They're lucky asf tbh


You could take over some of the household chores. Or better said: Take over some of the household chores.


Sounds like their parents support them. The only point of this that made me raise an eyebrow was the “doesn’t do household chores.” 22, at college/ uni, doesn’t pay rent sounds mostly reasonable and like they’re supported. I guess the chores thing depends. When I went to uni I had some 8am (had to be on train by 6:30am) to 8pm (plus train ride) days. My parents didn’t bother me much with housework that semester and they weren’t even that supportive of me lol. I still paid rent and had a job and all that too.


They are a student. They should probably do some of the household chores. Maybe at least do their own laundry. But if that’s the way the family dynamic works, if they are not a lazy person by nature, then it really isn’t a big deal.




They're about to find out that life gets harder fast.


Please just consistently take one chore and do it without being asked!




Thank you, anything helps. We’re all drowning in responsibility.


I think they should probably help out around the house. Not paying rent and so on is one thing (students often don't have much money to spare), but should at least help out around the house in some way. At the very least do their own washing and ironing, and probably do the dishes and keep their own space tidy. Things like that.


That it's none of my business.


That was me. But I did my own laundry and cooking, stuff like that. My dad didn’t care that much about chores, if he wanted me to do something specific he’d ask and I would do it.