So…average day for her, then?


Right? What else is new 😂


Can you make a fool of yourself if you are in fact a fool?


Well that one of the things she does best


No surprise here, she's very adept at proving she's a fool.


TLDR : She "didn't know what she was talking about" and embarrassed herself


I feel like that should be the entirety of her Wikipedia entry once she's finally out of office.


Why wait? It was true before she got in office, while she is in office, and after she decides to leave. Update Wikipedia now.


Think of it as optimism that she doesn't do anything so stupid it becomes historically significant.


So exactly what has she done for her constituents in Northwest GA. Becoming obvious that she's more in love with cameras than those that she supposedly represents. Anyone?


That's what they keep her around for


Does she ever not make a fool of herself?


That could be a poster for fetal alcohol syndrome. Just look at that mess. Not an excuse for her behavior, but it is likely a reason.


Her ability to so expertly plumb the depths of her stupidity is amazing actually. I would have thought an imbecile to the degree she is one, would just be a drooling blob, yet she is ambulatory and talks. Amazing.


Kinda agree with her tweet about Biden giving our money to Ukraine pensions.


It’s a misplaced sentiment. When one country provides aid (typically money or material), once provided the other country can use it as they choose. The recourse is not to provide aid. Further, aid money is never earmarked for domestic causes, as that’s considered welfare. Aid money is part of American “soft power” diplomacy. Considering Ukraine is a “breadbasket” of incredible strategic importance in a world destabilizing under numerous pressures, and we’re by proxy testing all the weapons we created in the 1980s and 1990s to battle the Russians (and they keep rolling out their new technology that keeps getting smashed), it’s important to keep Ukraine going as a country.


Another reason to throw some "soft power" towards Ukraine. Urkaine has lots of neon gas, needed to make lasers that are used to make microchips. Domestic and allied semiconductor production is not considered of national importance. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/03/low-on-gas-ukraine-invasion-chokes-supply-of-neon-needed-for-chipmaking/


“In other news the sky is blue and Waffle House is still open.”


Ignore her. Please for the love of God this is why she's out there - because people can't *help themselves.* We don't need to know she did something stupid and embarrassing. She does it on purpose. Newsweek doesn't report every time I take a dump. Stop doing it for her. ​ TinKKKerbell will go away if you ignore her, goddamit.


From Arizona and wouldn't be surprised if her, Kair Lake and others have a Trump brand tattoo somewhere.