I don’t think they’ll produce enough money on that Channel they talking about getting a warehouse on top of that starting they’ll have like 10+ employees they need to pay I think there just going to run off the “stay down for the come up”


You’re forgetting pun owns multiple studios and is part of a major record label this podcasting is not their main source of revenue only a vessel for them to sell more / market more


Sell more and market more what ?


Themselves. Their personalities are the product.


So their business model is to pod just to sell live tickets? I don’t think it works


Probably not but hey let them figure that out themselves. If they wanna think everything is just gonna be easy cause they’re up right now let them. They’ll learn soon enough.


I think their business model is to climb the social ladder and look wealthy even if they are broke. The podcast seems like a good way for them to do that.


Didn’t they sell out the El Rey twice when NJ couldn’t do it once? Do the live events not make money? (Sell) Merch? (Sell) New artists he is trying to push? (Market) The same way Adam pods for who knows what is the same way these guys can except the difference is these guys have been in the music industry instead of studio hopping from teenage recording sessions like lil pump. Adam a culture vulture always has been


They sold out the el rey which is one of the smallest theatres in LA 😂


Ohh dam my bad i thought Adam went on buddens podcast saying that they weren’t being original by booking where NJ booked That’s where pun today said NJ was using puns agent to book anyway 😂😂 NJ needed the cuhmunitys connects


The first NJ show was at the El Rey then the novo but they probably could have sold out the novo since they have to keep adding shows


Let’s say even if they all pitched in on everything then it’s going to become one of those things where who ever brings more wants to get paid more it’s gonna get messy we’re just not going to see it because they handle shit off camera


I pray success on them brothas 🙏🏽


Adam been losing money on the podcast for a while now lol


The route they are trying to take seems to be more like the black/brown hip hop NJ, they looking for a warehouse to do interviews and podcasts since NJ is probably going in a different direction.


There will def be beefs in a couple weeks. All these egos together won't end well. And Trell the only real one whose entertaining as well. AD boring af and Pun only instigating drama. I will peep some Trell and ladies night content but other then that I'm watching HP and Blazzy shit.


money launder.yall slow


I hope they succeed but damn they got like 10 mouths to feed over there that’s gonna be tough


It's not even that. I just feel like a lot of people over there. Mostly the aceboys dudes are hungry for clout . I think that will cause problems


I feel you but to be fair, damn near all YouTubers are clout demons.


Good thing you just a fan huh don’t stress yourself bud enjoy the show 😂😂


Heather and Pun are gonna clash heads when is time to split donations lol