"There's no way he got TH13 in 2 months" \*sees other buildings\* "Ohhh"




As long as you’re having fun who cares lol


That’s what I always say about my crippling drug addiction too.


Hey, I see you have common ground with OP. You’re both addicted to the rush, just in different ways.


I’m an ex heroin addict…now 10 years clean. I tend to replace that addiction with other various addictions…CoC now fills part of that void lol


W recovery


Congrats on the recovery


Thank you


Bro this is wonderful! Congrats


thanks my friend. I’m glad I made it out, i have lots of friends who sadly didn’t. Definitely not a life I’d wish for anyone.


Huge W


Congrats on your sobriety! It’s some tough shit to kick. I’m almost at 10 years myself for the same poison. I do the same as you, we just have very addictive personalities lol.


Yea we sure do…but as long as we aren’t using then we can let our addictions flourish into games & whatever else. I honestly thought the point was to rush the town hall 😅 should have watched some guides first


Congrats on the recovery😎you finally found the best kind of high, winning three stars.😂


It’s up there for sure lol


Couldn't relate more really, but only got 3 years so far. But best since I was a teenager though. Coc does the se for me. Wish you all the best!


"AHH THE RUSH" *In Reyna's Voice (valorant)*


i had an instalock reyna in my rankup to silver 1 yesterday (we won in OT 17-15) going 6/23/4 or smth. i didnt get mad, i just typed in chat “yo reyna ur having a bad day i see” (this was at 12-13 in OT) the next round she aces and gets a 3k the round after. moral of the story, a little support to ur team goes a long way. thank you for listening to my useless ted talk


I play lol and im not very good at it. But damn, hatin on me definitely doesn't help 🫠


Clash and ketamine "if your just having fun"


I saw the scenery and gold pass+gems/5 builders and was like ohhhhhhhhh


I did get the last two 5 dollar passes


I just upgraded to th10 after about 7 months lmao


why not i made it very quick


I'm glad you're enjoying the game, but I would recommend not leveling up your town hall for a long time. Your Heroes/Defenses/Troops are vastly underpowered for Wars. You'll just be deadweight on any war roster


Yea I’m glad ur having fun bud but if you keep deciding to upgrade that th your fun is going to end rather fast you need to max that base or the only thing you can participate effectively in is raid weekend.


Yea one of my clan mates told me as much too. I’m gunna hold off and just level up my heroes and catch up on defense before another TH upgrade


And i would recommend you to upgrade your goblins to lvl 7 to unlock Super Goblins which are really gonna be useful for loot Maybe also YouTube some strategies (spells and other troops combination and stuff) and check out this post for some tips: https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashOfClans/comments/11noe32/what_league_should_i_be_to_farm_with_sneaky/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


I appreciate that thank you!


I mean not as clutch as they were when troops costed elixir but still pretty good


Counterpoint: you could keep rushing that base and playing it exactly how you’re enjoying the game, and simultaneously start a second account with the goal of maxing out each TH to get a feel for each level. Best of both worlds


You got like a year's+ to catch up


going to be a WHILEEEE


Honestly don't listen to these people. The **only** things that need to be maxed before you move up in TH are the following: * Heros [this must be done] * attacking troop in lab [both for wars and farming] * lab, CC, both spell factories, army camps, and barracks That's it. The rest of the buildings are useless and will only slow your progression. Dusk has an outdated but still highly relevant guide on how to progress as fast as humanly possible in this game. You can work on defenses and walls as you go. With his methods I typically end up with maxed walls at each TH anyways. https://clashguideswithdusk.net/ I highly recommend it as I'm about to finish maxing my 2nd account and my 3rd is at Th14. If people recommend to you maxing out your base, just know that what they are recommending is by far the least efficient way to play if your goal is to reach high TH levels. It will take you at least twice the time to max your account if you are maxing at each TH level.


Thanks a ton for this. I was thinking maybe I got too ahead of myself based off the reactions here. I’ll use that guide for future upgrades. I haven’t had too much of a struggle with multiplayer battles lately, although much harder with TH13 over 12. I appreciate the advice.


It all depends on what your goal is. If you want to get to a high TH and max it - that guide will serve you well. If you want to participate in wars at a high level you're going to need a high TH account with maxed base or near maxed base. The guide will help you get to the TH you want and you can max it from there. If you want to max each TH and gimp your progression long term, the guide is not for you. This sub is under the false impression that maxing each townhall is the only way to play this game, which is why you'll get a lot of comments saying "it took me 3 years to get to TH13!". They don't really realize that in terms of farming - it's better to be at a higher TH with a maxed offense and weak defense, than a low TH with maxed everything. The amount of loot you're getting now at TH13 is probably great compared to TH10 --- so when you do work on your TH8 defenses, you'll be able to farm the resources instantly. If your clan is okay with your base participating in wars/clan wars, just keep pushing. As long as you can provide strong attacks you'll have value. Again, the main question really is what is your goal - after you answer that you can formulate what playstyle is right for you. My goal is maxing accounts, so rushing is by far the best way to do so. Once maxed, now I can hang out in 5800 trophy legends league and do wars, clan wars with strong clans.


Well said, i have no idea how you dodged the downvotes though


They'll show up eventually. Maxing low TH's is a cult around here.


I think clan battles and wars are my main focus and objective. I don’t plan on leveling my TH anymore for a while to sort of catch up my hero’s and level up my offenses. I got into the game because some of the people I game with on Xbox invited me to play and join their clan. I like to donate troops (currently 500 donated so far) and I like doing raid weekends too, even though that doesn’t make much difference to my main base. What you described in the last paragraph sounds like what I’d be content with doing!


You got a long way to go with those heroes, good luck with the grind, it will be long and difficult but worth it Also I highly recommend only spending raid medals on builder base loot(if you want the 6th builder) or on research potions


Yeah TH13 is a great TH to get involved with some higher level clan wars and CWL. I'd suggest making sure all of your offensive powers are maxed then you can think about going to TH14. There will be a period where your heros are maxed and you're waiting on your laboratory upgrades. In that period you can use your builders to work on defenses.


Thanks for taking the time to steer me in the right direction! Truly do really appreciate it. I’ll keep at that a few months and post back here with the updated results!


Something I don't see anyone else mentioning is that each new townhall presents new content for you to explore, if you rush past certain townhall you'll also be missing out on the experience of that townhall. It's fun to get to end game, but enjoy the journey because it's just as much fun!


Good luck and enjoy the ride!


the reason i usually disagree with the advice to rush is because its being given to new players who usually would have more fun taking it at a normal pace and near-maxing every town hall. talking to somebody who just started 3 weeks ago about war weight and optimal farming and upgrade prioritization is just confusing. if people learn more about the game and they decide they would have more fun rushing, then thats totally awesome. but usually the people giving the advice are veteran players with multiple accounts, and their advice is very centered around that playstyle, and doesnt always apply to the average new player that being said, this person said their focus is clan battles and wars, and they seem to enjoy rushing (if their base is anything to go by, lol), so i think your advice is great in this situation. just want to explain why it seems like theres a "maxing cult" in this subreddit. i think maxing is usually the best advice to give to a new player, and if they decide to change their mind when theyre more experienced then thats great for them, but its a decision they should probably come to themselves not trying to come after you, i think your advice is great. just think its a conversation worth having


Yeah I can get onboard with that. It's just strange that typically a subreddit is where more "advanced" players would hang out - as your run of the mill casual player won't participate in subreddit discussion for CoC, they'll just simply play however they feel like. I guess I'm used to gaming subreddits being held to a high standard, i.e. the playerbase on subs are typically more competitive, more efficient, and more serious. I can agree with everything you say though. It just gets frustrating when people are acting like the only acceptable way to play is maxing.


i would consider myself decently casual, im a maxer and i only do clan stuff to get loot (im not much of a war player). to me that slow but steady grind to upgrade buildings is really rewarding. but i stay in this subreddit mostly just for the memes, occasional bits of news, discussion posts, stuff like that. its fun to be a part of the community, and i think thats common nowadays - the subreddit for a game is often not for the hardcore fans, because reddit has gone super mainstream. nowadays, the default/broadest community for anything is usually its subreddit, and the more serious fans are in discord servers, maybe in the comments of a niche youtuber, etc. at least, thats how it seems to be in my experience ​ anyway, i would agree with your last point. i dont agree with the majority of people who came in here telling OP that they had screwed up their account and they needed to unrush as soon as possible. i do think its worth warning new players that rushing accomplishes something very different from maxing, but i would just give them the facts and let them decide which route would work best for them (like you did)


It's so refreshing to have a discussion where we both see the game differently but understand each other just fine.


That part that's always confused me about this approach is the idea that you'd need higher th resource farming methods to collect enough loot for low th upgrades. Most people don't have trouble collecting loot. For most people, the time is the bottle neck, not the loot. I just don't see the point. I'd rather be useful in clan wars throughout the journey. Once you have all 5 builders unlocked it'll take the same amount of time to get to max no matter how you do it. It's just which journey would you prefer.


Although they are saying to not upgrade your TH, you should still upgrade it so it is 5 star. That way you'll have a strong defense. Just don't go to TH 14!!


You have a lot of catching up to do lol but that's all I can say. I did the same thing until TH8 before I decided to max it out. I'm on TH10 with just a handful of traps left


Just make sure your heroes,lab and defenses are max before you level up your th, it’s gonna take a really long while but it’s worth it trust me


Honestly, you’ve rushed so far already that you could probably go all the way up to th15. That way you have the maximum offensive power in the game and can use that to slowly upgrade the rest of your base, going up what would be each town hall level as you do.


You gotta get that Lab cookin, 5 months of constant uptime won’t be enough to get you caught up


What should I upgrade?


Either goblins to unlock sneaky goblins, or electro dragons to edrag spam


My E dragons are level 2 so far.


You're entire base. And then do it again and again and again... and again and again and again.. and... well you get where I'm going haha


Should we tell him?


nah let him enjoy


Playing for fun > playing it the way random redditors want you to play


He’s having fun. Plus those walls are impressive for only 2 months of play.


The user names are different, so it's most likely fake.


U get a free name change.


control your addiction my dude, im glad youre having fun tho


It’s fun for sure, tedious, but fun


tedious and fun at the same time ahh yes


No offense but how is this dude upgrading all of his walls over his defenses


Only for aesthetic lol


Because upgrading defenses ties up builders and walls do not. A proper high efficiency upgrader focuses on heros, offensive upgrades, and walls. Defenses are shit in this game and can be caught up easily when you get high in TH levels. If your goal is to max your account, working on defenses over offenses/TH is detrimental to your goal.


Yea if you are strat rushing elixir is much more valuable most of the time, so gold is used for wall upgrades. Only when your offense is maxed would you start using more gold.




You know what? I’m actually hankering to see a TH15 with maxed walls and level one Ds now


Looks like its about time for another town hall upgrade!


Nice walls 😉


Maaaagmaa - Dr. evil voice


level 72 in 2 months? holy shit and I thought I was addicted with level 120 in a year (i play on/off so like 6 months in total)


Could possibly be 2 and a half months between the two pictures. Like start of January I believe is when I downloaded it


Damn I’m like lvl 125 almost max th11 and I’ve been playing for like 8 years on and off. Is it really this fast now? I remember th7 used to feel like it took ages.


I guess so. I did buy the monthly pass for both months and another like 4.99 thing that gave me 2,500,000, 2,500,000 gold and 2500 gems.


Last season and this season was my first time buying the gold pass, and my first time spending money on the game. The progress has been so much faster, and there’s so much value in it for only 5 bucks that I would say it’s very much worth it. Plus I think as they release new th’s they make the previous ones easier and faster. Anyway good luck and hope you have fun. It’s a bit of a grind, and progress gets much slower the higher level your stuff gets, hence why I’ve been playing for so long lol. But it pays off definitely.


Bro is th13 with 95k max dark elixer 😭😭


bro you've got lower lever collectors than me and i'm TH8


The kind of village kicked out from clans


I’m sorry for your loss.


I’m still getting 3 stars in multiplayer battles. I’ll be okay


Well, you’re a th13 in Gold 1 so I’d be surprised if you weren’t.


At first I was like 2 months for th13? Then I zoomed in


What would you recommend I upgrade?


Just anything that's not town hall at this point lol


Collectors, storages, heroes are priority, CC if not at max. Then air defenses and traps with low upgrade times and continue upgrading defenses after that.


dont ruin it for him but...levels


Dude you fun won’t last much longer if you keep rushing it will really hurt you it will also be hard to get into good clans


You can’t be addicted with a rushed af base like that.


You’re the kind of base I attack.


Going to regret rushing so much.


Rushed af LOL 💀


Level 72 at th13🥹


A lot of maxxers shaming you. Both my accounts are strategically rushed TH15s. And, if time permits (as you say, it's tedious), I'm having the most fun in my clan. The rest of the maxxers have been playing *longer* than me but are still at TH9, 10, 11 and 12 wondering when they can max their cannons further! I strongly suggest you read up on [strategic rushing by Tee](https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashOfClans/comments/n6dmc6/so_you_wanna_be_a_rush_star_tees_guide_to_rushing/) or watch YouTube videos by [BDLegend](https://www.youtube.com/@bdlegendcoc/videos). In short, all you have to upgrade back to back are your heroes and *core* defences and *electro dragons, balloons, rage spell and freeze spells*.


Awesome 👏 thank you! I was leveling lighting spells up until now, so you’d recommend rage & freeze over lightning?


Yes. Rage and freeze are *way more* versatile (work with different army comps) than lightning. Here's my attack strategy that I've been using all the way from TH11 to TH15 until I will max my lab: 7 electro dragons (give or take 2), 6 balloons (or 3 to 6 more), 3 rage, 5 freeze. Siege machine is the battle blimp (this is why rushing is important and then you don't have to get to TH15 to get the best siege, because you see the blimp is easily available at earlier TH). Blimp is filled with balloons and 1 (or 2) freeze and 1 rage. About *how to attack,* I can't give a short answer (it's *strategic* spamming, LOL). I'll link my favourite Hindi video. Even if you don't understand it, just watch what he does. I use this army for farming also if my lifestyle is busy. If I have 2 hours daly to kill, only then do I use sneaky goblins for farming. [Seven secrets of electro dragons attacks](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d7IhUrZvgk) [Electro dragon attacks at TH15](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Z7rWKXfBA) Ignore the fact that these are TH15 attacks, because all the army troops are available from TH11 onwards. ;-) PS: I have two accounts rushed precisely to donate blimp to myself from one account to the other. Although my clan is active, I don't always immediately get the troops and siege I'm requesting.


I’ll be checking out those videos right now, I really appreciate it! I had a feeling I was getting ahead of myself but now I don’t feel as bad! I usually do 5 electro dragons, 3 regular dragons, 2 bang dragons, and like 6 giants to take defense damage. I’ll switch it up and try out your method as well. Thank you!


Enjoy. Trust me, simple is better. Also watch electro dragon attacks by Legend League pro players. They all use the *same simple* army. It's just the *timing* has become second nature to them.


everyone giving their opinions on village modifications... me: he went to bob to schmidy. *deep inhale - HE WENT FROM BOB TO SCHMIDY 😂🤣😂🤣😅


Lmao the Bob was a total mistake initially. I’m glad they let me change it 😂






Bruh 💀 I’ve been playing on and off since 2013 and I’m about to upgrade to th13. I don’t upgrade townhalls until my current TH is completely maxed out. You are going to be at th13 for a very long time. You missed out on the pure enjoyment of maxing out each town hall phase then upgrading to the next town hall 😭


> You missed out on the pure enjoyment of maxing out each town hall phase then upgrading to the next town hall 😭 That's subjective. People find enjoyment unlocking higher level troops and THs. Just because you like to play inefficiently and max TH levels does not mean it's fun for everyone.


Inefficiently? I’m playing how the game intended to be. It’s a sense of satisfaction. What’s the point of making your base a deadweight just because you wanted that yeti


It wasn’t until TH 11-12 that I started to realize that 😅 I’ll be playing catch up until I upgrade it again but I haven’t done that bad in clan wars, usually still pick up 5-6 stars. I wanted to rush electro dragons but took it a bit too far


Also, try not to get accustomed to only using dragon armies. Once you build up your current townhall, you will be paired with much harder townhalls and dragon raids will only score you 2 stars. Look up war strategies for your townhall & utilize them. They will be crucial for 3 stars when it matters


I’ve been watching Judo on YouTube to get more info on other raids and strats, he seems to have some good ones. I’ve noticed the dragons will usually only get two stars, and I want 3 lol


Definitely focus offense so your troops are war ready @ your townhall. Max out your troops/spells for your townhall a-long with hero’s. Defenses can wait as offense is way more important to secure 3 stars


You've been playing since 2013 and ur not even th13 yet lmao, and you're telling him how long it's gonna take ???💀💀💀 I could've maxed th15 four times over in the period of time you've been playing 💀


Damn, kid. You really going to shame someone for not having the time like you do? I play casually, when I wake up & before I go to bed. Did you miss the part where I play on and off? Let me elaborate, I’ll play for a year then end up stop playing for months till I get that spark to play again. Simple. From th1 to th13 can take almost 2 years if you completely max everything out before moving to the next townhall. I consider that a long time.. lol. You a rusher or something? We are completely different, no need to shame, lil buddy


Nice dude!


Omg 💀


baby heroes



It's funny that base post only get up voted when they are so rushed it's comical to look at


What in the rush




You are going to be disappointed when you realize how badly you screwed up. But I guess if you’re having fun, that’s what matters… I guess… At this point I’d just commit to th 14. You won’t even be able to max th 14 by the time th 16 comes out. You are probably a year and a half or two away from max th 13 lolol.




U bum


Don't rush


now get ready to suffer


His addiction is beyond rescue.


Rushed af


#TWO MONTHS???? Like, I get he’s rushed, but still, GOD FUCKING DAMN!


Mad rush


Noooo the rushed base


Dude sameeeee. I’m a th 11 but I started in august and I’ve been unrushing since the end of November


Lots of catch up to do. But I’m motivated


your not addicted you have issues please don't rush




Rare images of an edrag spammers base


Bro has invested more resources into upgrading walls than into literally any other building in his village 😂 das crazy


Magma walls though 😜


Upgrade dark elixir storage, lab, army camps, and clan castle next, they all help improve your offense.


Thank you for the advice…it seems other commenters are allergic to that


Oh LOL, i saw Eagle and was gonna comment Money but then i saw other defenses...


Lord have mercy..


Jesus christ dude don't rush 😭😭


Not addicted, just rushed


Make a non rushed account also


this should be illegal


Cuff me!


dont upgrades defences at this point just rush to th15 focusing on heroes walls and key troops. Just make sure you can farm properly, (basically max out ur farming army then upgrading th)


bro, this game is so good and fun


I love it !


Me too, I play this game like whenever I get free time and that is every 5 mins


Lmao!!! Same!!


🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have being playing this game form 2015 and I have seen how much this game have changed. With the new update things get so good.


I recommend maxing you4 de drills, its hard to farm enough for all the heroe upgrades.


Yea I’m realizing this now. Between when I posted this and now I’ve leveled all 3 up by two levels


been playing this game for 8 years th13. lost interest and im sure it will come back soon and i will get obsessed again for few months i used to hate rushed bases in my clan but then hey its better than quitting the game nah , i rather have a rushed base than a non active th15 maxed base


i rate this 13/15


I’ll take it !




Ya *think* ?




Oh boy… you are gonna be railed in the comment section.


well that much is obvious


Congrats! I'd recommend you check out [Tee's Guide to Rushing](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FnSZmgrOvxcRzzYFTU-iPE3pPi1MmJlLCynJH0UY1DQ/edit#), that'll offer you some good tips for how to deal with your Town Hall being at level 13 already ;-). Basically: * Lab: focus on upgrading your farming troops (maybe sneaky goblins/EDrags) + 1 good army composition (maybe hybrid or LaLo) * Defenses: prioritize maxing Eagle, Scattershot, Inferno and X-Bow, then Air Defense and Mage Towers * Heroes: do everything you can to upgrade them as fast as possible - you'll want to get those close to max as soon as you can. Prepare to farm lots of DE. And once you get your Queen/King to 50, or Grand Warden to 15, their upgrade times are 6d6h so you can start efficiently using Books of Heroes - which you can buy for 500 gems (I spend all my gems on those). * Books: you're buying gold pass, nice. One of the main reasons to rush to TH13 or higher is that you can efficiently use books (and hammers). Do all of your longest buildings (incl. the last levels of Eagle, Scatter and Inferno) with books/hammers, and same for your spells and troops. Basically you use builders to get them up to the one-but-highest level, then a book for the final level so you save the maximum amount of days ( generally 10+) * If you're struggling to farm enough resources, be sure to upgrade your mines and storages to max so you get as much as you can from idle time + runes. * Perhaps also rush your Builder Base! Try to get that 6th builder ASAP, maybe before the update, but probably not (although you'll be nicely on your way by then). * Use raid medals to buy 3 research potions (and potentially 3 clock tower potions) every week, to speed up your lab (and builder base) progress. And enjoy! :-).


I can always appreciate someone takes the time to offer advice like this, so thank you for that! I was upgrading archer towers. I might hold off on that and switch to inferno, eagle, and x-bow instead now. I’ll keep up with similar upgrades you mentioned and then post back in a few months to update with the progress. Thanks again!


As a veteran, this hurts to look at


Yeah..... Th13 is when the game starts getting really good, super tactical. But you definitely need to stay at th13 until you catch up😅 60-70% Dragons / 30-40% Dragon Riders with a nice blizzard (super arch / super arch in cc with a lava hound in front of it) is gonna be the army you'll wanna move toward! Clash on


Thank you!!


You should upgrade your town hall OP


Taking a break from TH upgrades lol


Welcome to the club haha


Don't be afraid to keep obstacles! One of my favorite things to do is collect the new Xmas tree each year and leave them on the outside of the base. Makes it look quite clean!


Yeah, I don’t have much so far except for the dragon that’s at the top of the base, I’m gonna wait for a holiday, possibly, do they do anything for the Fourth of July?


Took me 10 years ha


Well your base was level appropriate I’m sure. I gotta catch up and that might take 10 years now


Bro how much did you spend ?


In total like 20 bucks. I got the monthly pass for $4.99 twice. Then I got a 5 dollar pack that gave me 2,500,000 elixer and 2,500,000 gold with 2500 gems. Then I think I did another 4.99 miscellaneous one


Don't listen to the people obsessed with maxing. Two reasons why: Rushing actually allows you to progress faster in this game. Why? You get to higher levels faster and can use books and medals that you earn on more worthwhile upgrades. You can't get good value out of a free clan games book of heroes when you are stuck at TH7 and your king maxes at level 5. Additionally, lab time and builder time isn't always balanced so at some town halls you are waiting for lab when you could be working on heroes at the next TH. Rushing is faster in the long run. The other big problem people point out is that rushed accounts "must not be helpful in war" which is just plain stupid. If you had decided to max, you would be at like TH7 or 8 and you would have even more trouble finding a clan that wanted to take you into war because you can't hit anything. Why spend time at TH8 maxing minions when they aren't needed in 99% of attacks? At least at your current state, you can field a decent war army of edrags. Sure its s spammy attack, but it sure is strong than some GoVaHo TH8 attack. Even on defense, as you rush and put down the advanced defenses, they are way stronger than maxing the basics. If that same maxed TH8 tried to attack you they would fails due to infernos and xbows. But you would destroy them. So I am just not seeing how they can say that garbage with a straight face.


I think a big part of it ultimately is that they chose to max levels… and just simply can’t stand when someone chooses to do it a different way. I honestly had no clue myself, I thought the point was to continue leveling the Townhall and unlocking all attackers …I didn’t know much different until I posted this. I have my edrags at level 2 right now, pekkas at 6, giants at 9, regular dragons at 6, and the rest are at like 3-4 (the ones I rarely use) I’ve been doing well in clan wars and attacks even if I mirror the person across from me with the same TH. I might stick at TH 13 for a while and catch some stuff up before I level it again…but yea my attacks definitely aren’t horrible


I got a max th12 in about 2 years now am I relatively new th 13 (who got attacking stats upgraded but my defenses are shit)


Bro you know you can upgrade things other than the town hall, right?


Looks really good. Rushing is more optimal than not especially to th13 :)


I took almost a 1 yr to max out th10.




Is this a joke… I can’t tell


No Sir. Not a joke.


Not even the same username


You get one name change for free, don’t you?


This base is nothing to feel accomplished about




Well you should because it fucking sucks


😉 ![img](emote|t5_2usfk|9423)


Haters abound


Wth is this💀


Delete your account and start fresh. It’s gonna take you years to catch up


It'd take years to get there anyway