Hi everyone! We've been working with Epic to try to get the DLC granted automatically to all users. We had hoped this would happen on Thursday's release, but when it became clear it probably wouldn't happen until next week, we made all the content accessible without the DLC, and then we spoke to Epic, and they were kind enough to implement the 100% discount in the meantime for those who might be looking in the meantime (we don't want people accidentally buying it and losing money). But it's completely irrelevant whether you claim it or not--the DLC will be automatically added to your account eventually even if you don't, and all the content will be accessible until then anyway. The intent was always to give it free to everyone who purchased the game early.


Thanks for the update!


Its free on Steam as well. There is a bundle you select and it gives the DLC for free.




I was on the epic store and it says the dlc is 9,99 €. But that was 2 days ago.


If you own it, the game will update automatically. Currently, the store still offers to sell it to you, but you will the content if you open the base game.


I could now "purchase" it at -100% cost. Not quite the same as getting it automatically but good enough.


Excellent, maybe they figured it out finally, got mine Thursday.