I’ve been as a repairer many times, and I know the organizer and other fixers personally. Yes, bring your stuff! If they can’t fix it then at least you’re in the right place to recycle it.


Aw nice thanks for letting me know!


Is being a repairer a volunteer position? I'd like to help out as I'm a tinkerer by nature and have a degree in computer engineering but not alot of practical experience with household appliances. I'd like to learn and make a little money on the side if they are hiring at all.


Yes, I think you could just show up with whatever tools you like.


Do you know if repairing or possibly rewiring lamps is on the menu?


Lamps were especially mentioned in the article I read about it.


Nice! I picked up one at the thrift store that needs some tlc. I don't have any repair skills per se, but if anyone has a big old wad of necklaces that they want untangled, I can sit and do that indefinitely. It's a zen thing for me.


Yes, easy peasy.




Run a cycle with some vinegar. Let it soak a bit first to break up minerals from the water.


No idea, but it’s fun to try, especially when there are no stakes (I.e. you’ll recycle it if it can’t be fixed.)


Vinegar Or descaler. There is a descale setting if you look up your model it will tell you how to get to ot. You can start the cycle then repeatedly lift the reservoir on and off the base. That will force a little bit of water down into it. Then it should start pumping solid


I had no idea this existed, thanks for bringing it up.