Hey, That’s not a chipotle approved sign!


The secret is to stash any outage signs that you get sent so you can copy and reuse them in the future.


Or use a PDF editor to make it say whatever you want…


Do you have a template for the ingredient outage sign? Been trying to find one in my store’s email but can’t.


Ha yesterday our grill was broke


start a GoFundMe for the grill then




The grill just needs a couple more days on rent, I promise.


That’s nothing, we have had out of all rices, tortillas, black beans, chicken, steak, barbacoa, all salsas and cheese but still open


Should be closed at that point. Like what are you going to serve ? That’s ridiculous to remain open without anything available.


Tell that to corporate 😭


i agree, it’s so annoying. we ran out of all tortillas and taco shells (so no burritos or tacos), lettuce, vinaigrette (so no salads) guac, and all steak one night. we still had to stay open😐chipotle won’t close for anything lol


I will have a bowl of lettuce please…


i am sorry we are out of lettuce


I can only imagine the rage.


It's the hiring pamphlets on the circle table that are killing me rn


I love people who complain about it as if it is our faults for being understaffed. Like my man. If we weren't here taking the heat at all for being over worked it would be closed and then you get nothing. Like seriously. You have a problem with our staffing issues? Come work for me. Put on that apron.


THANK YOU 🙌🙌 customers r something else


They’re understaffed


What does posting on reddit do to help?


Employees who think customers shouldn’t be upset about crap like this are delusional. I get it’s not the employees fault, but it’s still frustrating.


They shouldn’t be, at least in person orders, they didn’t pay anything we don’t owe them anything. Online orders is different tho


Ok but you can be frustrated internally without being rude. I had to walk off the line in tears while another employee took over because I got yelled at for using the last of our garlic steak for an already paid for online order by a *customer* cause he wanted it. Like I wasn’t even the one helping him, was minding my own business doing online orders on main line cause it was almost closing, and he got booty tickled cause I was doing my job. It is so freaking exhausting and it honestly hurts. I didn’t do anything wrong. And I get yelled at and talked down to multiple times a night every single night because 1 manager is insisting the prep sheet in the morning will be enough when it never ever lasts closing shifts. My job is *not* to make food. My job is to serve the food I’m given. End of story. If I haven’t been given food I can’t serve it. Do *not* get mad at the people on front line. What and how much food is on the line isn’t our choice or responsibility. Making orders is. That is it.


Ouch!!! Call for help I’d be down to support you’ll. I am in Utah.