All this debate because a cartoon character made a joke a year ago lol.


Shi ridiculous tbh


Adam payed family guy so he doesn’t get exposed


I’ve been saying this for years about hella LA artists. Drakeo too.


Nah thas where ur wrong. Drakeo was like that. If he was still her he would be passing alot of SOUTHERN artist. I'm from SC and I was invested in his career as a listener 🤷🏾‍♂️


I think you just took a liking to his music more than other rappers like him, he was not even known by most people past texas


I can see that , but at least I'll admit it. These nipsey bandwagon meatriders is delusional .


Fr shit is so annoying


Your off powder drakeo wasn’t making it past cali FACTS


Ion know, hella people fuck wit drakeo in the mitten at least me and all my people


Nigga you gotta be dumb bro got features from drake and niggas from UK Texas showed him hella love


Lol I hope u know the guy that downvoted this was the dude u replied to , but I agree . Drake feature makes him legendary off rip , and his catalog matches . Even without features I believe drakeoes style was unique and every song slapped. It's an opinion and even if the lil girl that replied feels so strongly about drakeo not being a legend, that doesn't change the fact that nipsey for sure wasnt.


drakeo brought a new sound to the west coast not just LA ….drakeo the truth


Nah this is where you’re wrong 😂 Nipsey was respected by everyone unlike drakeo. Never ever heard of drakeo before no jumper.


Never heard of nipsey...till he died


Wrong. Drakeo was one of the few to break out of the west coast and touch other regions…if he was still alive he would be at like YG level around when he bout to drop my Krazy life. His buzz was through the roof


Never heard a single person play him out in public. Never in traffic, homie never played em nothin.


bro i figured it was a new joke or something and they played the clip and i was like, this shit already happened and no one cared at all then lmao. feel like it only further illustrates their point…..


A year ago is crazy..I didn't even know it was that old, but honestly even when wack was on his lil rant about nip I was agreeing...all these grown ass people in LA are acting like children with this group thinking bs...WHY IS IT ILLEGAL TO SAY HIS MUSIC WASNT THE BEST...he mightve been a legend in his community but u can't make us agree lol he was not musically a legend.


I like drakeo better than nip but thats my opinion


You can’t say this but it’s true


There is not a single person in Florida listening to Nipsey.


Also born n raised in Florida. I only Knew nip for slapping someone before he passed away. Very small percentage of ppl listen to nip in FL


Facts I'm in south Florida


I’m in north Florida and we don’t listen to west coast LA soundin music where I’m at Unless they don’t have that generic cali sound. I personally listen to a little Ralphy, Blue Bucks, and 03 tho


You mostly right but I knew a few people listening to Nipsey in FL. I didn't though only YG really.


Cap. I'm from FLA and I listened to him way before he passed away.


Lmk when someone pass you in traffic and you hear it.


That’s a dam lie kid, nigga did a sold out show down here 2014 and it was sold out. Plus a lot of niggas in Dade and Broward fucked with him.


Im from Florida and I listen to nip, I can’t listen to extension cause I can’t listen/relate to a dude with eyeliner and painted nails that beat bitches 😂


I can agree to that, Griselda


You a lie


FL full of goofys and retired white people Change my mind


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Bro rocking a flat brim with a bum ass android 😂😂 can’t take yo comment serious


Imma just copy and paste a comment I just made on another post. If you were really into Hip Hop in the early 2010s, you'd know who Nip was. I got put on to him through Currensy and Wiz in 2011. Then he made some noise with that $100 mixtape. Followed his career ever since. Mind you, I'm from Mexico. Now, for everyday people, he wasn't a pop star level artist for everyone to know who he was, again, outside of Hip Hop. Legend status back then or now? Nah. He was one to become a great one, yes, and I saw that happen in real time because I followed his shit up until his demise. Legend in LA? Maybe, but as an outsider I cant opine. But he was for sure known in the Hip Hop space internationally.


Yea if you were into dat piff you def knew nip




The 100 mixtape is where I caught wind of him plus the collabs with rappers from Texas.


This was my comment from earlier. Crazy we share some of the same sentiment, it’s clear who’s really into hip hop around here lol: It’s hard to put into words but whatever level a person hits when their the artists favorite artist is where I’d say nip was when he died. With that he was known and even played SOMEWHERE in almost every hood in America. He had done countless shows in many states and collabed with some of the top artists in his genre. Even though he may not have touched the ears of those out of loop, for those in the know nip was one of those guys. It’s a if you know you know. I don’t fault people for not knowing how big he really was but he was well Known amongst a select demographic with a large number of people. He collabed with wiz, cee lo green, currensy, Mac Miller, Dave East, Rick ross, snoop, YG (fuck Donald trump was on cnn), z-ro, young thug, and shared a fan base with currensy and wiz at the height of their international smokers club tour (back in 2012), the game, and a few more majors in missing. With all those collabs and international road exposure Josh was clearly just one of the ones out of the loop, nip didn’t make music for him (he can’t relate as a white suburban lacrose player, which is a very small demographic btw). I first heard nip in 2012 from a friend from NYC.


Man I can relate. I found out about Nip in 2010 through a drake song called killer featuring nipsey. And his name was buzzing on mixtape sites like Dat piff... I'm all the way in south Africa and been a fan since


I’m a huge Nip fan and saw him as a legend. I’m from outside the states


I live in NC and I was a Nipsey super fan but I was rare. I was consistently telling people who he was that never heard of him


I’m from the trill the South definitely fw bro heavy . I also believe he was at his peak when Victory Lap dropped


Stop capping… nowhere in the Houston scene was Nipsy music played… YG, Q, and Kendrick was getting played


The impact was felt where folks listened, you don't have to be from LA to identify with the grind and the struggle, as Nip said this shit is a marathon, and all of us are in the race. I don't understand tearing down a person who actually was out there and all of it documented...Respect from this side.


Not tearing anyone down. Reddit is a discussion platform and I came to discuss. I saw an overwhelming amount of hate on wack and anybody else who spoke on nipseys legend status and I'm not One for Gate keeping. If we gon bring up somebody being a legend let's break it down.🤷🏾‍♂️


That's a fair assessment, it definitely adds to the history and development of hip-hop throughout the years and certain figures should be given their accolades/dues even if they're no longer with us. I'm not saying anything on Wack, but as far as music and the art Nip did it, if not legend, a pivotal figure and pathfinder for sure.


If you a legend then you a legend #nonipslander


Im not from LA but how does a rapper go on several tours but not be known outside LA 🤡


Bring known and being a legend isn't the same He is an LA legend but outside of LA he was just another rapper


I never heard anyone say “put on that new nipsey hussle”


Let the man rest in peace you weirdos


It's a discussion lil girl, if u can't have it move on


Discussion about a dead man. Grow up.


No jumper discusses king von almost every week.. tf are u talking about.. show me the rulebook u got that from?


The real world. It’s corny to talk about people who are RIP unless you’re uplifting their legacy.


🎯 the nigga was LA meek mill yall ass wild


Meek Mill isn’t that cool either


Meek is garbage. Gimme that grimey down south rap. Boosie, webbie, Wayne, youngboy, thugga, etc, no need to continue. You get the gist lol




Fuck no. Lmk when he got a song like dreams and nightmares. The whole hood across America can recite every single word on that mf.


True meek def harder im not saying he better than meek at all


Not just harder meek mill is a bigger name in probably every single state except CA


That was a perfect example. Definitely a LA meek mill


It’s true, ppl who live in LA don’t realize how irrelevant LA culture is to everyone else. He was just a west coast/LA Cali legend


Nip a cutural icon. Jay knew and respected him Diddy all them Niggas payed nip his respect. Very respected in Atlanta Houston Detroit NY. Jus cuz 13 yo white boys not willin to die over em don’t mean he ain’t a legend


Facts I really wanna ask these niggas where they from and their ages and that’ll explain it all. To say nobody knew him is wild. Ross was trying to sign him around 2011-2012.


True. If u was a nip fan u was either a ungergroujd mixtape head or a older street nigga


We not going for the fake corny narratives of people who not even from the streets, if you been through the struggle you know who Nipsey Hussle is for sure, before he was killed he was on a good run, RIP the LEGEND Nip Hussle the great! THE MARATHON CONTINUES!!!!!


I've been thru da struggle...know who he is...don't think he's musically a legend..u should really read before replying .


“Da struggle” 🤦🏾‍♂️


Nip wasn’t a legend before he died but him dying made him one by default.


This outlines the lack of logic that my original post was about. If that's the case then when vanilla ice die he's going down a LEGEND.


That’s a false equivalency. Vanilla Ice not even apart of the culture. Nip had a loyal fan base and a whole coast/market behind him in a major city. Unfortunately when people die the people that admire them turn them into “legends” or “mythological” beings as coping mechanisms. It’s especially worse when it’s a “celebrity” or someone famous because a lot of these niggas don’t have role models & father figures so they treat them like gods and refuse to believe outside of their lil bubbles that their fave actually wasn’t as important as they thought. Lots of people get called legends when they weren’t… Juicewrld, XXX, Peep, Mac Miller, etc…. Usually people are nice enough to not say anything and let people have their thing. Nip got no hits, no classics, no nothing. That’s still my MF nigga but it’s true. If you in LA you may think he got some classics but that’s only because he was a regional artist. To the rest of us he was just a likable guy who made some good music. It’s not that deep.


Well said gang. It was Def a false equivalency but well spoken on ya part. I agree with everything said here




Never heard of bro ong


he was def well known throughout california but obv his hometown fucked w him a million times harder duh.


Never heard a song of his until he died.


Didn’t hear about nipsey until after his death and am from dc


Nipsey isn't even a top 10/20/30 rapper out of Cali lol


That part !!


Nah, I’m in NY and bro was definitely a legend to me. Built my business listening to him, curren$y and, Ross. No “celebrity” death ever hit me before until this.


Niggas wasn’t no legends in NY stop the cap you listen to hip hop and you knew his name there was no time ever I’ve been in my whip and niggas was like turn on that nip. Victory lap was the first time that man got noticed and the shit wasn’t disrespectful it was a fact people who don’t even listen to hip hop was on some rip nip and couldn’t name a song just wanted to be apart of the crowd


I said “to me” bro, reading is fundamental. I’m not speaking for a whole city/state. I’m just saying I’m out here and I was listening heavy. He had reach, he wasn’t just a local LA talent - that’s my point. To who his music touched, he was a legend. I can honestly sing along to most of his songs, that’s how much I played his shit.


Facts I am from Houston alot of mfs outside of cali don't really see him as a legend


Yep just like Cali ain’t trippin on y’all artists


Facts I ain't speaking personally tho because I love the west coast sound my favorite artists came out of Cali nip was one but out of every mf group of mfs I been around chilled n smoked with no one ever put on west coast music it was always drill n trap music passed me the aux or Bluetooth n I put on some Cali shit most mf didn't like it I love it


Ehhh not true...


I’m from MN and I was bumping Nip


Facts. Minneapolis showed love. Back when he was selling the $100 album


Y’all niggas stupid if you think Nip wasn’t known everywhere. I’m in North Carolina and he known as a great here. That Nigga respected everywhere


If I went to China would he be known...prolly not....u really wanna do the "known everywhere" thing?..


Whoever posted this a cornball let that man rest in peace


.... me talking about him being a legend or not isn't stopping him from getting any rest gang..


Maaan we in Texas riding too homie RIGHT NOW tf you talkin bout


Thas cool. Glad to hear somebody is but ur not the majority


Lol he’s definitely not the majority. I played nip a few years back in the car and the homies said it sounded cool but put something we know on. Smh


Music wise probably not but the things he did in the industry were legendary






I def wouldn't say he was a legend or whatever before you was killed but people all over def know who nip was. They didn't know about his activism and shit but the music been hittin yall trippin. I'm 28 and from NC 😴 literal other side of the country


I like this take tho , I never said NOBODY from the east coast listened to nip, but it wasn't near as much as u would think with everyone calling him a legend after his passing. Great artist, legendary is debatable


Drakeo wasn’t either but his fans or his brother really just doesn’t want to believe it lol


Why would u say drakeo wasn't a legend? It's an honest question not sarcasm or hate


*outside of la* & it kindve speaks for itself he wasn’t that big or that known outside of Cali pretty much how many shows has he sold out or anything out of state he’s kinda the same as nipsey just a newer generation what makes you feel like he’s a legend outside of La if you don’t mind me asking?


& I fw drakeo for the record and nipsey tough ima real La baby born and raised grew up all around this mf I love both but imo neither one was really legendary status outside of the city or cali


A legend is a legend.


You're so right. Changed my mind


Everyone that says this is either not black or black adjacent, not a fan of rap, or not his target demographic. Every hood in America knew him and all real rap fans (not casuals) knew him. Like dude said above, respectfully Josh he wasn’t for you or people like you so don’t speak in blanket general statements


Or maybe OP (me) is just a free thinking BLACK man... yall love to pull the "if they don't think like me they not black" Card...I've listened to hip-hop my entire life, underground to mainstream from sahbabbi summrs and speaker knockerz, to 36 mafia, ye and drake so shitty point.


You’re just one of those weirdo, alternative rap fans and that’s okay. It’s okay to admit you were out of the loop


You’re just one of those weirdo, alternative rap fans and that’s okay. It’s okay to admit you were out of the loop


Wait so are u just arguing with urself and not reading or what? A couple of the names I listed were DRAKE, YE...tf are u talking about out of the loop. The point of me listing them was to show u I don't listen to anything in a BOX. I listen to everything.


As a Cali native the only big LA artists are YG and Kendrick 🤷🏿‍♂️ everybody else just respected in their hoods and I fuck with Drakeo tough but it’s facts. Cali rap scene stiuck in 2008 while the east and south keep evolving. We got no motion 😔


Add Schoolboy Q to that list… those 3 were getting blasted all across the Houston night scene. Not Nipsy tho


I’m from nyc and NIP was and is a legend out here before his passing


Just say y’all hating on LA I would too if I wasn’t from here


Not true.. LA Is aight...even if nip was from anywhere else I'd still say the same..like bro music is simply not legendary to me. Yall jus like the fact he talked about the streets and money, and grinding from a perspective that was slightly more lyrical than ur mainstream artist. But did he do anything musically that made everyone stop and pay attention?? Not really... I can't name a nip song except for that "grinding all my life one " (and thas not even the name I'm sure ) and I'm pretty in tune with underground and mainstream rap before and after my time. Like ion really even fw JAYZ but I can at least See why people consider him a legend musically. His super lyrical and even without it his music is well put together in a way that it makes you wanna move in some typa way, not just frown and think about this bag I'm tryn get to 😂 good motivation music but not really what the average person is listening to music for.


If were being honest all these rappers put out a certain type of fabricated persona, at the end of the day theyre just puppets who put on a show for yall. The real question is whos controlling the puppets.


You're thinking logically. Find Yeshua. He'll give you the rest


Felt like the same thing when Jacka died in Oakland


I don’t know him and I never will care to listen to his music but I heard he was good character but because I’m from Michigan that music is for crips and California people in my opinion. But no he’s definitely not a worldwide legend maybe local to his state and around


I’m tired of LA people thinking there the center of da universe they always think jus cause they popular in LA dnt mean rest of da world knows


Ppl love disrespecting the dead in this culture smh


It's a discussion how was he disrespected?


False. Nipsey touched people worldwide. The Marathon Continues 🏁


My only memory of him was him ducking a fade off some weather man.


He wasn’t . His music wasn’t legendary either … he was more known for his “gimmick come up story”. Wich they proved was fabricated and made look appealing to the hood …… just like the games and all these rappers they’re just playing a role


Do you have proof of this “gimmick come up story”?


AD was pissin me off last night. Like Nip was HUGE in LA....but outside of LA he wasn't a legend. Maybe if he would've continued on the path he was going he could've reached legend status. But he wasn't there when he died.


Respectfully, maybe in Htown or Dallas they had heard of him but myself here in SA everyone I know didn’t find out about Nip until after his passing.


I didn’t know him til he died - from Virginia


So he was on bitches aint shit with tyga who was worldwide at the time but nobody knew nip?… yea aight


The craziest part about all this is real Nipsey fans didn’t ask anybody to care about him. You mainstream people saw us fans mourning and wanted to join in because y’all love trauma porn. His music got popular because white people love to include themselves in anything hot at the moment and what’s hotter than a dead rapper?!?!


I really hate u Nip hatin niggas. Y’all would never say this in the tone y’all be giving off to him, his homies, or affiliates in person. If y’all said that shit to me in person I’d give u a fade. Only LEGEND I’m catching fades for u bitch ass niggas


I really hate u nip meat riding ass niggas, yall would never ride his meat with this amount of force yall be giving off to him, his homes, affiliates, in person. If yall was riding meat this hard in person I'd give u a fade. Only MEATRIDERS catching a fade over a nigga that they don't know .


Fact Nipsey music is mid at best


That’s not true. His music is fire and Victory Lap is a 5/5 album. But he wasn’t a popular rapper on the national stage.


I like this take. I don't think nips music is trash. Just not at a legendary state before he passed . Could he have gotten there? Very likely.


Swear to god


Y’all right. Y’all should walk up Slauson n let sum of Nip homies know the shit yall posting on here. If y’all ain’t gon do that then stop poppin it


Of course they gon feel some type of way they was his homies 🤦‍♂️


Sounds like you ain’t gon do it you just gon keep poppin hot shit on Reddit. Long Live Hussle to yo kids foo


Bruh what's ur point? This comment was like saying whoever can win in a fight is the logical/factual thinker.. it could be a lame ass Poindexter ass white boy on the other side of the screen but does it matter if what he speaking is fax


You probably support housephones transformer adventures too. A legend in our culture is a legend everywhere he steps. don’t nobody give a fuc what a nerd talkin bout in regards to Hussle. Lol long Live hussle to yo kids too foo


He's shit, music was mediocre, your shit, his homies are shit and I hope all 20 of them enjoy bumping nip out their hooptys.


U safe on Reddit. But is you gon go over there and tell them people that? Oh alright. Stop that high power shit for Reddit cause u really a mark in real life


Of course not. I'm just fucking with you because it's funny when anyone brings violence into an internet forum. No one is saying he wasn't a legend and didn't do a lot, only point was his celebrity dropped off a bit once he left the west coast, before he died. That's it.


I know Rollin 60 Savvy Sav from Brynhurst Click. I was sending him Nispey songs with Spider Loc he never even heard. His own hood didn’t even know all songs. So how do you expect the rest of America to be on his music?




*Black LA.


California legend if other states want to hate. He did big things regardless of who did or didn't bump his shit. At the end of the day non of us are legends in our own cities so get money and take care of your family.


I knew nip from the movies he did I'm born and raised in Florida


I would say Nip was big on the west coast in general. WA, OR, CA, etc


Been saying this for years. Ppl quick to call ppl legends once they die.


I fw bro I just hated they treated bro death like a trend like EVERYBODY fucked wit bro




He a legend in Philly 🤷🏽‍♂️




Honestly, y’all gonna hate me for this but I don’t think he was a legend by any means. Granted. I live on the east coast. I think dolphs death was waaaaay worse. I don’t know any nip songs. Dolph on the other hand.. mannnn, RIP


The owner of this account can suck a donkey’s dick for talking trash about the dead, May his souls rest in peace




Just because you didn’t no of him you listen either lol or your local music, does not mean Nipsey was not a Legend


Bruh did u even read what u replied to? I've known of him...heard his music.. STILL don't think he's a legend...


Real recognize real.. If you never heard of nip, then you definitely wasn't in the game or running in those circles...


Nigga speaking in code...tf are u talking about 😂


If you was a part of it, you would understand.


Well in that case, I guess if you was a part of you would understand too.


I live in Atlanta and i can say nipsey had a positive effect on me. Before listening to nipsey i was selling nicks and dimes. After following his story and hustle, i was moving pounds.


I'm from the UK and he is known as a legend out here


Nooses wasn’t a household name. But he definitely was known throughout the US. The man did shows out the country and different continents. We not go act like he wasn’t know in the US cuz I few of y’all just listen to a certain music bubble


Y’all dumb west coast legend. Got mad love in Seattle


Lol he has a video on my block with Big Lean in Toronto called California water and niggas still didn’t care about playing his music.. just saying where I’m from 🤷🏾‍♂️


In New York




okay. now you're cappin.


man Josh wasn’t disrespectful at all Suss got schooled all he did was break down the joke and didn’t take anything away from his impact or his presence on this earth as a human suss bowed out and said rip nip 😁 wack said the same thing high level human being but musically wasn’t global simple


He own jealous rolling sixty crips took him out. He was going to get more fame. Go talk to Big U and those so-called Crips that was extorting this nigga. They seen him with Jay Z and expected the checkin in fees to increase too. Nip said fucc allllaat and they cut him off. Gang banging is demonic, youtube about it. You can't get bigger than the set. If you get 1mill, they all expecting 1 mill or at least half.


I mean I knew about him before he died and I’m Irish, then again I did have a mate who was into the whole LA rap scene and he was the one that put me on to him


Big Box state shit here NIP was a legend US wide. Because you didn't learn nothin make him no less valid. This opinion is trash not fact. Shut up