I really, really hope the parents wanted another dog. My Mom and Stepdad love dogs but they have gotten to the age that it is not safe for them to have one (my Stepdad has taken several pretty nasty falls recently one while trying to get the dog into the car to go to the vet).


Yes! Puppies should not be gifts, especially a surprise gift.


My parents have always had dogs. My stepdad got another dog, without my mom agreeing, very soon after our dog passed at 17yrs old ("ours" because they got her when I still lived at home). She told me she was upset because she was still grieving and wasn't ready for another dog. Also, they're in their late 60's so they're gonna have that dog until they're in their 80's. They're both healthy but I can't imagine them going to the groomers and vet regularly at that age. Especially when the dog gets old and can't get around much.


Sucks ur step dads old as can be watch the video the guy is pumped and is more than capable of taking care of a dog


Yeah but think about 12-15 years down the line...


Yea it’s adorable, but *completely surprising* someone with an animal they will need to care for is irresponsible.


Thought the same thing - especially with elderly people. A young puppy means wake ups at night at odd hours, and a Lor of patience and training for potty training and other things. Walks and mobility may be an issue as well.


When you're old you need to wake up at odd hours to go potty too


I’d like to think that they knew their parents wanted a new dog or were prepared to take on a new one, like maybe they’d mentioned thinking of getting a new dog? I know not everyone thinks it through and complete surprises like this happen, but I’m also hopeful that some people know what they’re doing. There are ways to surprise people with pets but there has to be some kind of a conversation that happens beforehand


Maybe I’m just grumpy but the music is SO ANNOYING. We get it, it’s a touching moment.


Agree 100,000% . Maybe more. I didn’t finish the video because of the music.


I've met her, she's kind of a bitch.




Thank you I had to turn the volume off


The look on thats fathers face was soooo pure it almost made me cry! That pup is going to live one hell of an amazing life! I truly hope that once the surprise wears off that they really wanted another pup cause that would be so sad for that baby if they decided to return it :(


How did it get loose?




I love videos like this. That little dog has *no idea* the amount of love it’s gonna get


This is so sweet and the dog looks so relaxed in his arms but I’d hate to be surprised with a living organism (whether it be puppy or plant) as that feels like I’m being given extra responsibilities 😭


Elderly parents, childhood dog, 12 year old dog. I’m so confused


I assume they were the kid’s (prolly now adults) dog. And they’re saying they just lost their childhood dog, but not the dads childhood


To me it's saying "elderly parents" when the dad looks like he's only in his 50s 😂


Exactly. They just pump this up to get more clicks


Aww, that's gonna be one spoiled baby. 💖


All I can see is the creator of the video can’t spell




It's always nice to see older dudes bust out the "omg it's a baby" inhale and then the baby talk when there's a baby around:) makes me think he was an attentive father to the kids who got him the puppy, and if that is the case then they probably have a very good relationship with him and knew that he wanted a new puppy which makes the 'suprise" factor a non issue. That puppy is going to get so spoiled by their new parents!


That's a damn curse for old people...c'mon now. *"Hey..you're 72...Now you can getup at 6:00 in the morning for months to train the puppy to be house broken so it doesn't shit all over the place....also, welcome to the expense of having to find a dog sitter if you ever want to go on vacation for a week or two to enjoy your golden years"*




Childhood dog? these people are 70+ making you at least 40+


What a heartwarming story! I'm so glad your parents were able to receive this new puppy and found joy in the midst of their grief. It's amazing how much love animals bring to our lives.


God damn ninjas, man...


I just moved to another country and they still found me...damn






Is there something wrong with me? This sub always does the opposite of what it says it’s supposed to do… Edit. I’m crying not smiling


This is really cute…but geez I wish older people would get big lazy dogs instead of tiny high energy dogs. I know several older folks who have had bad falls tripping over these little guys and even my vet says older and folks and small dogs are a recipe for disaster since they’ve had to put down small dogs that old people have tripped on and then fallen on.


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He seems very polite


Very sweet.


Welp. 10:50 here and I’m crying. So thanks for that!


Poor form for not including photos of previous pup in the montage. 😔


He’s going to be the best doggo grandpa ever, I can already tell


We lost one of our childhood dog last year at age 18 and this month we lost another at age 15. My mom is still mourning both. I hope the parents hearts are ready for another puppy. I miss my two dogs so much.


I don’t like this.


This is one sweet gesture!


I hope they are thrilled with this sweet little puppy and they all grow old together with health, love and companionship!


How touching 🥺


Bichon/ShihTsu mix. They are the most loveable lap dogs. This one is about four pounds. They will grow to 16 pounds.


This kinda cheezy music on every cute animal video is killing it for me.


I hear dog owners live longer lives. Precisely why I will not be getting my parents a puppy.


People should learn how to spell if you’re going to post shit on the internet. Fuck.


Whoever is cutting onions, please stop.


Amazing feeling!