So we also have the 26th highest homeless rate?


We are above average! Really, this isn't surprising. GA is always about in the middle. We're a mixed bag and always have been here. We have MTG, we also have Carter.


The way I read this is that we are below average. Mississippi has the least number per 100,000. Am I crazy?


That's because of population density which is lower in MS. The outlier is Alaska. No one lives there, yet they have a very high homeless rate.


Man, it must fucking suck to be homeless in Alaska.


Also, who tf wants to live in Ms? If you're homeless you'd move to / stay in MS?


Those who stay in MS do not want to deal with the fake, racist, lying people in Georgia or the other states. People in Mississippi are friendlier and more genuine. If they don’t like you, they are not going to deal with you. Here in Georgia, a person will not like you, but will laugh, talk and grin in your face, and will stab you in the back and talk about you like you are an animal.


lol sounds like you need to talk to a licensed therapist bud


As stated above, the reason it’s so obvious is because there are less people in MS; so it’s going to appear to be more homeless people in MS. I don’t need therapy. I have learned to face the facts and you need to also. You go for therapy when it’s hard to accept the facts because you have overlooked them for so long.


"So what I'm hearing you say is, you prefer the ubiquitous, systemic open racism of Mississippi to the fake politeness of closeted racists in Georgia? Curious." \-Therapist, probably


No, they don't talk like a high school drop out that wears a bow tie. Curious


Homelessness in place like Mississippi is different. There are so many vacant houses for people to squat in that there end up being much fewer people that sleep on the street. It's still not a great situation since most of these houses don't have utilities.


Except for edu, obesity, and road fatalities; lol Thankfully we can look down on AL, FL, MS. Carter's legacy isnt exactly one to hang our hat on. He's great and i love him but he didn't do so hot while in office.


It’s perfectly acceptable to judge a public servant on the totality of their life’s work rather than 4 years.


Fair. A great man, a bottom of the barrel potus.


Craft beer, cheap flights, and he installed the Fed Chair that killed stagflation. He's underrated.


He didn't get us into war. Was ahead of his time on solar energy, and the hostages shit was s no win situation. I voted for him the second time. Fuck reagan


No argument from me, he has a historical low rating. Outside of GA he's barely recognized


Homelessness numbers are misleading. Alot of states bus homeless people out of the state. Georgia has been one of those states.


That and throwing them in prison


It seems Georgia is also on the receiving end sometimes. [Source](https://www.ajc.com/news/local/new-york-city-homeless-sent-marietta-other-cities/drHmf6LVgO3cyA6LY4GREP/). I'm curious how such things are tracked and what the inflows and outflows are by state.


>I'm curious how such things are tracked and what the inflows and outflows are by state. Then you might be really interested in [this article which includes animated migration maps](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2017/dec/20/bussed-out-america-moves-homeless-people-country-study) and an in depth dive into the relocation of homeless people by various cities.


I’m not sure about the state of Georgia as a whole, but Atlanta receives more homeless than it sends out. I’m not sure if it’s still accurate, but in 2017 Atlanta was the most common place homeless from nyc were transported to https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2017/dec/20/bussed-out-america-moves-homeless-people-country-study With the help of both public and private organizations, Atlanta is one of the cities that’s better at getting the homeless housed. Like in the beginning of this graph, Georgia is the 12th highest and well above the National average. Now it’s below the National average


You also have to be actually interested in accurately documenting the homeless population in your state, and I'm not sure Georgia is.


Even the homeless don’t want to live in MS.


I suspect not. Also, the easiest way to fix your homelessness problem is to make it illegal and move them into the prison system where someone makes money off them. Who wants to be somewhere where your shit position in society lands you in jail


Being homeless is probably an upgraded living standard for most of that state.


Hhahaha correct


Statistics are misleading. Many homeless are unaccounted for. And many people are forced to live out of vehicles, or in seedy motels or other substandard living conditions. They're also homeless by my definition. I say this as a man who lived out of my car in Gwinnett and Forsyth. Also a seedy Doravile motel. And a storage unit. And an empty tool shed. I was unaccounted for.


Speaking as someone who lived out of a cheap motel for 3 months due to a series of calamities beyond my control, it is being homeless


Show me this graph, then a similar graph with cost of living/median home prices.


Even taking it at face value ,25th isn’t something to brag about. Yay it could be worse!!!


So… 26th highest?


Georgia is the best-run Republican state and the worst-run Democrat state. We're middle-of-the-road on everything. Nobody is more average than us.


We're bottom of the barrel on many things. I'm rooting for us to be average.


We're bottom of the barrel on many things. I'm rooting for us to be average.


I'm not sure that statement deserves the down votes. Georgia is certainly bottom of the barrel when it comes to maternal mortality with only Louisiana ranking worse and only Alabama and Mississippi rank worse in still birth rate and those 2 sad facts are not going to be made any better with one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country which I would also consider bottom of the barrel. Georgia ranks pretty poorly in healthcare delivery in general. Georgia may not be bottom of the barrel when it comes to education but definitely bottom half. Georgia isn't in the bottom 10 states for poverty level but we are close to it. Georgia ranks 9th I believe for income inequality with Atlanta ranking especially bad compared to large US cities. It seems like Georgia hovers around the bottom 10 for gun deaths.


It's one of those hard to swallow pills. we're also at the bottom on obesity. I can't imagine our infrastructure is anything to boast about either. For some reason, being constructively critical of something is often taken has hating on something. I like GA, therefore i am critical because I want to see progress. If i hated GA, I'd keep quiet and move.


If Georgia ever gets it shit together it could become an amazing place. Too bad the rural folks hate Atlanta.




It's hard to have a homeless problem if you don't acknowledge or offer services to them. There are little to no resources in Gwinnett county for adult homeless men. Even if they're elderly or have health issues. They tell them to go to Atlanta. So I don't think all the homeless people in Gwinnett are actually counted. I would bet the same goes for a lot of other counties as well.


It’s not just Gwinnett-


Go to Cali it’s crazy there. Tent city and tent rows everywhere. Here In Ga if a homeless person goes into an establishment they have security to get them out or are asked to leave; but in Cali you cannot ask them to leave an establishment if they are bothering people.


and supposedly they have the lowest amount of homelessness? Yeah right!


I mean, there’s only two good places to live in the entire state…


Alabama is a shithole. You can't tell me they rank that high without cooking the numbers.


Is this only category 1 homeless? There’s no way that number is correct for Ohio at least.


I wish this wasn't a statistic


Yeah because its miserable to live outside in 99% of Georgia. At least Florida has the ocean and a breeze.


Do you live here? I’m curious where? That is just not true.


I lived there for 20 years. It is definitely true. The humidity and heat anywhere not on the coast are impossible to be comfortable in. Plus on the off chance you do get a winter precipitation, its ice that fucks the roads (combined with inexperienced drivers) instead of fluffy snow. The food is really good though, same with all the south. Foods great, people are kind, everything else is meh.


Also, however many homeless people they say there are in Atlanta…quadruple that.


Is the reason why homelessness dropped in a lot of states for 2021 because of all the government support in response to COVID?


Lol wtf is this question. Do ppl think a few thousand over the course of multiple years is providing a life of luxury without working? Wtf started this line of talk and how do we root out that poison?


Doubt it. No one got enough money to fully house themselves for months (from being homeless beforehand). More likely, the records weren’t produced for 6+ months because everyone was on lockdown.


I think a lot of people have nearly enough money to afford a place to rent and with the increased support from the COVID payments they were able to make it happen.


Because what homeless person is going to stay in Mississippi?


Weird way to say the median homelessness rate