I'm joining the party! W30 for anxiety and depression

I'm joining the party! W30 for anxiety and depression


Definitely helps!! Gives you more energy and makes you feel happier!


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but depending on your current relationship with food, Whole30 may exacerbate some of your mental health issues. I struggle with depression and anxiety as well, and when I did my first Whole30 I found myself increasingly stressed and irritable, as I normally used food as a quick pick me up whenever I felt down. By no means saying you shouldn't try it, but just be mindful that it may not be the quick fix you're hoping for and give yourself space to feel whatever you need to to get through the 30 days! It is worth it!


.... I was going to say... whole 30 makes me more depressed and frustrated sometimes. Prob because I love food and cooking so much. But I guess that’s part of the philosophy? To learn to stop depending on food for your happiness? I don’t know...


Exactly. It's not that it's a completely negative experience but it definitely breaks down some unhealthy attachments you may have to "comfort eating," which can be suuuuuuuper frustrating.


Also to add to all of this, I am the biggest proponent of Whole30, but there is a week in there (usually the second week) where my OCD and depression flare up really badly. It goes away after about a week, but don’t get discouraged if you struggle for a few days while your body is adjusting. A psychiatrist on here said it’s because food is an easy source of comfort and serotonin, so you have to adjust to not giving in to your reward center. As I said I am a HIGE fan of Whole 30, I’m on my third one but it always catches me a bit by surprise when my OCD flares up and I get super aggro for about a week.


Hey! I feel like I am going through something similar as you. I will start whole 30 in September 14. I am also looking to improve my mental and physical health with whole 30. I haven’t been feeling good and I hope I can do a reset in September .


I struggle with depression on and off and late July was pretty bad this year. Started my third round of Whole30 August 1st and I feel fantastic! I'm on day 26 and wondering if I should just keep going. Mood, sleep, depression, all improved.


W30 was one of the few things I’ve done that made me feel truly better anxiety and depression wise. Like, I actually feel GOOD.


I finished a Whole30 last month. A few weeks later, I was having some anxiety issues and it occurred to me that I hadn't felt that way at all during my Whole30. I mentioned this to my husband and he said he noticed I was more relaxed/happy while doing the Whole30 than he'd seen me in a long time. I'm trying to reduce sugar/flour/dairy in my daily diet now to see if I can have the same benefits without going all in. Good luck!


I’m on day 11 and haven’t felt the good effects but I’m gonna keep going!!!!


Good for you for taking that first step! I lost about 15 lbs doing one round of W30 but that is NOTHING compared to what it did for my mental heath. I have more energy, I sleep better, I'm less anxious, I'm more productive, I feel mentally sharper... I could go on and on. Really hoping it helps you too!


Good luck! And I can really relate to this — I have depression and ADHD, and while I take anti-depressants, I manage my ADHD without medication. I was amazed by how much Whole30 positively impacted my mental health! I loved it so much that I’m on my third round in 13 months. Especially with ADHD, it’s easy for me to get into situations where I mainline sugar for quick energy, and the stabilizing effect that Whole30 has on my blood sugar levels is simply amazing. My energy is much more consistent and I’m not stuck in the endless up/crash sugar cycle. In past rounds, I have followed the food elimination part of Whole30 but wasn’t very good about some of the other parts of the program (no snacking, eating enough dietary fat, not eating fruit on its own as a snack, not weighing and tracking every calorie). This time, I’m following the letter of the book and I’m kicking myself for not doing that before, because the food guidelines have let me comfortably eliminate almost all snacking (aside from workout related extra food), and the blood sugar stabilization effect happened even faster and more effectively.


I am starting my whole 30 diet beginning of next month! I hope I also reap these same benefits because your boy has ADHD and mood swings to the max! I should try to cut gluten out of my diet and see if that helps also.


I'm R1D25, and the first two weeks I felt like my anxiety was heightened and I was just sad, and overly negative. The past week, I have noticed myself to be a lot happier and in a better mood. Definitely different for everyone from what I'm reading, but the way I feel now is better than when I began my Whole30 R1!


I had significantly less anxiety when I did the whole 30, I guess due to decrease in blood sugar spikes and dips I was feeling less moody? Definitely something I noticed


Yeah to add on, the tie between emotions and food is super engraned for most people. So if you have depression and anxiety or any other mental health issues itll be really hard to break the dependence. We use food as a drug essentially to get a serotonin boost like the poster said above. So when you can’t use food to take away the discomfort of feeling you are left sitting with your emotions. You should be prepared for this! Push yourself to deal with those feelings head on. You will almost definitely feel like you will be feeling that dread forever. It’s usually temporary! You can do this just be prepared for it to be hard and don’t look for it to be a fix all. It’s helped me improve my relationship with food tremendously but there is still so much work to do on the mental health aspect. ***there is no guarantee by any means that this helps with clinical diagnoses such as MDD and GAD! I have every confidence in this diet and I’m sure it has benefits even for clinical cases such as that, but please don’t feel like you have to avoid seeking professional help because you heard this should help all your issues***


I definitely think it helps my body feel calmer, if anything due to the decreased amount of sugar I am putting into my body. It’s a good stillness. Good luck!