h8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDA3_5982h8)


As long as you butter both "outside" sides of toasties and braaibroodjies, its irrelevant what goes on inside.


If there is still spread on my knife, I smear it off on the other side.


OP, for that kak, make me a sandwhich and make sure you butter both sides. /s


Buttering both sides is the only thing that separates us from the animals


Some people want high cholesterol.


I do not care what the majority thinks, they’re wrong, I’m with you. I do need confirmation on Marmite approval first tho.




My wife is also a one sided buttering monster, I've been protesting this for years... #BothSidesMatter


I empathise with you as one single side butterer to another


At first I thought you meant you butter all 4 sides of the 2 slices of bread.


Explain to me what "peanut butter and jelly" means


We Butter the Bread with Butter


I only butter the edges


Grew up poor, always buttered one side. I'm now financially stable, but it's never occurred to me to butter both sides


If you are buttering both sides I'm guessing you are using margarine and not real butter. Butter doesn't spread well. It stays firm and 'grabs' at the inside of the roll, so I only end up putting it on, generously, on only one side


For me it depends. Do I want both butter and something else? Butter and one side, ham / jam / whatever on the other. With ham and cheese often both sides get buttered anyhow. Who gives a shit though?


Just this week I discovered that the reason Americans keep their butter in the fridge is because they don't butter their sandwiches AT ALL!!!


No butter, butter is awful.


You got downvoted for speaking truth.. Typical.


Gotta say I'm pretty shocked at the comments and result of this poll. Have lived my entire 34 years of existence thinking it's perfectly normal to only butter one side...


It's really not ok!