Can you list some examples?


I can vouch for this, have also owned the Grit cookbook for quite a while. I'll post some mistakes later.


So I've been unable to figure out a way to post pictures within a comment. The easiest and most blatant mistake though is that the table of contents is printed incorrectly. It's just the first page of the Table of Contents twice, instead of the rest of the book. On their Winter Vegetable Soup it says 1/2 cup of Soy Milk when it means Soy Sauce. On the Roasted Red Pepper and Mushroom Soup they put a direction out or order. It seems to tell you to add many spices and dried ingredients before turning down heat rather than after. Overall a lot of the explanation seems rushed and there are many grammar mistakes. IT doesn't really matter to have run on sentences/fragments or to use and several times instead of commas. It's a cookbook. But it's very evident when using it.




What do you mean?


The person means that you don't list any examples of mistakes or errors.


I think the recipes changed over the years and most in the book are circa late 90s. As long as the yeast gravy is right, then the rest can be just used as a general guideline. My modified air fried grit style tofu is better than the tofu was at The Grit at this point.


There is no grit at this point


Well, yes. But the grit the last two or three years it was open had gone so far downhill that I preferred my own modified version to theirs.


I heard a rumor that they are sort of on-purpose redirects or substitutions as to not directly compete with the restaurant itself?


Well, that train has sailed...


Yes, but the cookbook was written while the Grit was still in business.


I add meat to the recipes when I cook them. Does that make me a bad person?