This is the game I've been looking forward to the most this year. Have been following it for a few years now. From the looks of reviews etc., I might wait a couple more months before pulling the trigger.


Same feeling here. It's been at the top of my wishlist for a while but I did just get though another binge of Stellaris so I'm wait a bit. I think my wrist will thank me


Your wrist? Ah, space pron. I see now.


Check out the IGN early access review, it was very good and convinced me to jump into it despite it's current flaws.


For the patches?






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There really isn't any other game quite like this one. It's like if you blended Watch the Skies, Risk, Aurora 4x and The Expanse all into one enormous package. It's got some jank and it's hella complex, but it actually delivers on its promises and I'm certain that many of the bugs and more obtuse elements will be ironed out. Give TI a chance, people; this could be one of the most innovative strategy games released in the past ten years.


Sounds like its exactly what i want. People are saying its complex, confusing and feels aimless, but as someone that plays Aurora4x... bring it on. I love all that. Throw those complex systems at me. Never tell me what i am doing wrong, or what the end goal is.


Waiting on my key from the developers, but maybe I lost it somewhere in an email I got from them in the couple years? I’ve been looking forward to this game since backing it!


Have you checked your spam folder? They sent keys out a few days ago, mine went to spam. You might also look for the backer survey where you choose if you want the Steam or GOG version. I think they have more instructions on the Kickstarter updates page if you need it.


Looks great, but I didn't have much time to dabble during the demo period. Curious what people think in early impressions.


It feels like both the good and bad aspects of the Long War mods turned up to 11. It has immense scope and complexity and a lot of cool ideas, but it's slow, confusing, and unclear about how well you're doing or what you should be working towards. I can see it being very appealing to a certain kind of player, but it's something I'd rather watch a let's play of than play myself.


A lot of the negatives I've seen are that there is no direction and a lack of explanation, so maybe these things get ironed out in EA.


I don't think they're gonna totally iron that all out. One of the Steam achievements is to learn your faction's win conditions. They clearly want it to be somewhat difficult to find what direction you should be going in.


>One of the Steam achievements is to learn your faction's win conditions. Because it's a literal ingame research project and one of your objectives (step-by-step objectives you can refer back to anytime as they appear) says when it is available


I mean, the win condition is like the "this will end the game" button. You know you're overarching goal from the start, you just gotta figure out how to get there with the tools you have.


> One of the Steam achievements is to learn your faction's win conditions. Do you mean the ones that are literally just "Win as X faction"? Civ has those, too, is Civ also overly complex?


Why on earth they would mean that ? You misinterpret on purpose then make some stupid argument about it? > 0.4% - Endgame -Learn your faction's victory conditions It's literally just there


Curious how it compares to Stellaris. I have it on PS4 and it's fantastic but you're gonna fuck up maybe 10 or so games before you figure out wtf is goin on imo. I'm good until a few hours in where I have to critically think about what I'm tryin to do lol. My resources get all crazy, I have no idea how micromanage or macromanage(?) my shit, and I inevitably decide to just go full on Space Hitler cause "laser beams BRRRRR!". I love Stellaris but I spend a fair amount of time googling and scrunching my face til I drool and start a new game lol.


It's entirely unrelated to Stellaris aside both being real-time and in space


Its very different. I'm not sure if your Stellaris itch will be scratched by Terra Invicta. I played LW2 for about 1k+ hours, Stellaris for about 1k+ hours and CIV5 NQ for about 2k+ hours. There are several differences between all of these compared to Terra Invicta. \- The pace of the game in early game. LW2 offers a specific sense of direction and while you feel like youre behind and on a slow start on strategic level, the sense of "I dont know where Im going" is remedied by the tactical layer of the game. So while you're a bit disoriented at first, you at least know that you need to get to a mission, survive the mission and then get back to the geoscape sceen and take it from there. There is a visible short term goal you need to get to. With Stellaris, its kind of the same. If you know the basics, you know you need to rush the early game and expand as fast as possible and once youve established your boundaries, whatever the state of the game is at that point, youll take it from there and see where it takes you. With CIV, its even simplier. You know your goals (because of how CIV plays, you already know the simple loop- "expand/establish, survive, win") Terra Invicta doesn't really rush you anywhere like that. Its not a con, though. There are a ton of things you can do while youre being slowed down by the hard limits (cant expand infinitely, the limit is reached fairly quickly). The goals are obscured, but you can do a lot of things while you're reaching and clearing those goals/missions. For example, after the initial expansion, I used my operatives to create more favourable conditions for factions that were more aligned to my own. Youre mostly reacting to small events the whole game while slowly moving towards bigger ones, but at the same time you have so many options and so much freedom to do so many things while youre in motion. One downside to this, though. With LW2 and Stellaris and CIV, when you mess up, you know exactly where you messed up and the pace of the game is quick enough so that restarting is just as fun in a way. I have not really felt that with Terra Invicta. But Terra Invicta (so far, that Ive noticed) doesnt really punish you for mistakes as hard as other games do.


Honestly Stellaris is one of the more approachable big strategy games, more complex than CIV for sure but still eases you in pretty well. Terra Invicta will be on a whole other level as far as difficulty wall goes if The Long War is anything to go by.


Most games are 90% done when they go into EA.


> It feels like both the good and bad aspects of the Long War mods turned up to 11. Alright, not interested anymore. Long War was shock full of stuff that made me hate it, not gonna subject myself to this


Eh, I really didn't like XCOM long war and yet I've lost fifty hours in the last two weeks to the demo, give it a try and see for yourself


I tried, couldn't find the demo.


Ah yes I see it must have been pre-release only, if you have any questions just ask me :)


I would say it’s quite a bit different largely because it’s not trying to retrofit this whole political system into a TBT game. Like you don’t, so far, have stuff like /u/spiritbearr is talking about because the game just mechanically doesn’t have that.


Yeah, When the game just has a vital mission have 39-42 tanky enemies when the game has time limits it's not fun challenge, it's fucking annoying and exceedingly time consuming.


Worth noting that the Long War mod was more focused on the campaign map side of things as opposed to the tactical battles. So given TI's lack of an Xcom like tactical layer that might actually be good thing in your case.


In a failure is good as a learning process sort of way? Or, it doesn't provide the feedback and tools to really understand what's going on or how to succeed? Might be too early to tell... And would hopefully be one of the things they would be interested in improving. (UI, stats, rankings?, etc)


The former mostly and a bit of the latter. From playing the demo a few times, I understand my mistakes but definitely far too late to make a difference. Also with the length of the game, it can sometimes be really frustrating losing a long lasting campaign because of decisions made 10 hours ago.


> From playing the demo a few times, I understand my mistakes but definitely far too late to make a difference. Also with the length of the game, it can sometimes be really frustrating losing a long lasting campaign because of decisions made 10 hours ago. How you can definitely tell it was made by the Long War guys. I actually love the gameplay of Long War, but I've never even come close to completing it because I'll get 30 hours into a run, realize that the run was doomed 20 hours ago, and have to start all over.


Where'd you find the demo? It looks like something I'd like to check out and see if it's my kind of game.


I think it's gone now that EA is out, it was on the steam page yesterday


Looks like the demo is gone now, but maybe keep an eye out for it? They might release a new demo, more representative of the current state of the game rather than a few months ago.


The lack of saves in demo was a terrible idea. I don't have continous blocks of time to spend like that, nor desire to keep PC running constantly just to not lose state of video game


Steam reviews for it are mixed at the moment, is it worth it to pick this up right now?


it would depend on what you like, 99% of the negative reviews are from people who played 20 minutes, when the game is hundreds of hours long before you get into space combat. the things that need to improve is the clarity of the user interface and a better tutorial. but the core game is there and it is awesome, if you can get past the current state of the UI and tutorial, you should have a blast. but if this is your first 4X game, i would not recommend it.


Hundreds of hours before space???


Well yeah ships don’t build themselves. Also better engines, weapons, and reactors. But it’s more like 10 hours before you even start launching ships and even then they’ll get curbstomped


That's a little better I guess. It would be crazy to have a game you couldn't get to the largest part of for 100+ hours. I'm really curious about this game but the scope and ambition almost seems like it would keep me from ever sitting down long enough to see the whole game.


There are scenarios coming that do the early game for you so you can get straight to space combat. It skips the early land grab and the consolidation of powers


Does the scope of the game include that kind of granularity for each planet or just earth?


For planets/asteroids it’s primarily just putting down a outpost to mine it and that’s it


Ok cool, thanks for answering my questions. I'll keep an eye on the game and watch some playthroughs.


Ye currently I’m working on making an EU superstate that spans NA Asia and the EU, been fun but I can see how it can get old fast


More like tens of hours before space combat. You can get the boost for the base of a low earth orbit station pretty quickly, getting infrastructure of mining outposts on the moon and Mars takes a while longer and you need that before you can start making space warships.


How does it compare to Stellaris, in terms of complexity/learning curve?


mm tough to say, at this moment i would say that the learning curve it is steeper here. difficult to compare it to Stellaris as Stellaris for me is one of the best 4X games there is, but i would say that if you like Stellaris, you may like this one, but this is A LOT slower to play.


Slightly contrasting with what people said here, I don't think it would be a small jump from the complexity in Terra Invicta vs Stellaris. Stellaris is pretty easy to get into and play semi-decently for a strategy game, you won't understand everything straight away but things are introduced at a decent pace and don't get too crazy too fast. You can make decisions that fuck you up later, but they are usually fairly simple decisions like how you prioritise growth vs expanding vs tech vs military etc so after 1 game you should be able to get a feel for it and if you are wrong in the first game its usually a set back but something you can come back from. From what I have seen of Terra Invicta and Long War, you will get your ass kicked dozens of times for hundreds of hours before you get close to a decent strategy that can win you the game. Not only is it complex, it is also punishingly hard and incredibly long. That combination imo makes it magnitudes worse at trying to get past the difficulty wall compared to Stellaris. I am not sure if I got lucky with Stellaris and it just 'made sense' mostly when I played it, but I had no trouble becoming competent at it (a long way from good or optimal, but more than enough to understand the mechanics enough to have fun and defeat end game crisis on normal) by my third game. Long War on the other hand was completely unassailable for me, and this is built to be like Long War.


Terra Invicta to Stellaris is like Civ without expansions to Stellaris. It's VASTLY more complex, but the learning curve is fairly similar.


I'm confused by that comparison? So it's as simple as Civ?


No, he's saying take a civilization game at its least complex point (release) and compare that to stellaris. That's a big jump right? Then take Stellaris (with or without expansions he wasn't clear) and make a similar increase in complexity and you have Terra Invicta.


Wouldn't that be "Terra Invicta to Stellaris is like Stellaris to Civ without expansions."?


They worded it poorly and this is better wording, yes. Point was made, tho, game is super complex.


When I filtered by negative, nothing popped up, so something seems not quite right there




There are now yes, but early on there was nothing, even though it was still mixed. And yeah, I guess it's just something with non-english stuff.


According to a random post on the forums, it's being review bombed for referring to Taiwan by name.


There is one review mentioning this. The other Chinese reviews are complaining about the poor translation that seems like it was just Google Translate which isn't good enough for them to understand and play, but the game says it supports Chinese. The Japanese review says the game is crashing when Japanese is enabled.


>The Japanese review says the game is crashing when Japanese is enabled. For some reason that's really funny to me. Absolutely frustrating to people who are (in effect) promised that Japanese works and then it crashes, for sure, but also pretty funny.


There's been an update released today to fix crashes related to Japanese and French localizations.


Yep the dev team worked hard to get it fixed as soon as possible -- that crashing issue was fixed within a couple hours of release, but sadly negative reviews are more or less permanent even if the bug only was in the EA release for a couple of hours.


Can't the one who left the review change it from a negative to a positive or is it just locked that way?


They can, most don't.


There's also complaints about the Ukrainian war being modeled


FR, we should build a second Great Firewall AROUND China.


If anyone wants to see a lets play, Perun is doing an ongoing series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3SQVF41qNM35CSJqGECWNMAdKgizYiv9


Oh of course Perun is doing a playthrough


Thank you mate.


For me this game is a when, not if. Newtonian fleet designer and admiralty sim? Hell yeah. As for when, seems like 1.0 at least. Patience is a virtue.


This looks like my favorite type of game I'm not smart enough to play. Looking forward to watching Jorbs break this game over their knee though.


You could always turn down the difficulty if you're struggling! If you enjoy playing it that's the most important part.


probably has nothing to do with difficulty and everything with complexity


There are very few games if any where you have to be smart to play them. Complex games yes, but more often than not you go in for a run and focus on learning a few key aspects that pique your interest and you learn them. You'll encounter a few problems, find the fix for them, and learn those. Don't even try to understand a game like this from the start. Just go for the ride and find the fun in there, it's often not about winning and more about roleplaying


Haha right. I love watching complicated strategy games... not so much playing them


I'm a science-fiction fan and I really appreciate that the setting of the game is not a mere pretext to stage a space war. There's the topic of the first contact, with the different approaches that mankind might take. And there's also the topic of the Solar System colonization, with a description of mankind's first steps towards the stars that might be plausible. These aspects of the game look very intriguing to me.


If that’s a setting you enjoy, go read The Three Body Problem trilogy, especially the first book. You will love it


Actually I bought the first book! Didn't love it to be honest, but thanks for the advice. >!the premise of the story, with the chapters set in '60-'70 China, is just great. I also appreciated the figure of Ye Wenjie, because I loved this idea of the great traitor of mankind, it's beautifully portrayed by Liu Cixin. But chapters with the videogame setting were too boring for my tastes. I understand it's a setup to let the reader fully understand the problem of three corpses, but in my opinion it just didn't work. Anyway, the thing that really turned me down is the technological jump made by the alien civilization. They pass from a state where they can't locate our planet, even knowing the direction in the space, to a state where they can control and manipulate everything that goes on our planet. This jump is just too wide in my opinion, for some reason I just can't stand it. I don't think I'll continue with the other books!<


One of my favorite series of time


I think this looks absolutely fucking amazing. But I just can not see myself to embark on a game that vast these days. But it's calling to me.


Really looking forward to playing this later tonight. I've no idea if it'll work on my Steam Deck, but I've bought it already just to support these sorts of games! Edit: The game is playable, although the text size is miniscule in a lot of cases which makes it a challenge on the Steam deck screen. Enjoying it so far though!


The controls are god awful on PC, honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be trying it on a steam deck


Hahaha, guess I'll struggle through. Whats the issue with the controls? I have a dock for mouse and keyboard to my TV which I always assumed was how this would need to work, but sounds like even that will be a pain?


It’s just menus on menus and you’re never selecting the entity you think you’ve selected At least initially I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it


Like Long War, this game is not for everybody. To give context, the devs of Xcom (not Long War, just Xcom) said most people don't finish the campaign. Long War is far longer than the normal Xcom campaign. What I am trying to say is, if you find the game too long, too slow, too complex, too annoying... you are not alone in that sentiment.


these games on paper seem super interesting for me but I don't have the hundreds of hours or the patience needed for them anymore, it sucks :(


As a fan of overly complicated janky games I've been keeping an eye on this, but the space game and earth games seem too separate and disconnected for me to want to jump into it for now.


Just curious why are you a fan of janky games? I’m a solo dev and kills me to release janky content. Just tryna understand the other side


A better way to put it is that I have a high tolerance for jank. If I am entertained by a games mechanics i can ignore some bugs and bad ui. Probably a legacy of all the custom maps in wc3 and StarCraft I played as a kid.


Up until CK 2 or so, Paradox games were renowned for jankiness, impenetrable UI, and unhelpful tutorials. But there's a wealth of charm beneath the obsessive simulation. I would imagine this game is similar.


For me personally jank itself isn't a thing to aim for, but excessive polishing runs the risk of smoothing out the things that make a game interesting in the first place. I would rather have a game that's sometimes a 9/10 and sometimes a 5/10 than a game that is a solid 7/10 all the way through. Between a game that only does things I've seen before but does them marginally better, and a game that tries out some really weird new shit that takes some real getting used to, I'd certainly lean towards the latter almost any day of the week.


So far it's a confusing mess. It's unclear exactly what you should be doing, what effects your actions have, and how you should direct your resources. Interaction with nations seems to largely come down to spamming building popular support, then taking control. ~100 minutes played, I've refunded and will check it out in 6 to 12 months.


The game is overflowing with tooltips explaining what each metric does and what different effects can happen.


> It's unclear exactly what you should be doing, what effects your actions have, and how you should direct your resources. As far as I can tell that is entirely on purpose unfortunately, the mod the devs were known for had the same thing. They're not really interested in single-playthrough-casual-players, the game's made for people who are gonna replay it a hundred times to figure everything out over time.


If they're aiming for a more hardcore crowd that's fine, I love Paradox games and replay them a lot. However, having the early game be about as complex and repetitive as a mobile game is a weird choice, if that's your audience


Yeah I think it's a game built for 50+ hours for a single run- I'm 10 hours in and only now there is it's a lot of fighting, coup de ets and stuff going on between the AI and I. I just lost one of my early bases, as as well as my first space warship - not to the aliens but the other human factions. The game is a slow burn meant for hardcore players.


Lots of comparisons with Stellaris - I wonder how Terra Invicta compares to something like Distant Worlds 2?


Before i get this. How much RNG is involved. My biggest issue with the last xcom was how bad luck could utterly shag a run. Im very tempted by this game knowing full well im not going to beat it probably ever. But i want that to be down to me being stuiped rather than rng gods hating me


The early game is very much about managing your RNG. Its there but you can perform actions and or spend resources to increase your chances and 100% success probability is possible.


It's sad that the game is not available for sale in the forbidden country. Now many players will steal the game from the torrent, instead of waiting for the end of this idiotic, useless conflict.