You should have a forgot your password reset link, also a password confirmation one. I typed mine wrong the first time now I can't get in cause idk what the typo was. Other than that, very slick design.


Thank you so much for your feedback. Sorry for that,yeah I'm still to add some features.


Youre welcome and no worries, its a great idea for a site :)


Super neat idea. Would’ve been neat to have filters (genres)so you can find/share songs similar to what you like.


Yes yes I plan on adding that if the app manages to get enough users to warrant working on it more :)


> I plan on adding that if the app manages to get enough users to warrant working on it more :) Maybe allow users to use the site (the listening part, not posting) without having to create an account first, requiring an account for other functions or pro-longed use like instagram, twitter or pretty much every other succesful site does. Forcing people to create an account before actually seeing what you're getting into is going to turn many people away.


Yeah creating accounts is a big turnoff for me. Imo if accounts are really needed then make a demo account for users to try before making their own.


Especially when it's a not so known website that I don't know if I can trust my data being there.


This is the biggest argument, OP. You aren't a big service, please be careful with data! Someone else suggested a demo account, which is a fantastic idea for something like this


Agreed, I left for this reason




It would be very cool if you could preview songs before you post them! Awesome idea!


I agree! Will soon add that feature


Bruh first login?


I feel really old thinking about myspace while most of the comments here are "interesting concept", "great idea", etc. Anyway, I miss MySpace so it's really nice having an alternative.


Myspace is still around ;)


Nice idea but in its current state it's sadly not that great to use. You can't delete your own posts You can't pick the timestamp from where so start the snippet(this should be top priority IMO) You can't filter by genre If you fix all of these I think this could be a very nice project that I'm very interested in following


Additionally: \- There's posts with multiple songs, but it's hard to see the second one/impossible to see if there's more than 2 \- Say you like a song. What next? You have to go type the name into youtube/spotify/apple music/etc.? You can't just link me to one or more of those? \- You can't block people who only post songs about ducks


If he’s using spotify for the songs I think he doesn’t have control over the timestamp


Interesting concept, that sign up is way too soon though. I'd only sign up if I wanted to share, save, or join a community. Just browsing new music shouldn't require a login.


100% this ... but unfortunately it's so common these days to require a login that it's likely OP is just maintaining the status quo without much consideration to its benefits or not.


You do realise its not just "status quo" rite? Logging in, although annoying, is a form of human verification. Unfortunately, there are alot of bad actors in the world and leaving a site unprotected like that leads to bots who really make the experience unfun for the users present.


> leaving a site unprotected like that leads to bots who really make the experience unfun for the users present. So you don't let people post or comment or whatever without creating an account. You can still figure out a good way to let people *use* it without that, and you get the benefit of being able to cache and statically serve to non-auth'd users. There's a lot of people who would love to explore new music without feeling any pressure to sign up or share their own.


None of those things change that it's status quo. You do know what "status quo" means, *rite*? Hint: it's the existing state of affairs. Besides, there's plenty of ways to protect a site from bots and other nefarious users without a login. After all, logins are EASY for boys to override. It's things like reCAPTCHA, Cloudflare, etc. that provide the real way to help ... not logins.


I know what "status quo" means. The way you implied it is as if I did it just to copy other big players which is not true


How is the way you’ve implemented it a way of human verification? There’s no email verification, no captcha, anyone can easily make a script that makes 1000 bot accounts


There is rate limiting backend


The idea sounds interesting but I have no desire to create an account simply to find out if the site is worth it. I think you are losing out on a lot of potential users.


This! Maybe you can allow users to view how the site actually works and after listening to two/three songs, offer them to register.


Aww you can use this demo account if you want username: spotifydev password: spotifydev


Dude. Stop being stubborn. Drop the log in. Listen to the feed and you’re missing out on a shit ton of people that can use and spread the word. If people like it then they will log in so they can use features such as saving songs or finding out the songs name or making playlist or a bunch of other features.


geez, i think stubborn is a bit of a strong word. OP was just giving out a demo account cuz he wanted users to try out the website without having to share any info. i think the idea is pretty cool


Idea is cool. But everyone here is telling him to remove the log in not just for us. But in general. And he is fighting back on good advice


After getting past the homepage, it's still asking for too much information before anyone can see if the site is any use. You don't need to have my email or where in the world I am or my b'day. I think I'll give it a miss.


That section is totally skippable. In fact, all you really need is a username and password. None of those fields you mentioned are required. The email is just there for user password recovery later on


Then why have it? I too jumped out when I saw that...




Please. No more logins. Let me use it first and let me decide if I want to sign up or not.


Seems like a really cool concept! Would really enjoy an auto play feature as you scroll, though. Maybe something like whatever album cover is in focus on the screen plays it?


Neat idea will add it to my list👍


Seconding the suggestions others have made (delete posts, control what part of songs it shows, sort by genre) - can’t wait to see more of this!


Thank you. The original plan was to see if people would he interested in the idea before fleshing it out. Wouldn't make sense to build something 100% if Noone is gonna end up using it now will it?:)


I get that, it would suck to put so much work into something for no one to even glance at it.


Also, the ability to comment on posts and seeing more than just 3 results at a time would be nice.


Yo... This is amazing. Hear me out What if someone made a social network based around music and you have bios and updates and your fave music listed for your friends to listen to and stuff


The concept is pretty amazing although the login is a turnoff.


Sure I’ll throw some cool stuff on it later. Nhlev anyone?


Really cool idea! Can't wait to see how it continues to develop.


So its tiktok but without the video




Hell ya brother, get that bag!


I enjoyed this. You should limit comments because some user made a massive one I can't scroll past.


Wow. Lesson learned. Do not trust the internet just safeguard everything. Thank you for telling me its been fixed


I'm sad I can't try it out before creating an account. I gave up


You can use the demo account username: spotifydev password: spotifydev if you'd like


Thanks a lot but after filling username and password site goes into loop. So I stuck on a login site. I'm using Brave. On Edge, I'm receiving notice saying "username is already in use"


I think that's because you are trying to register a new account. I've already registered that one just log Into it


That makes sense. What a shame. For an excuse, I'm 98 years old. Thanks


Sounds like a cool idea! Currently I have a plethora of new music I'm able to find through other means; but if this site implements a lot of the useful features people mentioned, I'd totally give it a try! 🤙 But yeah until thing's like account recovery, or genre sorting are implemented; I just feel like I'm beta testing/giving my data to a company I know nothing about. I'm also curious why you chose accounts as a primary way of authentication if you could've used captcha. Would be a shame if an idea with such potential was just another way to scrape data from it's users for profit 😢 That being said; do you have a customer data privacy ToS? What is and isn't being used for meta data/sold to 3rd parties? People are gunna want answers to questions like that. I'm all for new apps with new features; but to get very little functionality out of an app (that curates music which many do for themselves already) *for an exchange of data* is a pretty hard sell atm in its current state 🤷‍♂️


I agree with you and i totally understand where you are coming from. The app,like you said, is still very much in it'd infancy stages. I'm working on implementing these features people are saying, hey alot of these things I hadn't thought about until people pointed them out. On the case of data, no I will not be selling it or doing something evil with it and I'll soon be adding a privacy and tos page to it all. Alot of things do need to be polished and judging on whether people like the idea enough or not, I will be doing so


Appreciate the response and look forward to what's to come! I know being a dev is hard work (especially depending on the size of your team) and wish you luck in your venture if this is something you wanna pursue full time or make into a full fledged idea! 🙏 An app like this would be pretty useful for people like my friends and I who use samples as part of our music production. Ofc you can lookup '70-80's japanese funk music' in google and sift through the results (and trust me I will), but if I could sort an app built specifically for that purpose; (assuming their database was diverse) that'd be pretty dope!


Op you’re too stubborn for your own good and you’re pissing people off by not listening to feedback here. Humble yourself


Awesome, I like it.


That's a really nice logo


Thank you so much


Great idea!


Love it! Signed up baby


I don't know how to describe t really but the mobile UI feels to big and cramped


Thank you for your feedback. Are some elements not showing on the screen?please do tell how do you think we could improve?


When selecting songs, the display for the songs you've correctly selected in smushed down. And when looking at posts the individual song cover art icons feel too big in my opinion


I have a great feature idea! Have an option ti sync your music account(Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music). Then you can plug in 2-5 songs, albums, or artists that you want someone to give you recommendations based on. Because you have your account synced, people will be able to recommend songs that are not already in your library or playists. The software could detect when the song is known by the recommendee already. (Maybe complicated idk) I hope you like my idea and I hope your web app does well!


Signing up now! I’m digging this. Simple but promising. If this grows into something huge but centered on music, it’s an upgrade for the world.


Excellent idea! I hope it gathers momentum! I imagine if you have a phone app for it, it will ensure people come back regularly. Edit: There seems to be a MusicWall.app that's available on GooglePlay. It looks different to yours?


Sorry Mines musicwall.cc. seems someone else took the .app name🙁


Amazing idea


Just pointing out that the colour is pretty similar to Discord's 'blurple' dunno if that bothers you or not


Look great so far. Definitely needs volume controls (had my ears blasted out on the first snippet I clicked on) and date of birth is completely unnecessary IMO.


This is it Finally! Thank you sm!!


iTunes previews back from the dead?


So tiktok?




Except even Tiktok has a privacy policy


Soooo hitclips?


People already started abusing the character limit I see.


Smh don't trust the internet


Hey OP, really cool. I just registered and I like it so far! There are of course a lot of features you could add to make it even better and useful to use. I already found some “bugs” and things that need some improvement. I’m a webdeveloper too, feel free to message me and maybe we can make it better together.


I’d say let users share albums in addition to singles


Very cool


can't highlight a song/artist, so if i like it i have to manually type it out and go back and forth and make sure i got it right before i can add it to my youtube/spotify list.


What’s the tech stack? Do you wish to open source it sometime?


You Look Nice Today podcast had an idea like this so long ago, songparts.biz they called it. Very cool to see it live.


I’m a fanatic about music but have little patience with listening to entire tracks trying to find new stuff that I like. This looks like exactly my kind of thing! Will check it out in a bit.


How do I find people with similar tastes? I looked at the top posts and it's literally 1000 miles by Vanessa Carlton lol.l


Awesome! Do you get around copyright because the snippets are so short?


Yes hehe


Cool. And what platform did you build it on?


Have you run that past an IP lawyer?


After recently watching The Playlist it's made me not take for granted how quickly the music starts playing after clicking a song. I'm not sure if that was a challenge for you when making this or if it is kind of just a different front end for spotify playlists (therefore just using the technology Spotify had already build) but either way this has potential.