That’s why they created figmunity so cuhmunity can bring them down with them


🤣🤣🤣 shiiiit I mean the way Cuhmunity going with them views and the lackluster content I just cannot think of a point to argue against that Fredo


I wonder if they breaking profits up accordingly with this live show. I know everybody is brothers but let’s be real. BOF is atleast 65% of the reason it sold out quick.


Shit you being to nice prolly 80-90%. Some people fuck with AD but who tf going to see pun🤣


You are absolutely right lmao


Pun’s influence on the Cuhmunity is making it fall off, if there was no drama they’d get no views. BOF needa to stick to the script cause they up rn🔥


they made figgmunity because they wanted to use trell because he actually is funny and entertaining and he reads all super chats unlike pun who acts all gangster and starts shit but is afraid to read superchats because "there to messy"


Shut yo hating ass up. Always wanna see niggas break up.


Sounds like they don’t wanna see both brands fall to me. AD wishy washy. Can’t stand bro when he around Pun. I don’t care what Pun’s done for him before, he’s surpassed him and just getting held back imo. BOF ain’t perfect but outta everything in the “NJ Universe” they got the most potential and T-Rell getting better every pod. Adam better break some bread before they become Black No Jumper frfr


I haven’t been in the mix lately, why you say that? What happened?




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That will never happen unless some shit happen between Trell & AD


Trell feel sorry for them that’s why he allows Figmunity