Kim Jong-un Lost Weight. No One Knows How or Why.

Kim Jong-un Lost Weight. No One Knows How or Why.


Finally pooping huh?


This deserves more credit.


A food shortage.


Feed them cake


Are we short on fat celebrity at the beach news at the moment or something?


Well it's more like "is Kim Jong Un *dying*, with no clear successor, possibly leading to coups or civil war or the collapse of the DPRK and a major refugee crisis and period of violent instability for southeast Asia and questionable custody of nuclear assets...or is he, like, on keto? Idk." CORRECTION: Northeast, not southeast


North Korea is definitely not Southeast Asia.


You're correct, of course, my brain remembered a northern border with China but as a matter of fact there is a LOT of China to have a border with.


He started on that meth lol


Noone knows how he lost weight??? How do normal people lose weight? Exactly that way. A calorie deficit.


When's the last time you saw an American lose weight. Of course they think it's impossible.




Maybe the guy just wanted to lose some weight like the rest of us lol.


May have very well been told by doctors that he is unhealthy and stressed. He's foolish-but not stupid. The only way to ensure he can maintain power forever is if he is healthy... so maybe a doctor suggested to lay off the food- perhaps he listened.


Considering he disappeared for a little while and it appeared his sister may take the reins, he may have done just that.


The headline made me giggle a bit by saying no one knows *how* he lost weight. I'm gonna make a, now bear with me here, this is, I'm gonna make a real stab in the dark here, and say he lost weight by -- now I know this might e a stretch, but... he might have eaten less food for a period of time. I know, I know, crazy right, a guy running a country with extreme difficulty getting food into the country and a geographical disadvantage for agriculture needing to eat less while dealing with a pandemic in an isolationist regime?


Or maybe they couldn’t find a body double of the same weight because no one else in NK is as well fed as him..


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Slim Fast and a weekly subscription to frozen weight loss meals.


lmao "No one knows how or why" uh theres this weird thing that happens when a human being consumes less calories than usual... its called weight loss


Yes. It’s apparent in recent photos that one of his jowls is considerably smaller than the other.


he's lookin' for the big money. gonna go into business with oprah.


He's going come out with his new Diet pills that will sweep the world and cure obesity forever!


No surprise, Subway is endorsed by North Korea. Yet another Atkins story.


He doesn't need to look like Kim Il-Sung anymore I guess.


He decided he didn't want to look like Trump.


Kim Jong Un says "I lost 80 pounds. Ask me how. And be fed to my dogs".


Soon we’ll be bombarded with ads for the Kim Jong-un Diet, no doubt.


All he did was declare, "I now weigh less", and it was so.


Crystal meth has a way of doing that to a person...also known as the Jenny Crank Diet.


Isn't it obvious that he had Covid?


Covid 19 ?


You know you are fat when global stability is threatened because you lost weight... but you are still fat.