From one future goth girl currently stuck looking like a boy to another: You are a girl, and you’ll get to look the way you feel one day. Trust me. There’s a lot of little things that can help even without hrt, even if you have to do them in secret, but little by little you can start looking the way you feel. I know trans timelines can give people mixed reactions, and sometimes a feeling of “why don’t I look like them yet!” But personally, I like to look on that subreddit and see it as really cool that someone who looks the way I look now in just a short time started looking the way I want to look. I’m hopeful that maybe one day I’ll be posting my own photo there. And I know, for both of us, we’ll both get to look the way we want one day. In the meantime stay strong, stay cute, and stay spooky you wonderful girl you 💜🦇 Ps. If you want suggestions on goth style inspiration I’ve got some. Not posting it here incase that’d make dysphoria worse, but let me know if interested.


You’re a very good girl. One day in the future, you will be able to see yourself as who you want to be. It may not be today or tomorrow, but one day. I’m sure of it. 💞


Sorry I’m late. Are you feeling any better?


I little bit, yeah. Thank you


Just read my flair


You're a very good girl, sweetie. Your struggles are making you stronger and cuter, I sure do hope you will get better and be able to be your best self. I'd try to help, if you'd tell about how bad the situation actually. Maybe try shaving, buy some women beauty products.