If this is well executed, this game could be pretty sick. Gave me Homeworld-meets-Supreme Commander vibes. I am a big fan of this concept (in fact I've been thinking about working on a prototype for that sort of game) Definitely interested. Voice over is kinda bad though - just sounds like a normal person doing VO rather than a pro, tbh. Love the art style. Love the thumbnail - that ship in the thumb is so frickin' beautiful.


Ugh, is that alien ship coming out from behind the planet? Rather big compared to the human ships, is it not? Game continues to look awesome. Love the whole planet colonizing / invading mechanic - this is really something new and innovative, what i always wanted to try in RTS game. Something along the line was in the Empire at War, but i love how this time around the move from space to planet surface and vice-versa is seamless and not like separate game - as was the case in EAW or customary in games like Total War. This is the true sign of innovation. So when is it to be released in some playable form? My body is ready to throw money in your way.


>So when is it to be released in some playable form? We're not quite sure yet--the end of this year is possible but since we're committed to ensuring full quality and polish before release, we can't be sure when it will be fully ready yet.


Thank you for response!