Not cool.

Not cool.


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Don't see what's not cool about hanging out in your car in an empty parking lot.


"Safest place in the world to be is the middle of a parking lot. I can see an enemy coming from 360 degrees. And, I have the advantage, as I have prepared for 360 scenarios."- Dwight Stroot


This Dwight Stroot fellow sounds pretty smart.


Sea Lions, Strawberries, Soap Operas.


Beavers, Blueberries, Babylon 5


sharks, sweet potato, stargate


Alligators, Avocados, Anime


Goats, Guava, Grand Theft Auto


The other guy was better but after someone who built this country saved his company I think he retired. Buttlicker I think?


Mr. Poop




But he’s not really in a war zone so that would mean he’s right for the scenario, no?




I feel like Dwight was describing a single attacker trying to sneak up on him. In which case am open field of view is best


I feel like the point of Dwight is to be the fronting know it all that is only half informed about things he heard once but sounded right... Aka, a Redditor.


Everything is a warzone for Dwight, even conversations.


That's literally why is funny for a character like Dwight to say something.


Come on down to Reddit, where Redditors will actually Dwightsplain a Dwight quote






Isn't that the point? For all his claims to badassery, the man has no idea what he's talking about.


But he can attack in any direction.


Sniper rifle Gg no re


I got a ticket for stopping at a rest stop to take a phone call. I stopped, talked for about 10 minutes, then right as I pulled away he put his lights on. I was loitering, my "but I needed to take that call so I parked" was met with "it's after midnight, there's nobody out, and no reason you can't talk on the phone." I live in a state where using a phone while driving is a primary offense... But yeah, since I never got out of the car at the rest stop I was loitering... I should've gone inside to poop just for the hell of it.


Isn't that exactly what a rest stop is for though? LoL, how absurd.


He was resting for too long. He was hogging up all the resting for himself!


This is litterally the point of a Rest stop. they are places where you are supposed to loiter. furthermore they weren't loitering because they had a valid reason to be at the rest stop and stopping to make a phone call is a valid reason to stop at a rest stop because you cannot use your phone on the road and you cannot pull over into the shoulders unless your car is malfunctioning. that cop was just straight up harassing them and probably assumed they were there for a drug deal or something. [edit] I should probably also mention that "loitering" is something the cops accuse you of when they have literally nothing to pin on you but still feel like going after you so they can accuse you of loitering to force you to move on.


The hell...? What a douche.


In a small mostly white college town, my black friend was walking back to our place after a night out drinking because he couldn't get a cab or Uber. The cops were *nice* enough to stop and help him try calling cabs for a few minutes. They sill couldn't find any. So they arrested him for public intoxication. Luckily his father's a lawyer, but it's not like the cops had any consequences.


That’s so dumb. I also hate DUI laws where a cop can ticket you for doing the responsible thing and sleeping in your car and not driving home drunk. Like it’s one thing to get a parking ticket, but you can get a full on DUI for not even driving under the influence. The laws vary from place to place. Some places have if so if the key isn’t in the car (so in the trunk or outside the car) you’re fine. But other places have it so EVEN IF ITS IN THE TRUNK, and you’re sleeping in the back seat, you get a DUI. Like I get from a certain perspective they don’t want you in your car with your keys cause it could influence you to drive or it’s easy to make a mistake. But what if you can’t get a cab or Uber to come? Like there’s certain situations where the only choice is sleeping in your car or driving drunk. Why punish people being responsible


Was sleeping with a friend in his car because neither of us where in any condition to drive. We were in a secluded parking lot at the bottom of a big hill, and got spotlighted from the top by a cop. My friend got out of the car and threw his keys in to the bushes as the cop came down the hill. When he got there, we explained we lost the keys and were going to sleep off our inebriation for the night. He still gave us both field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer (which came back negative because we were enjoying something other than alcohol). He told us we were lucky we didn't have the keys or we'd both be getting DUIs. Took most of the next day to find the keys.


What the fuck? I know we're discussing how DUIs without driving are already plenty stupid, but can two people get it for the same car at the same time? That's insane. Is there even any legal backing on this?


My thoughts exactly, and I even asked the officer this. He claimed since he didn't see who was in the driver seat when he arrived (we were both outside the vehicle), he could charge us both. Don't know if that would actually stand up in court, or if he was just power tripping, but the message remains the same: cops are dicks and getting a DUI while trying to be responsible is so ridiculous.


I honestly don’t know any exact laws but it’s pretty awful


That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard, you’re sleeping not driving why the hell would anyone be given a DUI for that?


Idk, ask law makers and police lol. It is the stupidest thing ever. Idk which states have laws like this but it’s a fair few and I believe it exists where I live in Canada too. Although where I live I think you only get a DUI if you have your keys on your person while in a car, even if it’s off


It seems like it’s a law that would be more likely to affect poorer people, as someone with more money could just take multiple cabs. It seems that a lot of legislation seems to “forget” about people with lower income.


Nah, it's on purpose. If the punishment is a fine, rich people basically suffer no consequences. In other news, everything is terrible.


isn't the walmart heiress upto like 50 duis now and killed a person? A state trooper was fired the next day for making her take a cab home when she was plastered. Walmart owns Arkansas through and through


In other news, the wealthy watching the damned suffer from their perch in Heaven


In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.


I love this and am stealing it


Crazy how it makes it more likely you won't get a dui if you just drive home.




Weird, here it is (or was) only if the engine was on, maybe another condition was being in the front seat, but can't remember for sure




1. Evidence that you drove the car there, while intoxicated. It makes sense on the side of the road, or an active drive-thru, less so in a parking lot at the bar. 2. "Control of the car" while intoxicated. Weak legalese that's used to fuck people over.


What the hell even is loitering, anyway?


it's exact definition varies from State to State, but generally it's standing around or staying in one place with no apparent reason to be where you are. for the record this is my state's Loitering law: Section 13A-11-9 - Loitering (a) A person commits the crime of loitering if he or she does any of the following: (1) Loiters, remains, or wanders about in a public place for the purpose of begging. (2) Loiters or remains in a public place for the purpose of gambling. (3) Loiters or remains in a public place for the purpose of engaging or soliciting another person to engage in prostitution or sodomy. (4) Being masked, loiters, remains, or congregates in a public place. (lol everyone obeying Covid regulations has committed Loitering under Alabama Law) (5) Loiters or remains in or about a school, college, or university building or grounds after having been told to leave by any authorized official of the school, college, or university, not having any reason or relationship involving custody of or responsibility for a pupil or any other specific, legitimate reason for being there, and not having written permission from a school, college or university administrator. (6) Loiters or remains in any transportation facility, unless specifically authorized to do so, for the purpose of soliciting or engaging in any business, trade, or commercial transactions involving the sale of merchandise or services. (7) Loiters or remains in any place with one or more persons for the purpose of unlawfully using or possessing a dangerous drug.


I always think it's crazy how anti-gay lawmakers were (still are?) that they would put sodomy right up there with prostitution. No paying for sex, fine with sex, but no anal sex!


Well fuck me. I guess I loiter almost everyday, even when I'm waiting for a ride.


“Remains in a public place for the purpose of soliciting another person to engage in sodomy” ... yikes... being at a gay bar is loitering lmfao


Being a marginalised person in public, basically.


Our entire legal system is just an oppression racket, designed to keep the lower classes in their place and supply prisons with literal slave labor. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either naive or willfully ignorant.


I hope you fought that.


Take him to court, make him say that in front of a judge


I'm guessing he probably hadn't met the quota for the month.


“they’re just hanging out in their car!! suspiciously!!”


I see plenty of cops doing this, why can’t we?


That's how they know it's uncool.




As a teenager we used to walk the streets of my town late at night and on more than one occasion saw cops with a female. Most the time it was a girl not much older than we were






Interesting 🧐


Some people do it for the thrill?


Because you've never actually been allowed to just exist outside without a reason. Cops have a quota to fill and if they see someone who isn't actively doing something, clearly they're a suspicious individual. Existing has always been an investigatable offense in America


If you aren't generating capital for the ownership class then you have no place in public spaces, simple as.


My thought exactly. I’m sure the reason the cops gave was “uhh loitering go away even though you’re bothering no one” Cops have too much time on their hands, to bust some folks for being parked somewhere and then to tweet about it later...


It could be a hot day


Exactly, they literally created a DUI from what would have been absolutely nothing all because they don’t want people to park in parking lots if nobody else is parked there


My youth pastor says smoking pot is totally uncool!


Sounds like your youth pastor needs to smoke some pot


Just as cool as sleeping in your house, in your own bed.


Looks like you’ve got a future in government


Not Cool: the police


What's wrong with hanging out in an empty parking lot?


My only guess is that maybe it could be considered loitering? But more realistically people are just looking way too deeply into whoever is running the account trying to set up a joke, as reddit is wont to do with stuff like this On that note I don't necessarily have a problem with the hotboxing part either provided it's in a legal state (I think Nebraska is medically) as long as you're not driving anywhere right after, but it is what it is I guess


The police regularly escalate lawful activity into violence and violations of rights. Many police think you need to explain yourself to them and it's a crime if they don't think your excuse is good enough


In many places it is, the assholes can and will try to arrest you “on suspicion” or basically just for like not wanting to deal with their shit


Loitering is a made up crime.


All crimes are made up. Something literally needs to be the law in order to be a crime.


You might get picked on by some bullies


It sounds like the cops busted some kid who was trying to calm his anxiety from having an alcoholic mother.


Cool but smoking in the middle of a parking lot means driving back home high. DUIs end lives whether it’s alcohol, weed, or something else


I understand there is simply no test but it's silly to treat any amount of marijuana at any time as "you are driving under the influence" but with alcohol there is actually a legal limit and an acknowledgement that driving home an hour after having a beer isn't "driving under the influence". Edit: Also here's an unethical life pro tip for y'all. If you're going to smoke in your car do not do it in an empty parking lot. A cop pulls up and you stick out like a sore thumb. Do it in a parking lot in use. A cop pulls up and you're just some guy that was about to walk into an open store. You should smoke at home and not drive if you're too high to do so but we've all been dumb teenagers once and if you can't smoke at home and you live in some shitty place like Nebraska you might as well not go to jail for something that'll get you a talking to in a place like Massachusetts.


The rule of thumb with everyone I've known is an hour per beer, but passing hours between beers count. If you're more tolerant, the first one doesn't always count towards that, but I personally have to count it.


Yeah that's all I'm saying. There's no way to measure it and as I've grown older and my states laws have become more relaxed I don't smoke and drive anymore. But yeah maybe some people could not just hang out in a car and sober up in a couple of hours, but definitely others that could. Certainly not a bust worth bragging about.


I don’t know if this applies everywhere, but in British Columbia where I live, you have to wait at least four hours after smoking to drive. I know many people feel fine after a small amount of marijuana, but It’s always better to err on the side of caution in cases like this; you’re often not as good of a judge of your own abilities as you think


Huh I always waited 3-4 hours naturally. Is there anything DC based the time on?


>t’s always better to err on the side of caution in cases like th depends on your tolerance level. for a lot of daily smokers weed is something that helps them get through the day. its not about them being spaced out but rather to calm their nerves. also a lot more people, by far die in car accidents because they are tired. the stats for weed related incidents is far lower than that of a sober person.


>weed related incidents is far lower than that of a sober person. That is based on the amount of people who do it though. Also field testing for weed is pretty new due to it only being legalized more recently.


You have to understand that a large chunk of smokers dont treat weed like recreational fun time. Im not talking about the teenager that just started smoking going for a joy ride, because obviously thats a whole other story. But again numbers based on field testing, crash reports, police reports, etc all point to there being a lower or similar chance of deadly crashes when under the influence of weed than if you are sober. People tend to be more aware of their surroundings as well as being more patient and empathetic towards fellow drivers. You can easily look up these studies they are interesting reads. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2722956/ here is one of many.


Your tolerance doesn't matter; it's always better to err on the side of caution. If you're intoxicated or too tired, you shouldn't be driving. Plenty of people also claim to be excellent drunk drivers.


>you’re often not as good of a judge of your own abilities as you think


Take an Uber or cab. Smoke when you get there. Smoke when you get home. Just don’t smoke and drive.




Exactly lmao. Are we just not supposed to drive because our blood THC is literally ALWAYS above the legal limit?


I think it's cause weed stays in the system for a month, whereas alcohol is out within 24 hours. It's easier to pinpoint how much alcohol someone has had versus how much weed someone has had based on how long it takes to leave the system Also I don't know what I'm talking about.


It stays in your body because thc is fat soluble, but isn't making you high all that time. You will test positive on a drug test despite not being impaired.


Thats thc metabolites not the actual thc. Thats whats even more stupid is they test for the metabolised version not the active ingredient. The very fact that it has already been metabolised means you are no longer under the effects of it.


I’m pretty sure the whole “stays in your system for a month” thing is like the longest it would likely stay and mostly in reference to people who smoke a lot but for anyone else, mostly a myth.


Well if youre pretty sure thats good enough for me


There is a limit but chances are you are above it considering its pretty low


Holy fucking shit: an actually nuanced and helpful take on Reddit. “DUI BAD” YEAH NO SHIT


I mean sure fine, but the best thing for a cop to do in that situation is to drive them home. They're there to protect citizens, not bury them in legal fees and ridicule them online.


Yeah the ridiculing online is a bit much, but to me it sounds like they were just going to hand the kids off to their parents and only let them face parental punishment Me and some friends got caught underage drinking and they did that to us, no fines or anything but my mom was pretty pissed 😅


>They're there to protect citizens, not bury them in legal fees and ridicule them online. You sweet summer child... https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/justices-rule-police-do-not-have-a-constitutional-duty-to-protect.html


Ty for the link, saving that for when someone tells me those murderers are there for my own protection.


How do you know he wasn’t just gonna end up walking around and getting some food?


Sounds like a kid was being a kid smoking some ganja with his buddies and his mother mindlessly showed up to his incident after having some drinks and not thinking. You need some fucking help if you are really trying to jump to that man. So fucked


Sounds like LPD needs to lighten the charges on the kid and go easy on him. Clearly not the best home life.


That'd cut into their metrics and revenue though. Can't risk that.


They don't have to worry about money. If a school needs their chemistry lab updated the city government will trip over themselves to give that money to the police to get them new drinking fountains because the "old" ones are three years old and because Christmas is coming up a military grade armored truck with a water cannon.


Sounds like the kid and the mum should follow the law


> lighten the charges on the kid and go easy on him That is not in line with my experience with lincoln cops.




You're so right lol


They didn't charge the kid they charged his mom for having a dui


Mmm... seems fair.


^^^ this


Why is hanging out in your car in an empty parking lot not cool?


Because police hate homeless people trying to sleep so they legislated it to be illegal.


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How is the first one not cool? Edit: Dammit! I just noticed that was already the #1 response. God I feel like an idiot. This is why everyone leaves you, you dumb dumb moron. You’ll never be happy, you’ll die alone. No. You’ll probably die in some stupid embarrassing accident like falling down a sewer and drowning in shit. The few people that show up to the funeral will probably just snicker over my body and eat whatever cheap lunch meats someone was kind enough to donate out of pity. I suck. :(


Sounds fun! Am I invited to your funeral? I'll bring Snickers candy bars for everyone except you, because, well, you'll be dead ...and because you suck. Jk. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's not like you've almost drowned in liquid shit or anything yet. So things are looking up!


Not cool: cyber bullying someone you just handcuffed for the terrible crime of smoking pot. Not cool: don't call a cab, instead, pick on an alcoholic and scare her into driving to keep her kid out of jail. This kind of shit isn't funny. It's just mean.


That's Nebraska for you. Source: Live in Omaha.


Former Lincolnite, can confirm.


It's not really cyber bullying since the anonymous are anonymous


Shut up See, still bullying.


these cops cant take a drop of criticism and will literally push over the elderly. Imagine saying anything in their defense. Maybe we should make and post memes about how some astronomical number over 3/4 are wifebeaters, nevermind a pot charge.


Yeah this is literally just the high school bullies that never grew up and now get to be in positions of power to further their hobby of bullying people.


Bullies are easily solved with violence. Did you not try that?


You shouldn’t drive while high. “ThEy WeReN’t dRiViNg” But they were going to after smoking. That much is pretty clear. I have no problems with people smoking at all. But driving under the influence isn’t okay.


I mean, I *guess* bullying them is a step up from shooting them or choking them to death. But it's still abuse of power. Not cool.


I also argue that this, and other arrest reports exposing substance use charges are HIPAA violations, since substance use disorders are actual medical conditions that people suffer from.


"cyber bullying"😂


Mega not cool: I'm your mom.


there's only 2 not cool things about this: Lincoln PD being pieces of shit. Rather than protecting the community from violent criminals there harassing people minding their own business harming no one. And the DUI.


Police trying to be wholesome memers.... eghhh


What's wrong/illegal about being in an empty parking lot?


I like how everyone is defending a drunk driver just because they don't like police officers or disagree with arresting/harassing a kid over marijuana. There's no excuse for driving drunk.


And ditto for driving high. Which the kids absolutely would have to do in the middle of an empty parking lot. Not saying there’s anything wrong with weed but do that in your own house without putting others’ lives at risk


Unless one didn’t smoke


There's no way not to get high when your friends are hotboxing their shitty car


Ya ur right


Yeah. This is exactly why no one takes pot heads seriously.


This thread sure summoned a horde of them.


Sure has.


Man I sure do wonder what made that driver drunkenly drive to a certain location.


No one made that driver do anything. She was drunk and chose to get behind the wheel. Endangering her life and others. There isn't an excuse for it.


Omg is like an episode of Reno 911


If you didn’t criminalize smoking a plant, they could be sitting in a bench, nowhere near a dangerous vehicle. Mom wouldn’t have to come,- me you could actually be out stopping drunk drivers, home invasions, and other real criminal activities. But I could be wrong...


Right. This story exists because shitty people designed a shitty society. Fall in line or suffer the consequences.


Super Duper Extra More Not Cool: Cops.


Fuck the police


Yeah cops ruining two lives because someone was sitting in a parking lot getting stoned sounds about right


And being VERY PROUD of it. Mom works a long day, has a few wines waiting for her kid to get home. He calls her in a panic, “MOM IM GETTING ARRESTED!” And she bolts out the door. Cops are seriously fucking bullies. Funny part is nearly all cops have drove drunk, and alcohol is a huge part of their culture.


I get drunk with the sheriff of my town and watch him drive home all the time but we also live in a town of less than 500 ppl so I guess it's not as bad here. Still tho, fuck police forces.


Grew up in a town of 2000. Same exact thing. Watched this man they called Mate, but local cop, 1 of 2 in the town, smoke and drink and drive. Then go on a good streak of not gettin fucked up and arrest a kid for illegal consumption, and be proud. Cops are bullies 80% of the time.


You should call the cops on him... oh wait


Well it would've been dangerous for them to drive afterwards anyway.


Not cool: your dept getting sued multiple times by former female officers for sexually harassment and toxic work environment. https://journalstar.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/second-lincoln-police-officer-sues-city-alleging-hostile-work-environment-for-women/article_0ad4e92c-f71c-5f4f-90c5-1528f17e7437.html


I just feel so bad for that kid.


Lincoln NE! Go Big Red!


I like hanging out in my car in an empty parking lot.


I wish I were super extra more coo....


Reminds me of the time an ex talked me in to leaving treatment, then showed up drunk to pick me up, and had her toddler with her (she drove).


Who wrote this Eric cartman?


Hotboxing as a teen for me was having friends all basically hyperventilate at the same time in a car, causing the glass to fog up.... Yeeaahhh...


Shut up Lincoln Nebraska you piece of shite not cool city.




I hang oht in my car in an empty parking lot and watch youtube videos jesus fucking christ is it bad to fucking relax nowadays????


I try not to have an anti police knee jerk reaction, but it's incredibly difficult when they won't get off off their holier than thou preachy high horse.


OMFG I’m from Lincoln and know the dumbass who did this shit. He’s a moron


Also not cool, putting a kid on blast when he’s clearly got issues at home.


Extra more-extra not cool: police "lose" your weed




Can’t be doing substance behind the wheel. How is the cop supposed to know the mom is an alcoholic?


So smoking weed in your car, which impairs your driving and can lead to a serious accident, should not be handled in any way? They gotta drive back home somehow...


Ok guys, you aren't seeing the forest beyond the trees. They were going to be driving high shortly after. Which would have been a DUI for the driver. I enjoy weed but these kids weren't hotboxing in their driveway.


Driving under the influence of anything that impairs your mental functions is illegal period and they or someone else could have gotten killed or worse. I know someone who did this very thing when he was 16. It ruined his whole life cause he crashed into an old couple baked out of his mind. I get it, cops bad, we hate cops blah blah but this law exists for a reason. Theres nothing wrong with getting high but ffs, not in a fucking car where everyone is gonna get baked and you have no one that's safe to drive.


Not cool: existing somewhere you haven't payed anyone for Fuck cops




Fuck that, driving high is not okay.


Smoking pot and driving is just as reckless as drinking and driving. That shit causes accidents. Do that shit at home or with a DD like a normal person. Edit to add: I'm not anti-pot. Do what you're gonna do, just don't be careless and risk other people's lives is all I'm saying.


I’m not gonna say it’s totally responsible, but you’re wrong on the “just as reckless” bit. This will probably change though now that weed is being legalized and these fuckin amateurs start drawing a bunch of attention with their panicked edibles episodes and driving after eating a 500mg cookie.


They were not driving


"Hanging out in YOUR car" and "hotboxing with your buddies".. Both implies the kid was in HIS car and hot boxing with his buddies.


Yeah driving under the influence has never resulted in anybody being hurt