Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese air force

Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese air force


Has John Cena released a statement yet?


Maybe LeBron can help him write the statement.


Jackie Chan can help too.


Probably helping him learn them Illuminati satanic hand gestures lol. I wish it wasn’t true


Poe's Law in action. This comment is being upvoted because people assume it's satire.


>Probably helping him learn them Illuminati satanic hand gestures lol. I wish it wasn’t true Please tell me you're not serious. It's so hard to tell these days, since there are such idiots making obscenely stupid remarks.


Thank goodness they fired that police officer who filmed that comedic video, if he were still employed, China would fall. /s These are the times we live in.


John Xina*


This comment is better than even y'all queda. You deserve upvote.


Tread carefully. The CCP shills will come to downvote you, stealing your precious karma. Taiwan #1


Free HK. Free China. Fuck CCP. Free Tibet!


They tried that in Tiananmen. Too many soldiers defected and it scared the CCP so much they had to turn to ignorant peasants to finally put it down.


Isn’t that pretty much the history the ccp and post ww2 China


Laughing at all the people in these threads that say China wouldn’t invade Taiwan, acting like they didn’t invade and take over Hong Kong during COVID haha


And Tibet


Na, now they post unrelated or backwards comments in the thread so that your brain subconsciously moves on to the next thread and breaks the chain of interest and attention.


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China #195




"Just like me, you cant see Taiwan, because they are not a country"


You mean John Sina?


If only China could smell what the Rock is cooking.


They only have to install The Rock Clock and they will learn


He has, but you can’t see it.


He did-- it was a joint statement with Steven Segal to show unity between their Chinese and Russian overlords. Cena had some sort of paste on his chin it looked like, and he was wearing a red silk robe.


What? That he would apologize for Taiwan being a island in the way of a routine "terror" patrol?


Thank you for being here asking the important questions. (Seriously. I mean it.)


It feels like this happens every week at this point


Yeah, they are increasing it more and more. My guess is to see how far they can take it and / or to further intimidate Taiwan so they act like a CCP puppet


The point is to increase the maintenance load on the Taiwanese Air Force. By forcing the Taiwanese to intercept any possible inbounds, it places a strain on their logistics that could have detrimental effects in a potential wartime scenario. And if Taiwan simply ignores it, that’s one step closer to disproving the sovereignty of Taiwan.


this is to exhaust Taiwan's fighter squads and pilots. by having to launch to intercept them the fighters will accumulate wear and tear, not to mention the fuel and supply costs. the pilots also can't properly rest if they are flying every day.


You’re right, I’ve heard about this. It’s costly for Taiwan each time so it’s a way to make Taiwan spend more and more money


Could just slap more tariffs on Chinese goods and send that as foreign aid to Taiwan. That would certainly make a statement.


Just give them the money directly if you’re going to do that.


On average china flies through taiwan's airspace 14-15 times a day. It's a logistic nightmare for the taiwan airforce because they have to scramble jets and waste fuel, money and manpower on every excursion.


Do you have a source that says China flies through Taiwan's airspace 14-15 times a day or are you just confusing that with ADIZ? I wouldn't blame you considering how the media is deliberately trying to conflate the two things even though ADIZ is international airspace.


I think he means airspace, because ADIZ of Taiwan include the Fujin province in the mainland of China. So in fact, China infringes on Taiwan’s ADIZ thousands of times every day https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Defense_Identification_Zone_(East_China_Sea)


> On average china flies through taiwan's airspace 14-15 times a day. [I wonder why..](https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/taiwan/images/adiz-image01.gif)


How can Taiwan's ADIZ include China?


Because an ADIZ is a unilateral border any country and draw on the map that states at what range their military will keep a close eye on aircraft. It's not a border or a legally recognized boundary. Think of it almost like an military administrative line.


So they can write a news article about every fuckin day lol


Because ADIZs are nothing but declaring that anyone entering the ADIZ will have to identify themselves or be intercepted. It isn't sovereign airspace. Think of it as you putting out posters and announcements that anyone walking on the sidewalk in front of your house will have to announce/identify themselves or you'll point a shotgun at them and threaten to shoot.


For interception above Chinese mainland, Taiwanese jets would have to violate Chinese airspace, no? Could Chinese jets within both Chinese airspace and TADIZ not just ignore the identification prompts?


>For interception above Chinese mainland, Taiwanese jets would have to violate Chinese airspace, no? Yes. In decades past Taiwan used to regularly fly over sovereign Chinese airspace, especially with U-2 spy planes and even sent b-17 bombers to bomb Tian AnMen square at the proclamation of the PRC (those commands were rescinded by Chiang Kai-Shek at the last moment). The Taiwanese adiz was declared right after ww2 and in those times Taiwanese airforce could do whatever they wanted over sovereign chinese airspace and the prc couldn't stop them. Unfortunately for Taiwan, since China had been getting more and more powerful Taiwan has lost the ability to do so. Which is exactly why it's stupid for them to continue to declare an ADIZ they cannot realistically enforce, since it lessens the potential credibility of a smaller, more realistic ADIZ Taiwan could actually enforce. Since the PRC regards Taiwan as a renegade province, China declares that they do not recognize any Taiwanese ADIZ and just ignore the Taiwanese, since Taiwan is too feeble to assert its ADIZ anyways. China and Russia also do not recognize the Japanese ADIZ, since Japan's ADIZ covers the Russain-controlled and legally owned but Japanese-claimed Kuril islands, and also the Japanese controlled Senkaku islands which the PRC claims. I believe South Korea also has similar tensions with Japan over Japan claiming legally South Korean Islands.


>I believe South Korea also has similar tensions with Japan over Japan claiming legally South Korean Islands. I think that must be Dokdo. Thanks for the explanation BTW!


Np. It's refreshing to talk about china-related stuff and not be immediately called a shill and ignored.


Taiwan is an independent country with a superior democratic system that led it to be more advanced compared to China (This post is a test)


So what you're saying is that Taiwan = Cooler China.


Yes, it is in fact #1.


And mainlaind china isn't even #2, it's #4.


West Taiwan.


From what I’ve heard is that Taiwanese people don’t like calling China west Taiwan since it makes it sound like they’re the same country, which China wants


We don't have to legally change the name. We can all just start calling it West Taiwan. All the hard liner WTCP folks will eat their own faces in rage.


Numba one!


Taiwan = Real China


Taiwan makes China look like a thirsty little bitch.


\>Real China You mean West Taiwan?


Most Taiwanese people self identify as Taiwanese only rather than both Taiwanese and Chinese. Taiwan = Taiwan and China = China.


i know its memes but taiwan did lose the civil war


The KMT lost the civil war and they’re now the minority party in Taiwan


They used to hate the CCP and now they're in bed with them. Chiang Kai Shek would be turning in his mausoleum if he found out.




China is just mainland taiwan.


In fact, the main land of China is just an illegitimate government occupying land called West Taiwan.


Taiwanese-Canadian here: following this logic, the French government is just a bunch of peasants that drove out the nobility illegally and the Americans are illegally occupying British territory. The CCP has committed numerous atrocities, but at the time of the Chinese Civil War they were up against a corrupt and authoritarian party that oppressed the population. When they fled to Taiwan, they had the world's second longest martial law and a violent crackdown in protestors with a higher death toll than Tiananmen Square. In an ideal world, Taiwan can forge ahead as just Taiwan and not "the real China." Edit: typos.


While the ROC did impose martial law here, that has been lifted decades ago. Taiwan underwent significant liberalization and has blossomed into a robust democracy for some time now - not to mention the only Asian country that allows gay marriage. Taiwan also doesn’t censor anything in regards to the days of “White Terror” (when martial law was imposed). There are countless books and movies that talk about this part of Taiwan’s history — even the 2/28 national holiday commemorates this. While China’s regime has increasingly gotten more authoritarian, and continues to trample on human rights on many fronts.


Agreed on most your points. I was merely pointing out that there is a reason why the KMT lost the Civil War: most sources I've come across spoke about the KMT/ROC's corruption, totalitarian nature, and failed economic policies during WWII that lost them popular support. By calling the CCP illegitimate, op was implying that the KMT a "legitimate government" when it was a totalitarian government that was hanging on to power despite the wishes of the people. That doesn't sit well with me. Of course, modern day China is extremely restrictive while Taiwan has experienced democracy (I'll argue that a little more than three decades isn't "for some time now," but that's a minor nitpick), but that's hindsight. At the time of the Chinese Civil War, I'll argue that the CCP had a lower "atrocity meter" than the KMT. From the 60s and on the CCP's atrocity meter overshot the KMT's.


>they were up against a corrupt and authoritarian party that oppressed the population and the CCP did a great job of fixing this /s


The new more equal pigs are not better than the old pigs?


What can we say, it is not like the Chinese people had a crystal ball and knew Mao sucked the same as Chiang.


Yes. The ROC needs to be abolished, or exiled back to China, sort out their differences with the PRC/CCP and leave Taiwan out of this.


This. This post I agree with. Let the Kuomintang people go back to mainland and sort it out with the CCP instead of dragging Taiwanese into this. They invaded Taiwan when they lost the civil war and proceeded to do political purging (like, actually killed a lot of people who were against their forced government) and killed a lot of the indigenous Aboriginals too.


Have you seen their food? Nothing says progressive Nation than penis shaped ice cream.


>Have you seen their food? Nothing says progressive Nation than penis shaped ice cream. And that the market there allowing such a~~n abomination~~ delightful treat to be a profitable venture


Please do not equate The country of Taiwan with the province of West Taiwan.


>Cooler China. You mean West Taiwan?


Well Taiwan annual weather is approximately 22 Celsius and china annual weather is approximately 6.62 Celsius. So china is cooler than Taiwan and Taiwan is hotter than China. :D




Taiwan is an independent country with a superior democratic system that led it to be more advanced compared to China












I much prefer this pasta over the tired and unhelpful west taiwan joke which binds taiwan to beijing.


A test for what?


Upvote farm.


To see if it gets taken down, I guess. I don’t think Chinese censorship is nearly that extreme on Reddit though.


Has there ever been a single post about China in the history of Reddit that got taken down by the admins? This just seems like a giant circlejerk to me.


There is nothing more popular on Reddit than pretending your incredibly popular opinion is unpopular.


Oh boy do I have a subreddit for you


There's several


It isn't filled with edgy racists right? Right?


It is a subreddit after all


Yeah, well, I like sex. There, I know it's a controversial opinion, but there it is. Don't bother replying abstinent majority!


People just post random political crap on like /r/RarePuppers and cry censorship when they are taken down


Spoiler: it’s a giant circlejerk.


If there was it's not like we could link you


There's several websites that index every single post that gets made.


Everything quickly becomes a circlejerk on Reddit, individual thought and discourse is drowned out by the masses — unless they deem it worthy of following for that season.


Only one. And it was meant to shit-stir.


These people doing this "test" sound like drones copy pasting the same shit. Something is wrong in their brains.


>Chinese censorship You mean like this sub has at least 3-4 free-for-all anti-China posts at the top at any time?




The Taiwan and ccp history is a trip. They both claim sovereignty over all of China. If you’re interested, look into which “China” had the UN security council seat when first initiated and now...pretty interesting


Taiwan tried multiple times to get rid of the texts in their constitution that claims sovereignty over China, but China threatened them with war if they do so. So the blame is solely on the CCP.


Like all things this is a nuanced topic. It’s only in recent years that Taiwan has attempted to do that. Even then it doesn’t tell the full story of the topic. The KMT is still a major party in Taiwanese politics and they still keep to their ideological roots of a “one China policy.” They still claim that the mainland is just occupied and governed by rebel forces. Even though the younger generation is overwhelmingly in favour of Taiwanese independence, the KMT still receives sizeable support in elections. They received just shy of 40% of the votes last election. There’s also the Kinmen and Matsu islands just off the coast of the mainland. Those islands overwhelmingly don’t want to be part of an independent Taiwan. Those islands have strong relations with the mainland. They’ve even butted heads with government in Taiwan over deals they’ve made with China over pipelines and Chinese universities establishing branch campuses there. To even change those parts of the constitution they’d need to hold a referendum that receives majority support. Talks of changing the constitution have only been proposals and not actually legislation that was blocked solely by China’s threats . They have internal obstacles to overcome too before they deal with China’s threats of invasion.


Taiwan is an independent country with a superior democratic system that led it to be more advanced compared to China


Taiwan is an independent country with a superior democratic system that led it to be more advanced compared to China


Taiwan is the real China that was ousted from the mainland by an extreme authoritarian regime that will casually commit horrible crimes against humanity for the fun of it and their leader wants so badly to be emperor of China that he will do whatever it takes.


Pitching in as someone from Taiwan. The truth, as always, is something much muddier and ugly. The Kuomintang government that lost to the Communists in 1949 was in many ways just as awful as the CCP that emerged after it. Even after their unwilling exile to Taiwan, the KMT enforced its rule by means of military police, in the longest period of martial law in modern history. It's only in the last 30 years or so that Taiwan has actually become a democracy in the western sense, and not without our own problematic situations. That's not to excuse anything Xi Jinping's regime has done since coming to power, but to portray the ROC as nothing but a shining paragon of freedom and democracy is just plainly false.


You’re not supposed to pitch in, you’re supposed to let cold warriors project their fantasies onto countries they don’t live in.


>extreme authoritarian regime that will casually commit horrible crimes against humanity for the fun of it and their leader wants so badly to be emperor of China that he will do whatever it takes. This was literally Chiang kai sheks rule though?


Once again people mix up the mutually exclusive positions that Taiwan is the real China and that Taiwan is not part of China at all. The former position is essentially dead among younger Taiwanese.


Yes, because they were also extremely nice , and totally did not finish exterminating the local tribes... Look, now it is nicer than mainland China, but lets leave it there.


Some of yall missed the context of the post I was replying to and it really shows.


All my homies recognize Taiwan as a independent sovereign nation.


Get your homies elected




As /u/voxaroth puts it: > The article said that incursions had plummeted since the last incursion and tied it to the statement. > "I took a shit this morning and drove to work. Since then, the number of shits I've taken has plummeted drastically. Driving reduces bowel movements!"


You did fall for our propaganda...


Damn West Taiwan seem like real assholes


I’m from Taiwan and most people (outside of extreme right wing people) don’t even claim China as a part of our territory anymore. We just want autonomy. The West Taiwan joke isn’t even a thing in Taiwan.


>We just want autonomy. Well unfortunately, Reddit doesn't want just that.


Don't expect Americans to care about the wishes of the Taiwanese people. They never have and never will care about anything except their own personal beliefs. Americans treat Taiwan like a colony, a toy to be played with, a pointy stick to poke China with. They would throw it away in a heartbeat if it no longer served their overarching geopolitical aims


I think you give us too much credit. I think I can safely say that at least a third of us don't even know Taiwan exists. The other two thirds only want to decide if you "deserve to be your own country" to take opposition to the other political party.


Aside from the fact the countries don't spend billions protecting others for pure altruism I'm pretty surprised by this. Could you elaborate?


You mean North Hong Kong? Or am I thinking of East Tibet?


Southern Mongolia?


Is there a map showing the actual taiwan air space (not the bullshit ADIZ) so we can overlap the flight path to it?


It would just be 12 miles out from the border. Same as the relevant nautical laws. Looks like China's planes were \~50, 60 miles from the Southern tip.


Thanks for the info. (and the award if it's you). So does this mean that China's planes didn't actually fly into Taiwan's air space? Where can China fly their planes and where can't? Does Taiwan have the right to stop China from flying the current path?


> So does this mean > that China's planes didn't actually fly into Taiwan's air space? No, they didn't. > Where can China fly their planes and where can't? They can't in Taiwanese airspace, they can anywhere else that isn't the airspace of any other country. > Does Taiwan have the right to stop China from flying the current path? No. More likely than not, China aircraft is testing Taiwanese reaction time, and/or wearing down Taiwanese aircraft, and/or simply training their own pilots.


No, they didn’t, and no, Taiwan doesn’t have the right to stop flights. It’s international airspace. An ADIZ can be declared over anything. It doesn’t actually [exist at international law](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_defense_identification_zone). It’s just a request for entities to identify themselves. [This is Taiwan’s ADIZ](https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/taiwan/images/adiz-image01.gif). You’ll see almost half of it is literally over mainland China.


**[Air_defense_identification_zone](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_defense_identification_zone)** >An air defense identification zone (ADIZ) is airspace over land or water in which the identification, location, and control of civil aircraft is performed in the interest of national security. They may extend beyond a country's territory to give the country more time to respond to possibly hostile aircraft. The concept of an ADIZ is not defined in any international treaty and is not regulated by any international body. The first ADIZ was established by the United States on December 27, 1950, shortly after President Truman had proclaimed a national emergency during the Korean War. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Here's the flight path of the incursion: [https://image.taiwannews.com.tw/photos/2021/06/15/1623768519-60c8bdc7dc480.jpeg](https://image.taiwannews.com.tw/photos/2021/06/15/1623768519-60c8bdc7dc480.jpeg)


It pretty easy to guess Taiwan and china is around 100mile apart and air space is about 12 mile from the land.


Looks like reddit is also getting its largest incursion of Chinese nationalists yet. Watch the downvotes... if this post even stays up.


I always have a good laugh when I see these comments being one of the most upvoted ones in the thread.


"WE ARE BEING SILENCED" - person with megaphone being allowed to speak.


“Guys, guys, the evil CCP censors everything, be on the lookout!” -comments that routinely get thousands of upvotes


It's the war machine at work.


This lol. The ratio of pro/anti-Chinese sentiment on reddit is overwhelmingly on the anti side, and yet redditors always, always, like to pretend they are being oppressed by this massive pro-chinese hordes.


Dude watch this SUPER RARE picture of Tiananmen Square Massacre BEFORE IT GETS DELETED BY REDDIT !!!!!


At this point I don't even believe these type of comments are genuine. The anti-China circlejerk is too ridiculous to be made up of real people.


There definitely are China accounts that literally only comment on China-related posts. Sort by controversial and you’ll find more than a few.




god forbid people only commented on subjects they are interested in or understand. why cant they be more like Americans that comment on everything, even things they have no clue about


The mind bending mental gymnastics they do is kind of entertaining too. >damn Chinese nationalists brigading again >haha dumb China firewall means theyre all brainwashed idiots >damn paid Chinese shills and bots brigading again


[The enemy is both weak and strong. “\[…\] the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”](https://www.faena.com/aleph/umberto-eco-a-practical-list-for-identifying-fascists)


Lmfaooo this 100 percent


Lol right Reddit is single handedly taking down the Chinese Government one circle jerk at a time


It's a typical fascist strategy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism > Fascist societies rhetorically cast their enemies as "at the same time too strong and too weak." On the one hand, fascists play up the power of certain disfavored elites to encourage in their followers a sense of grievance and humiliation. On the other hand, fascist leaders point to the decadence of those elites as proof of their ultimate feebleness in the face of an overwhelming popular will.


**[Definitions_of_fascism](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism)** >What constitutes a definition of fascism and fascist governments has been a complicated and highly disputed subject concerning the exact nature of fascism and its core tenets debated amongst historians, political scientists, and other scholars since Benito Mussolini first used the term in 1915. Historian Ian Kershaw once wrote that "trying to define 'fascism' is like trying to nail jelly to the wall". A significant number of scholars agree that a "fascist regime" is foremost an authoritarian form of government, although not all authoritarian regimes are fascist. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Dude my Reddit feed is constantly full of Anti Chinese posts and of all this talk of Chinese censorship they must be awful at it


This post is 95% upvoted. What are you talking about? Who are these Chinese shills everyone keeps mentioning in this sub and yet they never appear and have next to zero impact? Looks more like people are just trying to stir up controversy.


Or trying to get a lot of upvotes


Shills that are paid to talk shit on china are blaming china for shilling. It's the P part in GOP.


Not just the GOP tho. This is just US policy: >[$300 million for the ‘‘Countering Chinese Influence Fund," to push back against the Chinese Communist Party's efforts to promote its authoritarian model abroad.](https://www.axios.com/senate-china-bill-474f96f1-467b-4c02-ab6e-1084ca73b158.html)


lmao karma whores gon karma whoring


"WaTcH thE DoWnVoTeS" **1k upvotes**


This sub just a few days ago had a post on the frontpage explaining that China isn't doing any 'incursions' anymore right now, because they are really scared of how it might affect the CCP anniversary. 'Incursion' has to be put in quotation marks, because we are talking about ADIZ here, which isn't an accepted border in international law. It is just something that a country declares to be a safezone around themselves, and any aircraft entering will be monitored. Taiwan's ADIZ contains part of the chinese mainland. [This](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/26/taiwan-reports-incursion-by-20-chinese-military-aircraft) is the exact same headline from 3 months ago. [The defense ministries](https://www.mnd.gov.tw/english/PublishTable.aspx?types=Defense%20News&Title=News%20Channel) page doesn't have a release on this issue, I guess the newspapers got it in different channels. I'm quite confident though that real air space wasn't violated. So this is just your weekly click-baity reminder that China and Taiwan are in conflict. It would be stupid not to downvote such garbage news reporting. E: Not denying that there is a shitton of astroturfing on this sub though. There are good stories dying early, too, but this one is not one of them. And of course it gets to the frontpage.


Yeah, I'm really getting sick of these ADIZ "overflight" stories. As much as I might disagree with the PRC, they're free to fly all they want in international airspace. Reddit really needs to stop upvoting these stories unless there's some actual substance.


Wow, you’re such a soldier


Love the super convenience of being able to brush off any sentiment that challenges the narrative so easily and effortlessly. Nobody REALLY disagrees with me, it's just those meddling Chinese/Russians/whoever is the current target.


Or maybe it's because it's just another ADIZ post, where much of the zone covers *Mainland China.* Regardless of who you support, these posts that keep popping up are complete non-stories.




The great firewall was built to keep the chinese people in


This is a test. Taiwan is a country


How could you say something so controversial and yet so brave?


for the free karma points


Test for what? Edit: Downvote but no answers 🤦‍♀️


free karma


The implication is that they’re testing to see if their comment is deleted/removed. Whether or not that is their actual goal is questionable. It’s not only unnecessary to add “this is a test” if you’re just looking to see if stating Taiwan is a sovereign country is being censored, but counter productive.




wow, you are so brave


This article has been carefully crafted to present this very blatant politically-driven narrative, and as usual, reddit's doing its part in eating it up and shouting down anyone who disagrees as "Putinbots" or, I guess in this case, Chinabots? An "air defence identification zone" is literally nothing more than a country's arbitrary, self-declared, unregulated and internationally undefined zone where its military monitors all air traffic. It is not sovereign Taiwanese airspace. Infact, Taiwan's AIDZ extends over mainland China. [This picture](https://image.taiwannews.com.tw/photos/2021/06/15/1623768519-60c8bdc7dc480.jpeg), suspiciously omitted from Reuters' and most western articles, shows what actually happened. It's pretty telling that basically every single news outlet in the west is portraying the narrative that this was some illegal, heinous violation of Taiwan's sovereign airspace. It's even more telling that I'm going to get downvoted and called some kind of bot/paid shill/Chinese nationalist by froth-mouthed redditors who literally can't help but try and suppress any kind of dissenting voice to defend their narrative. Propagandization of popular discourse has become so utterly warped and skewed that the fact the US has entire carrier battle groups all over the world is just totally unremarkable and "normal".


Yeah, reddit is so fucking dumb. r/worldnews dipshits can't even google Taiwan ADIZ and see it extends over China's mainland. They think they're brave by saying something that will in no way be censored by this very anti-China website. Bunch of ignorant cowards who play act at being brave by repeating hawkish propaganda.


Taiwán should just invent a force field of lasers.


Wasn't there a very upvoted article last week saying the US-Japan statement scared China into backing down?


Yeah. I think there was some important Chinese event which stopped the incursions,nothing to do with US-Taiwan.


```````````````````` ==================== MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ==================== ````````````````````




"Beijing appears to be backing off from aggressive moves that would antagonize Washington over the hot-button issue after the U.S. and Japan made their first statement naming Taiwan in decades." Its not said directly but its implied that China was backing off because of the statement. I'm not sure why you disagree?


I mean... 2 years ago he was fairly active? But ugh yeah those most recent comments are disconcerting.


Ya many redditors came on that day


CCP is an insecure bully.


As are all dictatorial regimes.


How the fuck do sino-tankies see this and go "it's ok China won't hurt anyone"? China is already committing genocide with the Uyghurs and brutally opressing Tibet, they send fighters to Taiwan and it's ok?


Because they literally didn't violate Taiwanese airspace, which extends 12 miles from the shore. The planes were 60 miles away from the southernmost tip of Taiwan. These fake news articles constantly stirring shit about China sucker Redditors every time, and anyone pointing out the wild inaccuracies and inconsistencies in them are called bots and tankies by people like you. You will now move goalposts by stating that it's not okay that they were 60 miles away because it's still aggression despite you believing it's aggression because of a total fabrication.


So what was the purpose of these flights? Sightseeing?


It can be anything. For example ensuring Freedom of navigation so loved by US. Thing is China can fly how much they want in international airspace.


It always amazes me to find comments on this subreddit that call China “mainland Taiwan” or “west Taiwan.” For as politically active users of those subreddit are, it’s wild that people continue to parrot this, not seeing that it doesn’t help Taiwan’s cause, nor is it even helping its independence movement. Taiwan wants to be independent of China **completely**, (majority of) people recognize that the KMT lost the Chinese civil war and that Taiwan has been separated long enough that it should be its own country. The implication of those ‘nicknames’ is that Taiwan and China **should** be the same country and there is presently a degree of attachment. The CCP wouldn’t be angry by those comments, only Chinese ultra nationalists would be annoyed by them.


One more question. If Taiwan has separated long enough to be an independent country. Should Tibet be a part of china now since it also has been a while? If you count wing dynasty, Tibet is in china for longer than the usa was created. Please answer me without the double standard


There is no better way to demonstrate you are a peaceful country and that saying you represent a threat is slander, than sending scores of jet fighters tpo harrass an other government.