Are we forgetting about the investment banker?


Absolutely. Slum might be the worst listed, but investment banker gotta be worst.


Sry he was so bad I forgot he existed




He is bad, but his quest was very dramatic. My friends became interested in the game when they heard I had knowingly injected sulfuric acid just to keep my high going. I think courier is the worst. The skates are fun, but the quest is so easy to fail for reasons outside your control. ATM gets destroyed in a random gang fight? Delivery target is busy fighting zombies? There straight up aren't enough deliveries (or any, I once got a level where there were 0 deliveries even though I hit the button as soon as I entered the floor)? Too bad, failed.


hacker is super OP. scientist has tech expert, which is frankly underrated. but he and demolition expert are basically the opposite of slum dweller… they start off strong, and then have to rely on items as they progress.


Hacker is the inkblot test - he's as good as the player playing him. Absolutely awful if you don't know what you're doing, but ridiculously OP if you do.


The scientist starts with a bunch of random gears that are pretty pog The slum dweller might be bad but he gets more choices when leveling up The mobster can get you money pretty quick The hacker isn't so bad if you know how to use him So i'd say the demolition man since his quest SUCKS


When i play demo i never have a problem. They start with explosion survivor. And i just turn everything to bombs and just blow up ppl. I can kill most with just 1 or 2 bombs. (Gotta punch people as you blow up the bomb. Your fist can activate it) And i believe it has a trait it can get that make npcs unable to see you drop bombs. I gotta say investment banker is the worst because you always need drugs. Edit: forgot to mention i usually either complete or almost complete the demo's BQ before a floor ends.


There's no problem that mishandled explosives can't solve, and with Demo *anything* can be a problem solving explosive.


Except for taxes


Id say investment. Bankers worst. The bq sucks because you will always need drugs. The character gets way worse without any status effects. Scientist is good because they get tech expert, free drugs every level, and a water gun. Slum has lots of choices, and i dont think the bq is very hard. Demo has explosion survivor and makes lots of powerful bombs using items that i probably wouldnt use anyways (like extra weapons on floors. Id usually turn everything but food into bombs) and they kill with just 1 or 2 of them. (To kill with 1 bomb, you gotta punch them as you blow it up, otherwise they are only at low hp) and i usually get BQ done while blowing up people for loot and walls to break inside places. Why do you think hacker is bad? Do you just run in like a fool and try to punch everything to death?


I think hacker is bad because his big quest makes things awkward and every time you hack the police could see u and you flip a coin to see if you get chased or not


Uh, then hide first? You dont gotta be right next to it to hack it. And with the BQ you can do it last, wait a bit in a building away from the computer, then tp to the exit. (If you cant tp then its not too hard to avoid them, and even if they do spot you you can still get in the exit.) Also keep in mind of various traits you can get with them to make them stronger like cyber nuke (lets you blow up everything, not just tv) and sneaky fingers (npcs cant see you doung things other than arresting and enslaving unless you started doing it infront of them) The hack ability alone is powerful. You can hack tvs to bait ppl to it and blow them up, you can hack a fridge and make it run, you can steal from an atm. You can raise sell price and lower buy price on vending machines and hack cop-bots and enrage them. there is more you can do with it if you explore with it.


Scientist frustrates me because he has a permanent -1 inventory slot because of his Big Quest item. He doesn't have a right click power so the tool should be moved to that. Bluh.




The key to the Hacker is to hide in a neighboring building or in the corner of a non-border wall - and to have the patience to wait until everyone goes back to their normal routines. Then he is easy.


Ok thx


Fire-fighter is the worst by far.


Nah his arsenal is pretty good and big quest is pretty fun but you have to get weapons and crap otherwise you just a guy with a hose Banker investee is much, MUCH worse as he has almost no upside except "iTeMs iN shOPs cOsT leSs" Please respond and try defend it please, I'm very interested