Has happened 4 times in the last year to our store box truck. It’s a problem. The police are aware, but they can’t do much. Need to find out where they are being sold.


Hondas seem to be their targets of choice. Maybe the cats are more easily accessed. I took to parking on a steep slope under a flood light. It would be just about impossible to jack it up on the slope. It's harder to get in and out without the door trying to take off a leg, but worth it.


Honda Elements are a primary target for cat thef, due to the metals they used. The elements stand pretty tall, so it's easy to get underneath one without a jack. Me and my partner are both in-between jobs at the moment, so it feels like being kicked when I'm already down. That poor little Honda didn't hurt anyone lol


All cats use the same material. It's the platinum in the cat that is so valuable.


On NPR, I heard that spray painting your cat with a bright neon color was a deterrent and that thieves have to remove the paint before sale and thus generally move on. Mind you, I can’t even identify a catalytic converter.


Neon unicorns and rainbows it is


How do you know it’s been removed? Sorry this happened OP


Sounds like a race car. You will know something is wrong


Sounds like an overly eager mustang at a red light on a 30MPH city road.


You could have left out the “overly eager” part, as it’s redundant.


Wasn't expecting to find a roast in here. Thank you for your service.


Drive it like you're leaving Cars and Coffee.


It’s Mustang. The only time you can deviate from petal to the floor in a straight line is if a group of people are present, at which point the car’s homing system will take over from the driver to complete the mission.


Gf went to turn the car on last night to drive roommate to work and the exhaust sounded insane. Looked under the car and you can see where they cut the cat out after the gaskets, even cut the wire to the O2 sensor. I can provide pictures later.


I know multiple people it’s happened to downtown.


Make sure to report it to the police. Catalytic converter today, what next tomorrow?


My friend got his taken the same night while parked at Fairfield Inn in Athens. He reported it too.


damned meth heads...


Ins will cover it, depending on your deductible whether worth making a claim, they will probably only pay for an aftermarket one This has been going on for the last couple years all over the country Seems it wouldn’t be too hard to pass some sort of legislation to make whoever is buying them to sell for scrap prove where it came from It won’t happen again tho, the aftermarket ones don’t have the same material inside that makes the oe ones worth so much


We have liability, due to it being a 2006, so I don't think insurance is gonna do much. We've been parking on the street for the last 6 years, just in awe that it happened now. To add to this situation, a friend has let me know that this happened to someone else last night(01/29/23) as well. Keep an eye on your cars.


My Prius got hit twice last year. First time in August, then again in October. My insurance covered it, but my deductible was $500 each time. SUCKS! We filed police reports both times. Got a partial description of the vehicle the thieves were in last time but not enough to go on. Sold the car.. where we live, there is no way to secure it.