All 12 includes: - Sonic 1 - Sonic 2 - Sonic Chaos - Sonic Triple Trouble - Sonic Blast - Sonic Drift - Sonic Drift 2 - Sonic Labyrinth - Sonic Spinball - Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine - Tails Adventure - Tails Sky Patrol I’d rather have some games that haven’t been rereleased like Chaotix, SegaSonic the Hedgehog or the Saturn version of 3D Blast, and it seems odd that they’d include the Game Gear versions of Mean Bean and Spinball over the Genesis versions, but I might pick it up if it isn’t too expensive


>it seems odd that they’d include the Game Gear versions of Mean Bean and Spinball over the Genesis versions Especially since the obvious explanation (they already sell a separate collection with those versions) is undercut by both Mean Bean and Spinball (and Sonic 2 for that matter) also being part of Switch's Genesis Online library. So like, they're clearly not worried about having the same games in multiple collections at once.


I'm so sick of them including the inferior Game Gear versions of some of these over the Master System once which were at a higher resolution, so you also saw more of where you were going because those weren't confined to the Game Gears tiny screen.


There are even new fanmade widescreen remasters of the master system versions that would be better instead, maybe people should start a petition to change the 8 bit games to master system or to fan remaster, or at least put it in widescreen


Yes, but the MS also had inferior colours. GG versions with a wider aspect ratio would be the best version, but would require changing it.


There probably are hacks to bump the gg games up to widescreen


Hacks maybe, but not everything was designed to run in widescreen. You’d have to alter the rendering. Which could impact the emulation.


I think the emulator could be modded to work with it


I recall hearing that Chaotix had been considered for prior compilations, but ultimately got passed on because of the wonky tether mechanic being front and center. Same went for SegaSonic the Hedgehog, but they couldn't replicate the trackball control on consoles.


Triple Trouble and Tails Adventure are probably the best games here. Sonic 1 and 2 should definitely be the Master System versions instead of Game Gear. Pretty cool additions but upscaling these games to HD displays is going to look wonky.


The PS5 has a touch screen they could use to replace the trackball for SegaSonic!


Where is Sonic Adventure 1 and 2?




wish they'd rerelease the 3d games at some point


Yeah, it'd be so sick to play heroes and adventure on modern consoles


I heard Heroes can't be rereleased cuz they'd have to licence the Renderware engine from EA.


it more so renderware is defunct and been long abandon. would be bit of a mess to try and get it back to update it. it would be easier to remake heros then to go digging and trying to find the code for renderware then deal with the paper work


You can play them on Xbox but it would be nice to have them on Switch and Playstation


Adventure DX & 2 are on Steam


They are also playable on Xbox. Idk if they are still purchasable, but they were released on X360 and are still backwards compatible.


Thankfully the adventure games are there, but heroes has been stuck on the GameCube ever since launch. It's pc port is pretty much unusable bc it's so old


not as un unusable as you think. there been fan mods and patches even a mod loader. i tried it out a few weeks ago game ran like smooth butter. it a small learning crave but i think it's worth it.


Sadly Heroes and Unleashed arent though. I know you can emulate them but not sure how well Unleashed emulates currently.


Unleashed is back compatible on Xbox. It's actually boosted to 60fps.


Not going to buy an xbox just to play Unleashed lol.


I thought about it


Dunno why you’re getting downvoted. Like people don’t want choice as to which platform they can play on!


You can play the good parts of Unleashed via Generations mods. You can download extra mods to replicate the sound effects / UI etc. Though you won’t get the story or Werehog stuff that way.


I actually tried unleashed on xenia canary just yesterday and it ran great. The canary version seems to fix the crashes with the game (so far) but some vertex explosions remain. Apparently thats fixed with vulkan but with noticeably worse performance.


I know, that's why I said consoles in my comment. Adventure DX is arguably worse than the original anyway


Wait whats wrong with Adventure DX?


It has more glitches than the original, you're more likely to fall through the floor in dx. The biggest issue that most people have is that the lighting is so much worse than the original, especially at night. The DX version makes it seem like it's pretty much permanently day time, so even when it's night out and the sun is gone, the lighting will not match that. The original is much more saturated and the visuals have more depth, even if the DX models are more detailed. Ex: (left is original, right is DX) https://twitter.com/Sonic_Hedgeblog/status/1542920988752576516?t=GcyG5ZMNEoQUhptmNWj3-w&s=19 https://twitter.com/Sonic_Hedgeblog/status/1599921019841544192?t=OtTR3MPmht2bvfNgqLXrAw&s=19


I thought I was crazy when I thought the models looked "glossy" when I booted up the DX PC version haha. Damn. Looking like I'll need to replay Dreamcast version then.


If you want, there's a mod for DX on steam that fixes all the problems it has and makes it like the original dreamcast version https://youtu.be/8uNsTXIzgGI


there's a lot of mods to fix the PC version


The only part of DX I prefer are the new character models.


You will wanna mod DX to be more like the Dreamcast version.


the steam deck has been a pretty good alternative if ya got one but I think they're deserving of a good remaster


It'd be cool if they re-released the storybook games and altered them to work without motion controls. Wouldn't be masterpieces, but for those who like those games and don't want to fight their controllers to player it, it'd be nice. Unleashed is notoriously hard to emulate too, so as time goes on, it becomes harder to play unless you have like, a modern Xbox. Sonic 06, as hated as it is, could be good for modding if it got ported to PC too. (Though Project 06 is slowly making that unnecessary at least, but the storybook games and Unleashed are in an awkward spot.)


It's possible to map the motion controls of Wii games to physical controls in Dolphin. It works pretty well in Sonic and The Secret rings.


To an extent. It works well enough from what I've played of Sonic and the Black Knight, but nothing I did would get a 100% perfect, instant input in for Sonic's swinging attacks. Which works well enough for most of the game, but if I wanted to, say, one-cycle the King Arthur boss, it's near impossible. Sonic's input is either late, doesn't go through, or somehow Sonic attacks twice in a row.


When was the last time you tried that? Dolphin's motion simulation has gotten much better in recent years.


Pretty recently. Dolphin auto updates too. The problem isn't Dolphin as far as I can tell though, it's probably the game. This could be mumbo jumbo considering I don't **know** how the game is programmed, but ask yourself, "How does the game tell you've shaken the Wii Remote?" My guess is the game reads motion over time to determine if it moved a specific distance in a short amount of time, to determine if the player did a flick. Okay, so, that means when emulating a game, you can't just tell the game "I did an attack input", you have to emulate a "swinging" motion. But that comes with some **more** possible problems, such as, what is "too fast" to count as a shake? I'm pretty sure emulating motion that goes from 0 to 100 in a single frame is too fast for the game to register as a swing... I think. So I think some level of input delay miiiight be necessary? Not to mention, what if, the emulated Wii remote is "Swung up" to 100, and then shifts back down to 0 the next frame? I think the game easily gets confused and thinks you've swung twice. Or what if you make the swing TOO slow? Then it's pretty much always noticing two swings. At least from my own messing around, the motion controls are hard to work with when emulating. Soooo much of this could be cut out if they simply had a button the player could use instead, in an official Steam port.




Hey, it's that guy!


Ah, I see my love of Tails has become well-known, lol! Hyped as fuck for the updates to *Frontiers*, but new fans being able to play older 3D games would be great too. >!The lack of Unleashed on Switch is ESPECIALLY weird, given that it's basically a portable Xbox 360 in all but name and Halo, lmao.!<


The switch's performance actually blows the 360 out of the water, especially on the CPU side. The 360's weird triple core Power PC chip is actually much slower than it's 3.2 GHZ would imply, even compared to other CPUs at the time. That's because a bunch of performance features like out-of-order execution (which has been standard for years prior) were cut to reduce cost.


Ah. So... what's this mean for *Unleashed?* Is it locked to 360 like *MGS4* is to PS3, or does it make the lack of it on the eShop even ***more*** puzzling?


There's nothing I want more from the series than Unleashed on modern systems. And other playable characters but that's on the way. Maybe you'll get your solo Tails game someday.


I mean, it's effectively functionally remastered on Xbox series X


I don't own an Xbox though hahaha.


I mean the series s is like $150 now so I mean you have no excuse at this point lol


Why would I buy a Series S? Or an Xbox in general? I own a PC lmao.


Well sorry, it's obviously not a good solution for playing Unleashed and a bunch of other games


We can dream, my friend. We can dream...


I'm pretty sure that every relative mainline sonic works now on modern Xboxs officially except for 06, secret rings, Black Knight, and Heroes. Though with unofficial easy to get emulators, you can play them all besides 06


I was waiting for physical already, this just makes waiting all the sweeter.


playable Amy would be neat (considering how much she and Metal Sonic were part of the marketing for Origins, it was kinda weird she wasn't already), but it'd also just make me want widescreen versions of the Advance games even more.


I'd hope they'd add widescreen for the Game Gear games, though I doubt it. Though no Mighty and Ray still sucks man. My guys should be there. And playable Knuckles in CD should've been base game.


You guys, remember that fan animation of Amy promoting sonic mania plus and said "you boys can have this one but i get next game" or something like that. I think sega watched it 😅


The highpoint of Tails' career, when he was playable, even had his own games and comics. Who doesn't remember peeking in the 90's?


If there is a Master Sytem Version of a game they should include that. It's really sad that Sega totally ignores this console all the time when it comes to Sonic. They had a bigger resolution than the Gamegear versions and were always the superior way to play these games.


Well said, game gear versions are almost unplayable


I was hoping for Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, Spinball (16bit), 3d Blast, and Chaotix. The 8 bit games are ok I guess, not that exciting.


Yeah. This collection should really just be most if not all notable sonic games before like 98.


Imagine if they paid that og dev guy for the 3D Blast directors cut romhack he made and included that version too. Heck, and if they included Chaotix, include Crackers. In the words of Rick James, it's a celebration, bitches!


rather have chaotix and 3d blast tbh


There's so many Sonic games that have NEVER been re-released that deserve the spots over Game Gear. Knuckles Chaotix, 3D Blast Saturn, SegaSonic Arcade, Neo Geo's Pocket Adventure, the Advance series, even the Sonic 1 beta was lost before the release of Mega Collection. C'mon.


Yeah only game gear games ir really lackluster


Interesting how the Game Gear versions of Mean Bean Machine and Spinball will be added before their Genesis versions. I wish Knuckles’ Chaotix and Sonic 3D Blast were added tho.


Can't wait for *this* one to have 3 purchasable versions too. One gives you 4 of them, second version gives you 8, third gives you all 12!


Still no Knuckles' Chaotix. The game isn't even that great but it sucks we haven't seen a single port of it yet we're on our 4th port of Sonic Labyrinth.


I'd rather have Knuckles Chaotix than the 12 Game Gear games


I can imagine people would start asking for all of the chaotix to be playable for all games which, absolutely should happen, but I could see why they wouldn’t want it to lmao


Fun fact: This is the fourth time we'd had the Game Gear games re-released, following Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and Sonic Gems Collection.


!LEGIT! [Sonic Origins Plus Trailer](https://youtu.be/FoyoWlOJILc)


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Not too thrilled about it being all Game Gear games. None of them are that great and don’t blow up nice on the big screen. I would easily trade them for Advance 1-3 and Battle or Spinball, 3D Blast, Chaotix, and Fighters if you’re trying to keep in the spirit of the classic era.


Broken embargo, seems legit. Not really related but I'd also love a follow-up to Team Sonic Racing, that game was surprisingly fun, but not sure it sold that well.


!legit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoyoWlOJILc


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Will sonic 3 have the hehe music?


No you have to give the dream up




There's a mod for that though. Def needed


The same Sonic Origins with the wack Sonic 3 OST? Pass. Sonic 3 AIR and the decompilations are way better.


Air is likely better and I need to try it out but the mods that put back the original music are clutch.


The replacement tracks are fucking awful, it's for that reason alone I cant bring myself to buy it


Aren't they actually the tracks that was planned for the original release, before MJ involvement?


i dunno what they are but they are atrocious, they sound like bonus level tracks, the loop is super short and repetitive. they are really generic


Not only that but they are using bad sound quality versions of those bad tracks! This collection is certainly not definitive.


I just want Sonic Mania 2 😭💔


Definitely seems like a Sega move, lol. Still, playable Amy and a physical release would be pretty nice to have.


Would it kill them to add rewind?


That’s cool but I hope they really add some quality of life improvements to this game. Adding 12 roms is cool and all but this game needs a bit more than that


Still surprising that SEGA keeps Re-releasing these older Sonic games on platforms that they are mostly already playable on when many newer games are just waiting in the aether for a re-release




Ok and? I just buy all my games digitally, I still have a few physical ones but I started to buy all digitally over a year ago


Do you think that will come to all consoles or just Nintendo?


Announced for all consoles.


I’ll have to pick this up on switch then


God, yes, please. All Genesis and Game Gear games? Like my childhood tossed into my veins.


How do we get our hands on the physical copy and artbook? The website says pre-order but then you can't do anything. I hope you can get a physical copy even if you use Steam. The only reason I want this is for the physical stuff.