I am seriously disgusted by today's society.

I am seriously disgusted by today's society.


Buddy you can’t trash on conservatives and then proceed to write one of the most conservative posts I’ve ever read. I really don’t care which way you lean, but don’t be a fence-sitter


I did not thrash on conservatives, i am fine with it. I am neutral in being conservative or liberal as there is a limit to both.


The sexual revolution had good intention, but the execution left a lot to be desired


i agree that not practicing safe sex is stupid, but i think it’s not right to say that teenage years are only meant for studying. your teenage years should be for when you experiment with different things and to find out what you like / don’t like and how to enjoy life. i also disagree that abortions are immoral. if someone is raped, do you believe that they should carry full term and give birth to the baby ? when it was unwanted and the contraception was not consensual? if your answer is yes, then i’m not sure you fully understand the energy and trauma pregnancy can cause, especially on someone who had no intention of getting pregnant (regardless of how they did).


rape cant be prevented, and i am fine with abortion in that case but having unprotected sex in teenage years can be prevented and an abortion in this case would be debatable


can i ask how you think rape can be prevented? /gen /neu


>rape **cant** be prevented


IDBDJSBSJS i’m fuckin stupid sorry,,, i completely misread that


It's painfully obvious that you were raised by conservative parents, and the problem with that is you guys don't seem to understand that there's more to life than just to work. You want us to spend our teenage years studying that way we can immediately get a job and then immediately after that settle down with a family. None of that sounds appealing. The point of teenage years is to have fun and experiment. And also get to know yourself. Sure it's important to study and get good grades but there's more to life than that.


abortion is not murder lmao shut up


we shall have different opinions then


That "part of your body" **would** become an independent human being one day. It would but it hasn't yet.


Yeah it has


I agree w/ most things said, only saying most because I might've missed a couple things.


I agree mostly but I also agree that teenagers need to experiment BUT it should be with caution and protection.


Obviously you must have expected this type of response, but given the situation of rape; what's your moral standpoint on whether or not she decides to abort it? It isn't wanted, and couldn't have otherwise been avoided. Should it be mandatory for her to give birth to the baby? Or considering it wasn't her choice, should she have a decision on whether or not she wishes to keep it?


I mean I’ve never had sex but personally I think teenage years are for trying new things. Also bruh it’s a fucking fetus it doesn’t have a life like bruh. I don’t believe in abortion past a certain amount of time but like your body your choice




There’s no moral standards in society these days. Not only that but you are discouraged from having any morals. I’ve seen people on this sub unironically say that moral standards are “stupid and outdated”. Apparently nothing is wrong and everyone should just be a hedonist. It’s ridiculous. We’re living in Soddom and Gomorrah.


Well, I agree with not having sexual relations till you're, say 17. Not only because you should be spending time to study, but well, there's a lot of stupid decisions one can make. At around 17, I guess one could handle situations better? Yea go ahead experiment, but...be cautious with it I guess. But about the abortions bit, nope. It should be the person's choice. If they want to abort, they should be able to.


Yes - if we improve sexual education in schools, as well as access to birth control/prevention methods, it would limit how many teens get pregnant from having unprotected relations.


>I am not religious but abortion is just evil. It isn't your body that is just ignorant. That "part of your body" would become an independent human being one day and you terminate one life simply because they weren't responsible to wear a condom and practice safe sex. Again, you aren't supposed to be having sex during your teens. And that is my opinion. At least give it out for adoption instead of killing it and not boast about having a teenage pregnancy and aborting it on reddit. Let me riddle you this. Suppose someone (god forbid) has been r-worded - why in the fucking world should they be expected to keep a child that they didn't consent to having, and go through all the pain of pregnancy and child-birth just because someone else wasn't able to practice fucking decency? Suppose someone is not in the economic condition to have children and simply can't afford it - why should they subject themselves and their future child to a not-great life just because a condom/birth control didn't work? There are so many situations in which having an abortion can even save people's lives - you sound like someone who would want a woman to give birth even if she would die in the process. Also, let's keep in mind that some people simply do not want children. We as a society need to learn to respect their choices, because we wouldn't want to subject a child to a life of resentment from their parents, simple because some random person decided that what they were doing was evil. You can kindly go fuck yourself if you are so adamant about imposing your own beliefs on someone else's body and someone else's life. P.S. (edit) You are absolutely spouting right-wing and religious talking points if you say you want to regulate someone else's body by banning abortion - stop acting holier than thou about 'not being conservative'


>this is my opinion. Actually, I am a leftist. I am not trying to impose my beliefs on someone else. I am just stating my opinion. I am fine with abortion IF its the "r" word. But teenage pregnancy can be prevented. I am not religious or right-wing, thats so stereotypical of you to say.


Apologies if I seemed a little heated, but I am very serious about this issue. I still don't agree that abortions should be reserved just for those who were r-worded, because there are ways that politicians argue around that and find ways to limit access to it, as we've seen most recently in Texas. Excuse me if I am misunderstanding, but your solution to teenage pregnancy/teens having sex is just celibacy? Pretty sure that is controlling other's bodies in a way as well. Also, telling someone they are not allowed to do something is literally the best way to get them to do that thing. As I said in another comment, improving sex education in schools and increasing access to birth control/prevention methods is probably one of the best ways to prevent teen/unwanted pregnancies. Would you support that?


I mean we do have laws that let us kill in self defense so technically..... Anyway I agree abortion is wrong, four other methods to solve the issue aside from killing a baby...


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