It's a work meeting


This. It is a shift meeting.


Clearly they were wasting time and then got scared and fled when aloeverga3939 showed up. /s How the fuck are we supposed to have any clue as to what was going on from a 10 second video?


... This is embarrassing, but not for the cops. Way to fight oppression, OP. This is so noble of you. Thanks for protecting our community by doing this.


Glad we increase their budget at every given opportunity, imagine what would happen if we spent that money on basic literacy or something


You know what’s fucked up? My dad was an officer for ACCP for 10 years and the only insurance that was offered was a plan that had a deductible of 5000 dollars. And it was a policy that didn’t cover anything until you reached your deductible. That plan cost 1000 a month for a family. He left law enforcement a year later and has a more cushy job working security at the port authority in Savannah


~~Of course you are aware that that is where their office is. Right? Athens West Precinct. Funny how the cops can be found at their workplace.~~ Edit:. Sorry, I thought this was behind the mall.


That’s the east side movie theater parking lot. They’re having a shift meeting.


That’s not where this was. All the way across town.


This is at Dudley park and when asked they say they are on break.. fine and all but would be nice if they parked towards the front of the park during break as people haul ass on this stretch of Broad and a more visible presence would slow some folks down.


role reversal well played.


That’s a lot of unsecured donuts.


Did they hassle you or interact in any way or just watch as you drove by? Maybe they were sharing donuts and racist jokes or something.


Pretty weird how they actually took off.., must of been a circle jerk.