If I was single and 25, I’d do Yacht Week in Croatia. It’s not a luxury experience but you can get a private cabin on a nice catamaran with air conditioning and have a ton of fun with other folks your age. Don’t forget to bring a flag!


Best advice. A girlfriend went on Yacht Week in Croatia, met the handsome skipper and now they’re married!!


She’s with a skipper, you’re left with a stripper.


i always wanted to do this but now i feel like i might be too old/boujee already to do it. certainly would be a sick way to get to ultra croatia though


How old are you? Do you like to party and stay out late?


early 30s so not that old. and i do but my wife not as much on the stay out late side anymore


Being married and in your 30s, I’d just charter a boat (with a skipper/crew if you can’t sail yourself) and do you own thing for Ultra with your wife. Maybe invite a another couple or two to join you. You don’t need Yacht Week.


You’re never too old until you’re dead. Make the most of life…live large when you have the opportunity


i like the sentiment. and don’t worry i’m definitely living large yacht week or not


I wish I knew about yacht week 10 years ago!


Noob question. How much does something like this cost?


Anywhere from like $1k to maybe $3k for a week for a spot on a boat, depending on how nice of a boat and if you want to share a cabin. They are really small so I’d personally only suggest sharing with a romantic partner.


Got it. That’s helpful, surprisingly lower than I would have guessed. Maybe Summer 2024 Croatia Yacht Week incoming


Check out the website and you’ll see all the options and prices - I was just estimating really. They also have full-boat charters if you want to bring your own group.


Sure thing! Will do. Hopefully I can get a couple of friends to go along


It was over $2K pp when I went in 2015. And you really have to be okay with roughing it, but it was one of the most fun weeks of my life. My best advice is to book hotels for the nights you’re on land like in Hvar. If you’re in your 30s, you’re probably too old to enjoy Yacht Week in all honesty




Never heard of this before. Can you recommend a charter group?


If you want to be a part of Yacht Week, you have to book through them. You can charter your own boat so it's just the people you bring with you (3-4 cabins that fit 1-2 adults) but in order to have access to the parties and events, you need to arrange it with Yacht Week. You can also just charter a boat to cruise around Croatia at your leisure, which is what we've done. We sail ourselves but you can also hire a skipper or a skipper and mate (chef/housekeeper) through any of the major charter companies, but we use Moorings. Croatia is fantastic - it's beautiful and the water is crystal clear. Try to go later in the summer so it's a bit warmer. The marina towns and the food are fantastic when you compare it to something like BVI (which has better beaches even if it doesn't have the best food.) I'm familiar with Yacht Week because we've met people in the marina towns and have seen/heard the parties. They are always having a blast from what we can tell.


Honestly this is spot on. Go to yacht week in Croatia and bvi. You will make plenty of new friends with your lifestyle. It’s amazing.


When I was your age, I had a similar issue. Most people my age couldn't afford to travel at a FATTravel level. And the ones who could were too busy or wanted to go on trips with just their SOs. If you want to travel on your own, you're going to have to go down market. I had a blast doing the Contiki trips, which targets an 18-35 demographic. Stay away from the Europe trips (mostly college students). I traveled with Contiki through Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It was a good mix of people, mostly 20s-30s. You can go "FAT" on the single room supplements, the flights, the alcohol, and incidentals. You'll have a heck of a lot more fun traveling with people your own age. I will add that the Contiki trips seem to attract more women than men, mostly because a group tour format offers more safety for single female travelers.


I 100% agree with this. I would add to this, look at other brands similar to Contiki but maybe slightly different. I travelled Peru/South America with G Adventures and found it was slightly more of a 25-35 crowd than a 20-25 crowd. Book the single room options and honestly, you’ll have a good time. Won’t be particularly great accommodations but they will be clean/decent and you’ll have a blast and meet lots of great people. To be fair, I don’t remember spending a ton of time in the room anyways… bars and sightseeing kept me pretty busy!


2nd I did contiki and loved it, some hotels were a little dumpy but i met amazing people and saw amazing things. If a hotel was too blah i found a 5 star hotel and met up later.


I had a super memorable trip with Contiki with a couple of friends about 20 years ago. Glad to hear they’re still around. Maybe add some days before / after your trip for some more solo experience.


Find a hobby that can be done through travel - something like surfing, photography, history. & seek experiences that incorporate those hobbies. You will be able to explore the world and find lots of likeminded people. Without it seeming “forced”


This is what I would do. There are so many cool things you could pursue! One thing to think about is how you prioritize your time. What do you do with your time? What do you want to do with your time? What changes can you make? You may have plenty of money not your time is definitely limited. Spend it wisely!


I second this. My husband and I fly fish and it takes us to the most beautiful places in the world. We also meet and maintain friendships with other passionate fly fishermen/women along the way.


Get involved with your local river keeper and dedicate your time and energy into protecting local rivers and streams


Underrated comment


what does this involve? I havent heard of this before


Volunteers work to protect rivers and other water bodies from pollution (e.g. agriculture such as cows or tillage or storm water runoff from roads non point source; or direct point source pollution from facility discharge) so that all waters are at a minimum “fishable, and swimmable”. This could mean doing river cleanups, talking with the public about issues, performing fish habitat restoration work, or fighting state government to do more (google what is a TMDL) [waterkeepers alliance](https://waterkeeper.org/what-we-do/) [how’s my waterway?](https://mywaterway.epa.gov)


Grab a buddy and go fuck off in Europe for a couple weeks and party/reset. Then find yourself a girl and plan a few trips out and enjoy the world a bit. You are only in your 20s for a beautiful blink. Start taking advantage of it


OP: My friends don't want to travel or are too busy to travel Your response: Grab a friend and go travel


>Grab a buddy Really bad idea! This is the easiest way to make enemies and cause resentment.


Recommend surrounding yourself with people who are REALLY into whatever they are doing, whether it be a sporting activity or some sort of hobby, they are generally happier people and that shit is contagious. Personally I go walk doggies for a local no-kill shelter and have met tons of friends this way.


I used to make a lot more than many of ky friends it’s leveled out a bit and I have new friends but I digress. Maybe plan 1-2 trips where you cover the majority of the costs and maybe isn’t the fattest trips to enjoy with your friends? It’s hard to balance generosity and being taken advantage of but with real friends I always am quite generous as that it’s valuable to me. Also what do you like to do? Find a cool solo hobby to dive into


I’ve done something similar before and it’s worked out really well. You can propose a trip to a destination and take care of the Airbnb (or get a suite with multiple bedrooms in a hotel), but leave the other costs to your friends. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people like to talk about wanting to travel much more than actually traveling. Getting friends to go on trips can be difficult.


I’m a therapist, this sounds like you need to talk to a therapist frankly. Changing your surroundings might not fix your problems. That being said, in terms of actual travel advice: Backpack around Europe in some hostels now while you’re young! Take a 20-something intrepid travel trip somewhere cool! The world if your oyster with that kind of money! Consider volunteering!


Save ya money dingus. Do that for 5-10 years you’ll never have to work again. Then you can enjoy traveling drinking whatever you want. And how are you making 700k per yr


Fuck me - he can take a couple of vacations a year at 25. What’s the point of earning money and being miserable. Money is meant to bring options and happiness. Get the house in order and peace out for a week. The world will still be there when you return.


He will never be 25 again








He can take nice vacations and have nice hobbies, and still save most of that income.


I am also curious


Spending a few grand on fun travel isn't a horrible choice, not like he said "how do I blow $700K a year"


If you can swing it, go to SEA and backpack around for a couple months. One of the best things I ever did


Get tinder gold or whatever it’s called now. Swipe on women or men around the world. Plan dates. Fly there. Have fun. You sound like you need more personal connections. If you can’t make them at home, then this will just jump start it with some fun.


Find a place to volunteer a few times a week for a few hours. It could be after school tutoring, or at a non-profit.


Skiing! So many places to go and you can meet people on the lifts


I’ve done Yatch Week across all of their destinations (Croatia, Greece, and Turkey) in my uni years. Still fairly keen to come back in my 30s so I second that. I however don’t think it’s FAT at all, so made a new comment and recommending something I feel like if you haven’t yet done and have the money for is Skiiiiing 🎿🚠 I grew up in a tropical country and never seen snow until I moved to europe so no chance of me know how to go down a treacherously steep mountain from its snow covered volcanic bowl at around 50mph (professionals do up to 100ish)… the feeling is just insane. I recently took a whole month off work just skiing around the world (I’m not talking about ikon/epic passes, forget those, the best ski resorts at least in Europe don’t do passes) hopped on a helicopter when I progressed, and got someone hike up some peaks and full powder fuelled run down… it is just out of the world!!


Please tell me how you’ve gotten so great in one month. I’ve paid for many instructors and keep trying but I’m a weenie and haven’t even gone down a black yet after a few years and many hours with private instructors. Fear is real for learning as an adult… I watch all these tiny little kids do jumps around me!


I would say focusing on lots of one-legged exercises, balancing exercises, and then being willing to try out a bunch of instructors to see what clicks. Then have that instructor work with you for 2-3 days in a row. The best instructors in my opinion are the ones who are great at observation (they want to see you ski and can identify what the "issue" is) and explaining to you in the way you learn best. I found a ski instructor in Revelstoke in Feb that had a Masters in physics but wanted to teach skiing for a couple seasons and his ability to teach was nothing I'd ever experienced before. There wasn't that much "instruction" but more him observing me ski, giving me feedback, a drill or two, more skiing with him observing me. When I was able to mostly incorporate the feedback during the runs, we'd move on to the next one. Total game changer. Hope you find someone that's amazing near you!


My problem too is I’m a hotel snob with a need for ski in ski out and ideally someone to put my boots on for me :/ Where did you stay in Revelstock? Mind sharing or DM me the name of your instructor there? Maybe I’ll make it out for a week or fly him somewhere with better accommodations hah. Congrats on your achievement!


I stayed at the Sutton Place Hotel in a one bedroom with den. Location is on the mountain so that's nice. Food is better than most I've had on mountain within the Americas but nothing to write home about. The hotel itself is... acceptable. They haven't really kept it updated. At least the bed was comfortable. Rooms were a little small for my liking. The ski locker situation is a joke. I worked with Chamis. He's Sri Lankan. If you can get him, you should! If you get him to a better place for the week, let me know - I may join you!


Before that intense month, I’ve been skiing for like 5 seasons or so but only a few weeks here or there each season and never really got to comfortably go down a blue… I was just overwhelmingly terrified in general. What the last month taught me is that everyone can really overcome that fear (acrophobia, speed, crashing, whatever scare you) by simply doing it nearly everyday for the entire month. Welp, to be fair, no need for a full 30 consecutive days. It was around day 10-12th for me that I looked at every blues and was like meh, too flat loll… trust me it happens. That was when I did my virgin black run. Then I did it. I did a black run. Then I tried another one. Still though, don’t like moguls and might never try that but I start doing guided off piste. Then heliski…. Then.. and then…


Anywhere. Solo travel to Nashville or to Amsterdam or to Fiji. Like art? Tour art museums. Like baseball? Tour stadiums. Like fishing? There are group tours to book. There is no end to it. That said it’s thought to transition from seeing friends constantly to figuring out everyone else is busy with their own lives. Don’t let being solo ruin the joy of traveling.


I'm in the same situation haha. Let me know if you plan any trips 💪


This OP. I’ve joked about it before. Plan a fattravel meetup.


Solo travel is honestly my favorite way to travel, and I really think you’re at a great age to do it. You could go literally anywhere you wanted, and you could go backpacking style via hostels, do temple stays with monks in Japan and Korea, or go full-on luxe and stay at Amans and Six Senses and try out the best hotels in all the capitals of the world, with nobody holding you back. You could hike or walk some famous routes like the Camino de Santiago (you don’t need to be religious). There’s a great book called Alone Time about solo travel that is helpful for appreciating how to make the best of exploring new places when it’s just you, in complete control of your agenda, with nobody else to worry about. Such an incredible sense of freedom, and helps you build curiosity and improve observation skills, and learn new passions, interests, and hobbies.


Look up G adventures and book one of the fancier ones


Was just going to comment this. Went on my first G Adventure a month ago across Mexico and had a blast. Not FAT at all, just organized group travel was fantastic in general. But like you said, OP could go for one of the fancier ones and really live it up. Personally looking forward to whatever my next G Adventure is (not an ad for them, there are other companies that do the same thing, but had a great experience).


you should invest so you can Not fucking work. Retire in 10 years


At 700k you can invest and still take fat vacations - although OP might have to work 10 years and three months before they retire.


Let the man live. Jesus he can spend $20K on some travel and still be doing just fine...


What do you do for work?


Cartagena, Colombia


Sadly overplayed, too many dummies ruining the scene


Yea, but you have to get away from the clock tower area, it’s so much more to Cartagena. The guys have ruined that aspect of it.


why do you recommend it?


Ladies and beaches, nightlife. Quick trip to Brazil for even more ladies, beaches and nightlife. You said you were looking for fun, it’s there.


If you haven’t done hookers and cocaine yet, then why not get it out of the way.


r/havefunhobbying is a good start for him


What are somethings you’re into? Do you mind being with older people? Do you prefer younger people? I’ve done a few trips with MT Sobek, and I did one with Mountain Lodges of Peru. I gave them my age and asked if they had any trips with people close to my age and so far it’s worked out really well. One time I went with a much older group as a solo traveler and it was just as awesome but for different reasons.


if u work remote, just live in different places for a month at a time


Bro, you got sick kicks tho?




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Get American Express Centurion (Black Card)! Their concierge will provide you with anything you want, including others like you! That's what I do! Good luck!


Take small stabs at things you might enjoy I've been in your position (not w $700k/yr income, but I had way more income than my friends, so going out w them nullified the effect of my wallet). Try to get the best tickets at sports event in your town (but there people will be 50/60), or waste money on a bottle table at a club, or dinner w strangers + tables then (most of them are getting ahead of themselves). Try to become a regular and talk to people. Don't talk about money, nor say that you make \*THAT\* much. See if you can find some companions from there If you've never skied, gather info if there are some ski clubs that organize classes for novices like you, be prepared in advance with the calendar (usually they start in november for the lessons, so they get the enrollements in september, so prepare for the logistics to be there/schedule your stuff). Skiing is not cheap, so again, you can assume if someone is a regular there, they probably can follow you in other adventures where money are required...


Go to a Aman resort


Good call. Maybe start with Amanpulo. That place was extraordinary.


hope you read this. Try to find a lifestyle hobby. I'm sure everyone will tell you to find hobbies and blah blah blah, but I'm talking about something to be more than a hobby. Rock climbing. Completely addicting, and takes ton of time. Can easily become your whole life(speaking from experience). You'll go on awesome trips, make tons of friends and acquaintances, and get strong. Similar activities could be surfing, skating, snowboarding/skiing etc. Try it!


Agree with this reco, one option for your level of resource is scuba diving, start with open water and climb your way up to divemaster, you can afford top notch gears and go on those luxury liveaboard for awesome places like Galapagos. It's a whole different world down there, many people wanted to experience it but not everyone can afford it. You will also encounter physical and mental challenges that money can't buy as well. You can start your research at r/scuba


sounds like great advice! always wanted to try it.


This is a good idea, did rock climbing/skiing a couple times and it was fun. Need to get more into it


My biggest rec is go hostel mode in Europe. Spend an entire summer staying in hostels in europe, it's amazing. You're still young enough




You need to pay for a friend to come with you if your friends can’t afford it. It’s worth it to have the experiences with your friends and family.


You need to build a community in your city. Cut back on gym time and instead join a group activity with other people, like volunteering or a running club or something. Isolation is easier, but everyone needs a community to thrive, even introverts. Start going to weekly activities where you meet the same people every week, and attend regularly. I did that after moving to a new city and two years in, had a whole new group of friends that I loved. Volunteering is a great way to add meaning to your life.


I’ve never volunteered, I would love to. What do you recommend?


Find local organizations working in the areas that you care about, the causes that move you I'm on the board of a local charity to do with climate change/human survival, after volunteering there for about 10 years Hospitals also always need volunteers, but you can obviously only do that when you're not sick (not even a sniffle)