So it will get delayed to Spring 2025 and then actually release in Fall 2025. This happens every time.


And then a PC release in 2026 or 2027, given how R\* likes to treat PC as second class. And then probably early 2028 or 2029 for Steam after over a year long exclusivity period on the Rockstar launcher like the GTA trilogy, and yet the Steam versions will still require you to sign into RGL


Maybe I'll build a 6080 system for GTA6 lol...


It's funny cuz I remember the leaked gameplay show PC footage running on a variety of PC configurations, from as low end as a GTX 1060 setup to as high end as an RTX 3080 setup


The joke wasn't what the system requirements will be - the joke is that Nvidia will have released the 6000 series by the time GTA6 for PC drops


I think we'll be on the 10000s by then.


I know you're joking but realistically at 2 years per gen we're talking 2034 for the 10k series, at which point GTA7 had damn well better be coming out.


Considering its gonna take at least 11 years for GTA6 to come our since GTA 5 I don't expect 7 until 2040 at least.


Totally different discussion but I'm holding out some hope that AI tools accelerate software development a bit by then.


> And then a PC release in 2026 or 2027, given how R* likes to treat PC as second class. It’s not that. It’s so people buy the game multiple times on multiple systems


This xD


By then they’ll probably be onto their next game whatever that may be.


By then they will give another update for GTA V online.


oh fuck me I didn't even think about the later pc releases. day ruined.


Second class? More like second time people will buy the game 😂


Still before tes6


Anybody remember when GTA and GTA 2 were PC exclusive games?


I bought GTA V and RDR2 both on consoles and then the PC version later. Not falling for that bullshit again


After the gorgeous treat that RDR2 was, I cannot in good faith say that they treat PC as second class


At this point everything is just a rumor, but since they are planning to keep some original content for a later release date, that should in theory mean that they are doing it to make sure it doesn't get delayed more. I'm guessing this is the delay cause by COVID, before covid in a shareholder meeting they had planned a big marketing budget for Q4 2023, with a release in the coming months, but things obviously changed a bit. I'm just hoping they break that dumb tradition of releasing the PC version at a later date.


They broke their tradition with the GTA Trilogy remasters, but made the PC version exclusive to their launcher until this January when the games launched on Steam (still gotta use their launcher). So if they do release GTA VI on PC day and date with consoles, expect it exclusively on their launcher at least for a year or so


Literally every single time bro lmao


I hope so. If it's "planned" for a holiday release and actually hits the date, it's probably going to be a disastrous launch.


this is because usually most leaks come from marketing, since those are the external dates. For example, when the Starfield release date was revealed, everyone at Bethesda laughed because there was no way in hell it was coming out in 2022. So, it could be the same thing here. Because marketing and execs want it to come out in 2024 doesn't mean it will


Whether true or not there have been rumours of GTA6 being a "smaller" initial release and new locations being released over time dating back a while.


I believe that was said in the Jasion Schreier article where he interviewed 20 or so Rockstar employees. So that rumour seems fairly legit.


He said that back in April 2020. Since then he has said it's as big as any other Rockstar release iirc.


I'm just hoping they're indeed doing Single Player DLC instead of the endless Online updates which is just an endless cycle of buy the new stuff > grind to earn millions of dollars so you can afford whatever the next update adds > buy the new stuff


You’re in for a huge disappointment. Everyone said the same thing for GTA 5 and RDR2 and people STILL are on copium for RDR2 undead nightmare, but it never happened. And with how rockstar is now, i’d keep my expectations REALLY low for single player DLC






Single player dlc will take attention away from online, which Rockstar will probably be doubling down this release, so unfortunately no.


As someone with no friends to do hiests with, the random lobby is a nightmare. Imagine repeating a simple mission 10+ times but when everything was going right, one of the guys quit and now you have to go through the matchup again, repeat the 10+ retries with the new team hoping all of them stick around until the mission ends. Its the reason why i only do cayo apart from the $$$. the businesses became an endless grind instead of a steady stream of passive income.


That's probably intentional, designed to make you frustrated and resort to buying shark cards for the easy way out.


I get the feeling the core of the whole GTAO system is just super jank because Rockstar built it thinking Online would only ever be a secondary thing. they had no idea how big the scope of GTAO would become and are forced to just keep using the same shit system because its too late to change.


There's no real reason not to do both. Free updates for online which introduce new missions, cars, locations, weapons, properties, clothes, tattoos etc. Paid updates for single player that add new story elements as well as all of the above. I can only assume that T2 has crunched the numbers and decided that they earn more by forcing people to participate in online in order to try out new cars, etc. rather than introducing them to single player but the winds of change have decreed that people are starting to be more and more interested in single player modes, and the DLC that comes with.


they made hella hella money. i think they can do both


They're gonna cut parts of singleplayer to sell as DLC rather than inventing new ones


Oh wow I missed that, thanks for letting me know! I did find it hard to believe that Rockstar wouldn't go all out on GTA6. I just hope that we still get singleplayer DLC.


Not even GTA can escape the temptation to become live service


GTAO arguably already live service games


True, but this is about the story mode, not the online. And knowing Rockstar’s history with the last game… we’ll be lucky if we see those missing locations in offline at all


It didn't actually says this is about story mode no? It's also possible for the online part


I mean… why wouldn’t we assume it’s the single player? That’s the main part of the game.


It 100% won't be the only mode released And well, rockstar disagree, it's the O part that keep getting update after a decade Hell, they even cancel single player dlc


But their last game, Red Dead 2, the single player was the most important. Like GTA V, the online was an additional component. It later didn’t take off like GTAO, but still, they were both additional stuff. Only reason they kept adding to GTAO was because it made more money


Lots of difference between RDRO and GTAO potential, especially one already proven to be very successful But still that doesn't really matter, the original post didn't say anything about online or single player part that getting cut and that's it


I love how you say “not even GTA” like GTA wouldn’t be the first in line to jump on the live service train.


They been live service since gta online came out


Literally what Rockstar has been doing since 2013, with both online and SP modes (sp support ended in 2015 though)


people seem to think "live service game" means "game I don't like"


I mean, lots of people echo the sentiment that they don't particularly like live service games, let it be because most of the ones released in the last few years have been lackluster, heavily monetized, or both. People also don't like the idea of a live service singleplayer game. Add to that that the market for these types of games starts to feel somewhat saturated. For instance, I don't know anyone who has the time to play more than two of those at the same time.


>Add to that that the market for these types of games starts to feel somewhat saturated live service game isn't a type of game, live service is a delivery model for a game. Pretty much every game now released has some sort of post launch service, how it is monetised may differ drastically but when you read people saying they don't want GTA to become a live service game, or things like "GTAO arguably already live service game", they clearly don't understand what that means because GTAO has very much been a live service game for a very long time. >I don't know anyone who has the time to play more than two of those at the same time. What are you talking about? are you saying you don't think there are people out there playing multiple games out of CoD, Fifa, Battlefield, GTA, Fortnite, Apex, WoW at the same time? Because there are plenty of people who are, I feel like I may be misunderstanding your point though


When people say that they don't want GTA to become a live service game, I think they're referring to the singleplayer portion of the game, which I kind of agree with. It all depends on the size of the base game and how many features are present. You're right in that every game has some sort of post launch support nowadays, but it's less about patches and performances updates that probably everyone welcomes (even though they may fit the definition of live service). It's about nickle and dyming the player for minute things such as skins that were unlockable through gameplay back then. >are you saying you don't think there are people out there playing multiple games out of CoD, Fifa, Battlefield, GTA, Fortnite, Apex, WoW at the same time? While these people probably do exist, I doubt they have the time to keep up with all of those at a reasonable pace, especially with the ones that have a battlepass. Fortnite, Destiny, CoD, Apex, they all rely on some form of grind (Destiny also heavily FOMOs its players with content that won't be available in the next season). And I doubt that the average gamer has the time to keep track of all of those grinds, unless they don't care about completing the battlepasses.


I mean, you just have to look at what they focused on with GTA5 and the whole market as a whole, but too many people sniffing on that copium. I'm not expecting the story to be bad or anything, i'm just not expecting it to be bigger that the others either in terms of quality or quantity, as well as online having more development time pre-release. I'm basically expecting the improvements to be more for the Online rather than Singleplayer, that's all. It would be nice if R* would set an example and not follow the trends and focus on every aspect of the game, but idk, i'm not holding my breath.


That’s how GTA V became so popular and made so much money and sales


I wonder how that'd work in a singleplayer experience. Rockstar games kind of needed a retool in some aspects but the game world has never been a problem.


Wow this would be awful. I'm out. Catch me when the whole bundle is on sale for $30 on Steam.


I'm not entirely against this. If Rockstar can release a version of GTA6 that merits a full RRP Prices Release, because let's face it 2K won't let it release for a reduced rate, and basically release major expansions to the single player game (Liberty City/San Andreas maps, new story content, maybe even new timelines which is something I think was rumoured a while back) then that's no worse than say CDPR putting out Blood and Wine for Witcher 3, or Bethesda with Dragonborn for Skyrim. However if it feels like the initial release is only half a game then that's gonna really hurt their image, especially when there's been a 11 year wait between GTA titles.




By future DLC probably for GTA 6 Online, damn shame.


I miss the story DLC’s. Had good fun with the lost & the damned and Ballard of gay tony.


And it was released in 2010... the most recent single player DLC in a GTA game.


1 of 2 not exactly like it was ever common or consistent


Tbogt in particular was peak gta iv


I just want them to uncap the frame rate at 30 on current gen for Red Dead


Jasion Schreier did an article where he said that Rockstar plan to do a "small scale release" for GTA6 (Jasion Schreier said that a small scale release for Rockstar is still a pretty massive release though). He then said that Rockstar plain to make the game as big as their original plan through DLC that will include map expansions. The way it was explained sounded like Rockstar want to finally cash in on the singleplayer players that have been ignored for years now.


Lmao cash in on single players? If there's one thing that's a constant with Rockstar is their greed, and there's nothing to cash in with single players compared to the shitton of money they've made with GTA online.


Rockstar has always delivered on the single player front. It’s sad neither GTAV nor RDR2 got single player dlc. But the single player portions of those games alone are still incredibly valuable and stand as some of the most impressive games ever made. You can call Rockstar greedy but for 60 dollars their single player offerings can’t rarely be beat.


Ya but it sounds like they're cutting parts of the single player game to sell later for more money. Maybe it's not a huge deal, the main game will be fun and hopefully a good bit of content. I wonder how it would have played out if RDR2 released a little early but John's campaign was sold later as a DLC.


Nah the business model is obviously create a high quality top notch single player experience then hook people in the online component. GTAO wouldn't be a success without the single player component being a wonderful experience. Same with RDO. I think RDO being a slight failure compared to GTAO made Rockstar realize that the hook is definitely the singleplayer component. I think Rockstar is exploring the Destiny 2 model. Release major yearly content that would contain new areas and a singleplayer campaign then you'll have the Online team add-on multiplayer activities to make the Online component. If this model works Rockstar can get away with charging $40-$50 for a piece of DLC every year then have a massive surge of players everytime they drop an expansion.


They also put a fuckload more effort into their singleplayer experiences than almost any other developer. Red Dead Redemption 2 is 4 years old now but is still thrashing modern day games with both arms tied behind its back. Let's not pretend that Rockstar are all about greed because if that were true RDR2 wouldn't exist. I mean some of the clips of the leaked GTA6 pre alpha build looked more detailed than a lot of modern day singleplayer games lol.


There are rumors (or leaks, by PoV) who spoke about 2 additional characters for DLC side stories


So Ballad of Gay Tony again, I'm alright with that.


I wonder if it is the same as Cayo Perico being a cut mission from the SP story.


"Future DLC" Can’t wait for them to promise DLC and then scrap it without a word to focus on Online content again!!


Every GTA game since San Andreas has gotten a delay so expect it in 2025.


Since GTA 5, Rockstar have constantly been cutting parts of their game to plan for future DLC's and then not putting them back in. As well as brucie's heist in 5, we were also supposed to have 3 mini campaigns, as well as buyable mansions in red dead and the ability to travel back to a complete guarma. If they're cutting parts of the singleplayer, expect them to only come back partially for the online mode to profit, if they come back at all.


It’s honestly incredible how Rockstar will just leave nearly-complete ideas on the table and never revisit them. The ranch heist with horse riding from GTA 5 and the RDR1 map in RDR2 come to mind.


I'm still pissed they completely abandoned Red Dead Online; not because of all the content they didn't add, but because of all the content already in the game that they refuse to enable. Guarma, interiors, vehicles, weapons, battle passes etc.


Rockstar’s handling of both GTA V and RDR2 have turned me off from their games for now. They scrapped cool ideas for GTA expansions in favor of supporting the online mode, and in RDR2 they basically abandoned both the story expansions *and* making a robust online for no clear reason. That kind of behavior erodes trust with consumers.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is honestly one of my favourite games of all time just for the story it told. I will always buy rockstar games just to see the story they tell, but i'll never spend a dime on their shitty microtransactions.


I remember a article a few years back that said basically the RDR2 development took up so much and GTAV Online was so profitable they basically had to cut GTA V single player content. Thus all the ideas and stuff already made got pushed aside. And with the reports of how hard to RDR2 development went, and people leaving post launch. Im guessing they just said fuck it with RDR2. I dont agree with it and im with you, but there is reasons why.


I don't know about the others, but it doesn't make any sense that we could buy mansions in RDR2 from a story standpoint, as cool as they may seem. Instead they should have lowered the value of money or player's access to it to solve it's worthlessness in the overall experience. Unless you were talking about online of course, that would have been slick.


I think it was originally supposed to be for singleplayer, and then the code got updated with a couple of online updates hinting online mansions, and then boom, support got dropped.


Rockstar games changing the date after seeing this: ![gif](giphy|f9ZLm2hZNXFKJFuOea)


>may also cut "portions of the game" and hold it for future DLC to meet the holiday 2024 release window aim If it's in single player mode, forget about, it's cut for good


i feel like march 2023 is way too early to talk about content getting cut in order to make a holiday 2024 release lmao


More likely than not R\* is doing the cutting now so they can shift more of their focus onto GTA 6 Online.


Why? They have a deadline they got to meet and a lot of time has to spent to refine every area and feature/story beat. This would be the right time to cut a portion of the game for later work.


I think people don’t realize how big a project a modern ultra AAA game is. Red Dead Redemption 2 had a far bigger budget than Avengers Endgame, and that’s without a huge roster of Hollywood stars to pay.


We've already known this since 2020 due to leaks. Rockstar are apparently releasing content later to avoid crunch


I'm getting to the point where I'm going from hype, to not giving an absolute fuck about the game anymore They pulled the rope way too much with that fucking online


Lol you say this now , then the first trailer hits and the behemoth that is Gta will suck you in


Everyone went insane back when the game got leaked, it was the only thing that people talked about for days


It was pretty dry news day though as usual. But everyones eyes were on the leak for sure


>dry news day though The queen fuckin died that week


Rockstar was so desperate to bury the leak they killed the Queen. JK, Brits.


lol, non-politcal, gaming related, stay in the topic. Also Queen died September 8, 2022. Leak happened 10 days after September 18, 2022


We were still in the mourning period so all of the news was focused on every small detail of the funeral


Agreed everyone's like "I am not going to pay attention" bittchhh please once the teaser trailer drops it will be the most talked about thing that month. Once official gameplay releases it will be the most talked about thing that year.


😂 Sure thing, I won't lie


It’s mad that this does happen in 99% of cases. BF2042 had the beta and there were warnings that it was unfinished and it was a more recent build than EA let on. People preordered it en masse anyway. As expected, it was a shitty buggy mess. From Software were known for releasing somewhat shoddy PC ports. People were warned for Elden Ring that this would be the case. People preordered it en masse anyway. As expected, had port issues. I weighed up whether the issues were major enough for me post release and decided to buy. GTA6 will be no different. Problem is, like with EA, Ubisoft etc. where it’s painfully obvious that the state at release and the post-release support will be horrifically anti-consumer, I don’t even humour purchasing them. If they turn out to be a pleasant surprise (Hogwarts Legacy coming to mind although even that isn’t without issues) then I’ll reconsider. Too many duds being released nowadays, guilty until proven innocent on any new titles.


Comparing BF2042 to Elden Ring lmao. At least be respectful with your examples.


I never compared them directly, merely used it as an example where people were forewarned to expect performance issues and to maybe hold off preordering. Those were subsequently ignored and then those same people complained about them when the inevitable shader compilation stutter, display constraints cropped up as expected. Again, I bought the game post-release for full price as the issue weren’t major enough to deter me personally, but I went into the experience knowing the issues I’d experience and so didn’t complain when I came across them. Preordering any games digitally nowadays is dumb, not like you have to wait for the postman to deliver it. It’s just smart consumerism when companies are frequently doing the bare minimum in most cases.


>Elden Ring >GTA6 >BF2042 One of these things is not like the other


You're a liar, you'll be back as soon as real gameplay is shown


😂 100% But for now i'm a bit sickkkkkk


Sure you are, that's why you are on this thread..


Really? After Red Dead I’m extremely hyped. Take as long as they need. My only concern is Houser being gone.


one of houser bros, leslie benzies, and lazlow jones. most famous r* OGs have left the company.


Sam Houser is still at the company and so is the writing team that worked with Dan for the past 2 decades. Besides Rockstar has the money to hire the best writers/talent of the world. I'm not slightly worried about GTA 6's quality at all honestly.


I saw this exact comment about Red Dead 2 before release. Let them cook


And they re pulling the rope with developing gta 6 too


From the leaks, the game looks extremely similar to V anyway.


Because it's a sequel that was using lots of V's assets for development purposes lol.


When GTA V came out, I was 13. I’ll be 30 by the time I’ll get to play GTA VI on PC + with all the DLC.


That would mean the sequel comes out 11 years after and they feel the need to cut content? Also considering they're a massive studio worth billions this is pathetic.


I mean we don’t know to what extent. Cut content is a part of development for most games


Reportedly they did this to avoid another crunch controversy like RDR2's.


I don't know about you but i want this game to release and as someone who cares mostly about the story i couldn't care less if the map is smaller at launch.


So cut like Mexico in rdr2 and then the idea never revisited again ?


2024 = 2026 Rockstar Guarantee


"GTA 6 may also cut "portions of the game" and hold it for future DLC to meet the holiday 2024 release window aim" ​ Most believable rumor yet just because of this. Would definitely be something they and any other AAA company would do.


Do you think we’ll finally get updated controls to save our “A” or “X” buttons? Lol




Yes, felt like I was going to need a new controller by the end of the week


>may also cut "portions of the game" and hold it for future DLC Modern AAA gaming in a nutshell.


Just don’t pull the console first PC later bullshit again. Please?




I have to search my email for it every time I need to login lol


So it will be like the sims 4, where the base game is extremely basic and you were suppost to buy dlcs packs for more locations and mechanics that were available in previous games for free?


What? Why are y'all acting like Rockstar's games don't have a lot of content? GTAV and RDR2 had a massive amount of content cut from them, but in the end they were still MASSIVE games.. more so than a majority of stuff on the market. Sims 4 is as basic as it gets, how could you compare it to that???


Im not saying that, what im saying is that the way the leak was worded (and also current take two higher ups decisions) that it looklike it will not have as much content as gta V and rdr2 at launch


And PC 2 years later for some reason


I don’t buy the idea of cutting content for DLC, especially single player DLC, which they don’t seem to be interested in any more. Makes more sense to launch with as much single player content as you can, to keep players engaged while you get online up and running. Because those servers are gonna be under a mighty load, and there will be so much balancing and cheat chasing to do.


Is this TezFunz2 guy reputable?


Usually. He’s only an insider/leaker for Rockstar stuff. His track record with GTAO and RDR 2 is pretty spot on I think.


99% of the times yes. He usually is the one that gets scoops out in the wild about GTA and RDR. He never misses a week of revealing GTA Online content a few hours before it goes live and he has a strong reputation of revealing Rockstar Games info ahead of time. I don't know how he gets his info but it has been years since I follow him and most of his info turned out to be legit. Plus, Rockstar usually have a habit of giving leakers DMCA strikes but I haven't seen him getting one or even being cancelled by Rockstar. Which in turn leads me to believe he either has strong sources that feed him just enough info to not get him into Rockstar's crosshairs or someone from Rockstar is deliberately leaking info through him to continuously keep the GTA community hyped and engaged.


No, he made mistakes like single player dlc still coming some years ago or the ending of support for gta online,but he says oblivious stuff so people believe him


That wasn't a mistake. R* made single player dlc but cut it.


And he even said that they were goin to release it even after rdr2 LMAO


Damn lil bro you must really hate this tez2 guy


If I don't suck his dick doesn't mean I hate him but whatever mate LMAO


It ain't about you not choking on his balls, we know from other sources as well that R* was holding off on the single player DLCs for a long time, even after the release of rdr2. Tez2 isn't some all knowing insider, but strongly disagreeing with verifiable shit he's said is just dumb af.


I'm thirsty as fuck now after all that salt I've just had to take


So April 2025. Good to know 😀


I guess that means.. this year the game will be announced but next year will be released


they been working on this game for a decade and they're gonna use content that was supposed to be in the original game as dlc? are they working 15 mins a day or something?


Why not just delay it to Holiday 2025 or Holiday 2026?


Rockstar has a track record of delaying their games. If anything, this post just means that the game will release in 2025 lol


Considering Rockstar's previous release cycles, it's almost certain they'll delay the game to 2025 after reveal


For the people who played GTA online extensively.. are you really excited for GTA6 online ? It's a new engine better graphics and better physics but isn't it the same.. you know like cod where every iteration is almost a carbon copy of the predecessor.. I'd argue that GTA online now is better than the next because they're going to start from scratch once again and build content and updates over the years


And people will drop tons of money again for the next GTA online. Rockstar will continue to print that money.


I don't mind seeing GTAO2 starting with less content than the first one, I just want to play a game that actually works, with anti cheats, good servers and everything else. I like GTAO but the game feels like a mess sometimes


No I'd summon Shenron to ask for Gta Online to be permanently erased from existence That fucking shit full of kids ruined Gta as we knew it, and the worst thing is all of you know it's true Just think how many years GTA VI was pushed back because of money, and how many features were reserved to GTA V online when they could have made single player an absolute blast


The amount of money gta online earned has very little to do with how fast gta 6 is being completed; if anything the added money will be spent on a bigger budget for the game. i agree them ignoring singleplayer for multiplayer is bad but the singleplayer stories for their games are still great, even if they have a side mode to make them cash.


That's actually why i'm excited, everything starting over and hopefully more balanced and better implementations and obviously a new map. I think GTAO will probably still continue, but more on FiveM servers, well if Take2 doesn't say otherwise ofc. 😂 With GTA5 they didn't really think that much about the Online aspect only after it blew up and it's kind of weird considering the popularity of SA-MP, but GTAO2 will probably also have better tools in order to make RP type lobbies like those on FiveM. A lot of things can be done, it's just a matter of what they decide to focus on and if they payed attention on what worked and what didn't in GTAO.




Yeah even though none of the employees leaked GTA VI, Rockstar definitely shat their pants since they figured an employee did so now you bet they are super strict.


there has been cut content from singleplayer gtas literally always i believe, they always start out extremely ambitious and then go "Okay guys we have to drop some of these to match the delayed release date" also yeah 100% 2025 release at the earliest


So it's definitely not coming out in 2024 then


Given how Sony latch on to GTA, it may get a reveal in Sony’s showcase and then a blowout later on.


Another “GTA 6 SET TO RELEASE ON X DATE” post on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours . Absolute classic.


Guess you never heard of Tez2.


Everyone including me who i know has 0 hype for this, after all the lame stuff they have done to the community


This is a solid guess, but still a guess. They are targeting 2024, but it should come as zero surprise if 2025 becomes the release date.


Good luck with that.




They obviously did not take a decade to release their next title Do people forget about Red Dead Redemption 2? One of the best games of all time? It's like complaining to Bethesda and saying they haven't release anything since Skyrim.


> One of the best games of all time? holy hyperbole


Christ. I'm not going to get 1 new GTA game through my entire 20's. This game better be absolutely fucking mind blowing to take this long to come out.


Wait all these years only to have content removed.


They need to stop cutting portions of the game smh. Like I wouldn't mind if they put all their energy in story and then release online a year later.


RDR2 proved that bigger ain’t always better. Way too much walk and talk for that games own good. And they need to rethink their mission design. No room for creativity or player expression


Lost me at dlc


The Rockstar I once knew and loved is dead…and so is GTA. They’re your typical soulless company that is out to milk their consoomer base dry. This should absolutely not be acceptable that they’re openly removing parts of the game so they can nickel and dime us and sell the full game back to us via dlc, while still charging full price for the game. I for sure won’t be buying this, but GTA hasn’t been good anyway since PS2.


Almost all of the top creative people have left since RDR2. It's just Rockstar in name only these days.


Thats not true.


Cut content or removed content has always existed. Otherwise, games would be in developed forever as more and more ideas come to fruition.


This is fucking hilarious, how is anyone even interested in this anymore? Like who gives a fuck, we all know they're gonna screw us with online and a half baked campaign again. Remind me in 10 years if it's actually out by then. At this rate, half life 3 is more realistic


>This is fucking hilarious, how is anyone even interested in this anymore? Are you seriously asking why are people interested in a sequel to a game that sold 175 million units? >Like who gives a fuck, we all know they're gonna screw us with online and a half baked campaign again. I mean, if anything in Red Dead Redemption 2 they half-assed the online mode.


How can someone be so fucking out of touch?


Didn’t they confirm that they’re giving way less of a shit about story mode in this one compared to online or smth


GTA6 will probably be as bad as GTA5.


So really really good? Cool.




Tezfun in 2023 LMAOOOO




We'll See. It seems like Rockstar / Take Two will announce this 6 Months before release so around E3 / Take Two Showcase in June


Imagine not releasing gta for not than 10 years and then thinking about cutting content nah I was skeptical about this game especially after the leak but this is the nail in the coffin for me it won’t live up to the hype