Bloody hell, I actually found a job Just for this game.




Not even joking, but It was really satisfing to buy the ps5 with my own money, i can't wait for this game.


I love this haha. Are you like a young person who's still in school, playing old final fantasy games on emulators and got a part time job to finance your first official FF purchase?


I mean, my First official FF purchase was FFXV, then 8 remastered(my favorite) X, and 7Remake the older games I was using emulators.


Based and crystal-pilled.


When a game is so good it persuades you to stop being a NEET


did you play FF14? if not i encourage you to do so. you will end up working hard to pay the subs XD >!worst case, you addicted to fantasia


I have 900+ hours on 14 already haha Very addicted.


900 hours of extreme raid progression at Limsa!


Lol So did I


Ff7r Intermission was the reason I bought a PS5.


Same, I needed Yuffie asap (Intermission’s launch day was also my birthday so you can imagine my happiness)


Should add a third option for: already have a ps5 but I'm playing the fuck out of this game


FF16 and 7 Rebirth are two big reasons. But I tend to play big non-Nintendo AAA games on PlayStation.


Same, I'm a PC player myself but mine cannot run AAA games as well as the PS5 so I'm just getting it for the FF titles and anything down the road that I find worth getting.






I got a ps5 because I got tired of my ps4 sounding like a spirit airlines plane was about to take off in my room.


No but it will consume my summer.


I've bought PS5 to play all kinds of games, but FFXVI and Death Stranding 2 were my main reason to purchase it.


XVI is the reason. While others like Bloodborne and Elden Ring are just a bonus. + Right after XVI - Baldur's Gate 3 comes out +I can also play XIV on PS5


This, 7 Rebirth and KH4 are the reason.


Got my ps5 for Demon’s Souls


I bought a PS5 because I just always buy Sony, but I’d be damned if I was missing XVI.


Hmm no I got an email from Playstation Direct about getting a PS5 (was planning to get one eventually but because getting one was a hassle and I have a backlog I wasn’t in a hurry), so I snagged one since they were rare. Of course I have used it for a lot of games naturally. Of course if I hadn’t gotten one I would have gotten one eventually for FFXVI. So far I have always gotten a PlayStation Console for Final Fantasy with the exception of PS4 which I just got for Second Son and eventually many games later.


FFXVI and Demon's Souls, literally don't know any other game I would get a PS5 for right now, mainly because I'm totally fine playing most cross-gen titles on my PS4. Forspoken was on the list, but given the outcome it seems like not really worth it.


Ps4 for 7 remake Ps5 for 7 remake intermission


Yes, alongside Spider Man 2. FFVIIR2 and KHIV, albeit it was the first hard confirmed game I got it for


Struggled very hard to get a PS5 during the GPU shortage just so I can be secure in playing XVI day 1. So yes. Demon's Souls Remastered was another reason, but it wasn't a high priority because it'd eventually be ported to PC at some point.


My mom sends me 200 euro a month and i’m saving it. It is ONE of the reasons as well why I dropped out of college other than my mental health. 🌙


I bought it for persona 5 royal but I am sticking the fuck around for ff16


Oh wow, I thought at best it would be about even but no, yes by a wide margin! I wanted to get a PS5 eventually but it’s def the reason why I got it now (that and it was easily available lol)


I originally bought mine to play FF7R/ Demons Souls and Gran Turismo 7. When it was announced that FF16 was a PS5 exclusive launch I was thankful I'd already had the console otherwise I probably would've bought one to play it. Funny enough the only reason for that itself is because since Jan last year I got addicted to FFXIV and cant wait to see what the Yoshi's team can do with a single player FF mainline game and also I really want to see Soken get that game award for the soundtrack that he's deserved for so long now.


Not really. Have always been a Sony Pony. And FF7 R Integrade, GT7 and FFXVI is just a result. Also, really wanted to play FF7 Remake with better graphics.


Yes and no. FFXVI was definitely the *MAIN* reason, but GoW Ragnarok was as well


I bought a PS5 as close to launch as I could but this is a great benefit lol


No, but if I hadn't already owned the console I would have dropped what I was doing and found one immediately. One of the main reasons I bought the PS5 is amazing games like Ghosts of Tsushima, FF7R, and God of War.


I'm borrowing my neighbor's PS5 for this.


Yeah. I was eventually gonna get a PS5 anyway, but FFXVI is going to make me buy it sooner rather than later.


Yes but I bought it 1 year early,


Yeah. I wasn't going to but my Roku stopped working and I was looking into building/buying a new media center device anyway. Figured I might as well get the PS5 for an extra hundred or two more. And not have to wait/dodge spoilers for at least a year while waiting for a PC port. Also gives me a chance to play some games I've wanted to for a while but the devs/publishers have been dragging their feet for PC ports.


Yes, but I'll resell the PS5 after my family's satisfied with FF16. There's not much games we're looking forward to in PS5.


I mean yea they haven't shown anything really yet that coming to the ps5 ull probably reconsider once tht playstation showcase hits before e3


Well we haven't really had a PS system since PS2 at home, and that was almost two decades ago. We're just not invested in any of their console exclusive titles.


Not the sole reason, but the main reason. There's many games i want to play on it but FFXVI it's going to be a "***must have***" situation, so i'm going to buy mine for it. Other games like Horizon Forbidden West od God of War Ragnarok were Cross-Gen so i could enjoy both on Ps4 instead. But there's other games only on Ps5 that i'm looking for it such as Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart and Dark Souls Remake, also the Burning Shores Expansion which is Exclusive for Ps5 ( *Intermission for FFVIIR as well* 🥹 ).


Basically. I would have eventually gotten one anyway, but this game is the reason I have one NOW.


If I do end up buying a PS5, FFXVI will be the only reason. Still strongly debating it however as buying an expensive console for just one game, even if it's the game I am singularly, most looking forward to, is a very hard sell.


>buying consoles


I was contemplating between Xbox series and Ps5 at the time that all changed when I saw the first trailer for this beast on the showcase couple years back best decision ever


No. Most of the games that i want to play are on ps5. Having final fantasy 7 remake and 16 as an exclusive is a bonus.


I bought an Xbox 360 for FFXIII, a PS4 for FFXV and bought a ps5 last year for FFXVI


YES. Final Fantasy has been primary reason why i bought PS3 and PS4 before too also the reason why i want PS1 and PS2 as a kid before but we got no money.


LMAO YES. But of course i will also play another game like FF7R, Ghost of Tsushima, GoW Ragnarok, etc


FF was the reason I bought my first playstation when I was younger , (actually asked my aunt to buy it lol) and have been the case every time. But this time I feel I won't be disappointed as I have been on some release. Let's see!


When I saw the first trailer in the future of gaming livestream I didn’t think about it twice, went and preordered a ps5


Yes. I'll be spending close to $700 just to play FF16 because there's no other PS5 exclusive I want. Everything else I can play on Xbox or switch.


Well, considering that XV was the reason I bought a ps4… 🤪


Among others, but it’s release was the one I absolutely refused to miss


Bought for yuffie dlc but after the dominance trailer came out FF16 is now my most anticipated game of 2023


So far: FF16, TLoU Pt. 1 (no I never played the other releases), FF7R Intermission + Reunion, HFW, GoW: Ragnarok, Demon's Souls, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Stray, Wild Hearts all come to mind.


Originally for Horizon: Forbidden West! But I just like to own everything so exclusives don’t pass me by


Partly. It, Spider-Man 2, Wolverine and Death Stranding 2 are why I want to get a PS5. And, when they eventually come out, KotoR Remake and GTA 6


No, but for different reasons Been in the PS ecosystem since the PS1 so getting a PS5 was a no brainer.


Without XVI I would have no reason to buy a ps5


Technically no, but at the same time technically yes. The original game I wanted a PS5 for was Ratchet & Clank, but FFXVI is like the deadline for getting one and definitely my most anticipated game this year (which is saying a good bit considering tears of the kingdom is also releasing).


It's this, 7 intermission and FF7 rebirth. And then I pre ordered the CE


Final Fantast XVI was certainly the strongest motivator, yes. Among other games, at the very least.


No not really


Naw, I bought it for FFVII Intergrade (and because I just wanted a PS5). XVI and Rebirth and beyond are all just bonuses.


The upcoming MH6 (whatever it is going to get called) was my reason why I bought a PS5.


I need to put aside the money to buy one until june. I'm starting to feel a bit nervous lol


Bought a PS5 mainly just for this game but also some other Sony exclusives.


GoW:R for me, but it was mainly just bc of release dates. If ff16 came out AS they released ps5s, I probably would have caved and bought from a scalper.


FF16 was my original reason. However, Returnal accelerated my acquisition of the PS5. Always been a PS player since PS1 days though.


I was gonna buy one at some point but this game will be the reason I finally pull the trigger


Yes, though I've been enjoying others games while I wait!


Miles Morales is what sold me on getting a ps5 at launch, got my 2 preorders in. So I’ve been ps5 from the very beginning but 7 remake made me get a ps4 pro and sell my base ps4 and I got a ps4 to play 15 and a ps3 so play 13


I got my ps5 last year, but its main purpose in existing is to run ffxvi


for me, ps5 was a day 1 purchase regardless of exclusive games. it was just a huge upgrade from ps4. any game plays so much better in ps5, compared to ps4.


The reason I brought my PS5 was because there was 1 available n I had to jump in quickly before someone else bought it. No games thought at the time!


Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart was a phenomenal piece of art, especially after the bad-mediocre ps4 remaster, and the PS5 was worth justt for that alone


I’m seriously thinking of picking up a 12 hour and a 4 hour shift at the hospital for a ps5 for this game and demon souls lol