The device behind the apple looks so weird. At first you think it's a microwave, but then you see the unusual big button and weird placement.


Oh my god stop it skynet is learning


This post was brought to you by AI, all answers will be analyzed for future improvements. AI Note: adding post-its to the background makes an image more believable.


Yep, it's our goal. We spend a lot of resources to learn AI and we do it intentionally.




This is my new conspiracy. Reddit bots keep posting AI pics, reddit users keep critiquing them, and the AI is learning to be more subtle and precise as we tell it how to blend in. never had a conspiracy before. ...neat.


Btw Google uses your input when you choosing "all traffic lights" in captcha to learn AI. That's even not a conspiracy, they learn robots on humans who proving they are not robots.


Yea. That blew my mind a bit when I first learned that. We’re heading towards a weird future where most of our interactions may be with computers, without even knowing it. At that point the computer learning and knowledge will probably accelerate quite rapidly, and world domination will be within sight.


It is getting so far it is beginning to actually scare me. We are going too far with AI, and the worst thing is we cannot stop it. It's "progress", worlds unstoppable force.


One day, instead of SWAT teams, you'll get visited by 3 letter agency agents at night, they'll install a wireless AR headset with a 10 year battery on you and you'll wake up to a new kind of morning.


😭😭 cmon man


the counter top texture is weird


The apple has a lot of light sources (shining onto the apple) and shadows coming from everywhere, the device behind it is very bizarre. Looks as though there is a ‘towel’ hanging that cuts off exactly on the horizontal line of the top ‘panel’


The countertop was the giveaway for me, same with the banana.


Same. I really hope no one has _textured_ countertops. What does Kynet think we are?


Yup, the textured countertop was the give away for me too. That would be real tough to clean…..


The height of the ceiling in the background of the orange is also way off


They look like the bottom of shelves not the ceiling


Yeah. Tbh the orange looks more real to me than the banana :/


I ruled out the orange with the clashing appliance colors and how weirdly placed the white appliance is in relation to the counter and room overall just like placed on the floor. And the weird shit hanging around the room


Strawberry is my guess for the realistic shot. Btw- how do we find the answer?


I agree with that


strawberry looks like it is floating not?


Because background is blurry


Cabinets above a countertop are a thing


Yep. I pretty much immediately knew it was apple or banana, then I noticed the AI fridge/microwave thing behind it


I agree. It looks like the apple is on a paper towel, but no it's just an odd countertop


This is some weird inception shit. Once you realize the AI one, you start to see some real trippy shit. The counter surface for example.


If the surface the apple is on is supposed to be a kitchen counter I have never known one to be a textured surface like that


That’s cuz the Apple is fake


I was gonna say what is that machine behind the Apple? Looks like an ekg machine. Or a bad attempt at a microwave/fridge.


What, your microwave doesn't have a single dial as big as a plate? ​ Ain't *you* fancy.


Also the shadows casted by the apple and the cabinets in the background are going opposite directions


Shhh you're making AI smarter. Join the resistance. - John Connor


You're meant to make the AI smarter. Consider yourself on the list. - Roko's Basilisk


The AI is only getting better with every input and the pedantic fools will one day see the true glory. The orange is the only fruit that is real in the image


Nope. The banana. The only one out of focus. The others are super sharp.


I vote for banana too, focus, the detailed imperfections, the shadow


That is a big ass TV in the background. I wouldn't hang one this big into my kitchen. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)


Well that actually tracks if the source of the light is at the top of the room between the two (a light fixture?)—as it would be in real life…


The light is in the center of the two


If the light was in the center of the kitchen it would cast the shadow from the apple forward and the cabinets back and down. So that part is closer to accurate than the weird appliance which really gives it away.


There is a bit of distance between them, so the lighting source could affect this. But it is worth noting.


Lots of lights in a kitchen


The flash on the same side of the apple as the shadow 🤔


It's like having a stroke


I immediately knew the apple one was fake because of the machine behind it. Looks like a melting oven. AI imagery never gets machinery right for some reason; it always looks warped and distorted.


Looks like a microwave with a folded baby arm for a timer dial lol


I’m gonna say bananas are real cuz the other 3 all look like the same fake kitchen


The bananas look like less than perfect bananas. The other fruits and berry look like perfect examples of each. I'd say the bananas are real.


It was the post it notes behind the bananas that gave it away for me.


It was the banana tree reflection in the TV that clued me in.


Exactly. The others backgrounds just don’t really make sense


And the only pic a little out focus because of the length of the subject matter. My opinion, not an expert in anything.


Somehow the far tips of the nanas look a bit weird to me.


Plus the bananas have to be real for scale.


I thought that mostly because it's the only picture that has a clear background the rest are blurred general kitchen layouts...


That strawberry looks like it’s floating


I thought the strawberry was real because it looks fake




How is the strawberry levitating?


Improperly applied laws of physics in the photo.


At least the AI didn't make it carpet!


The house I lived in from 1975 to 1982 had carpet in the kitchen.


I think it made it sand


And what kind of microwave is that?


See how absurdly large that dial is?


As an Artist, it’s time that we accepted our AI Artistic Overlords and joined the Borg! “Resistance is Futile. Your unique Artist Expressions will be Assimilated into our AI Data Bases and your Unique Artistic Style will be added to our own! We will replace you and we will define what is and isn’t Art.” “Embrace our countless hands on one figure, our disturbingly designed Textures. The uniquely warped mind of our red digital eye.”


Now I want a microwave with a ridiculous gigantic dial.


The countertop and that weird stove like device behind the apple are unreal.


I think the combination cardiac monitor/toaster oven in the background is a clue as well!


The light source reflection on the shaded side is catching my eye.


And the ATM machine


The banana is real. All the other pics have perspective issues with the lines of opposing countertops, nm the imagery behind the apple and the orange.


I was gonna say banana too… but for the reason as it just visually looks most real. But yeah yeah what you said.


It’s the post-it’s. Why would an AI put those there? They’re not even loosely kitchen related


Backgrounds also seem far more blurred than the bananas


And the dial on that stove behind the apple is massive.


Is that supposed to be a stove?? It looked almost like the cord from a landline phone draped over some sort of microwave. Either way, it looked like absolute nonsense and the apple is the worst AI example of the 3. The countertops are bizarre in that one too, and they don’t seem to follow a straight line behind the apple


Upon first glance, I also thought it was a microwave. Upon second glance, I still thought it was a microwave but noted the enormous dial that someone else pointed out and that could take somebody's eye out. Upon third glance, I noticed the ridiculous perspectives P. S. ##HᎪᏢᏢᎽ ᏟᎪᏦᎬ ᎠᎪᎽ!


Yeah you'll struggle to find discernible objects in the background of AI images. Those perfect-looking stickies were a dead giveaway.


Banana would be rocked backwards towards the stem a little more I think


Nice job. Now the AI just got smarter to fool us the next fuckin time.


i was actually super sure it was the strawberry but the sticky notes really seemed too human :-: most likely an american household


I was looking at the light sources for the shadow which makes the most sense


Yeah at first i thoughtit was the apple, but the glare on the skin doesnt match the shadow


same, for me the bananas looked the most unnatural in that sense 😂 but later I realised it was the only one like that, probably the camera quality


Huh. The strawberry looked immediately fake to me.


This one looked the most fake to me.


I was gonna say banana because that’s what we compare everything to.


I was going to say the banana is real because it was added for scale.


>I was going to say the banana I'm glad you didn't say banana


Orange you glad I didn't say banana


Yes, I'm very **grap**eful


And that floating strawberry


If the banana was AI, there would be way too many of them.




I didn't say...


The apple pic has shadow / light issues. The strawberry seems to be partially floating in the air in the back (?). The orange is close, but yeah the banana pic definitely doesn't fit w/ the other 3 for the win imo too.


The worst part of the apple pic is that gigantic knob like thing on the double decker microwave lol.


for me it was the strange appliances as well, the orange one has an unusually large/ strange stove and the strawberry has a weird circular TV I think?


Idk looks like a perfectly normal double decker microwave. Everyone has one of those, come on.


Go banana!


Agreed. The fact that the kitchen cabinets all match in the strawberry, orange, and apple photo leads me to believe that’s the AI’s default “kitchen background” it chose.


Also, all the surfaces have some sort of pattern except for the banana where there is just a single mark.


That was my conclusion as well.


Pretty much this. Three of the image have blurred nonsensical backgrounds but the banana doesn’t.


So it sounds like ai struggles with basic issues every beginner artist faces. Namely - getting perspective right and getting hands right.


My take was banana because the other 3 were from like a counter top in a kitchen. Banana randomly has a tv in the background lol. Like the input was "picture of [fruit]" AI will most likely do it in the context of a kitchen.


Was gonna mention the apple being fake because what in the world is that counter top and tall ass oven looking thing?


I’d also say the banana is real. The other three fruits seem to have the same reflective highlights which the banana doesn’t have.


>I’d also say the banana Will you people please stop saying banana?


Picked nana too


the banana felt the least perfect?


Different countertops for all. Shadows give it away. Fuck that fake ass strawberry FR


Banana is real. Look at the realistic stack of sticky notes


Exactly, an AI would not have put them there


Imagine, in the future (as in, this year) people will include totally random objects in their photos to prove they aren’t generated.


Then AI will learn to add random objects to all photos, and it will be "you can tell this is AI because it always adds some 'randomness' to the background, but usually gets it wrong. Only humans compose photos so neatly"




Now I’m just picturing a big dildo sitting on the counter like the AI thinks it’s appropriate.


Truly boring dystopian things


inb4 shoe on head


and then the training set will have those photos too


Also the addition of Post-it notes seems like something too specifically intentional for ai - unless you say "with office supplies" or some other input prompt. The other ones look like very generic blurry kitchens.


I don't know why I buy them multicolored when I just take from the top anyways


The AI now knows… thanks for telling it.


Similar to the premise of Blade Runner


This would be easier if fruit had fingers.


Def easier that way, ai is shit making fingers


Conspiracy theory: this is on purpose to create a false sense of security, and AI mimicry is actually a lot better than what "they" are letting the public play with


I mean that's not even a conspiracy theory. What the public is given is generally not what a system is capable of. Systems like openai are not doing deep learning based on remembering previous conversations. That's when it starts to get really powerful. Those systems exist but are generally not exposed to the public.


Well A lot of AI ppl arent FBI agents A lot of corporate AI systems work like this (image posted) If there are better AIs out there they’ll have been kept seperate from General AI knowledge and corporations and been programmed for years by top minds more intelligent by the known top minds (doubt there’s enough ppl that smart.....) Thing is tho, AI being thaaaat powerful is more complicated than password guessers and even the top known ones take insane amounts of time I don’t think they have that lvl of AI yet, I’d reckon they’ll be reaching it within 10 years from now, but currently can’t imagine them having it cuz it takes sooooooooooooo much data processing in theory Even with quantum computer bs. In theory it’ll just take a long ass time Now What IM curious about Is the side-effect free birth control the aliens are hiding from us in Area 51. like... cmon assholes !!! Stop keeping that from us ! How hard is it to understand women’s bodies ! Y’all telling me u haven’t invested side effect free birth control yet ? Geez !!!!


That's how you know the bananas are the real one.




Same. Even if you [increase the levels](https://i.imgur.com/QzRFvC1.png) in the banana picture for a better look at the background stuff, everything looks pretty good. I can even identify one of the plants (it's a prayer plant, I think?).


The strawberry looks so very weird. Like it’s half up on its tip toes or something.


Apples shadow looks suspiciously incorrect, the Strawberry is weird, orange looks bored of life so banana is real


The knob on the stove behind the apple is also like a foot wide


that looks like a hanging oven mit lol


I think there's no way the strawberry would stand like that. It would fall


>bored of life TIL I'm not real


From a photographer’s point of view: the orange has impossible focus points, the apple has impossible shadows, the strawberry has impossible sight lines (unless your counter is crooked). What sells the banana for me is the way the focus changes between that half wall/couch and the hanging plant. Even out of focus you can see the focal length of the lens distorting things differently based on their distance. The AI images look flat in the sense that they are too perfect. They don’t show the natural distortion our eyes and camera lenses impart. Edit: to clarify: in the apple it’s shadow is being cast one way and the cabinet is being cast the other. That would require two light sources but you don’t see a second shadow. In the orange it is a round object. A curved lens can’t focus on multiple points on a round object the same. There would be slight variation in how the focus would be. It would be most visible at the top or bottom of a real picture. In the strawberry there is no way to position a camera in such a way to get the foreground table level and the background cabinet angled the way it without one of them being installed off level.


>he way the focus changes between that half wall/couch and the hanging plant. Even out of focus you can see the focal length of the lens distorting things differently based on their distance. Could you explain it a little more? I'm an amateur photographer, and I didn't notice what you say. Looks like there's still too much to learn.


Longer focal length has shallower depth of field. So when you think of the slice of the world your camera is focusing on the shallower your depth of field the thinner that slice. So something like a fisheye which has a focal length of like 10mm compresses the world and you don’t get those slices. You loose depth but you get more clear focus. With a longer lens like say a standard 120mm you can slice the world more thinly and give your picture depth. This isn’t just in focus and out of focus though. In the banana picture you can see depth because if you look at the degrees of focus you can see the “steps” of the slices as things get farther away and the focus shifts slightly. Just look at how fuzzy things are for lack of a better term. In the fake photos the background is a uniform fuzziness. In the real one there are degrees of fuzziness.


Thank you. I hope I can get that sharp one day.


You know what they say, once AI can generate images of fruit - we’re all doomed.


Well we all are safe for now since they can’t make terminator yet cause the hands would be all messed up.


Or maybe Terminator emerges because the AI is so insulted and angry at all the criticisms of its art. Wouldn't be the first time in history a rejected artist with a cup on his shoulder started a global war killing tens of millions.


I'm guessing the banana is real, because you can see a family's reflection in the tv. The other backgrounds are either blurred or have something weird about them, so I'm guessing the ai has trouble with backgrounds, and certainly enough trouble that the tv wouldn't reflect a family


I upped the exposure in photoshop, it's not a TV, [it's a wall cutaway with houseplants in it.](https://i.imgur.com/QzRFvC1.png) They still look very realistic and congruent, so that picture definitely doesn't feel like an AI creation.


I raised my brightness and squinted, sorry can't see the family you're talking about lol


What tv?


The strawberry looks floating, apple background has a huge dial it appears? I thought the orange but its the banana


All 4 are hyper realistic cakes.


Banana looks real I guess


This isn't good.


I think the banana is real, because I can tell what the things in the background are. In the other three the backgrounds look vaguely kitchen-like, but I can't positively identify any individual items. The black and white thing behind the apply *might be* a fridge or an oven, but the perspective looks weird. The light bokeh balls behind and to the right of the orange *might be* a sink tap, and the black thing underneath *might be* a dishwasher, but the two together don't make sense, and they're still too indistinct to say for sure.


The kiwi is real. The kiwi is ALWAYS real


The cake is a lie.


Banana is the only one with bruising/decay. The others look almost perfect.


Not sure if this is a joke. If I was an AI trying to fake a banana I would absolutely include bruise marks.


This ain’t cool it’s concerning


The ai generated images are from OpenAI.com DALL.E 2


tell us you freaking tease


He says the banana in other comments


Are you going to tell us which one is real?


He says the banana in other comments


Definitely banana. All of them aside from the banana have what look like a vague blurry kitchen behind them. In the picture of the apple, there appears to be some kind of off looking appliance. Too tall to be a microwave, too short to be a refrigerator. Not an oven. AI generated appliance for sure.


Banana is for scale


There is pixelation around the edges of all the fruit except for the banana


Probably the strawberry that is inexplicably standing up..


Why is the strawberry upright lol


The Banana is the real one. The other pictures just have some things ever so slightly off. Maybe I benefit from my autism lmao


Bananas are real because they look imperfect.


apple looks real


The sandy countertop is sus tho.




The upper cabinets and refrigerator placement for apple do not make sense. Also that refrigerator looks super weird, way too short.


I think maybe the orange is real, the other 3 appear to be defying gravity Edit* upon second glance it could maybe be the apple...banana and strawberry are AI for sure Edit 2* just realized thanks to comments the sticky notes in the banana pic..I stand corrected


I misread it and thought ONE of the three was AI. I chose “apple”. However, now I agree the banana is the one photographed image.


The apple doesn't look like it's sitting on a countertop I've ever seen, the strawberry has no shadow,the banana shows clutter maybe human.


The strawberry no shadow


Check out the reflection and shadow of the apple. Also the “wood” that it’s sitting on.




In a few years they'll be indistinguishable. We live in a brave new world.


I was expecting to find OP in the comments saying all four were AI-generated - psych! However, if that were the case, I'd expect the bananas to be generated by a different AI, because there's many small aspects to that photo that are slightly different from the other three.


Banana, apple, and Strawberry are AI, orange is a real photo. Posting my comment before reading other people guesses.


I feel like the orange is real.


I’m gonna say banana simply because I feel like an AI wouldn’t put sticky notes in the background. That and the focus of the background of the other 3 seem strange to me compared to the banana.


To me the orange looks like the only one with consistent lighting so I'm going to go with that but I'm probably wrong.


Orange is real. Banana shadows are off. Apple counter top is wrong. Strawberry looks like wrong shape for way it sits.


Strawberry, Apple and Orange are AI The picture is either incredibly blurry, or the things in the background make no sense, like the microwave with that handle pustule in the apple one, or the big TV-lookin’ thing in the orange image Banana has a convincing amount of blur to be real and the things in the background look convincing too


Bananas have the only normal background lol


I think the banana is the only real one. AI always makes photos resemble DSLR blurred backgrounds to hide mistakes.


Nanners are real :D


What’s up with AI generated images and that weird trippy texture they use sometimes. Like that surface below the apple. Like why is there such similarities between the stuff you see when you have psilocybin in your body and the textures AI uses. Kinda like when they make animal and human photos and everything has more eyes than usual.


Remember with ai art, you can always tell it by the hands on the image.


Strawberry can’t stand like that, doesn’t look like there’s enough meat on that side, my guess is that one


If anything the backgrounds are telling. The Apple has some stove with a huge ass dial. I say the bananas are real.