There's a few discrepancies with the colour palette in the older seasons. (Smithers being black probably the biggest one). I'm guessing they made the intro around that time. I'm pretty sure in the backstory episode where she gets the sax, it's gold throughout the entire episode too, so I don't think it's ever addressed in the show itself.


Yeah, early seasons Simpsons had a *lot* of random animation and coloring errors. The only thing that surprises me is that they didn't fix it for season 2 even though they changed a bunch of other details. Also, who knows if syndicated broadcasts or reruns kept the original intros or not.


Early Simpsons were pretty gonzo. As someone that was obsessed with it when I was a teenager I can assure you it has always been that way.


Yes. The cartoon made some changes over the years. In 1990 Bart had blue shorts, blue shirt and blue shoes. There’s also a few early times he had a tan shirt and blue shorts


Bart only had a blue shirt on merchandise and video games. Supposedly it had something to do with stopping bootlegging his image


Nah when they started on Tracey Ullman Show thats just how he dressed


Didn’t even think about that. I’ve only seen a few of the shorts and he had on the orange shirt. I’ll have to check out more of them!


OMG i had to check first but you are right!


The colour changed depending on the episode.


https://youtu.be/nQcSAM7APYU Wtf.. This is a new one for me, definitely wasn't a blue colour, even in earlier seasons.


>definitely wasn't a blue colour, even in earlier seasons. What makes you say this?


I remember it being gold, consistent with Lisa's saxophone in the show


But when presented with quite clear evidence that it wasn't always gold do you say it was 'definitely' never blue?


theres a few variations of the introduction in the early years, which episode specifically?


You probably don’t remember Graggle Simpson ever being a character either huh


i remember noticing it being blue in the opening of some episodes when i was a kid