Israel To Swear In Government, Ending Netanyahu's Long Rule

Israel To Swear In Government, Ending Netanyahu's Long Rule


What a ruckus in the livestream


Do you have a link to a livestream?


[https://www.n12.co.il/](https://www.n12.co.il/)It's calmer now that's Bibi is speaking


This should tell you what party causes the ruckus.


Could you describe the ruckus?


Every time a coalition member talks, the entire likud party just screams random stuff. People are being thrown off the plenum left and right, First being itamar ben gvir, Kahane's best student that some sort of a poster on it. Second speaker - pm on rotation yair lapid had a one minute speech saying "fuck you" and going away. BB, on the other hand, who had 15 minutes allocated to him, had himself 35 minutes of trash talking aginst the incoming government. Occasionally having waves of applause from the likud. You see, in the last ~3 years the likud had a transformation from a legit right wing party, to a weird personality cult, identifying anything good in israel with BB. All the self thinkers walked away in one way or another, and now, this whole thing happening is the climax of the bibism. There's nothing more to do. These mobs warned us for years that israel cannot exist without Netanyahu. The cult is big, much bigger than anything trump created, and much better handled. To be fair, after 12 years of Netanyahu, 17 years old me don't remember anything else, I'll lie if I'd say the cult didn't influence me. At the end of the day, this had just been some folks screaming on each other on parliament. Nothing unusual. The big thing wasn't the screams, but the true desparation of people who have nothing but a love for one man. The big thing happened is the fall of bibism.


>had a transformation from a legit right wing party, to a weird personality cult, Why are right wing parties around the world turning into cults like this?




Neoliberalism does, it’s just not effective. Populist Authoritarians thrive on emotion and publicity. Neoliberalism is the exact opposite. Neoliberalism is really a government by technocrats and career politicians, who are typically out of touch.




Minor nitpick: they have self-labeled as “conservative movement” when in reality it is unabashed unapologetic authoritarianism borderline fascism. Because they can no longer sustain the lies that have propped up their bullshit policies. Policies that have been exposed to be snake oil to enrich and empower the asshole minority. There is very little that is conservative about this fucking asshats.


> borderline fascism Mate, they are hard core fascists. There ain't no hardcore racist fascist like Nethanyahoo or his rabid pig followers.


We are in the middle of a huge information leap with the internet. The last time this happened was the printing press making books widely available. The world is shifting and people are uneasy about it, both at the top and the bottom. That leads people to lean into authoritarian politics because people just want someone to make them feel safe. It fucking sucks that we are most likely in for another decade at a minimum for the majority to understand and react appropriately.


That happened over 20 years ago. I see a lot more in common with fascism, 1920-30s, the gilded age and oil baron than i see with the invention of the printing press?? And the shifts are much more economical, ecological and political than informational? Honestly, if you mean to blame the individual for the failures of a whole system, and also that information to the ”masses” is a bad thing, that’s not really ok


Yeah right wing politics around the globe are using the Nazi playbook and have even improved on it using the internet.


The internet happened 20 years ago but it wasn't this ubiquitous thing in damn near everyone's pocket until a decade ago. The turmoil I am referring to is how we digest the information available to us, not that having it available is a bad thing. Q is a perfect example, there are far too many people looking for confirmation of their feelings rather than basing their beliefs in facts presented to them. The printing press had a huge impact on the power structures of it's time, the church. The protestant movement happened because people could read scripture for themselves. Are there shifts in economical, ecological, and political? Yes. But we are all experiencing it in real time often without any kind of filter. That is a huge change. There is a large portion of people who don't know what to make of it and actively seek out someone to tell them what to think.


You have hit the nail exactly on the head. Just to elaborate on your general overview a bit, the people on the top are using the influence they have on the bottom in ways the bottom isn’t fully aware of yet. Once the top has leverage, they manipulate the bottom with fear, not just fear of the void, but fear of one another. We’ve been instilled with fear of our neighbors for the last year and a half, and I don’t see any signs of it slowing down, unfortunately.


Right wing politics always need some kind of myth or symbol to rally around because the tangible results they claim to want are fucking awful if you take away the propaganda.


>You see, in the last ~3 years the likud had a transformation from a legit right wing party, to a weird personality cult As an American, this sounds familiar.


~~Fuck that other guy who replied.~~ I really appreciate your rundown, and now I’m going to look for video of this. Craziness. e: No need to fight. Seems like they're doing plenty of that in the Knesset right now lol. Anyway, someone replied asking for a link to the stream if I found it (but then deleted the comment). In case you also want to see for yourself, it's mentioned higher up in the thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcRK7mufPjg. (Kinda hard to find the crazier moments mentioned, though. It's a nearly 6-hour stream.) e2: Guess no more "nuclear duck"s! Hahahahaha. e3: The crazier stuff seems to be near the beginning of the session. Jfc look at [voting process](https://www.timesofisrael.com/elections-2015-a-users-guide/). Trying to figure out of it's better or even worse than in the US. e4: Fucking video feed cuts out at times, at least in the 28th minute for at least a minute or so, assumedly due to the chaos. Fucking extremist right-wingers just *cannot* allow the democratic process to ensue.


No need to hate the other guy, I guess not getting a reference is on me.


and bibi sits in silence and just watches the circus :(


I love a good Breakfast Club joke as much as the next guy, but I'm glad you also got a filler'in reply too. Good on ya.


Nice Breakfast Club reference.


ALL BC references are nice, cuz it's one of the BEST MOVIES EVER!!!


The ending of Scarface.


The west coast party?


I heard there ain't no party like an S Club party.


Oh my god I haven’t thought about S Club 7 in years!!! Thanks for the nostalgia dose!


I would come home from school and this would be on TV instead of cartoons and I would be like "what the fuck is this show even about" lol


They're just S club now, and there's only three of them, quite sad really.


We’re gonna show you how.


aint no office like an office party because an office party is mandatory




Lmao, I'm watching this as a complete outsider and they've just been constantly yelling at each other. The translator gave up translating. This is hilarious!


It's unprecedented for this speech, it's usually considered a really important moment. Lapid gave up on his speech and said they are all shameful and reminded the people why they needed to replace the current government.


I feel sorry for the sign language interpreter.


I dunno, seems like an easy job. >🖕 Done.


For the past eight minutes they've just been flipping the middle finger and waving it around wildly.


No one really expected this coalition to work, but they all agreed on one thing fuck Bibi and let's see him in jail for corruption. Like Seculars, Muslims and extreme orthodox jews are like we can all agree on one thing. Fuck pork? No I'm a secularist it's not about pork specifically I'm just a vegetarian concerned about ecological footprint.... Enough enough, I meant Fucking Bibi has to go. Oh that... Yeah we are all in agreement on that. How we will handle Iran, Egypt and the West Bank, oh and the coronavirus? Is anyone here planning on blowing up the Associated Press building to handle one of those issues? No, well then we're off to a wonderful start.


The pork bird-walk was **chef’s kiss** 👨‍🍳


As an Israeli I can say that they are acting like animals they don't show any respect whatsoever I hope the new government will be more sane and productive


lmao, I'm from India, and we would call this civilized discussion.


Anyone got a timestamp of the drama?


during the whole of the new PM’s speech - go to say 27 mins in


At least it's not a fucking coup attempt.




Demonstrators called out going prime minister CRIME MINISTER.


>a ruckus in the livestream /r/bandnames


That's just what Panic at the Disco changed their name to during lockdown.


A Misfortune at the Library


Kerfuffle at the Community Center


Malarkey At The Nursing Home


Hootenanny at the Halfway House


A greased up watermelon at the public pool.


Doom and Gloom in the Zoom Room


I thought they changed their name to The Status Quo on the Radio?


Can you describe the ruckus, sir?


That? Was that the ruckus you were talking about?


If there's a ruckus in the livestream, don't be alarmed now.


That is the most futuristic sounding sentence I've read in ages. It's like something from a William Gibson novel.


To paraphrase an old tweet of his: we’re already living in the future, it’s just unevenly distributed.


Lmao Bennet can't even get to say a word because of Likud MKs having a meltdown. The Knesset speaker had to remove 6 MKs already.


Not just them, practically 4 fifths of the right wings who got left behind - ultra orthodox, ultranationalists are screaming their lungs off. What sore losers.


Gotta watch out for those MK Ultras


Not the MKs themselves, the main thing they will do is yelling. I am more worried about the people they incite. I am really sad to say it, but it won't be the first time they assassinated a prime minister...


It would be the first time right wingers assasinated a right wing prime minister


They don't see him as right wing anymore. To them he is a traitor, which is worse than starting off left wing.


Kinda like when they wanted to lynch Mike Pence?


Yeah, kinda.


So the right is eating itself out from the inside out? I would pay to watch that.


I'm certain you mean "eating itself ~~out~~ from the inside out," but that was an interesting mental image


They know what they said!


Thank you.


To them he isn't right wing anymore. He is a left-wing terror-supporting traitor who needs to take his kippa off and rethink his Judaism (actually called that by bib-supporters and ultra-orthodox MKs)


My ultra was a cia program that drugged people without their knowledge with lsd and other chemicals. Couple books on it.


Nice pun


Yeah. I'm giggling at the conversation below it, a group of whoosh.


> The Knesset speaker had to remove 6 MKs already. And that speaker is a Likud MK!


Might not be for that long. The speaker might well be replaced in the next few months.


He's getting replaced TODAY lmao The new government got sworn in and they pick their own speaker.


All I can think of is the Israeli John Bercow yelling "ORRRRDDDDAAAAHHHH!!"




That's just how it works here in Israel when the knesset is sworn in, the opposition shouts to show their presence


So this is all normal? Even when the parties don't change?


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I hear the USA already poured their wallets in!


I've seen a lot of people in previous posts mentioning that Bennet, the new PM, is even more right-leaning than Netanyahu, and would be even more anti-Palestine. While this is true, it ignores the nature of the Israeli Parliamentary system, which ensured that the new Israeli government will be significantly less radical than the last one, in practice. Unlike the US's presidential system, an Israeli Prime Minister's power is derived entirely from the Knesset. A coalition of several parties in the Knesset has to vote a PM in with a majority of 61 votes out of 120. The important part is that it is just as easy for the Knesset to vote a PM out as it is to vote him in: all it takes is a simple 61/120 seat majority. Bennet's new government is backed by a wide coalition, containing right-wing parties like Bennet's own Yamina, but also centrist parties like Lapid's Yesh Atid, left-leaning parties like Labour and Meretz, and even a right-wing Islamist Arab party, Ra'am. All it takes is for a single one of those parties to quit the coalition, which they can do at any time, and the coalition will lose its 61 seat majority, which means new election could be called with a simple vote. This means that while the Right wing Bennet is almost certainly not going to advance the peace process, he also won't be able to make any new anti-Palestinian moves, as that will cause the left-leaning Meretz (and maybe even Labour) to immediately leave the coalition and call for a vote of no confidence in the government. The same is true for controversial internal policies: despite most of the coalition supporting promoting more LGBT rights, nothing will be done to avoid upsetting the conservative Ra'am. Despite the Majority of the government supporting legalizing public transportation on Saturday, nothing will be done because of the religious Yamina. In practice, the new government won't do much beyond deal with the aftermath of the coronavirus and the political deadlock which froze many legal processes in the last two years. Finally, in the unlikely event that the coalition manages to survive for 2 years, the center-left Yair Lapid will replace Bennet as Prime Minister. ^(edit: fixed some typos.)


Seems like the only thing the coalition agrees on is they want Netanyahu out.


Ya. But he isn’t really going to disappear either. He’s the head of the opposition so he’ll still very much be in the game (although thankfully not as much). Hopefully Likud picks a new leader and relinquish bibis legacy to the history books forever.


One of the major goals of this new coalition is to vote laws against him: make it illegal to run for PM with standing accusations or after 8 consecutive years as PM. So he's head of the opposition but may become irrelevant soon.


Doesn't he have corruption charges coming that he's only been able to duck due to being PM?


No, Israel has no immunity law except for the President, who can also grant amnesty to any citizen. The PM can be forced to step down and go to jail right away if found guilty.


Ugh I wish the US had this


No, his trial already started weeks ago, but this kind of trial could take years until it reaches a final verdict




In the last few years the politics stopped being about left or right and instead about pro Bibi or anti Bibi. That why there is such a crazy coalition goverment.


Good on the parties of Israel for putting their disagreements aside to achieve this.


As far as I know, the govt coalitions in Israel have always been a bit nuts.


This is unusual. They have always had a stunning variety of parties on the Left and Right, but this coalition cuts across those lines. Bennett may be a radical rightwing PM, but ironically this is also the first ruling coalition to include an Arab party!


Maybe they'll learn to like each other a little bit?


Wasn't there a peace agreement between the UAE and Israel last year?


Only if you put quotes around “peace agreement.” It’s a bit like our signing a “peace agreement” with Poland—sure, they used to belong to a club that said nasty things about us, but it’s been a while, and…we were never actually at war. If you want to sign a trade agreement or set up a consulate somewhere new, you should really call it that.


Not always. But in a parliamentary government you are bound to get some crazy coaltions some times.


I am still not sure if this is good or bad for a country. I wonder.


Good. When you have to come together for a bigger purpose from time to time it means compromise is never a dirty word. On the flip side you have absolutist powers like the US where working across the isle is a death sentence and it's winner-take-all politics.


The ideal of democracy, for me, is best represented by coalitions anyway. If the point is that everyone has an equal vote and therefore an equal voice, then a wide range of voices ought to be heard in decision making (unless their opinion involves removing the equal voice of others, because that threatens the inherent balance of the system).


Yup. In the American system, a lot of folks have to "hold their nose" and vote for a party they don't actually like that much, simply to stop the even worse party from getting in. It sucks. I'd love to switch to a different system, but that seems to be a pipe dream unfortunately.




Well there is no perfect system. Everything is a give and take.


As somebody who who is both an American and a citizen of a Scandinavian Democracy, parliamentarism seems 100x better. Don't forget that Israel is *more* split than the US, they are literally in a long lasting lukewarm civil war. If it were to be applied to the US (which it would never), it would ideally still have a President as head of state, but as a more symbolic unifying position who doesn't enact policy, other than representing the US in foreign affairs. The President could run on popularity and unity, while a larger number of parties in Congress who actually represent their voter bloc could fight it out to make coalition governments with a Prime minister. This together with removing first past the post elections would solve so many issues, and make politicians actually represent their voters.


I'm a US citizen; but this sounds familiar somehow...


When politics in any country start being more about a *single person* than it is about *that country's people*, then you know something has gone terribly wrong.


I'm a brazilian citizen; but this sounds familiar somehow...


Authoritarian wannabe dictators have a lot of similarities. Who knew?!


It's one of the world's most hilarious coalitions ever. It doesn't make sense... Bennet just said in his Confidence Speech (were he asks the Knesset for its confidence - the final speech before the swear-in. Netanyahu got to have a speech as well according to law) - "I thank you, Netanyahu, for paving the way for a coalition with the [Right-wing Muslim] Arabic party Raam. Only because you called Mansur Abbas in for negotiations were we able to have the first Arab party in a ruling coalition in Israel." Basically saying "Bibi is so bad he made the Arabs legitimate, and we're just following in his footsteps." It was that radical. It's just crazy all around, it's a democratic festival rn in Israel... Literally all of the people of the land banding together to oust Netanyahu despite not agreeing on anything else.


Isn't that the truest form of democracy though? Political leaders all across the spectrum agreeing to sit together and find common grounds on what they do agree on rather than only shouting about what they don't agree on. We can be as cynical as we want about it, but I think the poison of Netanyahu allowed Israel to take in the healthiest medicine possible. I wish we could get there someday, think how healthy it'll would've been for the country if some republicans splintered off the GQP and Trumpism, and tried to actually find common grounds with Democrats and the Biden administration. Obviously they wouldn't agree to Bernie-esque policies but at least things would move forward without gridlocking everything.


Yeah well Israelis were really pushed to fucking brink, people got PISSED. You had protestors with black flags for the last two years every single Saturday without fail in just about every bridge in the country. It's thousands of mini protests like this + a huge protest every Saturday night in front of Netanyahu's official residence in Jerusalem for the last year+. Some images - Again, this is for literally every week for more than a year now, blocking major intersections in the capital. The capital protests were the Pink Flag Protests. * [The crowds](https://www.makorrishon.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/08566139-1024x570.jpg) * [Police are dicks everywhere across the globe](https://www.kolhair.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/b78acd3866e1aae23508be47824d58d7.jpg) * [lmao love this guy, I bet it's hot in this mask](https://www.kolhair.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ca28e1ec7f2bd094c9e37df59552d62c.jpg) * [Better view of the crowds](https://www.kolhair.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/20e6742f6d452198ce1e774dd3c7ebc8.jpg) * ["We are the Hope" sign](https://images.globes.co.il/images/NewGlobes/big_image_800/2020/CB89C64D17A4B03B1A50C4F828E07A74_800x392.20200829T204449.jpg) * [You can have a general search in google to see more images here](https://www.google.com/search?q=%D7%9E%D7%97%D7%90%D7%AA+%D7%91%D7%9C%D7%A4%D7%95%D7%A8&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiyv9ibppXxAhVFPOwKHRbqC4cQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1138&bih=536)


Kind of. It's pretty bad and unusual that such a small party has the premiership. It opens up the door for any fringe party to have disproportionate power, which is not the intent of the system. Bibi broke it. Hopefully once he's gone we can go back to more usual coalitions or a to a better system.


That's definitely the prevailing motivating factor. The majority of Israelis do not like him, and many Jews in the diaspora hate him, too. He's had power for so long because he carries a strong voter base in the Haredim and orthodox populations.


Not quite, they agree on a bunch of electoral/political reforms too, like PM term limits, etc. They also agree on secularism, and are probably going to pass laws that limit religious authorities' influence on Israeli life, like allowing public transit to run on Shabbat.




That's probably true but it also means that we can't fault them for much if everything falls apart in a month, since they will have already achieved their goal.


Failing that fast would not achieve the goal because it would trigger a new election that could put Netanyahu right back in the PM slot. As I understand it, they want this to hold until his criminal trial is complete. Testimony started in April, but it seems like the trial is expected to take months overall, and then Netanyahu will certainly appeal any conviction.


It's not about the trial, it's about passing a law that you can't be prime minister for over 8 years, that way he can't be voted in again


All they need is like a week to pass legislation preventing people currently under ~~investigation~~ ~~indictment~~ for corruption from running, which I believe they intend to do.


Technically, yes, and I hope it goes that fast. But things could still go wrong.


I saw some speculation that they would ban bibi from politics and then collapse right away.


Isn't this the "literally anyone but Bibi" coalition? So they'd rather chance it that the coalition dies in 5 minutes than have another round of Bibi in charge


I think they want to hold out until Bibi is convicted in his ongoing corruption trial which will get him removed as leader of Likud.


They want to hold out until they pass two laws: 1. You can't be a prime minister for more than 8 years. 2. If you're being investigated you can't be a prime minister. So either way, bibi is out as soon as they pass those laws, which should take one or two months


The second law seems problematic. Couldn’t a ruling party just kick off an “investigation” to nullify their opposition?


There has to be some sort of special mechanism for public transparency when it comes to investigations taken against political candidates. The answer definitely isn't complete immunity from the law for politicians.


In a fragile democracy, you definitely don't want anyone to have the option of invalidating their political opponents simply by putting them under investigation. Invalidating people who are convicted might be fine, but investigation alone? No, even in a strong democracy that is likely to be abused. Investigations, by their very nature, don't require any proof, and so simply being innocent is not enough to protect you from them.


Would that first law be retroactive though?


Netanyahu is still 9 votes away from being able to out the Coalition. The arabs will not vote with him be sure about that. All the parties sworn in today marked their most important goal - remove Netanyahu from power. That goal will help them stick together and keep this government going forward, as long as he is still in the oposition. Hopfully they will pass a law limiting the time one can be PM and with that ensure he will never be back to power again.


If Bibi could convince enough to support him, We wouldn't be this far along.


Also, whatever Bennet’s actions, no one has to wonder whether he’s inflaming a situation to distract from his corruption trial.


That's because Americans for the most part have no concept of how a parliamentary democracy works, or how much power a PM has. It's the result of being conditioned to only ever having two real choices, which is an anomaly in most democratic institutions. These are often the same people who argue FOR having less choice too.


Thank you for your detailed explanation! But i do have to admit that my biggest takeaway, as someone who's fairly ignorant of Israeli laws and culture, is that *public transit is illegal on Saturdays*!


It's not exactly illegal. There is public transportation in Haifa and to some extent in Tel Aviv, for example.


It's honestly insane. The lackluster transportation system costs Israel tens of billions of dollars every year. This law is one of several things holding it back by forcing everyone to own a car or be stuck at home on weekends, which means public transportation usage even on weekdays sits at only 10% and there are constant traffic jams everywhere.


I wish we had coalitions in the US congress. The founders never intended for a 2 party system, they believed it would cause factionalism... which it absolutely has. I think 4 to 6 parties would solve this problem and bring more checks and balances to our government. Thank you for the awesome explanation as well.


The founders invented the 2 party system. They started while Washington was president. There is a reason Washington was the only independent president.


Democrats are essentially a broad coalition. A surprising percentage are socially conservative, for example. You have Joe Manchin and AOC supporting the same leader (Biden), which is a remarkable amount of compromise. Republicans are also a bit of a coalition, though decreasingly diverse as the centrists leave or move right.


The US just has a wider split within their parties. There are factions within the Democrats and Republicans that fight it out during the primaries, and then unite against the opposing side for the generals. Even post election there is a lot of internal strife. Its why Obama and Truml couldnt do everything they wanted despite having a super majority. I dont think having 4-6 parties would change much.


The main thing that would change is that people could vote for the party they want, rather than the second worst one. As in, that's what you need to get a viable multi-party system, letting people vote for the party they want by counting all the votes, nationally. Not like the UK's parliamentary system.


This is a great summation. But it leaves out (imo) one major thing: Bennett is absolutely as bad or worse than Bibi. But, he is not a quarter of the politician that Bibi is and he has the charisma of an old tire. Get Bibi out for a Yamina led government dependent on a broad (mostly center left) coalition, deal with Bennett after Bibi’s established power structures are gone.


I was listening to The Daily about this, and they summarized this as the "agree to disagree" coalition. They'll focus on the more mundane things like infrastructure that they can agree on (or at least not be aggressively polarized on). They will not touch the settlement or Palestinian issues in either direction. Both right and left won't like this aspect but it is what it is. So from this perspective Bennett is not likely to be as bad as Bibi.


This coalition will probably score a few economic victories, maybe draft the ultra-Orthodox, and then disband for 5th elections. It won’t be a bad group, but I’m much more concerned about the future if a right-wing government is formed with Bennett at the top because then Bennett will truly be able to do worse things than Bibi did


Bennett won’t be able to. The current Consensus is that many Yamina voters aren’t going to be happy with Bennett over him siding with the Arabs and will not vote for him.


Don't worry, Bennett basically committed political suicide with the right wing by allying with their worst enemies against their historical leader. Short of a miracle (which could happen theoretically) he's done.


Is this the first time an Arab party has actually been in the coalition?


This is the first time a fully-independent Arab party joins the coalition, but there were Arab parties running in a joint lists with majority-Jewish parties in the coalition before, and almost every party, including the Likud, has Arab members in it, so there were always plenty of Arabs in the coalition, just not in a separate party.


Is it true that the ultra orthodox will not be a part of the new Knesset power sharing coalition ?


Yes. And they're far from happy about that, which I personally find hilarious. They don't actually share many political opinions with Netanyahu, but they've refused to negotiate with the opposition, betting on Netanyahu holding on to power indefinitely and rewarding their loyalty. That bet has now blown up in their face. Not only are they out of the coalition, but both the Alternate Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, and the Minister of Treasury, Avigdor Liberman, are vocally anti-Haredi, and will do whatever they can to topple their semi-legal-autonomy.


I’m ok with this...


Also they did their best to burn bridges with bennet, the one most in favor of adding them and who demanded the coalition nit automatically reject haredi parties.


Correct, the orthodox Jewish parties aren't in this coalition, since the main party (Lapid's party) is explicitly and specifically opposed to their goals. Ironically/interestingly, an Islamist party *is* part of the coalition.




I didn't think I'd see the day.


I hope to see this kind of news about Erdogan soon. -Sincerely, a Turk.


Good luck. Atatürk would be turning in his grave at what Erdogan has done to your country. -Sincerely, an English man.


If dead had any chance to come back to life, he would’ve came out of Anıtkabir yielding a sword. We are gonna take care of Erdogan. Thank you.


I can only dream for something similar with Modi. -Sincerely, an Indian


Good luck to every single one of us.


> I can only dream for something similar with Modi. > > -Sincerely, an Indian American here. I wish you and your countrymen Godspeed in ridding yourselves of that divisive charlatan.


Fuck Boris -Sincerely, an Englishman


You can do it too! -from an israeli


> They are likely to pursue a modest agenda that seeks to reduce tensions with the Palestinians and maintain good relations with the U.S. without launching any major initiatives. This is probably about the best you could have asked for from the "leader of a small ultranationalist party"


Along with the small ultranationalist party is a centrist party (Yesh Atid), a center left party (blue and white), a left party (Labour), a progressive party (Meretz), and an Arab group (United Arab List or Ra’am). If Bennet tried to do anything nationalistic, the coalition would split instantly. The only reason Bennet is PM for two years is because it was the condition for Yamuna to join and out Bibi.


Getting a diverse group of parties like that to agree on anything must say a lot about the public opinion of Netanyahu


Small fix: Blue and White is centrist. Yesh atid is the center left one.


For all the pessimists saying that Bennet is worse than Bibi and things might get worse, actually probably not because this is a fragile coalition that could crumble the second Bennet goes too far in any direction and especially with Bibi still controlling the biggest party and waiting for a slip up. Also in two years might get a new PM who isn't Bibi or Bennet. It's literally better than having a PM willing to throw up all the distractions possible to avoid going to jail


Reminder that Netanyahu was also booted as prime minister and "relegated to history", in (2006) EDIT: 1999. I remember breathing a sigh of relief back then. Oh well, we all grow wiser.


He wasn't Prime Minister in 2006. He was Prime Minister in 1999 and lost. He then became PM again in 2009, and continued to be PM until today. The difference is that in 2009, Netanyahu wasn't standing trial for three cases of corruption and breach of trust. By the time there are new elections he might be in jail.


On a similar note, the reaction is going to be deeply strange if Trump comes back in 2024, which I'd still put better than even odds on.


Honestly his age was showing in this last presidential election - he was a lot sloppier and slower than in 2016. The only reason it didn’t get brought up as much was because Biden’s was possibly even slower and worse. Trump will be 76 in 2023 and in even worse shape. And this time running against someone much younger - I presume Biden will not run again. Much more likely though and maybe scarier is that one of his children will run.


This is the correct response. Biden is older but he is healthier than Trump. People use the stuttering aspect but that's something he's had since childhood and is not recent. The only other option is he fell and broke his ankle. I did the same thing when I was 16. He then fell going up the steps of Air Force One not long after getting the cast removed. I rebroke my ankle leaving the hospital after getting the cast removed. Your ankle gets really weak. Dude still runs, drives his own vehicles and doesn't require a helping hand to walk down a gentle slope. He can stay on topic. Trump will be either dead or incapable of making public appearances within the next 4 years. His health is deteriorating extremely rapidly. Trump isn't a concern for being re-elected. Ivanka is. She's the kid that Orange Mussolini kept praising. It also would give the GQP a talking point by saying they're not sexist for electing the first female leader if they did succeed. Eric and Jr are going to jail, they're in way too deep, but Ivanka is more insidious. She's smarter than the rest of her family which is unsettling.


I'm curious how long will this coalition will hold. With such a wide range of political parties and ideologies it seems the odds are against them, especially as the have just enough parliamentarians for a majority, 61 members of the knesset out of 120. Also to my understanding at least one member of this coalition is already threatening to vote independently, even against the party's discipline, because he didn't get the minister position he wanted.


You have to be a special kind of asshole to bring the left and right together just so they can vote you out


Also an Arab Islamist party is sitting with a right wing Jewish party, and all of that to get rid of a single person.


To be fair that Arab Islamist party was willing to sit with Netanyahu's hard right/ultra orthodox coalition as well. It only fell through because one of Netanyahu's radical right partners refused to sit in a coalition that contained Arabs. Bennett actually thanked Netanyahu in his speech for legitimizing Raam which cleared them them to be part of his coalition.


If they last long enough to ensure Bibi faces justice it'll be worth it.


Good fucking riddance.


Netanyahu almost looks like a real life counterpart of Frank Underwood


Can’t wait to see something like that for russia


It wont because russia does not have fair elections.


I have a dream..


That dream better involve all Russian oligarchs, your governors, a majority of the Duma and Putin himself getting disappeared. They're a cancer that needs to be fully removed.


I propose a new high-speed railway for Russia: The Kremlin-Kolyma Express! First ticket you get for free!


No, Putin's end is going to look more like Gaddafi's end.


I doubt it. I think, at some point, he cashes out and truly names a successor. If he can manage to leave on a high note, I don’t think his retirement would be threatened.


A LOT of Russians like Putin. He’s in no danger.


Russia has the opposite problem. Israel has elections every few months while Russia every few decades.


Imagine how much you have to be hated to be voted out by multiple parties that are vehemently different. This is a good thing for the world.


Hopefully it’s trial and prison for Bibi next. He’s a real piece of shit.