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1 part Covid-19 5 part water Mix /s


We've always known how to make Concentrated Dark Matter.


1 part mixture 5 part water Mix Repeat 100 times You've got the perfect cure! /s


Having flashbacks to chemistry lab


Don't forget the titration schedule!!! Heaven forbid


Lol this sounds like just drinking 5 gallons of water with one gallon of phlegm flavored Mio squirted in


Aka homeopathy


No, that'd be one *drop* of phlegm.


That's still too much. They'd dilute it so many times that it would be almost statistically impossible to actually get a molecule of phlegm. That was the essence really does its job. Purity Of Essence


Berry pomegranate Mio?????




Uh thats homeopathy, not chemistry haha


Forgot the micro-chip


This is going to end up being the next horse dewormer cure! “The government doesn’t want you to know!!! 3 east steps to defeat the virus!!”


It’s 99.9 percent effective!


And you are .1 percent sus


Faith in humanity: slight increase


I mean.. how many of these counties can even produce this?


Almost all pharmaceutical product are mass produced in India and se south east Asian countries and in article it does mention deal with 9 indian companies


well we bombed an aspirin factory in Sudan


Very Good question, How complicated is the Production of a pill compared to a vaccine? Very Important


Generally much, much simpler. It’s why an IP waiver for vaccines is mostly just an act of political theatre, whereas it could genuinely help with therapeutics.


Wouls someone please post a bit more of the article?


It’s ironic that this article is behind a paywall, isn’t it?


Here it is from the Associated Press: https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-technology-business-public-health-health-ddde9854faee530d6c4bc435f3e6da74








[But, haven’t you heard?](https://youtu.be/L-A027BFV7k&t=8m16s)


Jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with these people


Oh Russell Brand… He’s been spouting some truly toxic counterfactual ickiness of late. Apparently when he switched to more anti-science stuff, the Trumplings tuned in & it got him views so he’s stuck with it


After consideration, I respectively disagree. I’ve not seen or felt this toxicity you speak of. Please share some specifics if you could? And this counter factual information, anything on that? It seems his material is sourced well, and appears transparent. At [8m16s](https://youtu.be/L-A027BFV7k&t=8m16s) Brand quotes a source, also provided on screen, which also checks out with [other sources](https://www.google.com/search?q=merck+pill+40+tines+the+price&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari).


I don’t understand the argument against him. it seems to come from low quality headlines that are just cherry picking quotes. being skeptical of the US NIH and the CCP regarding Wuhan does not equal alt right or Trumpism. he’s not anti vax at all. his positions are not ‘toxic counter factual information, he’s just using his brains. watch a full episode, he says exactly where his source are from and is talking out loud in a conversational style examining both sides with skepticism and curiosity which is what makes a free press so important.


Anti science stuff? Please elaborate…


He's an Antivax cockwomble these days https://www.thedailybeast.com/comedian-russell-brand-has-become-a-powerful-voice-for-anti-vaxxers


I believe this to be false based on the phrasing you used. RB has never expressed, to my knowledge, any “anti-vax” stance. I welcome correction on this. RB *does* have concerns regarding the overall agenda surrounding the vaccine. I believe that many of us share this mentality..


He's a poseur from way back. The guy has 20 million dollars and tells people not to bother voting, he pretends to be so anti establishment but in reality he benefits from the status quo. So now theres' some impoverished poorly educated people sat around overcrowded housing watching this git all impressed by his big words and he's telling them to be vaccine skeptics. If Brand gets covid he'll have the best health care money can buy, meanwhile if his victims catch covid working their minimum wage jobs they have to take their chances in the overburdened NHS public system, and in the US it wont be pretty either.


I agree. People have somewhat figured out how to sell their snake oil better. Brand, Rogan, Peterson, and Rubin fall into that camp imo. Like, every once and while they may be correct but it's mostly b.s. and questioning things that aren't questionable and doing it just to "seem" intelligent. It's shallow and not intellectual in good faith. And it's even easier when you have a lot of fans and zero pushback due to the format(podcast or softball interviews).


Are you serious? You can't actually believe that can you? Have you ever watched him, or are you going off of what other redditors have said? Every one of his videos are well sourced, and he he rags on Trump and Republicans as well as Democrats. Just because he says things that challenge your view of the world doesn't mean that they are counterfactual or anti-science.. He says in almost every video, "I don't have an opinion, let's just have an open discourse about things." All he does is present facts and reads articles from actual journalists, not opinion pieces from garbage partisan news sites.


I think this should be the moment when you realise you are literally brainwashed


Some other lab created the pill with federal grants (our tax dollars) and Merck bought them out. Now, they're trying to sell the cure back to the US Govt for redistribution THAT WE PAID TO R&D for the massive sum of $700 per 5 day regimen (estimated cost to merck, around $15). Though that price is not yet final and hopefully will not stick.




Which one? The older German one or the one which makes them need to operate as Millipore Sigma in the US and Canada?


Wait you mean the US one or the German one. The German one operates as MilliporeSigma in the US, then there is Merck US which is its own company. I do believe it is Merck US though. (Source: MilliporeSigma employee)


Hi coworker!


Hi coworker!


Hello fellow coworkers! Weird seeing people talk about where I work.


Yes that is a rephrasing of exactly what I said for the most part. The assumption was that the article being from a US publication that they would be ignoring the original company's name claim but due to the pay walling I couldn't get a proper read.


Soooo. We gonna follow Merck’s stock numbers or nah?




You wouldn't download a covid pill, would you?


I'll bet Americans will have to pay significantly for it.


Free vaccines or $20,000 pills - choose wisely.


I hope so! Someone needs to reward life-saving medicine producers.


The "rewards" for the life-saving medicine producers don't need to come at the expense of driving people into medical debt just to survive in the richest country on earth.


I don't think we disagree!


Please elaborate


We should reward the people saving tens of millions of lives so people do it again in the future AND there's no need to drive people into medical debt just to survive


Just FYI, they didn't make it. They bought out the company who actually created it (creation funded with US taxpayer's dollars, no less...)


That's a good thing! Production companies *should* buy up designers and ramp up production.


Nestle *should* buy out water sources and then sell it to the people






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It’s ok we can afford it.


[*Ding Ding Ding,*](https://youtu.be/L-A027BFV7k&t=8m16s) you’re damn right.


That's almost guaranteed.


Still charging 40x the cost to make, when our tax money subsidized the creation of it? Or giving out of the goodness of pharma's heart?


Cost to make is only a relevant # in pharma if you count in that the cost to bring to market (R&D)


And the costs that go into all of the trials for drugs that don’t make it to market.




From $17.74 to produce, to selling it to the us gov't for $712. Around 41x the price. [SOURCE](https://theintercept.com/2021/10/05/covid-pill-drug-pricing-merck-ridgeback/) Love how they manually hid this comment and its chain too. lol..


Transportation marketing and all overhead is free eh?


Marketing for a pandemic effective drug must’ve been expensive I mean who’s gonna want that.


Considering drug makers are not allowed to market until full FDA Approval I would imagine their ad spend is $0.00


Marketing lol


In case you haven't heard of Covid yet.


Is that like a new sport? Like cricket?


It's surprisingly less popular than cricket.


A lot of them use USPS at very discounted rates (I’m in supply chain).


It costs $17.74 to produce, and they're selling it to the US gov't for $712. Gonna need you to go ahead and bring that discount down a bit more. Their profit margins are pretty thin as is..


I’m sure we can cut some trucker’s pays to make that happen


How much is the cold transport, because while it may not be 500$ based on how sensitive it is, it can get pretty expensive


Regardless of the fact that you can transport 100s of thousands of pills with one fridge truck, and its markup is per 5 pills (one per day for five days), it is a pill and doesn't require cold storage like the vaccines.


Actually going over the math that is very true, from Toronto to Houston by truck would only be like 1.5$ each (15000 units per truck at 10k price (normally it’s about 6-10k for Houston to Toronto by truck))


From $17.74 to $712. That's a LOT of overhead.


If you’re so smart explain to me how else you’re going to pay for those exorbitant executive bonuses?!


Shows what you know. Just cut wages in half! Simple, really.


Fuck! Why didn’t I think of that?!


Same with the vax


What’s the pill supposed to do..?


It is a mutagenic ribonucleoside. It mimics both uridine and cytosine triphosphate. The drug will be taken in by the virally infected cells where it will then be falsely incorporated into the RNA genome of the virus. This will then be copied incorrectly via the RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). This leads to fatal mutations of the viral gene.




A member of my family (uncle) works at nintendo


That's why I know the secret spot in Mario Bros but I'm not gonna tell you.


He knows what is behind the truck that’s parked by the S.S. Anne.


Duuude has he got the Nintendo 65??!?


Was the D’s in Nintendo 64dd supposed to be a bra size?


I dont believe this without actual evidence. Too many unsubstantiated claims regarding China on this sub recently.


The scientific community has a pretty good grasp on the ingredients of the mRNA vaccines. The hard part seems to be how to create the nanoparticles that contain intact mRNA.


Violent industrial espionage is common, the only thing I'd hesitate to do is attribution. These days, the perpetrators may also be simple criminals running an extortion job.


I'm not a fan of China on the best of days but to say China doesn't have the technical expertise to replicate it is a hilarious joke.




Not really a major stretch. China is still way behind the West in high-end manufacturing. They dominate the lower-end stuff to such a degree that most people don't realize this though as overall they produce more goods.


China is the worlds manufacturer


This article isn't even about vaccines. It's about pills. This guy sounds like a bot who read the word 'vaccine' to me. Edit: his profile is full of anti-china propaganda too.


Seeing a lot of skin in that clean room. And reaching over a conveyor with product on the line. It’s capped but poor form people.


Wait until Bill Gates finds out. He's going to absolutely lose it.


Media will report this as Pills gate


He's gonna merk them


Meanwhile Pfizer and the like are keeping the vaccine recipe secret because "poor countries can't produce medicine". And possibly because they would make $0 in profit, rather than getting payed billions in taxes from wealthy countries to supply to them.


> When the viral RNA polymerase attempts to copy RNA containing molnupiravir, it sometimes interprets it as C and sometimes as U. This causes more mutations in all downstream copies than the virus can survive, an effect called viral error catastrophe or lethal mutagenesis.


Does that mean the us taxpayers had to pay 4000x the cost for a drug they funded the research for and now these other countries just get it for nothing?


And charge Americans 1000 usd/pil?


Republicans will love it. They hate the free vaccine however.


Finally edible 5G chips.


Introducing cellphones by Merck. Now the most reliable network


Covid pill?


It’s an anti-viral treatment that has been shown to reduce hospitalization by 50%. Phizer is supposed to be coming out with one by the end of the year as well.


Of course, it's Molnupiravir! or it might be Ihmihirvir




Molnupiravir is an antiviral drug that interferes with viral RNA replication via a nucleoside analogue. It has been shown to reduce COVID-19 hospitalization in a clinical trial - in fact, it was so successful the trial was cut short. It has nothing in common with Ivermectin, which has not been proven effective at treating COVID-19.


https://news.emory.edu/stories/2021/03/coronavirus_DRIVE_molnupiravir/index.html Gonna leave this here because it’s the most correct comment. I believe trial was cut short in September but this article is from March.


Weird I would have assumed it's some sort of antiviral given covid is a virus.


When companies do this stuff for "poor countries" is not because they are generous, it's more like "Well, if something goes to shit, there won't be too much of a scandal"


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Merck rep: Look we got this COVID pill, we just need you water. Cool? Cool. And if no we just take it [anyways] (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/corporations-grabbing-land-and-water-overseas/).


Biofuels bad. More crops, more logistical need to move it around & process it. Iowa 🌽 primary we can blame.


Can someone explain, why not everyone get free covid pill recipe?...


How will they make profit otherwise


I feel you... like why being partially generous, we are all in this together


Same reason food stamps are free but supermarkets cost money?


Oh wow that’s so nice of them. They won’t withhold life saving information from countries too poor to buy it from them.


That's still actually nice of them. They didn't have to do it. Does everyone on Reddit take some kind of hate pills?


Of course, they can be the test dummies


lmao IverMercktin


How benevolent


Dude covid19 is outdated, covid22 will be announced next year


So Trump was right. Yet. Again.


Let me guess, the pill is ivermectin mixed with paracetamol so that big pharma can patent it now


…and price gouge the US


Copy the ivermectin molecules and just move one of them over to the other side. Done.


Pretty soon vaccine mandates will have been for nothing? Mf’ers still getting and spreading covid even after being vaccinated


No it halves your risk of hospitalization/dying if you take the full 5-day course of pills. Pfizer/Moderna are 85-95% effective at preventing that. “Breakthrough infections” happen with all vaccines but the number that are stopped are astronomically higher. If 90-95% get vaccinated, we’ll end the virus’ ability to mutate, circulate widely. The pills alone will save lives but aren’t a replacement for the vaccine.


Ok so I’ve been hiding away for the past two years but I got covid from my neighbor who got both shots. I didn’t get vaccinated because I don’t want the Sinovac vaccine. Does that mean the virus was passed to me and then possibly mutated then I pass it on a mutated virus to anyone else I came into contact with? Or does it stop mutating once it got to my neighbor? Honest question cause I can’t really ask google these loaded questions


Everyone who gets infected with covid has a change to be the host for a more virulant strain. The longer you stay sick they longer the virus has to mutate. If you get vaccinated the changes of getting sick from the vaccin drastically decrease, and if you do get sick, then you are more likely to be sick for less time. So the changes for the virus to mutate will be less, than if you don't take the vaccin. If someone is vaccinated still gets sick, that doesn't mean the virus mutated. It just means that the vaccin didn't work that well for that person.


Is google impatient with you? Lol. Phrase it like this “how do viruses mutant in the body” I’m sure you’ll find the answer you’re looking for if you google something like that!


Ok I did. I also found that Florida now has the lowest covid infection rate in the US. A short time ago Florida was all over the news for being covidiots or whatever. No vaccine mandate in Florida and barely anyone wanted to wear a mask. Also no more news articles about Florida. How’s stuff like this possible? It’s confusing as hell. Is it not?


A much more convenient way to annihilate the population.


No thanks


Thanks Merck el


This article being behind a paywall is quite ironic.




No thanks




Good guy merck


Please don’t change your mind like the other companies.