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Who is baron


Plaintiff lawyer. He basically played clips of Elon blasting him last time simmilarly. Instead of backing down , Elon stood his ground and bitched slapped him again.


Good for Elon.


Can I find the clips somewhere?


I would like to know this too.


It's not recorded , as far as I know. You aren't going to see anything better than transcripts.


Can someone deepfake it?


Elon has cohones of steel


He does. And an army of lawyers


Cojones coño


Ev cojones lol


😂 love it




What a madman


Oh so not the based baron? Pfew


I think he is digging a hole here. He is claiming guilt by association.


Baron who?




Already forgot his name.


Baron Geddon: a cool boss halfway in Molten Core raid instance in Vanilla WoW. Not much of a threat once your party knows how to deal with him.


Omfg this comment got me lmaooooo


A bad human being


Elon’s a real one , the rest are evil elves


There's a lot of people out there with "FU money" but not a lot of people with the balls to actually tell people to go f themselves. Whether he wins or loses this trial he gets more of my respect.


Probably the worst part is that this nonsense is going to eat up atleast couple days worth of time. >Baron keeps wanting Musk to confine himself to direct yes-no answers. Musk nearly always rejects the premise and answers with nuanced digressions. Baron gets exasperated, says they’ll never get through the testimony if he keeps that up. Baron started his questioning of Musk this morning by gesturing to three mammoth notebooks full of documents, and said, “I want to give you fair warning, Mr. Musk—we’re going to be here a while.” >Musk grimaced, poked at the six-inch thick binder exhibit and replied "I can tell by the binder."


Attorneys always want you to answer in yes or no, on the stand. They are trying to lead you. Never answer simply or give too much info and don't just say yes or no on the stand. Obfuscate their questioning.


Depends on the questions being asked. Going into longwinded narratives on something like "Did you go to the office on Thursday" is not going to endear the witness to anyone and make them look evasive or lacking in credibility. If there's a line of questioning where the lawyer is steamrolling the witness, then it's important for the 'friendly' attorney to get up on cross examination and say something like, "It looks like you had something important to say about X before counsel cut you off. Let's revisit that." Opposing counsel now appears like they're hiding the ball, and suddenly the witness' point, whatever it is, will get the spotlight. Personally, I try to avoid asking a witness to say "yes" or "no" but instead ask if something is a fair characterization. If they say no, then I ask what's unfair about it. If it's something petty, I'll 'give' them that in followup so that I can still get the testimony I want: "Okay, so you left for In'n'Out for lunch, but other than that, fair, right?" If the witness has a legit point, it might be worth exploring, but most times you want to leave well enough alone.


Baron is mad that Elon won’t play checkers 😆.


As a fellow autistic person (Elon came out on SNL recently), I can relate. Bluntness and frank criticism are often mistaken for harshness or meanness, even though the criticism is usually correct. And we can have a short tolerance for bullshit and the people that perpetuate it. Let me put it this way: I have never tried to picture what it would look like to have an autistic person also be one of the richest and most powerful on the planet, and not have to take shit from very many people. But if I had tried to script an example of what it might look like, I could do much worse than this exchange. Just savage.


Yup! When i first read it i was trying to figure out why he was being soo polite 🤣. As a fellow aspie Ive had to testify once against an attackers appeal in court to throw out a criminal conviction. I frustrated the fuck out of the lawyer questioning me and never once gave a yes/no answer and even had him get soo frustrated he requested a recess 🤣. They lost their appeal and I had fun twisting every meaning that came out of his mouth until it was finally a sentence i agreed with and even then i would only say i disagree or i agree. That pissed him off more and the judge kept giving me looks, half hoping id finally give in and say yes/no half egging me on to see if i could make the lawyer explode his own case in frustration. The lawyer on my side just let me at it as he knew I wouldnt give in at any point, never once had he to request anything to be stricken or any question thrown out as i was rewording it instantly ether straight up asking the lawyer back if he just wanted me to say that so he could argue for x. Judge laughed at one point too after i put three of his questions together and said "i will not be lead by a monkey in a suit into saying x as it is untrue" I was also wearing cargo shorts and a tshirt saying "i reject your reality and substitute my own" That was a fun day. 10/10 would again.


you sir are badass


I dont like people putting words in my mouth. Ignorant is a great example one that lawyers try and make people agree to. In theory its meant to only mean not knowing something but further down the line they will then spin it as if you were rude or mean. Lawyers are tricky fuckers but against an aspie its always going to be interesting as we think a few steps ahead quickly


I am a nervous wreck in any and all social scenarios involving rules.


I was too until i started answering questions. Then it became a game of trolling. I was raised on the internet!


my man. i don't care what people say about Elon. I meet him along time ago and hes never been anything but nice. don't be an idiot because it makes him think hes wasting hes time and money. frustrating. glass houses suck.


😱 noice!


No better weapon in court than the raw, unflattering truth: > **"You were mentored by criminals,"** Musk said. "Then you continued to be mentored by criminals and that is why I do not respect you. I think you are a bad human being." I think Randy Baron (the trial lawyer) is already regretting asking that question. 😎


Which could have led to the question of … “how do you explain getting away unharmed while working under two sets of criminals?”


So you admit they are criminals...


Who??? The people who were put on trial and convicted??


Baron. He’s worked at two companies in a row where leadership were jailed for clearly breaking the law. Baron was mentored by these people it seems.


What was the context of that answer? And does Elon hire a PI to do background research of his lawyers?


Are these transcripts already available somewhere to read?


Looked around a bit more [Gary is posting a lot of the Bloomberg terminal screenshots.](https://twitter.com/garyblack00) So that's the best we got right now.


Unless you have a Bloomberg terminal , not yet. Not in this level of detail.


The FT had an article on it in their premium section, I don't think anyone else has really reported on it yet


He is simply stating the truth.


If he really did: Great! Loving it!


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Anyone can do exactly that.


Awesome. But does every subreddit qualify?




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Just the words?


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Hahaha! Well done!


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It’s easy to say this here because I know I most likely won’t get downvoted. If I were to say it anywhere else I’d get accused of “boot licking” threatened and told I’m wrong. But Elon seems like a genuinely good dude, yes he has faults. Who doesn’t? Also I truly believe he does care about the betterment of the human race. He wants to have fun while doing so of course but who wouldn’t? Edit: also when ever someone says “but he gets his lithium for batteries from mines that use child labor?” I remind them how Volkswagen was started and ask why they don’t have the same hatred towards VW?


Yeah he's outspoken but honestly he usually (not always) says the things I wish I would have said in certain situations. When he says he doesn't respect someone (or the SEC), it's for a good reason and he means it literally. He doesn't just say that because he's angry or insecure. So much of reddit reasons by "rich guy bad"...


Yeah the whole “eat the rich” movement focusing on Bezos, Gates, and Musk really urks me too. Like I wish people would do some research. Don’t immediately go after the people at the top of the list who actually earned their money and provided the world with technology and goods. Go after the family Dynasty’s who have literally earned their money by murdering and destroying. Using the world economy like their own private money printing machine.


The family dynasties encourage the public to hate upstart billionaires, because they are threatened... Think how much Bezos threatens the Walton family, or how much Musk threatens the Porsche dynasty.


Yes I definitely wouldn’t put it past them, there are so many wealthy families in the world that have very many “skeletons” in their closets. Best to keep the focus on others.


Everyone saying they could end world hunger, but instead are trying to escape the planet. It’s so damn stupid. It’s their money and they can do what they want with it and even if they tried they couldn’t end world hunger because that’s not something that can just be solved with money. I’m progressive and supported Bernie Sanders, but some of this stuff is so extreme and stupid. Haters gonna hate. People are even upset at Billie Eilish because of a cartoon character she relates too. Extremists complaining about this stuff are stupid on all sides.


Yeah and half the people I talk to about it don’t even know the difference between liquid and hard assets or realized gains. It’s mind numbing how undereducated the general population is on these subjects. I always find that the main solution to many of the worlds problems is education and time. This is by no means to claim I “know it all”. Just lots of people get very angry and upset by things they don’t even comprehend. That transcends race, economic status, politics and anything else I missed. Ignorance is universal.


Sadly … yes. People who work to learn things properly constantly underestimate the average ignorance of humans.


>It’s mind numbing how undereducated the general population is on these subjects. Now consider the fact that their vote is equal to yours! Sad...


Well technically that’s what the electoral college in USA is for but it’s not working so well anymore. I think we should all have an equal vote that’s what makes us a great nation. Also we deserve an equal adequate education but I don’t have high hopes for anything like that soon. Because an educated public can be dangerous for those in charge.


> Also we deserve an equal adequate education but I don’t have high hopes for anything like that soon. Because an educated public can be dangerous for those in charge. So, you think the main reason "how undereducated the general population is on these subjects" (viz., "know the difference between liquid and hard assets or realized gains.") is because they didn't get an "equal adequate education"! So, "half the people I talk to" didn't get "equal adequate education"? Do you spend a lot of your time in homeless shelters or in prison or something? PS: I suspect that most of the people you talk to did get equal adequate education but they still don't know these things. You are just brainwashed by the popular notions about the lack of equity.


No, my friends, family and I are by no means uneducated. In fact all of my close friends, family, my wife and I hold multiple degrees. I happen to be the one of them that has a Business degree. They have degrees in various non business management fields. Contrary to your insistence that these economic concepts were taught to them in high school or college they were not to the majority of them. I was also not taught anything in regards to economics during high school besides at home. Then I learned more when I went to college. Macro economics at the least should be a core class for high school seniors. There should be ways to teach these concepts instead of people being ignorant or having to learn it on their own. Please stop talking to me if you are going to talk to me in a patronizing manner.


> Please stop talking to me if you are going to talk to me in a patronizing manner. Damn... People these days are just waiting to get their feels hurt! Your previous comment was bordering on being an SJW rant about lack of "equal adequate education". I merely showed you the mirror. There are a lot of important things that the general population is ignorant about should a core class for highschool. If you sit down and make a list of such topics, you'll soon be dispossessed of any last remaining SJW notions.


Newsflash: the "eat the rich" movement is NOT going after Bezos and Gates nor after the Big Tech oligarchs. Wonder why...


Really? Who are they going after? I thought “anonymous” was “coming” for Elon? All I ever see is news about how Bezos, Musk, Gates, Buffet are basically “evil billionaires”


Anonymous announced that that video was a fake, and did not represent them.


Can't agree more with you!


Isn't most of their lithium from Australia? In the end, isn't that an issue for where the battery suppliers to Tesla get their lithium?


And the tiny cobalt they use is from Canada (if they have not already eliminated it). And their motors don’t have any of the “Chinese rare earth metals” because they don’t use any in them. But there is still people screaming by the masses “Tesla exploits child labor!”


Oh I wouldn’t argue with anybody outside this sub about Elon. There’s so much misinformation and bs. I mean even that about the emerald mine was likely made up by business insider South Africa.


Not to mention VW cheating standards to destroy the planet and make a few bucks… that was much more recent


What are Elon's faults... other than that he hurts people in the feels? And in the brave woke world of today, everyone is already hurt in the feels long before they come across Elon!


He baselessly called the guy that rescued those trapped cave kids a pedophile. That’s a serious accusation to throw around, without merit, especially given just how much of a platform Elon has.


That guy didn't rescue any kids.


That argument in the edit is so weak. Are nazis still running VW? Anyway, just for union busting and forcing people to work in a factory during lockdown Elon already has shown to be a pos that thinks he has control over everyone bellow him. He doesn't care about the rules, he makes his own and all musk fanatics love that about him, somehow. But hey, he is rich, so he can do whatever he wants and pay some insignificant fines when the SEC, OSHA or the FAA get on his behind too much. And btw, the SolarCity deal was nothing more than a bailout. Who buys a company who is failing for billions? Who even let the man who has a big stake in both companies lead the negotiations? Not to speak about that performance to convince tesla shareholders to accept the deal. Please separate the good tech from the man. Falcon 9 is awesome. Tesla cars are, performance wise, awesome. But Elon Musk is just like any other billionaire. He only cares about money. Not costumers, not his workers and not the planet.


I’m glad you do your research, because … No wait, you didn’t. Elon forced California to reopen factories during the pandemic so that his workers could continue to earn paychecks rather than lose their homes. Ask the workers themselves and I’d wager you’d be hard pressed to find one that is complaining. Jesus fuck, you’re a moron.


Great! Thanks for sharing your opinions, I don’t agree with any of them but good for you 👍


Coming to a thread like this to suck off [UAW criminals](https://www.autonews.com/static/section/report05.html) is mighty bold of you cotton. Let's see how that works out. **Also** >forcing people to work in a factory during lockdown they only opened one week before getting the official go from county , after California had already opened. More importantly, Roughly 450/10,000 or 4.5% of the plant workers tested positive to COVID-19 in total, compared to 4.9% of Alameda county's population (81,000 /1,671,000). For the bay area it is 5.34% of the people (414,000/7,750,000). At the state level , 9% of California ( 3,600,000 / 40,000,000 ) have tested positive. **Tesla : 4.5%** **Alameda : 4.9%** **Bay Area : 5.3%** **California : 9%**


Heh. Solid.


What is the trial for?


Hurt feelings




Elon can be arrogant as fuck but he does mean well in the grand scheme of things. Anyone who thinks this guy invested into businesses that traditionally fail to get rich is an idiot. He does his homework and deserves his success. Edit: Elon isn't arrogant. He is perfect. Please disregard my reply below. Sorry everyone. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobayashi_Maru


Arrogant as fuck.... Really? Examples please......


The whole pedo guy and Tesla submarine thing was a bit arrogant : \\ I think Elon's humbled down a bit since then though.


Arrogant? No. People kept asking him to help, he tried to help, but honestly, what can anyone due in less than a month using engineering as the answer? So he did his best, then people started getting all class-warfare on him, saying he did it for the publicity, that he was out to get attention, that nobody wanted his help but he kept giving a submarine that everyone said wouldn't work. He snapped back. He should have taken the high road, but he took shots at someone who basically lied about him with no real research either into the situation. Only difference is that people are more biased against rich people and he should not really be messaging people on Twitter especially if he is upset. I'm sure someone can make a good claim that he's potentially arrogant, but I don't think the submarine incident is really proof of that.


Dude he like tripled down on the pedo thing with no proof. That was fucked.


The pedo guy deserves all that.


Based on what, exactly? Maybe I missed something important, but all I saw were baseless accusations.


I wouldn’t say the guy deserved it, but it’s often left out that Elon called him a pedo in response to a video where the guy told Elon to “stick his submarine where it hurts”, wasn’t like the guy politely declined to use the submarine and Elon called him a pedo, the other guy was jerk too.


Elon's response was entirely asymmetric, overblown and unjustified. An appropriate response might be to call the guy a lousy diver. He went straight for character assassination.


[Screw that guy](https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/l4gmze/_/gkt7hvn)




Maybe watch some videos to know the background.




The tweet was ( way back in the beginning ) >Kids are essentially immune, but elderly with existing conditions are vulnerable. Family gatherings with close contact between kids & grandparents probably most risky. when asked what he thinks people should be avoiding. Given what we knew then and what we know now ( just look up the IFR for kids ; even lower than flu ) , it's not an unreasonable opinion.


I don't agree here. When he uses twitter he's using it like any regular person might. Just tweeting his thoughts and opinions; speaking his mind freely. I think it's silly how much weight and seriousness is attached to what he tweets. People act like Elon's tweets are the word of the POTUS, Tesla, BTC, WHO, etc. and therefore Elon must craft his tweets as carefully and seriously as those entities would. But he's not any of those entities. All seriousness, weight, and responsibility attributed to his tweets is attributed by end users without Elon's agreement on the matter.


FSD next week


You mean calling someone a pedoguy doesn't immediately come to mind? What about promoting a shitcoin on TV as if your word and celebrity has little impact? How about promoting a car as driverless and then realising it's harder than you thought? Or buying out your cousin's failing solar company and claiming it was in Teslas best interest? How about buying Tesla and declaring yourself a founder? What about declaring investors from the middle east are buying into Tesla and it's going private at $420 a share, when none of that is real? I am the alpha in this relationship. I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong and he's just misunderstood. Edit: After careful consideration, I retract my above comment. Didn't notice I was on a Tesla forum. Saw this on my feed and just started replying. Obviously, I was wrong about Elon and my examples above should be disregarded.


You mean Unsworth who lost in court trying to get paid millions of dollars over this? The court could see through Unsworth. Glad he lost. Promoting Dogecoin? Please. Everyone with a sane brain knew it was a joke. Hell, he even said it was a hustle on SNL. I’m glad he bought SCTY. Wasn’t failing until Buffett got in the way. Fortunately solar roof and storage will come back with a vengeance. Just watch. Yes FSD is harder than thought. Still does more than any other car I can buy today. Founder? Ok…slight stretch since it was several months after initial inception but without Elon, Tesla would not exist. Willing to give a pass here. None of it was real? You don’t know that. He could have easily had a verbal agreement from the Saudis sovereign fund. After all, they soon bought into other EV companies. So the interest was clearly there. They have a ton of money and could have easily bought out Tesla. Everyone has flaws. What matters is if you are a net positive or net negative. I’d say Elon is by far a net positive. Cant say that about many other people.


So much hate and mischaracterization in one comment. wow!! ​ > a pedoguy doesn't immediately come to mind I wish he did't say that but [Context matters.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM31A4UsiU0) Elon has a right to punch back in kind. The court later agreed. >promoting a shitcoin on TV Only bitcoin maximalists got triggered. Nothing arrogant about pumping your favorite shitcoin. > buying out your cousin's failing solar company With the approval of shareholders! Don't hold TSLA stocks if you don't agree with the acquisition. >Tesla and declaring yourself a founder? That's an ignorant and oversimplified take. Tesla Motors had no tech, no offices, and not even the trademark to its own name – but with a business plans and ongoing contacts with Lotus. Elon funded a shell of a company with half of his bank balance and become a founder and fourth employee. Poured his blood, sweat and tears into it. He had a vision and aptitude to convince some of the most brilliant engineers and designers of the world to join him. [Full history.](https://twitter.com/enn_nafnlaus/status/1315375076460691456) > going private at $420 a share That was a mistake out of helplessness or frustration or probably to avert a hostile takeover from the Saudi fund. Can't call it arrogance. >I am the alpha in this relationship I'd rather discuss ideas than personalities. He's not perfect obviously, and I hope he's a better person after his life experiences.


>I am the alpha in this relationship The only source of this is his ex-wife who wrote that , while they were going through the divorce. Other than writing that article , [she also went on trashy daytime shows](https://youtube.com/watch?v=4RLk4nt6W2o) to further pressure him for a larger settlement ( which she never got as Musk stood his ground despite the negative PR from her ; actually she got even less than he initially voluntarily offered ). And curious that she uses that phrase when [just a few months ago she had mentioned PUA or pickup culture in her blog](https://moschus.livejournal.com/143745.html), which was on the rise at that time in 2008 and "alpha" was a term used by them. Whereas that was not a common phrase to use in that context in 2000 , when they got married ( and PUA culture and it's terms weren't colloquial ). [Also curiously , she has now changed to giving positive TED talks on her ex-husband's genius.](https://youtu.be/OxA0LESuUDE)


Pedoguy started it by telling Elon to shove his rescue sub up his ass. Elon replied to his disgusting comment using the stereotype of old white men who move to Thailand (which this guy was) being convicted of pedophilia (which has happened enough times for it to become a stereotype). Elon simply paid the guy back in his own coin. Now he’s doing the same to this lawyer. Personally I love it.


Hard to feel sympathy for the guy who said he was going to make the actual divers ( one of whom had died ) suffer for leaving him out. Not to mention the movie deals etc. he was planning for that all got cancelled after this incident. That was a good outcome.




Actually an "investigator" contacted him saying he already had proof and wanted to be paid. Musk agreed but he failed to deliver. He didn't go out of his way to hire someone.


>Actually an "investigator" contacted him saying he already had proof and wanted to be paid. Also: - The fake "investigator" who conned Elon turned out to be related to one of the lawyers of the law firm representing Unsworth. - Unsworth's lawyers also asked a journalist to publish "off the record" email by Elon (which the journalist did) - to be able to sue Elon for defamation (which the lawyers did). Small world.


Didn't even know that part. For god's sake.


And I have seen interviews Unsworth did before it turned into the lawsuit situation. Any even vaguely empathic human being could tell he was a self-aggrandizing sleaze bag looking to financially capitalize on a tragedy.


>What about declaring investors from the middle east are buying into Tesla and it's going private at $420 a share, when none of that is real? The amount the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund invested in Tesla ,looking back, was enough to buy out Tesla at that price at that time. While the deal was not at a stage as the tweet might have indicated , "none of that is real" is nonsense.




Wow we've got a real crypto bitch whinging about Elon here. This is cute. I remember the days when it was all members of chapotraphouse that were coming in here and spread this crap. Now they are cryptobitches. Congrats on filling chapos shoes LOL


discuss without name calling


>How about buying Tesla and declaring yourself a founder? [About that](https://www.reddit.com/r/spacexlounge/comments/kixrvk/_/ggvfw2p)


Keep it civil.


Changed it to civil language. Can you un-remove it?






>Have some self respect you jack ass Personal attacks are not acceptable.


If you meant the interview that I think you meant ( I'm almost 100% sure ) , [here's a list](https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/le4men/_/gm9jpid) of just some of the lies in it ( with sources ). Feel free to look around in [that thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/le4men/_/gm9jpid).


Hey that's my comment. Coming in a place like this thinking people here don't know their shit is pretty arrogant lmao.


Oh shit. You're the OP. Didn't even notice. 👍


Haha this guy is everywhere Elon related, he’s very knowledgeable on a ton of topics related to him. I made this sub r/100mcarbonxprize and he made like half of the posts in an otherwise dead sub. I think he mods r/teslamotors as well. Possibly the most active Elon/Tesla/SpaceX guy I’ve seen here


Oh hey , thanks for making me a mod. New developments have been pretty scant on it lately. Hope it picks up in the later phases.


Oh , I know. I have either linked to or copied his comments many times ( after verifying ofc ). Just didn't notice he was the OP.


>You mean calling someone a pedoguy doesn't immediately come to mind? [You mean this incident?](https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/l4gmze/_/gkt7hvn)


Hold up, you’re not talking about Dogecoin are you? It’s one of the original cryptocurrencies from the early 20 teens and is just as valid as BTC and other coins if not more so because of the meme virality and cheap transaction fees.


IMO you're right but sentiment won't change here unless TSLA stock drops. Don't you think it was strange when Perseverance rover landed on Mars - one of the most landmark events in space and Mars exploration - and Elon was busy tweeting about Dogecoin and never mentioned Perseverance?


This is absolutely hilarious. “You were mentored by criminals!” That’s not derision... that’s the truth! ROFL!!!!


Balls of steel!! Gotta luv the guy!!


I was wondering how long this trial was going to last so I searched the web. ​ ​ ​ You guessed it: 2 weeks! Not sure if this is a coincidence or just plain trolling by yahoo finance but I loved how it was strategically placed as the last sentence of the whole article on its own! source: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/elon-musk-defends-2-6bn-163243362.html


Shots fired.


Dude... Elon fucking buried this guy hahahaha


😳 go Elon




Haha legend he really DGAF




Solid Citizen Mr Musk is I Garontee!


I hope Elon can counter sue after this farce court hearing is over.


These folks don’t understand the vision of Tesla! Acquiring Solar City makes perfect sense. They need to stop wasting Elon’s time - he has more important things to do.


Is this a private hearing or something? Why are there no pictures of this encounter?


This trial , superficially, doesn't make sense. It probably had dome meaning two years ago, but now, when stock is this high and Elon's work enriched investors that much? If you are real TSLA investor participating in it, you have two possible outcomes. You lose, that is, if you lose this casr. And you lose badly, that is, if you win the case. As the win will ultimately hurt TSLA stock, meaning - you. My guess, plaintiffs are a mix of some useful idiots and basically hidden shorts, who may also had some long position to be on this list, but who actually had bet against TSLA at that acquisition time, and lost badly in that, and now seek revenge.


Can’t out smart the man, the myth, the legend himself, Elon “I’ll eat you for breakfast” Musk


Some guy pretended he was a PI with dirt on Vernon Unsworth right after Unsworth told Musk to shove a submarine up his own arsehole. He tricked Musk into paying him a pretty penny in exchange for fake intel showing Unsworth to be a pedophile. So yeah, if you get under his skin, it definitely becomes possible to outsmart Elon Musk.


~~I don't think the guy was ever actually paid. His identity is known so it would have been easy to go after him and claw back.~~ I don't know how he was "outsmarted" give he won the case.


According to [this](https://heavy.com/news/2019/10/james-howard-higgins/), > Musk accepted the offer and paid Howard-Higgins $50,000 for his services. Sure his identity is know, but the man was caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own employer on three separate occasions, for which he went to prison. The man is a career criminal and probably knows how to make himself scarce. I doubt Musk will be getting his money back.


Thanks for correcting me. My bad.


My pleasure, have a nice day.




(Here you go)[https://heavy.com/news/2019/10/james-howard-higgins/]. A convicted criminal made Musk think he was an ex-military PI and got Musk to pay him $50k and what he got back was fake evidence of Unsworth being a pedophile.




There is that word again...."rage" is the latest buzzword.......


May be his Asperger's, but Elon comes across like a GPT-3 prompt in some of these exchanges. Matter-of-factly with cold logical conclusions, as if he's the only human currently beta testing a Neuralink prototype. I know he's no longer affiliated with OpenAI, but still makes me wonder. Regardless, I'm impressed he's done his homework and came prepared as he has. It's obvious he enjoys flipping tables on shysters in their conceited "clever gotchas" that normally trip up opposing clients during depositions. It must really get under the skin to be personally ridiculed in public filings- that is, if only they were capable of feeling any such shame...


Know someone who is literally, completely obsessed with Elon. Unfortunately, this is a very real thing. Today this person, who is sadly, clearly mentally ill, is out walking the streets and yelling at the top of his lungs to the neighbors he doesn’t like, “You are a bad human!” Totally get the message Elon wanted to convey, but he is so famous, he has delusional copy cats and some mentally ill people worshiping him and taking his words literally. Realize that if it wasn’t Elon, it would be something else, but these are the times we live in and the headlines out there. Just wanted to share this after watching this poor guy scream at an older man out walking his dog and then a jogger passing by. Scary and sad.


Ngl that's kinda wack, you can't use other people's behavior as a defense to your own?? Like we're not risking about them that's another day rn man


Lets break it down a bit. - Baron accused Musk of rage firing employees - Musk said his frank feedback may be construed as derisive - Baron tried to use an interaction between Musk and Baron (not a Tesla employee) as evidence of Musks derisiveness - This is not the same as being derisive to employees - It's being derisive to a 3rd party. Musk agreed with him and stated why he was behaving that way


I'm not talking about it the context alright. The entire idea of trying to use others people's problems to defend against your own issues is a big pet peeves of mine. If you know it's wrong you don't need to do all this ragamaroo "well you did x" beat around the bush bs.


Declaring your principles without relating to the context here doesn't make a point. Elon answered the question directly and when the lawyer tried to make it personal, the lawyer was responded to in kind. The lawyer is trying to paint Elon as a bad person to discredit him. Elon didn't respond to a direct question with insults, he responded to insults with insults.


Sounds like he’s being petty tbh not a good look




Plus , it's the lawyer who bought up their previous exchanges.


Yeah, that kinda talk not gonna fly in this sub. 95% of these people think Full Self Driving is actually going to happen in the next 10 years.