What is your favorite side dishes when you braai?

What is your favorite side dishes when you braai?




I too enjoy meat as a side to my meat


Chicken is a vegetable...


This is the gospel truth ...


Braai broodjies


100% in ooreenstemming hiermee!




Will try, dankie




Chakalaka and atchaar




Curry noodle is maar altyd ‘n wenner… altyd.


I like some meat to go with my meat


Can't go wrong with that


Check this one out: Mielie Ribbetjies Buy some mieilies and cut them in half. Then cut them into quarters through the core (hold vertically on a cutting board), so you have long thin pieces. Roast up some pumpkin seeds in a hot oven until they turn golden brown. Blitz when cool and mix into unsalted butter, lime zest, lime juice and salt. Put your mielie pieces into hot oil enough to cover them and fry until they are golden brown, 6-8 minutes. They curl up like a rib. Drizzle with runny honey and salt. Serve hot, and wack on your pumpkin seed & lime butter. I made some last night and they were freaking amazing. Gonna make some from now on.


Yebo, that sounds great.


I love a curry noodle salad, proper dutchman shit.


In no particular order, but all favourites (gotten really tired of braaibroodtjies a while back): * Green salad (cucumber, avo, green pepper, spring onions, lettuce and olives, with a balsamic- & olive oil dressing) * Garlic ciabatta (make your own, or buy the ones at Woolies, which are pretty great, you can make them in the oven or wrapped in tinfoil on the braai) * Potato salad (with onions, gherkins, boiled egg & bacon bits) * Potato bake (with mushrooms and onions layered with the potato slices, and lots of cheddar and some parmesan on top) * Corn-on-the-cob (I pressure cook mine first, then just lightly grill them on the braai, much juicier)


Foreigner here. What is that tomato sauce (onions, spice, tomato) that's in mielie pap and sometimes boerewors called?


I think it is called braai relish or tomato and onion relish?


It's called tomato smoor or smoortjie




It's called "trainsmash" ...


Sheba or relish. Typically starts with a can of diced tomato & onion on a stove. People add a lot of things to taste depending on where you are. Gravy powder, chilli, balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices. I add all of the above.




Also called chakalaka if spicy.


Reading all these comments here is making me excited for the braai tomorrow. But for me potato salad. There must be old English mustard in there. Garlic bread, skilpaadjies and sweet potato wrapped in foil and thrown on the coals.


Mustard in your potato salad??? Didn’t realise that was a thing.


I tried it once and blew my mind. Made it for my friends one night since then I have been in charge of potato salad and wings. But it has to be that proper old English mustard that nice and strong one with the kick. But not a lot probably a table spoon or half. Depending on the amount of people


Yes. I refuse to buy anything but real mustard, I don’t regard the cheap yellow liquid stuff as actual mustard.


Skilpadjies - liver wrapped in fat from body cavity.


Also lamb tails!




Fokken walglik.


Fuck that shit!


A potato salad that’s pumped with egg and mayo and lekker salty with a braaibroodjie to match


Mielie bread all the way. There is no other answer.


Braai mushrooms


This guy! Big boy Portobellini Mushrooms, smoked processed cheese, garlic, butter, salt and pepper. Gooi a bunch of that in the mushroom, wrap in foil... On the braai toppings side up, basically just have to wait till the cheese is melted and there you go.


Grated cheddar and a sprinkle of feta instead of the processed cheese please


You need the smokiness from the smoked processed man... I guess you might find smoked cheddar but pnp sells smoked processed =V


In no particular order: 1. Potato salad. 2. Corn on the cob braaid in foil directly on the coals. 3. Three-bean salad. 4. Green salad with peppers, figs and balsamic salad dressing.




I love garlic bread and a salad on the side


Checkers braai department goodies like jalapeno poppers (wrapped in bacon) Big mushrooms wrapped in foil with butter, garlic, herbs, feta Nachos (I usually serve as a starter when all guests have arrived rather than a side dish though). Oven-baked. Vegetable potjie.


White sauce with sliced and fried baby marrow and feta cheese. It cuts the fattiness of the meat and is too delicious


This. Mother trucker that sounds bloody good.


More steak


Carrot salad


Chakalaka is a must for me.


Oepsies. Dont try to overcomplicate it, dit is ‘n braai after all.


Discovered this one recently.... Cook frozen corn and add basil pesto to it once drained. It is so delicious!!!! Goes amazing with a steak on the braai and some potato bake


Hasselback potatoes. Salt pepper and herbs. Wrap in foil with a block of butter and cook on the braai.


Braaibroodjie is my favourite, but you should try Mexican corn salad: Put 4 mielies on the braai for some char marks and braai flavour (microwave beforehand to make sure they’re cooked). Cut off all the kernels and put in a bowl. Add a packet of whole cherry tomatoes and one finely diced red onion. Mix in lime juice, salt and pepper to taste. Chopped fresh coriander optional.


Halloumi sate's on the braai (with sweet chilli dip), Rosterbrood, Potato bake, Mushroom with butter and garlic wrapped in tinfoil on the braai


Paula Buns for an alternative braai broodjie. Ingredients: Fresh buns, grated yellow cheddar cheese, cubed tomato, mayo (red lid - original), cooked bacon (optional), mustard (optional), spices of choice, salt, pepper, and diced onion. Instructions: 1. Basically cut buns like you normally would into two. 2. Combine all the other things into a bowl to make a spread and mix. 3. Spread the mixture on the halved bun for each bun (be generous). 4. Pop them in the oven or foil them up on top of a braai. Or whatever method you prefer. The goal is to let the cheese melt and ooze in the juice. Now you make me crave them at work. :( Have fun!


Garlic bread and potato salad. Nuff said.


Three bean salad and a spinach tart (spinach, mascarpone, white onion soup, onions, cream, egg and some flour with filio pastry on top)


Grilled Avocado, corn on cob, new potatoes in tin foil with a little butter and herbs


Grilled avo? Instructions please


Cut in half, brush with olive oil, salt and pepper. Grill on both sides it becomes noticeable softer when done. The cut side can get black, but that is not bad and it doesn’t ruin flavour. Enjoy!


Thanks, going to try it today




Potato bake, baked potato with sour cream/butter, salads like noodles and basil pesto salad, mielies roasted on the fire, baked sweet potatoes, braai broodjies, big ass mushrooms with butter and garlic. Now i am hungry. Thanks


Phuthu with tomato & onion relish. Roosterkoek.


12 hour oak smoked brisket, pork belly, slaw, mielie bread and habaneros sauce.


My Bruh, take button mushrooms and douse in olive oil. Add pepper dew, garlic and seasoned salt. Wrap each in a sliver of bacon and pierce with a toothpick. Braai on grid as starters. F#ken lekker.


Roosterbunnies. If using webber move coals to one half of the weber. Roll spar deeg into a about twice the size than a golf ball with a small block of cheddar in the middle, and beat one egg. dip/ roll in melted butter and finally onto the opposite side of the coals. Cover lid with vent open about halfway. Few minutes then brush with egg, one or two minutes and they're done. Yummy


Pap and coslaw


Jan's self raising flour cider/bacon roosterkoek is damn easy to make. 500g SRF, cup of soft fried bacon bits cladded to remove excess oil, little bit of salt and pepper, and two standard bottles of sweet cider. In a mixing bowl, mix the bacon, flour, salt and pepper. Slowly add the cider while folding the mix till moist and consistent. Don't overdo the mixing. You might not need to mix in all the cider. Do not knead the dough. If the dough is too thick, it will burn and still be raw, if the dough is too wet it will fall through your grill or misform too much. Too thin it crumbles apart. Flour up your hands and shape squares roughly the size of a toastie size bread slice, and about an average index finger thickness (about 2.5cm thick). Medium indirect heat (about what you will use to grill chicken) don't fiddle too much with it, ready to turn when the crust is hard at the bottom and lower sides. Takes about 6-8 minutes a side. Might need another turn. Use the wooden sosatie stick trick to see if it is cooked through. Great with soup, shape it in rectangles for a boerie, shape round for a burger bun, have heartburn meds handy. Recipy works with smaller quantity ingredients.


Potato salad with peas and bacon Mielies A big braai mushroom with garlic and cheese And I love a good salad and garlic bread.


Potato salad


Broccoli salad (toasted sunflower seeds, cranberries, grated cheese and vinaigrette) Asian slaw Leek and butterbean salad Chickpeas and roasted butternut tossed with a blitzed pack of Ina Paarman sun-dried tomatoes and fresh coriander Avos roughly chopped with lots of lemon juice, salt, black pepper and rocket Garlic bread made with half lemon juice, half olive oil and a bunch of crushed garlic. Pat Maldon salt on the top.


Cheese braaibroodjies


Garlic bread, chakalaka & charred sweet corn.


Potato salad and spicy baked beans salad!!! Yummay!


Pap n sous.


No braai is complete without Boerewors, Potato salad and a braaibrootjie (wit chutney) on the side.


Mielie bread anyone?


Other than the normal braaibroodjie, I also enjoy a nice curry noodle. It goes great with almost any meat.


Kaiings is koning


Don't tell anyone, but we like to braai some veggies too! It's really easy, and because of the smokiness of the coals, it brings out some nice flavours. My favourite is baby marrows. Drizzle them with some olive oil and add salt and black pepper to taste. Braai them on relatively hot coals for about 10 minutes or until they are lekker. Don't overdo them, as they will become soggy. A friendly warning, though. I know it will be tempting, but don't bite into them straight away. They will be fokken warm, and you will burn your mouth, so let them rest for a few minutes. Another favourite is braaing those giant mushrooms (king oysters) and filling them with some garlic, spices and a little bit of feta. Remember to drizzle them in garlic butter beforehand for extra lekkerness.


We do Brussel sprouts on the braai. Toss in olive oil, garlic and balsamic, wrap in foil (or put in one of those veggie baskets), and braai. So good.


I'm not a big fan of wrapping stuff in foil for the braai, as I never know when they're done. This does sound delicious though 🤤


Bean chili - Drizzle of oil, fry Cajun rub for a minute. Stir in tin chopped tomato, 100ml water and drained Cannellini beans. Simmer about 8 minutes until thick and sticky. Remove from heat and add tin drained corn. Season with salt, pepper and sweetener of choice.


Potato salad with boiled eggs in it


Potato bake


Paptert for sure.


Ovambo trill. A kaas een …