Enough is enough, I'm done. Day 1 starts today.

Enough is enough, I'm done. Day 1 starts today.


All of your story really spoke to me. I hope you're able to get the support you need. My best advice would be to have a talk with your partner. I'm sure he would love for you to stop as well and sounds really supportive. A mistake I've made in the past is not being honest with the people I care about how much I've let things go. Especially those I drink around. They know we are slipping, but if we don't ask for help we can't get it. I hope it all works out. I really was exactly where you are it sounds. It does get better! I suggest getting away for a bit if possible or taking a week at home. Where I am it's really hot so maybe sweat it out?


This sounds exactly like my story. I am older than you. I am 29. But let me tell you. It only goes downhill. I wish i stopped when I was 24. It would have saved me many more embarrassing moments. It would have given me more days not feeling like shit. I am trying desperately to stay sober. To try and fight my way back to living instead of wasting my life and what little of my youth i have left being drunk and sick. We can do this.


Hi. Very relatable. You got this. I highly recommend Annie grace and her book the Naked Mind. Alcohol is an addictive drug.