Why is stopping so hard?

Why is stopping so hard?


The old familiar marry-go-round. I had so many outcries while hungover, promises, wrote things down. Even tried speaking to the g-man as an Atheist. But as soon as I was able to walk, I'd be having a bloody marry or a mimosa...because I was hungover and a drink would fix that. Over a decade of the repetitive bullshit, I made myself a promise sober, somehow managed to get off the ride and went to a meeting. Something about making promises while the booze was still in my blood was like making just another drunk promise. I also had nothing stopping me, no accountability. Even if I promised myself I wouldn't drink, I would just shrug it off. Ruining another day or week didn't seem to matter when you got that boozy feeling making you not care about anything.


The first step towards change is awareness, the second is acceptance. You are on the right path. I believe in you.


The hardest part is realising that you need to stop. It may take a few attempts but you will get there. I have total faith in you


Addiction has a way of addicting you. 😀


It is a very addictive substance.... and the fact it's sold at your local corner store and is socially encouraged makes it that much for deadly... it's like the enemy is hidden in plain site!!


If it was easy to stop, it wouldn't be addictive would it? But I think most of us have been in that position at some point. I know I have. It is possible to escape, it just takes a bit more work than hoping to to resist.


I have gone through that scenario hundreds, maybe thousands of times. In the morning, it is "I will stop". At 5 PM, "it's OK I'll have one glass of wine". For me, that was the daily ritual.I never drank enough to really get hung over, but I always felt less than 100% the next day. I have actually stopped many times, but usually fail around day 7-8, but i can tell you, the actual decision and action of stopping is really the toughest. Right now I am on a pretty good role, with about 50 days, with a few days of drinking in between, but they were definitely special occasions, and weren't in excess, and I don't regret them. Back to day one strategies. For me, I have to very deliberately and consciously do a cost benefit analysis of drinking. I have to acknowledge that drinking is pretty fun. But, I also have to very specifically mentally document the negative aspects of drinking (health, loss of activities etc). Finally, I just got fed up with the circular and repetitive thought process that drinking engendered (see paragraph one). After those first few days, for me at least, cravings lesson, and new habits build up, but it does take a lot of vigilance. It is pretty exhausting mentally, either way, but at least my body is not suffering. Best of luck to you, remember this is an addictive substance and it is no surprise that it is difficult to stop.


There is really no answer to "why". So it's not a very helpful pursuit. Something that has many answers is "What?". "What" will I do today to just forego the first drink?


It became easy to quit and stay sober once I stopped thinking of alcohol in a positive way. I fucking hate alcohol. Once you change your mind about something, the rest is easy.


hey, its exactly the same for me. i dont even liked alkohol before covid. but now i dont have a job anymore and try to kill time :(