Due to only being spoiled by the name of Kazuma's Prosecutor theme, "The Revival of a Prosecutor" but never actually hearing it. I thought this theme was going to be Klint's theme. That he somehow survived or faked his death and was the real Professor/Reaper of the Bailey and was truly evil and less like a vigilante thus making Barok question his morals more. I actually still had hope for this theory all the way up until Yujin and Gorey's testimony where they confirm they did a physical autopsy on the body of Klint and not some fake body with a forged report that Iris found.


That would’ve been *SICK*


Ironically, Revival of the Prosecutor has part of the Professor's theme in it.


When Toby jumped on Ryunosuke during G2-4, I was 100% convinced it was plot-relevant, and that Gregson's trunk contained something that would attract dogs/make them attack, which the Professor had also used in his murders.


I thought that too! There’s nothing that suggests it but I also like to think that Toby is the descendent of the Professor’s dog and that he just took a dramatically different path in his little dog life.


I thought the Santa Claus judge was a culprit. I read a spoiler before I played the game that you take down 2 judges. Turns out one was the Japan one. I read another spoiler somewhere where the courtroom gets destroyed and I thought Jigoku single- handedly tore down the courtroom with his bare fist during his breakdown. I mistook Enoch drebber for a detective. I also thought hosonoga was gonna die.


I thought McGilded did not die and that it was all an act, and that he would come back at the end.


I thought McGilded was the one who lit it on fire


They both are about Mikotoba for some reason: first, I thought he was Naruhodo's father because I've seen a screenshot where POV character (naturally it was Susato) was calling him father. And second, the moment I saw him in G2-4 I had an impression that he will die like almost any other Ace Attorney parent. Glad I was wrong


While playing the tutorial case of the second game with my sister, she had this idea that Wilson and Yujin switched places and Susato's dad was actually the one who died in the first case. Safe to say that theory didn't last very long


So close but still so far lmao


In 2-2 when they were talking about the gas pipes I immediately thought "GAS LEAK" and stuck with the theory that Shamspeare passed out from a gas leak for a while until the game reminded me that they found traces of actual poison on him


Lol. I came to the same conclusion.


In the original Holmes story *The Adventure of the Three Garridebs*, John Garrideb was an alias used by the villain James Winter. In *The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro*, when Joan attacks John Garrideb because she thought he cheated on her, her evidence was a love letter from someone named Mary written to someone named James, with Joan assuming that the letter was meant for John. I was under the impression that the story had switched the names so that John Garrideb was his real name and James was his alias. From there I extrapolated that he really was having an affair and that his mistress was someone who went by the codename Mary. Then I predicted that Joan was the culprit, and that she intentionally tried to kill Olive Green because she somehow learned that Olive was the mistress who wrote the letter under the name Mary. While I ended up being right about who the culprit was, my prediction about her motives and the circumstances behind the incident were off.


I thought Kazuma would turn out to be alive AND... turn out to be a villain. Somehow. I also thought he may turn out to be the reason Barok became racist. Somehow. Kazuma just seemed too perfect, it gave me a feeling something was off, and my brain decided to run wild with it. I was so convinced in my own theories that I was actually surprised when my assumptions were disproved.


I could honestly see Kazuma becoming the villain! The theory I ran with until it was definitively disproven was that Barok became a massive racist because he had his heart broken by a Japanese person lol


I thought Stronghart looked too much like an antagonist to actually be one


So basically: https://youtu.be/8MEkfWZ_Y5s


That Stronghart wasn't a villain.


Fr, I gaslit myself into thinking he was a totally not suspicious character even though his portrait art is in constant shadow because of the bonus content escapades


I wasn't really surprised that he was the big bad, but a part of me really hoped he wasn't because of him unleashing like a 9 hour speech on Ryunosuke about what he'd like to do as Attorney General and then saying "I'm 11 hours late to my next appointment. My colleagues may start fidgeting"


I wasn’t surprised either. I also wanted to believe this seemingly evil and suspicious dude was really on your side in some weird twisted way. It would have been an interesting twist to me, the guy you suspect of being a villain all along was actually not. It’s usually the other way around. Still enjoyed the fuck out of the whole game though.


I thought we were going to have a Flashback section with Herlock and Wilson solving a case in the past (Similar to AAI2-3 with Gregory). I truly thought the guy in the cover was Wilson instead of Mikotoba. When he showed up in that attire in 2-4, I was so confused god damn it, the game truly got me there.


I thought Herlock Sholmes would turn out to be the Reaper


I thought Gregson was the professor. It made so much sense at the time that solving the murders he committed would catapult him up in the detective world. Gina adopting Toby made me think she would re-evaluate his name or something after finding out because he killed with a dog so in my mind it was a path that they would pursue. I guess I got kind of close but still, until Van Zieks mentioned his brother having a dog I never made the link (but I did make the link between Iris and Van Zieks somehow through the first game’s finale and idk why) I also thought Sholmes would be more connected with the Professor killings, like it was his first case working with the police or something and it left him deeply traumatised, which is why he refused to publish or discuss anything do to with the case


>At the beginning of the last case of the first game, Shamspeare and Metterman appear briefly and then never show up again, and I was fully prepared for them to be a major part of the case. Wasn't that only in the fourth case?


I might have misremembered, my bad. Either way, they don’t end up being important until the second game and I kept waiting for them lol


Knife juror was gonna be the killer in dgs-3 bc he has a knife


I did think that his knife was going to be relevant a la (2-4) >!Adrian Andrews’ card!<


Not mine, but someone predicted Susato would be the masked disciple. Alas she is not but I have a prosecutor susato au now stuck in my head because of that 🥹 let susato have her hashtag girl arc capcom pls


Ryutaro’s villain arc??


OUGIGIGJGJKDFKSKFKFKSJDNDNC I have. More to draw now omg Sometimes an au just needs your blorbo with poofy sleeves and a sword ☺️ and The Horrors. But Gina thinks she looks pretty so ????? At least she’s got one win


My brain is eating this concept up with an enormous spoon. This is GOOD.


I have SOOO many ideas abt this au please feel free to ask me about it etc etc I. Am incredibly normal about this au


I would love to hear pretty much ANYTHING. Like, how she became a prosecutor, her relationships with all of the cast, etc. Also, I saw some of the art you did on your profile and I love it. So much.


That McGilded was still alive and that he faked everything with the omnibus fire. And would return as the big bad for the unspeakable story lol. In 2-2 I spoiled myself a bit that Green was at briar road to poison a lodger. But it didnt say who it was so for some reason i thought it was natsume and thought that somebody had sent green to kill him lmao. Also that her and Selden were related only cuz they looked similar in appearance to me. I once caught a short glimpse of what looked like van zieks breakdown and i thought he was laughing like crazy instead of yelling. Also saw a screencap of him leg slamming the witness stand while saying he was accused of murder so i thought he was going to be the final villain and that ryunosuke was accusing him.


I was spoiled on Kazuma being alive all along and becoming a prosecutor. When they revealed the Professor wasn't executed, was Japanese and related to Kazuma, I was thinking that Stronghart was Genshin because his right hand man is Sithe, he took in the amnesiac Kazuma, said stuff like "if Kazuma was really meant to be a defense attorney" and was really insistent that he become a prosecutor. In connection to this, I thought that Kazuma hated his father because he was kinda defiant towards Stronghart and he sliced the statue in half. Of course as Chapter 4 progressed, these theories were dissolved. On that note, I thought the one who shot Genshin was Caidin because of the rifle(?) on his office wall. I also thought Madame Tusspells would be really angry that they destroyed the Professor statue and charge Sholmes for it


Kazuma dies the day after the finale when he gets a pot of boiling wax poured over him


I genuinely expected Magnus McGilded would have survived the attempted murder and return as an overarching villain. Honestly, I think that would've been more satisfying than the final case we actually got in the first game. I really wish you actually got to stick it to McGilded properly.


I thought Hosonaga was going to be an assassin (à la De Killer) because of their similar aesthetics and the major focus they put on him in the early chapters. It is a bit disappointing he wasnt very plot relevant.


Because of his outfit and damage animation, I thought Barok would be even more of an homage and his backstory was that he was a decorated officer who got shot, clutching at the old bullet wound whenever he felt nervous. I didn't realize he was holding his badge Also I thought the secret that Drebber and Sithe were hiding was that they were siblings lol


Oh that’s really interesting! Almost like a callback (callforward?) to (1-4) >!Manfred von Karma’s bullet wound.!< Sort of in the same vein, but I accidentally spoiled myself near the end that he and Iris are connected, and I was in huge denial about it until I noticed that his badge and Iris’ little logo are in the same shape. As for Drebber and Sithe being siblings—I could totally see that! Other than their appearance, we know that Sithe has changed her last name at least once (maybe to distance herself from her disgraced scientist brother and the incident that ruined him?). And it would continue the beloved Ace Attorney tradition of every character’s sibling behind dead or in jail lol


I thought that Shamspeare was the culprit in the fourth case of the first game, cause he also was renting one of the rooms in the building.


Saw a thumbnail that said something along the lines of “the professors’s gift” or something that showed the communication device on Ryunosuke’s shoulder. Expected something having to do with 1-1’s victim the entirety of TGAA2💀


I thought 1-4 was gonna be about investigating the death of mcgilded and defending soseki at the same time


I thought the apprentice was Sholmes. He acts suspicious in the beginning of the case and you never see them in the same place. The apprentice even dissappears from the office before you go to the wax museum. Lol. Also, Hosonaga's thing is that he's allergic to buckwheat and his parents run a soba shop. Tbh I thought he had tuberculosis and was gonna die.


It wasn’t a prediction so much as a hope, but I really wanted Mikotoba to be the final culprit. Or Sholmes. I just didn’t want it to be Stronghart. :’)


I thought that Kazuma faked his death in teamwork with Sholmes so we could be taught the ways of an attorney-


I was 100% sure until the very end that McGilded faked his death and was the murderer of Gregson I also thougt that Barok killed Genshin and would end in jail


I though that Satoru Hosonoga would be evil.