At first I read the title, I thought you were gonna be disappointed in him, like he wasn’t behaving or something.


In a game as incredible as this, I feel bad for nitpicking this detail, but I always think Ganon should be scaled up for playing him with an upgraded Link. Instead they scale him down, which makes the ending so anticlimactic. The opposite of meteoid Dread, whuch has the most rewarding final boss I've played in years.


It's the journey that counts


There aren't many Zelda games where Ganon is actually a tough battle unfortunately.


If ganon is a tough fight it’s typically because the game itself has bad combat.


I mean, I get it, it would be cool if the final boss was a little harder, but he’s actually plenty hard. He has all (or most of) the other Blights moves and it’s a reward for those who went and fought them in their campaign. Go straight from the plateau and see if you feel the same. It’s gonna be a more drawn out fight, requiring you to be 100% focused. Instead, if you put in the work to free all the beasts, you get an easier fight and you’re now prepared for the final boss because you’ve seen his moves. So I’m okay with that. Besides, no Zelda game is super ultra hard (with the exceptions of the first two). It’s meant to be beatable by most players, no matter the age, or their gaming experience.


I can see why you'd be disappointed, the DLC was made as post game content, doing it before Ganon would understandably make him feel easy.


Dark Beast Ganon's is more of a victory lap for Calamity Ganon, but I think Calamity Ganon is pretty easy too if you have the champion's blessings.


The only one I actually used was Daruk's Protection. I normally use Urbosa's Fury right at the start of difficult fights, but I was just so excited to be facing off against Ganon I totally forgot about it and just wailed on him with the Master Sword. Was wearing fully upgraded Barbarian gear and can't remember if I used offensive or defensive food. During the Dark Beast portion, I ended up losing my horse and was just running around shooting him. The boss fight for the Master Cycle also only took me one try, but I had to run around for a while for my abilities to come back up. That was a pretty tough fight.


FYI, if you have the barbarian armor on, offensive food does nothing. The effects you have active are visible in the menu with little bars under them. Most of them have 2 or 3 bars. If the bars are full, that means you can't stack any more of that effect.


Ah. Good to know. I have been doing it wrong, lol.


I think Ganon is fine. It’s made so almost any player can do it. If you want a fighting challenge there are the linels.


Wait, you can do the Champions Ballad without defeating Ganon?!


Yep. Just have to have defeated the Devine Beasts first.


Awesome, and do you keep all your gear when you start I.e. all my upgraded armour or do I start from scratch?


Champion's ballad isn't a separate location or game mode. Its a series of challenges that take place across all of Hyrule. Its like playing any other part of the game (except eventide), you'll have whatever you have. There are certain short segments where they take away your gear temporarily, but those aren't long, and once you know what the first is, you'll be able to deduce what the others are.


You get to keep everything. Except when doing Trial of the Sword of course. When doing that, they strip everything away while you are in the Trials, then get it back when you leave.


The final boss is a long-standing criticism of the game. I think most people agree that its not a great fight. Supposedly, its because they wanted him to be beatable at any stage of the game.


I was at least expecting three phases, and not have the Devine Beasts take off 50% of his health at the outset. Even his attacks were easy. With Lynels being so hard, I really expected more of a challenge. Zelda must have weakened him more than she thought. At least he looked really cool.


If you count dark beast ganon, there are three phases. Personally, I was hoping for a sword fight with a humanoid, like in the last stage of Twilight Princess's Ganon. I feel like Maz Koshia was a better "final boss" for BotW.


He was tough. Thankfully defeating the Devine Beasts again lowered the recharge on my abilities. I had to just run around dodging his attackes until they were back up.


If you drop a banana in the clone stage, the real one will walk over and eat it like a Yiga.


Now you tell me...![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|surprise)


[facing the final boss after doing every single sidequest](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4P2N5fyqbo)


Honestly I agree. Even with only the master sword and down to my last shield (because of the drones) it was really easy if you are good with timing.


I was also bummed at not only how easy it was but also how quick it was. It was less than 15 min to beat.


Calamity Ganon is a fine challenge if you don't do any of the Divine Beasts, but still too easy if you do it late. Dark Beast is the biggest let down though by far. The cutscene leading up to it is way too hype for the fight to be basically a glorified cutscene where you literally cannot lose.