an order will be issued requiring you to appear at a hearing and explain before a judge the reason you failed to appear. The ultimate penalty could be a $1000 fine, three days in jail, community service, or a combination of all three.


I’m going to go, not trying to get in trouble with the law.


Yep you don’t need a surprise bench warrant. Do your civic duty.


It’s the foundation of our civil society. Not that difficult to fulfill this modest duty.


Gotta disagree that it’s “not that difficult.” It can be a big disruption to your life to get pulled into a jury for a week or two. Not sure if it’s happened to you but in my experience, you’re cut off from everything for 8 hours a day, phone taken away, placed in a tiny room with a bunch of strangers, you can get far behind on your actual job (potentially losing clients or creating more work to catch up on later), family/children can’t contact you if needed, etc. All this while you’re forced to make a major decision about another persons fate, possibly sending them to prison for years or life. Hopefully people who could be most affected advocate for themselves to be removed bc it can be a definite hardship. I really appreciated the judge who frequently thanked us and admitted that it wasn’t easy at all but reminded us how important it was.


That is the foundational duty of our society. Instead of the government or a king deciding the fate of the day-to-day, it is a pool of ordinary people who live in the community where it all happened. I’ve served on a jury. I’ve chosen a jury. I’ve tried a case in front of them. Its importance is cannot be underestimated. Your life goes on hold for you to act become the trier of fact, the judge of the controversy.


That's all true, but some people legitimately cannot afford that hold on their income. Not everyone works for an employer that pays you even when you're serving on a jury. For these people, the loss of even 1-2 weeks' income can be nearly ruinous. The courts pay pennies, literally less than half of minimum wage for jury duty. Missing that work can lead to the loss of food, housing, etc. Yes jury duty is vitally important to our society, but it's a deeply privileged position to be able to serve on one without (potentially seismic) financial consequences due to how pathetic the pay is


Yep! I was recently summoned for a trial. I’m a contractor and if I don’t work I don’t get paid, my agency is incorporated in Florida and does not pay jury pay.


I don’t disagree with any of that. I just disagree with saying it’s not that difficult. It’s not just a simple inconvenience like getting stuck in a traffic jam or a brief uncomfortable social encounter. It can be a prolonged disruption to a person’s life. Despite how important it is (and it is), it’s a sacrifice for many people.


Absolutely agree, but let’s look at the reality of jury duty: the majority of those selected show up for a 1/2 day or two, don’t get picked, and they’re done. Some get tied up for a few days or a week. VERY few have their lives turned upside down on a multi-week trial. I’m willing to listen and sympathize with the very very few who have had their lives disrupted beyond repair, broken marriages, homelessness, had to skip vacations, missed hot yoga class or WHATEVER because they are fulfilling a societal and constitutional obligation that we ALL would want others to do for us if/when we’re the accused. Ok I’m done - 1/2 chicken dark, slaw and Brunswick stew. Sweet tea. Thank you.


>Its importance is cannot be underestimated. So you'd think the government could find the cash to fund it properly. I wonder how much damage is done to society by letting people languish in jail waiting for 'speedy' trials, which could be avoided if steered some money from incarceration to resolving these cases quickly and paying jurors enough that they \*want\* to do their civic duty. It should be $200 a day, and then pegged to the cost of living.


The jury system is not responsible for mass incarceration. A defendant can file a motion for a speedy trial, and the prosecutor would have two terms of court to try the defendant. Further, jury service is compellable, so assembling a jury is not difficult. If the state fully funded public defenders and added more judges, then you’d have a faster process. Ultimately almost no criminal defendant benefits from a speedy trial, and the more the witnesses forget and the defendant alters their appearance, the better their chances of getting off are.


Open your brain and mind and see other people’s view. Nobody is disagreeing with you that it’s the foundational duty of our society. You saying it’s not hard to fulfill this modest duty is what people disagree on. Like many have said , being pulled away for two weeks or sometime more from your job or business, losing income and/or potentially losing clients isn’t easy to do. Use your head and try understanding the flip side of things.


It’s harder than voting and paying taxes, easier than being drafted into the armed forces for a three year contract to defend the interests of the United States of America. Those are your duties as a citizen of this nation. Is it a burden? Sure. If that is your “cross to bear” in this life, and you have to do it once, then you’re living a cushy life filled with privilege, and your temporary inconvenience in the face of safeguarding the institutions of democracy and freedom are greatly appreciated.


“Is it a burden? Sure” and that’s the acknowledgement everyone who replied to you is seeking. Yes, it is a burden, we both agree on that. AGAIN All the other stuff you are saying are all true and no one is dismissing those things.


You should understand that as Americans we are held responsible for jury duty


This is exactly where I am at. I have to close my business to attend which is insane putting me behind in debt payments. It’s a restaurant too so it’s not like I can take my work with me. I have even pleaded with the court and they said “sorry”.


It’s kinda cool


I just got assigned too. Normally I would be okay with the civic duty but I just took a break between jobs and the day of my service is the day I'm supposed to be setting up payroll. Life goes on and all, but it is slightly annoying for me and a lot of people at my new job.


if i got pulled for jury duty my family would potentially go under. i’m the breadwinner and jury duty doesn’t pay shit. depending how long i’d be away from my work i wouldn’t be able to make rent. i agree people should do it when they can but saying it’s not that difficult and modest is a very privileged way to look at it. side note, my disabled husband had to be medically excused from jury duty bc he physically cannot go more than an hour tops without having to use the bathroom due to his pelvic floor disability. he also has a mental illness that would probably make him stir crazy depending how long he’d be sequestered..so… not an easy thing for everyone.


Privileged? It’s the foundation of the court system. This is Michael Sheen holding his nose up in haute disdain, this is the only way to move an entire system forward in a fair and sound way that is a cornerstone of democracy. You *can* get out of jury duty. I was in a venire and a guy wearing golf clothes who was clearly capable of serving was excused for cause.


can you not read? nobody said it’s not a foundation. it’s privileged to assume that everyone can afford, physically or financially, to participate. absolutely. you have a privileged viewpoint. it doesn’t negate the important aspects of the process. but sure, keep playing dumb. way to ignore physical & mental disabilities & poverty. would you like a medal? btw “you can get out of jury duty” is the point. thanks for proving my point. it isn’t a capability for every household so people are able to opt out of it. it further proves jury duty isn’t the modest easy task you want to make it seem.


If you’re a student you can fill out a form and have it excused


My Circuit Court notice said students can fill out a form for another date to serve ... not to be excused.


>I’m going to go, not trying to get in trouble with the law. That sounds like a very wise choice, my friend. 👍


They don’t send it certified mail so can’t prove you ever received it.


This is terrifying - our mail guy mixes up the mail in our fourplex regularly in spite of my having a note with our last names in the mailbox. My neighbors never return our mail. One of them tried to use my replacement debit card at a gas station. Can’t prove which one it was though. What if I received something like that but it was misdelivered and thrown out? Is there a way to check online if you’ve been summoned?


Doesn’t matter. The legal system has determined that when things like jury summons are handed to USPS (no matter what service they are mailed via) they are delivered. The onus is on you to prove that it was not.


This isn’t true. GA law specifically says that subpoenas have to be served via certified or registered mail, or in person. They have to prove you were served. That being said, a jury duty summons is handled a little differently, if you don’t show up, a judge issues an order requiring you to appear, which usually means deputies will show up at your door.


Lol that's not how it works. Try it and find out.


I have like 5 times…


2x GA, 2x FL, 1x OH


Thanks for your service.


So why even post the question? That’s like asking Reddit: “should I breath?”. Some things are just filed under “duh”.


They issue a bench warrant and the sheriff gives you a ride to explain.


There are ways to get out of going. I don't remember what they all are but I got out of it once because I had a child in daycare and I was a single parent. I almost always went when summoned. It's kind of a cool civic lesson but most jobs won't pay you diddly so it can be an expensive lesson.


Primary caregiver for a child gets you excused for the remainder of the session (goes Sept-Sept I believe).


Good to know, that's news to me.


Nothing... until the day you get pulled over for a broken taillight or whatever and discover there's a bench warrant for failure to report, then you're gonna have a bad time Pleasepleaseplease people, do not ignore the government. Nothing good ever comes from it.


Just show up with some cut off blue Jean shorts and a tank top and a 2 Liter of Mountain Dew in your hand Tell them that’s the only clothes you got and nobody can drink your Mountain Dew because you’re just getting over a cold


“I have a major problem with ___________” (anything relevant to the trial)


I was on Jury Duty and one of the potential jurors tried that. The judge made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that that was not a reason to get you out of duty and claiming you can’t be impartial may result in contempt of court.


There’s likely a subtle way to get it across. Like in a rape case you state that a close relative was raped and you saw how it affected her, etc. Also, during the jury selection process both sides get the opportunity to ask questions and remove jurors. You just want to appear to be unappealing to either the prosecutor or defense.


Ya, the juror still wasn't selected. But the judges typically aren't fools and probably aren't exactly happy when people try to game the system.


"I would not put any faith into evidence collected by police officers, especially if the defendent is a person of color." Bam. You're never getting selected by the Prosecutor and you didn't even have to lie.


Yeah, you just get moved to the civil side and get to deal with Karen and Kevin’s divorce and custody fight over the kids.


Or the alternative - “defendant looks guilty and nothing can convince me otherwise”


“I believe in jury nullification.”


Magic words


I like to wear my “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out” t-shirt to jury duty. I can’t understand why I am never picked.


Don’t ignore it. My wife sees judges here in GA issue orders to appear or in some cases a bench warrant if you ignore a summons/subpoena. That is a legal order of the court to appear. You get the wrong judge on the wrong day and it could end up being not very fun for you.


Bad idea man


I moved to TN and considered ignoring one - but- decided that would be stoopid. To prove I was out of State- though, had to get a letter from my employer, copy of my lease and a notarized return of service form- but - it was all handled via email and was easy once I had everything..


I had moved and received 3 notices the day before I was supposed to appear. I showed up and showed all three envelopes with my new forwarding address; I had moved nine months earlier and all three of the notices went to my old address. The clerk didn't believe me, but since I showed up they didn't do anything, especially after I showed my driver's license with my new address. The third letter was threatening (I don't remember the exact wording) because I hadn't returned the form. I still wonder about receiving all three notices the day before I was supposed to show up.


I was once part of the jury pool for a high profile murder case. On the first morning of the jury selection process the judge sent deputies out to collect all the no-shows right then and there. work, school, home, it didn't matter. Everyone they could fine was hauled into court that day.


Has anyone actually had a warrant issued? Unless it’s certified mail they have no way of proving you actually got the jury duty letter. If a piece of mail got lost and was never delivered, does that mean you have committed a crime? I’ve attended jury duty and was part of a trial. I’ve showed up and been dismissed. I also might have had jury duty summons that got lost in the mail. I find it nearly impossible to believe that a court would issue a warrant for ignoring a piece of mail that may or may not have even been delivered. Would love a first hand account where someone actually had a bench warrant issued.


I get one of these things at least once a year. Just had one around Labor Day. Why the hell am I getting them so frequently? It sucks!


I’ve never been summoned until this past year and now I’ve been summoned twice. I’m not an upstanding citizen idk why they want me!! I have a felony arrest record (for weed). Cobb and Smyrna PD violated a bunch of my constitutional rights so I got everything expunged but like…I’m not your gal lol


Most jury trials are civil and not criminal, so your arrest record never comes into play.


Dang was hoping to at least see a juicy trial


dunno about that. Every jury i had been called for in Cobb County was for the criminal court. All cases got plea bargained away before the jury was empaneled, and typically I was called in person for 1 day, with callin the night before to see if I needed to appear on subsequent days until the pool I was a member of was dismissed.. Of course, this varies from county to county - Cobb was pretty easy however.


Lol. F Smyrna police. Idk when you had issues but damn they used to be awful I had hoped they had improved since all the money moved in. I used to get harassed so much by Smyrna police they would see my car and find a reason to pull me over.


After they fucked with me and I was waiting for my court date, the SAME Smyrna PD officer would pull me over for dumb shit. They’re probs still just as bad. I had severe PTSD any time I saw a cop car near me for years. I’d just start panicking even tho I knew I didn’t do anything illegal


Lol, I hear you on the PTSD. At least I don't get pulled over anymore just for an excuse to search my ride


Too much of an outstanding citizen. You’re making the rest of us look bad.


That happened to me. I got called several times over the course of a couple of years. Now, I haven't been called in at least 5 years.


I'm 41, never been summoned


You are a rarity. I’m close to your age and have been called 4 times.


My wife is 39 and she just got her first summons. Unfortunately for her it's while we're on vacation


I was able to postpone my duty when I got summoned when I was supposed to be on vacation. Contact the clerk of court and had to show my reservation and they put me back into the pool. They then called me a year later.


I also get one once a year in Fulton county, sometimes I get summoned again right after I’ve served and have to call them to say wtf


That's seems way too often.


I finally changed my license plate to a Veterans plate and you guessed it. Jury summons. Anytime you refresh your info in the system, you usually get a summons.




This only applies if you actually heard a case. If you served on a jury, you’re out for 12 months. Just being called for the pool doesn’t excuse you. I have been called twice in one year. I wasn’t seated on a jury so it didn’t count.


I don’t see that anyone else has mentioned it but there’s usually a number to call the day before you’re supposed to appear. Sometimes cases get settled; calling in the afternoon beforehand can potentially save you a trip the next morning.


They will come looking for you. Gwinnett county police came to my door shortly after I moved into a new place. They were looking for the previous owner. He got a jury summons after he moved. He had not yet updated the address on his driver's license. No idea how common that is. But it does happen.


Just show up. I've been called 5 times in the last 8 years. Served three times on a case, and each time there wasn't enough jurors to really do a full pair down because folks no showed . Do your civic duty please. There are legit reasons that you can ask for a postponement


I've been called once took most of the day, didn't get picked. Then HR gave me a hard time giving me credit for the day. The court only plays a small amount and in my state the employer has to cover the balance. I had to call the judges office and complain to get it straightened out. Needless to say that used up any points I had with HR. Cunt!!


I have. Didn't respond to it in any way and nothing happened. They don't send summons by certified mail, at least they didn't back then. They'd have a hard time actually proving you got the letter without sending it certified. This was in a southern county though.


When my brother lived with me he checked the mail which ended up in his back seat so by the time I got it, it was 3 months after the fact and nothing ever happened. I got pulled over and given a ticket for speeding and not a peep about missing jury duty.


Fill it out. I have only had to report twice in 26 years. I am sure people toss it, but then why risk it? It helps to know most defendants accept plea bargains, as public defenders push it.


I don’t know about Georgia but I learned that “I’m going deer hunting that day” is a valid out in Texas.


Haven't done it myself, but have seen judges issue warrants for arrest for not showing up.


Sure, ignore it. When you get pulled over in 5 years don't wonder where that warrant came from though.


Believe it or not, straight to jail.


You open letter, straight to jail. You read letter, straight to jail. You think about skipping civic duty, straight to jail. You ask about it in Reddit, straight to jail. Lol, such a great episode can't believe no one else has gotten this reference yet!


Parks & Rec!


Ah you got one too huh? Not worth ignoring though. Besides, sounds like most of the time you don’t get picked.


You need to respond.


“If he didn’t do anything wrong, he wouldn’t have been arrested”.


What county?




Fulton County over the years seems to have had the biggest problem with people not showing up for jury duty because of a highly transient population that moves around a lot to different addresses. Many Fulton County residents may not receive jury summons because they no longer live at the address where the summons was mailed to. Because of the sometimes extreme population transiency issues, Fulton County can often have problems putting together juries for court cases. Fulton County judges often end up pulling their hair out over the problem of trying to find enough people for juries. And please do be strongly warned that Fulton County judges often do not take very kindly to coming across people that intentionally disregard jury summons and intentionally evade jury duty. If a Fulton County judge finds out or even thinks that you intentionally disregarded a jury summons, they most likely (if not most assuredly) are going to throw the book at you, fine you the maximum amount allowable and sentence you to the maximum amount of time permitted in the Fulton County Jail. And trust me, NO ONE in their right mind wants to go to the Fulton County Jail, which is a jail with a noted history of a dangerous amount of dysfunction and mismanagement.


Please do your part to insure the justice works.


Google jury nullification.


I’ve accidentally ignored it for 7 years in a row.. literally just forget.. even though I don’t live in that country anymore so I actually have an excuse to not go lol


The state has been fucking around with quite a substantial tax refund of mine. I skipped this time around. They can eat my ass.


Lol they'll do something else to your ass if you caught a judge on a bad day and have been tagged with a bench warrant.


They won't necessarily make you be on a jury if you don't really want to.But you have to keep reporting until they release you.


I was going through some mail in Aprilish 2020 and I realized that I'd missed a jury summons. I immediately called Dekalb County to let them know that I'd overlooked it and hoped I wasn't in deep doodoo. Lucky me, I guess, apparently there was a little bug going around at the time and they weren't concerned about lil old me, so I was free and clear. I wonder what happened with that bug? (for the record, I'm pro vaccine and COVID is real)


I have ignored 2 - 3 of them and nothing ever happened


Tell them you’re a victim of a crime and you’ve got a lot of *feelings* and they won’t pick you!


This doesn't work. I've tried.


It works for the defense usually.


Yeah the person who told me to do that was a public defender lol


One jury I showed up for was a child molestation case. Nope. It was a pain in the arse to get removed even though I said I'd already decided he was guilty. The second was a violent rape. Same thing, I said I already had formed an opinion. Still had to talk to the judge privately. I'll avoid jury duty every chance I get, no thanks.


I've ignored them. Nothing happened.


Same. I’ve only gotten one in my twenties. Twenty years later, still nothing.


Tell em you agree with the OJ. verdict and they will let you go. But go. Jury duty is awesome


Or just be African American like me and say you are “woke as phuck”!!


I actually deleted, or just show up black!


Tell them ur hard of hearing! They will never bother u again






Don’t be stupid.


Spent 11 years in prison.


Don't register to vote = no jury duty.


Categorically untrue. They pull lists from all over the place, including DDS and even things DPH collects. Simply not registering to vote (or even foregoing a state ID) will not get you out of it.


Jury pools usually pull from ID and driver’s license databases. I don’t know how voting changes anything, I’m glad juries are pulled from the gen pop.


They used to be pulled from voter rolls but now are from driver's licenses.


Don't be a lazy loser


I can’t say you an idiot. Not on this platform


Do you know many people are in jail because of this stupidity


Yeah, telling you you’re an idiot gets deleted you’re an idiot


Do you avoid problems with the law by being proactive not allowing them a chance to get you


I recently received one for Circuit Court but was able to be dismissed because of age which you can do over 65 and I am more than that. If you are younger I would recommend doing it... you never know what may come out of it a new business contact from the other jurors, just the experience alone of it to give you a different viewpoint, and lastly it's your civic duty. I have been called other times but got dismissed because not eligible due to different life experiences.


For those making a joke of this and want to show up in flip flops and cut offs, go right ahead ... humiliate yourself! I hope I'm there to have a good laugh on you...


Yah you get fined or go to jail. Not even a note from a doctor or boss will get you out.


They send a sheriff to get you.


You really don’t want a bench warrant


I thought it was OK to ignore a subpoena from GA. All our leaders tried


I was in the ICU and the judge sent 2 deputies to ger me.