Hi there, I'm sorry I don't have a specific answer but I'm so stoked that in your 70s you are on reddit and active with it and asking, it really gave me a good feeling. i promote this and wish you all the best. and i hope you find someone awesome to help you out.


Thanks - I appreciate your kind words. I got my first computer in 1992!


I don't have a specific personal trainer to recommend, but the Athens YMCA always has a number of personal trainers working with various elderly people in the gym.


You should look up the SilverSneakers program. They have classes at both Ys, I think, but also online classes. And they are free for most people over 60.




Thanks - for some reason I'm not eligible - the Y discontinued their involvement with it. I've signed up with a Instagram exercise program but it's hard to stay motivated when there's no feedback.




Thanks ! His website looks promising. Really appreciate your help.


I second Justin. He was my trainer for a while and he was awesome.


YES! Justin is a warm and kind human. I worked with him years ago and it makes my heart smile to see this.


Be careful and do a background check. I've been seeing a lot of elder abuse in the news. Good Luck and keep moving. I'm in my sixties and have arthritis and degenerative disc disorder, plus a lot of joint damage.


Glad to see you're not some idiot. ha! I'll definitely be careful! gThanks for posting.


No problem.


Corey Little would be great. https://coreylittlecoaching.com/


If your health insurance covers it, I would highly recommend getting a physical therapist. A lot of PT is basically personal training under medical supervision, and a good physical therapist will have a good idea of where you should push yourself to get stronger and where you should moderate for safety. And if it’s covered with just a co-pay it will often be more affordable than a personal trainer. I’m not sure if you’re affiliated with the university or if the UGA PT clinic is available otherwise, but Andy Smith at UGA is incredible. I’ve had multiple spine surgeries so I’ve seen a number of PTs, many great ones, and Andy is the gold standard. Even if you aren’t able to get services at UGA, he may be able to recommend someone in the community who gets his stamp of approval.


Michele Overend at Fitness @ 5 ![https://www.fitnessatfive.com/personal-training-athens](https://www.fitnessatfive.com/personal-training-athens)


Fresh Air Training.


I’m having trouble PMing you for some reason, but I know a personal trainer (an older, active person/retired gym owner) who does in-home sessions. Just PM me if you’d like her contact info.


Have you ever thought of taking ballroom dancing lessons? You don't need a partner, it's very easy on your body and can be taught in different levels of difficulty


I teach ballroom so just let me know if you're interested :)


The UGA kinesiology department used to offer some exercise classes specifically for those 65+, not sure if they still do! Good luck in your endeavors!


Misti Cash at [Athens Personal Fitness](https://athenspersonalfitness.com) is awesome and she specializes in working with older adults.


Our Medicare advantage covers the gym membership check your plan.