Probably not round , but I think some breadth at the hips created by bone structure rather than fleshiness is within type? See JLH.


I'd say it's possible. Nobody is the textbook ID. The hard part is to see what are the overall features and what are exceptions. The round hips (in common sense) don't necessarily break the vertical accommodation. But once there is the Kibbe curve, which round hips might contribute to, you're outside FG territory.


This is a really helpful answer. I asked because I'm still unsure about FG and feel like I'm not yang enough but I'm definitely not a soft type even if I wanted to be. My hips are round but narrow so they make an oval shape if you were draw an outline but the rest of me is boxy and angular


Kibbe "vertical" can sometimes manifest as a lack of Kibbe curve. You don't need to be skinny or muscular to have yang. You can have soft flesh (in common sense) and be a yang type. If you feel you accommodate petite + vertical, go and try to dress with these accommodations in mind. You'll see if it works. If you dress FG, but will find yourself you need to twist this, this and that, you can always reconsider. I'm DC, but I debated SC, because I felt I have shorter limbs and somehow rounded shoulders (compared to how I perceived other DCs). But the truth is, when I dress in a narrow sleek silhouette and deemphasize my waist, I feel so much better and my body looks rather proportional. In drapy cuts and softer fabric I look rather stocky and shorter than I am. Because the fact is, I'm moderate more than anything else (even in limbs and shoulders, it can be hard to see through our insecurities) and overall I'd draw straight lines to represent my body.


Just curious, how did you come to decide on DC vs SC? I could've written your post. I feel the need for more yang than SC, but N/SN doesn't work because I need narrower silhouettes, not width. DC has been suggested to me before but I doubted it because I do have soft flesh and so the stiff, extremely tailored fabrics (nevermind the kinds of clothes shown in the original book!) would feel stiff and heavy on the softer flesh. Still, compared to those with real Kibbe curve, I am pretty straight. Well, straight and soft, lol. But my curve is either "slight" (as in SC), or it's just baseline. I think that answer would settle my dilemma.


I have a strong preference for yang IDs and sleek but edgy style, so naturally I gravitate more towards DC. On a type me post, some people commented SC, which caused doubts, together with common meaning of “soft” and “fleshy”. What helped me decide: * exercises in Strictly Kibbe - I didn’t do all of them, but I did some before line sketch, and then the line sketch was just straight lines and angles * trying to focus on overall body features, not details and label things properly (my legs actually are not short, they are just shorter then I’d prefer them to be) - lurking here, watching other people journeys, discussing Kibbe terms and just appreciating all the shapes and sizes of beauty (including mine) helps a lot * taking pictures of myself in various outfits - this helped a lot, especially after some time and when I was able to compare similar outfits. Main observation here was that narrowest point of my body is just under my bust and I like to highlight it. If I try to accentuate waist, I just look frumpy. Hence the narrow silhouette, waist is acknowledged this way, but not emphasised. Plus I just like how I look when I dress for vertical (yet I cannot go overboard, because Classic). Fabric doesn’t need to be super stiff, just it cannot be super drape. Woven fabric is great, because it highlight the structure already present in my body (even if the body by itself looks soft). Key is, it needs to fit and lie rather flat, which might be hard with baseline curve. I prefer pieces with darts or otherwise tailored rather than gathers or folds - those make me look bulky. I like knits as well, there just need to be a bit of structure either in a fabric or in a cut. * finally I paid an online stylist who uses Kibbe IDs among other systems , she said DC as well - still not sure if I’d recommend this, it can be a hit or miss. But I just needed external opinion, because of constant second guessing. Any other ID would send me into spiral again, so I consider myself lucky. Extreme tailoring and/or stiffness and/or elongation is actually bad: see [Lizzy Caplan being rather overwhelmed](https://celebmafia.com/lizzy-caplan-at-build-speaker-series-in-new-york-city-10-22-2019-2183691/) vs [here](https://images.app.goo.gl/cFoEwJhgUAxosa5k8) or [here](https://images.app.goo.gl/5KyhQE8huYJ3za668) in more “moderate” cuts. [This one](https://images.app.goo.gl/xeqHyrGoWdJDVycQ6) is clearly editorial, but again it shows that clean, moderate, just slightly sharp lines are great on her. Baseline of curve is hard. I know too well “is it base line or is it Kibbe curve?” Apologies for long comment, hope you’ll find something useful there for your journey.


No apologies necessary! Thank you for such a detailed reply! Things we have in common: Narrowest point = just under bust Accentuating waist = looking frumpy Fits need to lie flat On the last one, this also goes for when I use knits. I have chronic pain, so that's also a reason I use knit and softer fabrics most of the time, which makes it tricky. Thankfully I do have some Ethereal essence (outside of Kibbe, I know) which makes using a bit of strategic narrow draping of lighter-weight fabrics possible, but I still need to keep it very narrow and not like, folds of fabric in order to not get swallowed. And while I am generally thin, my flesh is soft due to some thyroid issues. I don't have the "athletic, bony" look that a yang ID is supposed to have, possibly because of these things and not because I'm actually a soft ID. I can't wait for the new book! I have always dearly wanted to work with the SK exercises, but I am staunchly non-Facebook. That said your comments are definitely helpful! 👍


Comfort is super important to me as well (LD in Rita’s), I‘ve spent spring in “tailored” jogger pants (narrow fit with some decorative vertical seams) :D DC and SC are very close together. It’s either slight Kibbe curve or base curve with some yang. I know what you mean by “bony” look. It’s also not achievable for me due to ongoing medical issues. But that’s more “anecdotal” evidence I’d say. For me it took some time, but then things just started to click and make sense. You’ll figure it out as well :)


I'm right with you. Can I ask you a question? If you check on my profile you can see a posting with some photos of me that I put out for typing, do you see yourself in them? I have hips and bust, flesh but a bit of Yang in my upper body (shoulders, elongated neck, narrow face). What's your opinion? Maybe we're in the same boat


Yes, they can. The difference is that while with yin types (R, TR and SG) curve is constant throughout the whole silhouette, FGs with a curvy hipline will have a straight and sometimes elongated torso line that breaks the curve. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt or Doja Cat (though she's not verified).