Flakko dont want a real challenge so he not lookin for a fade and he DEFINITELY watchin his mouth, Almight know Flakko got a better chance of winnin than Kelpy did so he not just gone swing (flakko is his coworker, & 2 fights on stream & you swing first do look crazy) I aint on either side but a fade does need to be ran


In order for everybody to keep their job, Flakko gotta swing first. Hypothetically, Almighty got attacked so he good & AD, Trell and everybody else gone make sure Flakko good cause he stood up for himself, they just wont get scheduled together no more


Flakko never been a fight he doesn’t know what it feel like to get punched in the face his jaw could be light


True but he too much bigger than suspect. If he can eat 5 punches str8 it's over for Suspect


Alll suspect gotta do is take it into the streets lmao don’t matter how big u are when there’s space to tire someone out


Bro is African Liberian he grew up on pounded yam, egusi, puff puff, fufu and stew and okra. His jaw far from light my n!gga. I think suspect punches won’t get past his shell to even hurt fr


Bro he's from upper Darby. He grew up on wawa hoagies lnfao


Is that why his legs look like that?


Why u so angry at a nigga like Flakko I weirdo😂 If u watched u can see Flakko a lil timid and nervous but he making steps to beat suspect ass. We know he ain’t hard so what is u really saying fam.


Tbf flakko is about to fight one of akademiks minions I think he saving all his energy for that one lol


W Josh for stopping it they were going in circles


Don’t let this distraction make you forget about housphone


Where is this video I don’t see it on the channel


[here you go](https://youtu.be/MO2LAf3ZRJM)


It’s still der


I use to hate suspect he gained my respect today honestly cause flakko so annoying and always try’s to display a different persona I knew he died inside when he started stuttering hard towards the end


Same bro!


“Ain’t no tacos good enough to give them the N word pass” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he ate Suspect on that one and that’s when dude got emotional lol. W fat fuck


suspect is a lil bitch gets over emotional about everything like a hoe


This is true but people be calling each other all kinds of bitches and shit but now Flako so hurt by being called a clown? When he says worse about literally everyone? A hypocrite fr


Cuz he said that shit wit hella conviction. Prolly hadem feeling bad in that moment since he couldn’t just leave.


He is but Flakko should of kept that lush energy


He on syrup it’s the drugs it’ll fuck w your mood and etc and plus that’s his character a show off it’s going to take some body to put him in his place or humble him in order to make sure he don’t continue that behavior


Flakko a bitch he can’t say Nigga


Why didn't almighty takoff on him like Kelpy


Flako didn’t disrespect sus at all on the other hand sus disrespected him and flako had said he wasn’t taking anymore disrespect.


Fucking up my money is way worse than words


On god!!!!


FLAKKO def disrespected him after sus put whatever on his daughter and FLAKKO still was saying he was lieing. I swore sus was about to take off right then , maybe if it was a lil kid


Why didn't Flakko call him a bitch? Or tell him he was going to choke him out like he did Kyri on stream?


That’s easy, because he would for sure loose his job and there for have no income, use your head bro…


Suspect an emotional drug addict. No Jumper gotta get rid of that 🤡




Keep flako and almighty off the news together because Flako really scared of Almighty. Period.


Fr shook off him


There’s literally been 5 vids posted here of suspect in fights and he lost every single one and none were close lol


Flako still scared regardless. almighty won’t back down even when he’s wrong but he’s entertaining to me idk


You are one of the only guys that thinks he’s entertaining. He’s just annoying


I’m not a guy btw but that’s a different story for another time


Idk if he was scared he wasn’t really backing down but Sus was doin too much towards the end


cuz almighty a hoe


Cuz he might get in trouble


Flakko discord trolls going crazy after that.


Flakko not allowed to say nigga, he’s from North Dakota, he has no say in this


Makes no sense at all. Being black has nothing to do with proximity to urban areas


Exactly Flakko is scary only acted tough with Lush cause he older


W flakko L sus he a lean head hahahhha


Had to cut off the show cause Sus was acting like a bitch for 50 minutes


Almighty ain’t doing shit either he don’t wana go back to rap


Bro let’s have real convo here we all have some dislike for flakko but dude really knack for this media shit, but suspect is untalented as a Mfer bro just roasts everytime no deep conversations no breakdowns he’s just an emotional butt hurt mad trell didn’t let big deal put him and his pop in the dirt dude just on to bully ppl bitch ass nigga.


Almighty days are numbered. I feel he gonna eventually leave on his own or he gon do something that ain’t forgivable. As funny as him roasting lush the other day. It was super bad podcasting. And again today streaming at his coworker live on stream ain’t a good look.


U could read lush energy lush only fw him cause he on no jumper plus it wasn’t that funny talking about his appearance and being loud like a animal and all emotional about it Nigga yelled at him like 20 xa it’s the drugs that make you look like a zombie like no points on nothing like that but at the same time lush is a battle rapper right 🤓🥱😴😂😂😂


Gets suspect off no jumper. Someone needs to press that pussy


Let’s be real here for a sec that garbage that Weakbody Suspect drinks makes you physically weak as hell. Big Flako would probably end up in prison if he put hands on that man. We don’t want that for Big Flako.


But mentally, he's scared of Almighty.


Cuz pimpin ain’t paying and he need to worry bout keeping his no jumper job


i was waitin on it smh suspect a hoe


U can tell suspect was a bully in school never picks on someone they know who’ll give ‘em a fight


Y’all spend way too much time worrying about grown men gossiping and the high school drama that goes down between them. This whole sub is sad


Because they all agreed to end the drama on the show. And you got no idea if he got written up or told next time it’s a suspension


Flakko would mop the floor with sus 1 on 1 with the hands. He just doesn’t want to get shot because that’s what sus would have to resort to.


Shut up lmao month late lmaooo


Flacco knows emotional dude gon go and grab a gang


Dogface let himself go damm


cause he be choosing.😂


Bro flakko said his reasons for the fade a nigga putting sexual shit on my name and a corn ball just calling me names two different things like stop this shit. Sus a cornball why ain’t sus addressing all them niggas in Cali coming at his head. Didn’t housephone mans ask him for the fade and he wasn’t trynna do non of that so stop it


W comment




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Facts man’s is a bitch


Almighty was acting like a child, you’re a grown man having grown man conversations and then out the wood work you start personally attacking your co-host. If you have issues talk about it off camera, you’re paid to talk about hip hop and hip hop culture not clown Flakko. No jumper has to resolve this drama situation or it’s going to be their own demise, people now tune in just to see who is going to fight who, who is going to diss who. This ain’t WWE. Talk about the Culture.


Mf on the end look like the burrito man from toy story


Hed mop sus bitch


U still want to talk about this lol


Suss mad emotional


Lush a hell of a lot more than a petty argument




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Let’s talk about why he ain’t call almighty a bitch like kelpy lol


Almighty literally smokes and sips lean all day n he think he can fight 😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️


Flakko has 100 pounds on almighty. Realistically almighty couldn’t put Kelpy out with 5+ unanswered punches He won’t be able to do anything with flakko but flakko can’t fight either 😂


Flakko basically dissed sus dead homies...with the "no tacos are good enough to say n*gga" when sus was talking about his dead Mexican ppl he use to eat tacos with....that's when his energy changed


Cuz he a bitch and if I’m being real with myself Africans who come to America, not African Americans, pls don’t get that confused, think they are better than us. Mf has no cognitive or emotional intelligence and just has the wildest takes. Nigga need to hit the gym before they cut off a leg


He should have asked for it then take his L like a man He would honestly come out that situation looking better than almighty


Because he feels like he’d get his ass whooped(which he would) And Lush ain’t finna tell Flakko what’s up and Suspect will and that’s very off putting for Flakko because he’s used to living in his own lies and delusion🤷‍♂️


I was thinking the Same thing the whole time watching that shit


Flakko still got the Im scared of bullies mentality from school. He can easily pack out emotionalgurb