This is crazy. Sledgelords is uploaded only to Adams channel. And while it did happen on his channel it involved a coworker that is on your MAIN platform. It’s just odd to address here and cancel todays show, and not just address it on live..with, possibly, Danny on the show talkin w HP. Smh.






And who was that?


Yeah his name was Blake harthcock . he even brought him on to a no jumper interview with him. When he died from a hit and run danny just made jokes about it for the whole pod literally not more then 2 seconds of sincerity and then went back to make an apology when his fans started talking shit. He’s a sociopath like Adam that’s why they get along. They don’t care about anyone around them their just pawns


If house phone didn't effect the business he has going on with Adam I highly doubt he would have been so sincere


100% Danny a dick to everyone he considers a friend. Constantly exposing their personal lives. Why would he care about someone he doesn’t even know like HP


Was that the guy who was on no jumper show and he told Adam he wanted to be a comedian and Adam was giving him shit saying he wasn’t funny ??


Yeah probably he was always in some fake country character making dorky/ incest jokes. Danny brought him on like look like how quirky and funny this guy is. But Adam was like he’s just playing a character and it’s lame. Which he’s not wrong tbh


Could you shoot the link please?


https://youtu.be/6xhuz9WUHxg This the podcast where they announce it


Thanks bro !




To be fair; the only reason Danny even liked him was because he had COCK in his name literally Danny though it made him funny


I get what u saying but that’s a not a to be fair statement 😭 it really don’t matter why he was brought into the group orginally. Danny still spent time with this guy and he was a member of their crew and friend of Leo’s


Regardless tho of any of that the fans like harthcock and the video where they announce it filled with 100s of rip comments and stuff and for Danny to go on and not even once say at least rip but instead crack jokes about Leo being the person who might have hit him and if he’s a ghost haunting the studio now is just a badddd look.


Brad harthcock or something he was on a nj episode fuck shit Friday






Other NJ Reddit. I can’t post the name because the mods set it up if I post the real name my comment will get taken down immediately it just spell out nojumper and put v2 on the end




Don’t even like dude but that sounded like a genuine apology


I hope everyone here moves on from this platform and everyone from NJ leaves to start their own shit. I’m legit only here to sow the seeds of the destruction of this poisonous platform.


fuck cuh


Wait until Crip Mac finds out about HousePhone…. “OH CUH DAT? FUK CUH” 😂😂😂


Brehhh I forgot about crip maccc he thinks he’s a Custer already now we know c-mac diabetic when it comes to that sugary shit


Lmfao diabetic 😂😂😂😂


Don’t let him fool you bruh look at his track record






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Yea I don’t fw Danny Mullen and never will but this was the most sincere apology to HP so far.


What part about Adam doesn't care does everyone not get? Narcissistic 101... His employees are disposable and each of their lives are intricate pieces of content Adam toys with to feed the algorithms....


Damn that’s crazy his apology actually does feel and sound the most genuine we seen so far. Also it’s interesting he said “it was casually being thrown around like everybody know already” speaks volumes to the energy the entire interview was established under….




He been cappin to save his own ass


Right he contradicts himself. He says well she already made it public when she commented on the reeel. Then he’ll say well I had no idea she was going to do that she came on. So pick one


That’s what i noticed too, that means Adam wasn’t shocked or acting shocked


He sounded same when he shit on mlk statue when will y’all realize they both cap and high key weirdos Adam was talking all the pedo shit before no jumper but let that have been a rapper or let alone any person of color with a name y’all would of crucified them


He didn't shit on an mlk statue lmao get Your facts straight. He didn't shit on anything


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Good bot


I need the uncut interview


I don’t


Damn I honestly liked this lmao just being fair that’s real. How can you expect him to take something more serious than Adam when Adam was the one on the phone with HP how would he know it wasn’t in the air already


People just don't like Daniel Mullen to begin with. It's cool that he apologized even though he followed it up with a comment saying "I've heard black people rock bling because they don't want everyone to know that they're broke". Comments like this is what prob triggers people. Casually generalising all black people or fixing a cliche narrative. He doesn't have great social cues


Yeah I just gave him his props on this still don’t like the guy though too much has been done but it’s never too late to turn around to make better decisions going forward


Hopefully. He cancelled the show though so its not a good start going forward smh


He has a point. Jewelry is for women.


this is hilarious 😂 how does Danny sounds more remorseful than Adam? 😂 that’s insane, but big up him for saying that


It's because zesty housecat was so angry at Danny, but scared to get angry at Pornboy22 or the tranny.


You ain’t lying..


He seems more sorry than Adam is. ( the video is still up )


Why does Danny need to be sorry. Adam invited the person to his own platform. I'm sure Adam said Housecats' name as well. The editors just made sure to cover that part.


He’s tryna pin it on anyone BUT him Adam literally playing the victim like we wasn’t caught in 4K on a self upload wth lol the delusion is brazy


Nah I rate that


Tbh I mean yeah you can tell he means it cus how uncomfortable he looked like he ain’t use to saying sorry cus he’s a comedian but he sees he went to far.


“You’ve always been super cool to me. I’ve got nothing but love for you and I didn’t mean to hurt you” is definitely more genuine than 22’s apology. And I’m all but positive Fanny Tullen is too autistic to fake sincerity.


Na, he’s a super grimy dude which Brandon Buckingham [exposed](https://youtu.be/kOnyl7_a3zM)




Damn crazy this guy more genuine the snake22


Neither of these apologies are genuine….y’all really believe this bullshit. He just like Adam. This is what people do to save face, get online and lie and y’all naive people who want to side with him anyway believe this goofy shit. He literally laughed and said “sorry we need the ratings” the same day they clowned dude


Exactly…everyone saying this a genuine apology must not remember how shit went down. Adam was having a god damn existential crisis wondering if he should put the clip out, and Danny wants to claim he didn’t know it wasn’t already known by people. It’s lies and pussy excuses all up and down NoJumper. And after canceling the pod today, it’s only gonna get worse.


Danny is known for being very disrespectful and inconsiderate so I’ma just rock out with this as being genuine cause it’s very out of character for him


You can rock out all you want, this is some media training bullshit that gullible people fall for


You think you’re too smart for your own good. Extremely low IQ takes smh. You can be a distasteful/crude YouTuber and still admit when the jokes went too far. Any apology he gave you’re the type to find fault in it and not accept it for one reason or the other.. You just don’t like the guy. And the comment about HousePhone and ratings is so obviously a joke 😂 if you can’t see that then you’re either 15 years old or on the spectrum.


Nah you’re just a white boy dick sucking your racist hero Danny Mullen. Get off you knees and breath


Danny Mullen still a bitch. All these host claim to not know what’s going on but directly quote the Reddit.


Danny always using the “I was just tryna be funny” excuse. He needs to get his ass beat


And housecat still zesty


Nah man housephone didn’t know the bitch had a dick. Honest mistake if you ask me.


he definitely knew. he literally said he knew.


I know I’m talking bout his bar he had while rapping on disconnected


Crazy how some random dude gave a more sincere/thoughtful apology than supposedly one of your day one homies smh


From “sorry but we need ratings” to this lol. Saving face.


It’s a called a joke. Wow you are dumb as fuck. Lmao You don’t deserve to be on Reddit with such a low functioning brain my guy.


Take a look in the mirror little guy and get off dannys nuts


Word to bro. Solid apology and he acknowledged he hurt him. 💯


Danny Mulllen giving a more believable apology than Adam is crazy


Yup that’s genuine. U can tell he dropped the act for a second there. Adam on the other hand is 100% a sociopath.


I never thought Danny was fucked up for the whole phone shit cause he’s not friends wit phone or really know him like that. It was on Adam to check him and tell him to chill wit certain shit. Danny was just going off how Adam was


that ain't saying much, but speaks volumes about Grandmaison


I aint buying it. That motherfucker is just savvy at being full of shit. He's a sick fuck cause that shit sounded convincing


Bro when these 2 turn on eachother is when the real treachery begins


What’s he apologizing for ?


Fuck danny mullen


Y'all are easily won over. He's gonna do more racist and insensitive shit, apologize in the same "genuine" tone, then laugh at you green mfs while reading the comments 🤣 Rinse repeat


I can’t wait til he shits on another MLK statue you sensitive little bitch lmao God this Reddit full of pussies


Says the one being a sensitive ass little bitch over a grown ass man shit’s mad zesty


I hate everything about this guy and what he stands for but that was a great apology.


Mayne fuck all that. We ain’t tired of him doing goofy shit them apologizing?


I Liked Danny prior but I fw him way more after that. That's real.


Fuck danny Mullen


I’m not a fan of him but it was a good apology imo


I it wasn’t he literally said “sorry Housephone we need the ratings” the day he said it. He knew what he was doing from the start, this apology a lie…you and a lot of people just gullible.


Ok then don’t accept his apology, stay mad


I’m not mad, I’m not Housephone. I’m just not gullible like you. You probably just one of those weird Danny Mullen fans anyway lol


Facts fuck Danny Mullen he’s just trying to save his own ass after looking at the Reddit and all kinds of dirt being brought up on him and being called a racist by the ace boys lol I bet he’s scrolling through the Reddit right now hoping people have a change of heart for sweet old Danny Mullen the racist 🥹


Bro I don’t think Danny has been on Reddit since like 2020 since his subreddit turned against him… but aye mane keep the wishful thinking up 😂


Whatever helps you sleep at night


Bro you post everyday on the Reddit. That’s sad as fuck 😂


💯 one step above 22.


Wow you could tell that’s genuine I don’t even like the guy but that was solid fs


This isn’t a geuinine apology. Nothing Danny ever done has been geniuine 😭 don’t let some good words full you. This the guy who made fun of his crew mates death, turned king Kroc into a joke and ruined his life, his entire crew is filled with mentally unstable people he exploits. Let’s not forget he’s the only person Adam actually hung out wit from no jumper


Weird white person apology


Only time I done ever looked at Danny and said " That's wassup"




Better apologize bitch you was goin have all of Compton on your ass boy, if I was HP I’d tell you lick the outside toe part of my shoe to accept your apology and if yeen do it , I would need that fade then get my niggas to jump you after the one on one fade


Why wasn’t Compton on his ass when he took a shit on a MLK mural IN COMPTON. Lmao no one was gonna do shit.


Well Danny was the one that said his name lol idk why y’all blame hilter22 for HP liking Trannies.


Adam has deleted two videos from the tranny I posted exposing he lied that him and Danny didn’t know about the situation before the interview. It’s still up on its channel on YouTube


Yea cause he's more scared than Adam lol


I think it’s green asf what Adam did but to play devils advocate he’s prolly been apologizing crazy to phone so how more genuine can he be 😭😭 still fuck Adam tho


This tells us that Adam didn’t tell Danny not to make jokes about the situations..


this makes Adam look even crazier😂


So he can talk on sledgelords about it but not on the NJ show? What a weirdo pos


He prolly saw that cuhmunity response n was like “yeaaaa I better apologize next stream”


The best way to say sorry to house phone is to get rid of Danny.


All I could think is what the fuck is the dude wearing 😂 nah good on Danny tho


Fuck him. The dick sucking rumours wouldn't even have been put on housephone's name if it wasn't for him. He made the whole situation look 10x crazier


adam ddesrve piss in his mouth




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Apologize to the black community and tell offensive racist jokes without putting actual people in the jokes and preferably not our legends . Be a normal comedian asshole .


Mfs a stomp yo mf ears together fuk a apology


Honestly this is huge. Save the energy for the person who actually deserves it..


If I was house phone everybody getting boomed lol Bobby Shmurda voice


Lol but he does this show but not Tuesday 😂