I never get their bbq but the burgers are great.


I need to try the burgers, I've heard that from a few people. The 'bbq' just tastes like flavorless mash/mush. I don't even think it is 'mid', it's straight bad. The place *smells* so delicious walking by though.


I loved their Sunday brunch bbq Benedict. It was the only reason I ate there.


I’ve been saying this for years!


Same! I got slammed on here about 5 years ago for saying so.


Each bbq spot seems to do one or two things on the menus specifically well. If only we could round up an all star menu 😊🙃


if only they had some really good french fries.


I haven’t gone in a while but I do love the place, although I will say it’s inconcsistent. So I agree with mid, even though it’s never actually mid. It’s either good or bad, and mid is just the average of those.


For a southern college town, most of the BBQ here is mid. Even the more decent places are inconsistent. A real shame given that it’s a southern college football town.


Tamez is never mid


The best new Athens joint in a long while. I think Pulaski is good BBQ too and I resisted for a while scoffing at "hipster" BBQ


I went there shortly after they opened, and they were blasting electronic dance music. I never returned to that “bbq restaurant.” Portions were super small too.


100% correct


It was a nice change of pace when I moved here in ‘09 from north Georgia. But that’s not saying much.


The pulled pork is alright, but the burger I got there was 🔥


I really like white tiger but the Mac and cheese there is mid for sure. Every sandwich I’ve had there has been excellent


I think I’d be happier with Kraft mac n cheese than what they serve at white tiger


It was hyped up so much to me by several people...when I finally went it was one of the blandest, most flavorless meals I've ever eaten. My mac n cheese was actually gross. Idk if it was a bad day, but it's been hard for me to justify the money to give a second chance.


This - it's just bland stuff. BBQ sandwich bland and dry; salmon sandwich as well. Just not for me. More power to those that enjoy it.


I also thought the Mac and cheese was gross. Last week was my first (and last) time there. Staff was nice though.


The Boulevard location has everything to do with it's reputation. The place is literally run on an offset Charbroil smoker out back that you can buy at Lowes for $300. Service is slow, the BBQ isn't remarkable, burgers are okay and the sides are a shit show. Just because it's got a cool name doesn't mean it's a good restaurant.


I agree with this completely. Anyone been to Tamez? I hear it’s great but haven’t tried it yet.


I think they have some of the best brisket Ive tried outside of Texas, but haven't found two sides I like there to complete a plate. Everyone I know says their breakfast burritos are great too.


The bbq has always been meh. I’ve always loved the salmon ciabatta and the happy top burger. I haven’t been in a while, sad to hear it’s sliding


I had a great bbq sandwich once at the Georgia Theater roof top restaurant and I remember it as the best I’ve had in town.


It was never great but I would still go & enjoy a meal on occasion up until the past few years (post-pandemic) when it’s been sub-par to terrible. The service has always been super slow even if we’re the only people in there & idk what happened to the macncheese but I couldn’t even finish it the last time I ordered it. I’ve heard the owners are basically absentee these days so maybe that has something to do with it, but after last time we decided we’re never going back.


White people Southern food. Meh af.


But then one in watkinsville is great. Plus the bathroom turns into I disco when you turn out the lights. Cocktails are great.


The bathroom is great, but the food is average




People actually think it’s the best BBQ in town. We’ll have threads full with people complaining about the sheer amount of “overrated” restaurants in this town and then I read about the praises sung for White Tiger’s BBQ. I truly don’t understand the tastebuds of most people here in town.


It’s depressing how average all the bbq in Athens is.


No love for Tamez?


I feel like most people haven’t been here yet, that location is somewhat cursed. But they do have the best, and with Texas traditions as good bbq should


I went to school with the owner, Alex. Great guy and he makes FANTASTIC bbq. Easily the best brisket in and around Athens.


My lazy half drunk athens bbq assessment: Pulaski heights-hipster bbq that’s good for what it is, but certainly not traditional Saucehouse-bar food with a bbq label. I do dig the egg rolls though Butt hutt-middle of the road but not bad Fresh air-old school but delicious Dawg gone good-inconsistent but when they’re on, hands down the best in town White tiger-only if you like the runs Tamez-good Texas style brisket, terrible sides, good breakfast burrito There’s probably a couple I’m missing here, feel free to chime in!


I agree with all of this, nice job. BBQ shack on the east side isn't good anymore, but every now and then the chicken still hits. Speaking of east side, the Blind Pig has a smoker going right out back of the restaurant and has fine pulled pork. A pleasant surprise. If you're willing to make a short trip, Cabin Creek in Nicholson is incredible (or used to be; I haven't been in a while)


Can we all just agree that food tastes are subjective? Personally, I love White Tiger. Conversely, I’ll never be convinced that Heirloom is good no matter how many times people tell me that “I just don’t have refined enough tastes”. 🙄


THANK YOU! Heirloom is honestly not good at all. The shrimp n grits are good but everything else I’ve had is worse than mid. I don’t get the hype at all.


Heirloom is definitely superior to White Tiger 🤷‍♂️


Different animals


Totally agree, never had a good meal at heirloom; love white tiger. I never order the bbq though.


It has a cool name… one of the only restaurants within historic residential part of normaltown…. I always thought they were a burger joint tho😅


The burgers are great. The BBQ sandwich combos (like The Jason) are pretty good. The mac and cheese is a disaster.


While we’re having the BBQ conversation the only place worth eating it at within a 30 mile radius is smokin po boys in Winder.


Is that the place that's mostly outdoor and has the big "train" smoker? Like I said elsewhere in this thread, Cabin Creek is really good but I haven't been in a minute so hopefully it's still solid


Na, I’m familiar with that place but I’m not sure where it is and haven’t been in forever. Smokin Po Boys is indoor downtown. It’s great. There’s actually several really good restaurants in downtown Winder that are better than a lot of the places in Athens.


Yeah it is just ok. Another one of those things "Townies" tell themselves is better than it is.


there was a reputation that white tiger was good?


It appears on a number of “must visit” and “best of Athens” lists for tourist types.


really? can you submit some proof?


I don’t like your attitude. I’ve seen it on a few best of lists that pop up in this Athens subreddit and on the Instagram. I don’t think these are any of them but here ya go. I had to stop not replying to my friend group chat to Google this shit. Hope yer happy. “Home cooking and chef and owner Ken Manring’s culinary mastery intersect at this Boulevard-area haunt” [Where to eat in Athens](https://atlanta.eater.com/maps/best-restaurants-athens-georgia) [#5 place to eat at Top Tours website whatever that is](https://www.thetoptours.com/north-america/united-states-of-america/georgia/athens/where-to-eat-in-athens-home-to-the-university-of-georgia) [travel pulse list likes it too](https://www.travelpulse.com/news/destinations/travelers-guide-to-visiting-athens-georgia.html)


These type of lists are always written by failed journalism students that spend 15 minutes on Yelp and then rehash the same old lists from when these restaurants were new and the owners were actually trying. I get so sick of hearing about Mama’s Boy’s breakfast…


Exactly, I’m a journalism student from UGA that never worked more than two years in journalism. It doesn’t pay. Don’t believe all the hype on the net


It doesn’t pay, but I work in the paper business now, and it got me on the field for the national championship in Indy. It has its perks.




lol culinary mastery lol


it off of boulevard so it must be good!!! boulevardians LOVE IT!!!


White Tiger’s main ingredient is laziness, served with a side of apathy


Hilarious! I tried it twice to make sure I didn’t go on an off night. Ordered pulled pork sandwich and potato salad if I recall the side. They were busy but didn’t make the orders in… order. I watched the cook grap from the hanging receipts to know what to make next. They kept sliding them down and he would randomly grab one and make it. 45 minutes of waiting and literally watching people after me come in and order and leave with pulled pork sandwiches I asked how long mine would be. The owner went off on me and pointed to the line and yelled about how busy they were. Tried explaining I understood but the were randomly picking which orders to make and mine was still sitting up there waiting to get started. And to think I came back a second time years later just to see if the bbq was as bad as I’d remembered. It was.


Yesss chronically understaffed bc it is an absolutely terrible working environment. They are always hiring for a reason! Every time I meet someone else who has worked there they can only say bad things. Worst I’ve ever felt and performed at a job bc morale was so low bc of owner.


Had a similar experience. They can't handle more than 1-2 orders at a time. They are chronically understaffed. Had to wait 45 minutes for a BBQ plate that takes like 3 minutes to prepare.


It sucks..


I got to the point where I would much rather just use my own smoker and make my own meat and wait than try to find good barbecue in Athens. Butt hut made my wife and I sick one day, Pulaski Heights is never open because they’re afraid of Covid, sauce house is OK, dawg gone downtown is good, but white tiger is average at best. It’s best to go up into Jackson County, west to Winder, or make your own.


Try Tamez sometime. His bbq is absolutely fantastic.


I’ll have to try them again. I tried them on their first week and they were far from good.


It is very good but mostly just brisket and only breakfast -they run out sometimes.


Lol Pulaski BBQ closes at 7pm. Like, isn’t that when most people eat dinner? So odd and lazy.


Teds most best = teds most mid


Their t shirts are great though.


Everyone talking down on white tiger , you shut your dirty mouf right now!


Longevity of a frequented restaurant within the loop probably increases its reputation


I got a burger there once and it was pretty mid. If they'd do rare, or even medium rare, I'd go back.


I urge you to try again. The hype is real. I know they have experienced some growing pains with the opening of a new location, but the food has been consistently amazing for many years.


Tastes differ, and obviously you're entitled to your opinion. BUT also your opinion on this is objectively wrong. Their bbq is great and their burgers are great. And the tiger salad with tofu is good (although tbh the salad dressing feels a little lazy).


>Tastes differ, and obviously you're entitled to your opinion. BUT also your opinion on this is objectively wrong. Their bbq is great and their burgers are great. And the tiger salad with tofu is good (although tbh the salad dressing feels a little lazy). What an arrogant prick you are to tell other people their tastes buds are objectively wrong. Your persona is starting to make such perfect sense to me.


I don't even know what White Tiger is, and I cam probably agree with you that it's mid